选择填空。(15 分 ) ( )
  1.I can’t domuch work inlittle time. A.so ,much B. so ,so C. such, so D. such, such ( )
  2.Do you remember last time? A.what is your teacher saying B.what your teacher said C.what did your teacher say D.what your teacher says ( )
  3.Mr Green has been in Washington for three weeks.He will come back intime. A. a little days’ B. little days’ C.few days’ D.a few days’ ( )
  4.Mike is good at diving.He has been down under the watertwo hours. A A. as long as B. so long as C. as much as D.as many as ( ) ( )
  5.-I don’t know if his father will come. -I think he if he has time. A. will come B. comes C. came D.would come ( ) ( )
  6.-We won the basketball match.The score is 60:
  56. - A.Well done B. Good news C.Congratulations! D.Best wishes ( ) ( )
  7.It’s weather that we should go for an outing. A. such a fine B. such fine C. so fine a D.so fine ( ) ( )
  8.I’m reading now. Please tell him the TV a bit. A. turn up B. turn off C.to turn down D.to turn on ( ) ( )
  9.My cousin reas a history book. . A. So John does B.So did John C. So does John D.So John did ( ) ( )
  10.What sports will you in sports meeting? A.join B. have C. take D.take part in V.完形填空。(10 分 ) The Winter Olympics is also __1_ the White Olympics. At this time,many colourful stamps are published to mark the Great Games, The first stamps marking the opening ccame out __2_ January25,1932in the Unites States for the third Olympics. From then on,publishing stamps _3__ the White Olympics became a rule During the 4thOlympic Games a group of _4__ inGermany in Noveber,1936,the fuve rings of Olympics were drawn on the front of the sportswear. It was the first time that the rings appeared on the stamps of the White Olympics. In the1950s,the stamps of this kind became _5__. When the Olympics came,the host countries __6_he non-host countries published stamps to mark those Games.China also published four stamps in February,1980when the Chinese sportsmen began __7_ the White Olympics. Japan is the only Asian country that has ever __8_ the White Olympics. Altogether 14,500 millon stamps were sold to collect money for this sports meet. Different __9_ sports were drawn on these small stamps.People can enjoy the _10_ of the wonderful movements of some sportsmen. ( )
  1.A. call B.calls C.calling D. called ( )
  2.A.on B.in C.at D. for ( )
  3.A.on B.at C.during D.for ( )
  4.A.are published B.were published C.has published D.have published ( )
  5. A.colourfully B.more colourful C.most colourfulD.colourful
( )
  6. A.so well as B. so well so C.as well as D.as well so ( )
  7. A.take part in B.join C.to take part in D.to join ( )
  8. A.hold B. holds C.holding D. held ( )
  9. A.kind B. kind of C. kinds D.sinds of ( )
  10. A.beautiful B.beautifully C.beauty D.more beautiful 阅读理解。(20 分) A Michael Jordan is the most famous basdetball player in the world.He born in Brooklin.New York.He didn’t like to talk to other people about himself. He was also very short. He did’t play very well when he joined the basketball team in his high school at first.But the nent year things changed greatly for him as he grew much taller. Michael Jordan became famous when he joined the university basketball team in North Carolina. Michael used his speed and strength(力量)to reach the basket again and again.He played so well that people called him “Air Jordan”. After college,Michael became a basketball team member in the Chicago Bulls.TheNBA was very surprised at this high-flying player.He was named “Rookie” (新秀)oftheyear in 1985and “Most Valuable(价值的)player”in19
  87.He once set a record by getting 63 points in one game. ( )
  1.Jordan is a basketball superstar in . A.England B.America C.Canada D.Japan ( )
  2. When he joined the basketball team in his high school,he atfirst. A.didn’t play very well B.Played very well C.grew much taller D.set a record ( )
  3.He began to become famous in . A.the university basketball B.the NBA C,his high school first D. the Chicago Bulls ( )
  4. He is often called . A.Rookie B.the NBA C.Air Jordan D. Most Valuable Player ( )
  5.The NBA was very surprised at the superstar when . A.he was young B. he joined the universitybasketball school C. he joined the university basketballteam D. he joined the ChicagoBulls B People are so busy these days that many people have no time to cook . This becomes a problem, because most families love home cooking!The food tastes( 吃起来) good and warm, and a family meal brings everyone together.In some families, meals are often the only times everyone sees one another at the same time. Another reason(原因 ) people enjoy home cooking is that it is often a way of showing love.A parent who makes some cookies( 小甜饼) is not just satisfying (满足 )a child’s sweet tooth, She or he is sending a message.The message says,“I care about you enough to spend an hour making cookies that you will eat up in 15minutes if I let you.” There is also something about the smell of home cooking.The smell of home cooking pleases people of all ages.It makes most of us feel good and loved ?even if we are the ones doing the cooking!Next time you smell a cake making, stop for a moment and pay attention to( 关 注) your mood(心情 ).
  1. Why do fewwr people cook now? ( )
A.They have no time. B.Many people are too busy C.Many people don’t like cooking D.They don’t like family meals
  2.A parent spends an hour making cookies( ) A.justto satisfy her or his child’s sweet tooth B.only to send a message C. to let a child eat up in 15 minutes D.often to show her or his love
  3.The writer thinks the smell of home cooking( ) A.makes us happy B.makes us be interedted in cooking C.makes us pay attention to our mood D.makes us love others ()
  4.What’s the main idea of this passage? ( ) A.Family meals are important B.How to make cookies C.People are too busy to cook D.Homemade cookies taste better C 根据下面短文的内容判断下列句子的正误,正确的用“A”表示,错误的用“B”表示。 I have always heard that walking under a ladder brings bad luck, but I’ve never thought so. I have walked under ladder many times , but I have never met anything bad before. It’s the same with black cats, People say if a black cat crosses before you, it means bad luck. I have never thought that until this afternoon. But ever since I heard my student Sam’ story, I’ begun s ve thinking about whether it was true. This afternoon,Sam was walking down the street thinking about something,so he wasn’t paying attention to(注意到 ) where he was going. He walked right under a ladder standing against(倚着 ) a building, a black cat ran out of a door just at that moment,and Sam fell over it.His head hit the ladder.A man washing the window was at the top of that ladder and the dirty water went down through the air.Poor Sam!He got wet all over.
  1. At first,the writer believed (相信 )that walking under a ladder would bring bad luck. ( )
  2. A black cat crossing will bring you good luck when you are walking. ( )
  3. This afternoon, the writer’ son Sam was walking down the street thinking about something. ( ) s
  4. When Sam was walking under a ladder,black cat ran out of a door. ( )
  5. There was a man washing the window near the door.Sam had bad luck that afternoon. ( ) I.根据汉语提示完成下列句子(15 分 )
  1.Who won the good medal in lj(跳远 )at the 2004 Olympics?
  2.He set a wr(世界记录 )in the 100-meter event.
  3.I can’t to (想起 ) my good friend’s telephone number.
  4.The doctor told him to gu (戒、停 )drinking wine.
  5.He f o (跌落 )the ladder and hurt his leg.
  6.如果完不成作业,就不能入睡。 If I my homework.I sleep.
  7.我喜欢看奥林匹克运动会。 I the Olympics.
Football is .
  9.她在周末练习钢琴。 She the piano at weekends.
  10.我从来没有见过这么漂亮的鸟。 I have never seen before. II.短文填空:(15 分 ) 根据上下文和括号里的汉语提示, 在下面短文的空白处写出正确的单词或短语, 使短文意 思完整。 Can you imagine a world without the Internet?It’s amazing o think that just five years ago. 1(大多数 )Teenagers would not have used the Internet or even2 (听说)it! Now, China has3(超过)68 million Internet users, according to the China Internet Network Information Centre. This is the second highest4(数量的) users5(在世 界上) after the United States.Today,44percent of Chinese netizens are teenagers. They spend about 13hours every week online.The main reasons why teenagers surf the Web are 6(学 习) information, to communicate weth others and to have fun. On the Internet, teenagers can 7(找出) almost everything.And surfing the Web can help students with their homework and widen their8 (知识) .Many teenagers keep in touch with their friends online. You can 9 (交新朋友)through OCCO ,too.It is cheaper than phoning somebody far away and 10(也) much quicher. III.补全对话.(15 分) (A) A:These maths problems are difficult to solve. B:I have got them. A: 1 ? B:Yes,I’d love to,but I can give you some hints . A: 2 . B:My pleasure.Giving others some hints is better than helpong them work the problems out. B:
  3. (B) A:Oh,dear!Mum, 4 ? B:Sure,What’s up? A:There is a apider on my bed.Oh, no,no! B: 5? A:Yes,a verybig spider. B: 6 ,I’m coming. A:Hurry up ,Mun. (C) A:Mum!Mum! B: 7 ?What are you doing? A:I am looking for my clothes. B: 8 this evening? A:I’ll play in a concert.ButI don’t know 9 . B: 10 this sweater? A:That’s a good idea.
IV.书面表达。(10 分) 根据下面问题及提示,写一篇 80 词左右的短文,要求语句通顺,意思完整。
  1.Who is Lang Ping?(a femurs volleyball player in China and the world)
  2. When was she born?(December12,19
  3. What was she like when she was a young girl?(taller than any other child around her).
  4. What was her father good at?What did he ask the girl to do?(sports,become a player in a volleyball team).
  5. Which team did she join later?How did she do?(the National Volleyball Team;practise very hard).
  6. What happened to her and her teammates in 1979?(win the ferst volleyball championship for China).



   九年级英语上册翻译句子练习(1) : 1. 他送给我们每人一个礼物,他真是慷慨. 2. 对我们学生来说,学习一门外语是有必要的. 3. 我发现穿红衣服使我们更易于采取行动. 4. 每天花费你多少时间阅读英语来改善它? 5. 这双皮鞋花费了她 200 元. 6. 他付了 50 元买字典. 7. 大多数的青少年只能花很少的时间发展爱好. 8. 车太贵,格林先生买不了. 9. 那个男孩年纪这么小,搬动不了这个重的箱子. 10.这是这么有趣的故事,以致我们每个人都笑了. 11.这个会议是这么重要,他 ...


   ★哈佛大学★英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 哈佛大学★英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 官方网站: 官方网站:http://hafo.yeryy.com/ 哈佛大学英语教授研究组提供 一、选出不是一类的单词 ( )1.A.window B.board C. light D. picture E. thirty ( )2.A.one B. twenty C. forty D.notebookE. fifty ( )3.A.classroom B. lo ...


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       本文由百科英语贡献     doc          没有  百度文库财富值请到  www.365xueyuan.com  免费帮下载  百度文库积分资料     登陆下载更多资料     www.lzcyy.net     量子场女生英语     高一上册教材总复习     第一章 重点词汇     第一节 动词     Ignore(1-1 朋友) Upset(1-1 朋友) Trust(1-1 朋友) suffer(1-1 朋友) com municate (1-1 朋友) I ...


   PEP 三年级英语上册教学计划 全册教材教学目的要求 1.能听懂、会说 12 组会话,并能进行简单的交流; 2.能听、说、认、读 50 个单词和听说读写 26 个字母(包括同学、 家庭成员、数字、水果、方位、动物等 6 个话题) ,并能简单地运用; 3.能听、做 6 个‘TPR’活动; 4.能学唱 8 首歌曲; 6.能听、说、唱 7 首歌谣; 7.能完成 8 个自我评价活动; 8.能听懂 6 个幽默小故事; 9.能了解 6 项简单的中西方文化知识; 10、能学会 2 个小制作。 全册教材重点 ...


   六年级 毕业复习计划 板块一字母 复习目标:能熟练地听、说、读、写英语二十六个字母。 能熟知常用的缩略词。能正确地将二十六个字母按读音归 类。 具体操作:俗话说:麻雀虽小,却五脏俱全。字母这一板 块咋看起来很简单,但只要我们仔细琢磨,就不难看出里 面的小玩艺儿还是蛮多的,就字母的认读这一块,就让学 生头疼,有的字母形特别相似,如:LI EF CG NH WM JL ;有的字母音相似。如:GJ YI MN bd qu 等,对于字 母中音形相似的,教师都应该把它们一一归纳出来,让学 生反复认读、 ...


   PEP 四年级第一课时教学设计示例 课题: Unit One My classroom 教学重点: 学习 What's in the classroom?及相关单词:classroom, window, door, picture, board, light. 教学难点:1. window 一词注意 w 的发音,不要与 v 的发音混淆,教师在教学中应及时纠正. 2. 在回答"What's in the classroom?"时,注意单词复数的读音. 教具准备: 1. 教材 ...


   童梦无忧网(试管婴儿) 童梦无忧网 试管婴儿论坛 www.tm51.com 本文由 defang168 贡献 ppt 文档可能在 WAP 端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择 TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 小学四年级英语上册 教材分析 2008/8/30 荔湾区教育发展研究中心 (o) 81942699 曹靖仪 (小灵通)33553435 小灵通) 小灵通 讲座提纲 一、 西方教师的学生管理策略精选: 如何奖 西方教师的学生管理策略精选: 励学生 励 ( 学生(一) 二、Book 3 教材分析 ...


   Unit 7 How much are these pants? 教材分析 选自义务教育课程标准实验教科书〈英语〉 How much are these pants 选自义务教育课程标准实验教科书〈英语〉 〉 人教版)初一年级上册。新课程非常重视任务型的课堂教学特点, (人教版)初一年级上册。新课程非常重视任务型的课堂教学特点,重视学 生的知识与技能,强调学生在活动中完成任务。本单元内容贴近实际生活, 生的知识与技能,强调学生在活动中完成任务。本单元内容贴近实际生活, 涉及商品的购买过程。学 ...


   Unit 7 How much are these pants? 第四课时 教学内容: 教学内容:Revision and test 教学步骤 一. 问题探究与拓展活动 1.How 的用法区别: 1.How much 和 how many 的用法区别:how much 与 how many 的意思基本相 但前者用来修饰不可数名词,也可单独使意思是“多少钱” 同,但前者用来修饰不可数名词,也可单独使-用,意思是“多少钱”; 后者用来修饰可数名词复数。 pants?这裤子多少 后者用来修饰可数名 ...



   Editor's note: The following is a full transcript of questions and answers at Premier Wen Jiabao's press conference on March 14, 2005. Premier Wen Jiabao gestures at yesterday's news conference held after the closing of the annual NPC session. [new ...


   20062006-2007 学年度烟台市招远第二学期期末考试 初二英语试题 说明: 1.本试卷试题分卷Ⅰ和卷Ⅱ两部分。考试时间 100 分钟,满分 120 分。其中书写质量 3 分, 卷面安排 2 分; 2.考试结束后,只交答题卷和第Ⅱ卷。 3.1 至 25 小题为听力测试题(听力测试开始前播放 1 分钟音乐) 。 第Ⅰ卷(满分 70 分) 一、听力测试(共 25 小题。计 25 分) (一)听句子,从 ABC 三个选项中选出与画面内容一致的选项。每个句子读两遍。每小题 l 分。 (二)听句 ...


   考研英语强化翻译 翻译电子讲义 2011 考研英语强化翻译电子讲义 主讲: 主讲:唐 静 欢迎使用新东方在线电子教材 教材说明: 教材说明: 本电子教材讲义为唐静老师主讲的考研强化翻译课程讲义 word 文档下面 1 至 38 页的 讲义为唐静老师主讲的考研强化翻译课程讲义, 本电子教材讲义为唐静老师主讲的考研强化翻译课程讲义, 页码跟教材一致 学员只需根据老师说的多少页找到相应的页面学习即可, 一致, 学员只需根据老师说的多少页找到相应的页面学习即可, 页码跟教材一致, 后边附有参考答 案 ...


   高中英语课堂写作 教学的理论与实践 绍兴市稽山中学 吴璇 2007 , 8 问题的背景 教师最深刻的感受就是:无论是教材的编排还是教 法的改变,中学英语教学正越来越接近以学生为主 体,活化语言教学的现代教学理念。但是,在实际 操作过程中,由于师资、生源、应试等因素的制约, 我们的教学离理想相去甚远。教师往往为完成教材 而施教,缺乏教改的激情、探索的勇气。尤其在高 中英语写作教学的策略研究方面有很大的一块空白 需要去填补。 教学的有关理论 克拉申(Krashen)的输入假设理论认为:只 要接受 ...


   扬州大学外国语学院英语专业毕业论文格式 (2006 年 5 月 25 日) 一、毕业论文组成 毕业论文由以下几部分组成: (1)论文题目 (2)摘要及关键词 (3)正文 (4)参考文献 (5)附录(可选) 二、毕业论文组成部分撰写内容与要求 1、页面设置 毕业论文须用 A4 纸打印(上为 2.5cm、下为 2.8cm、左、右 、 均为 2.4cm,页脚 2cm , 行距为固定值 20 磅);页码插入页面底端右侧。 2、题目 上顶行,下空一行,三号字加粗居中,字体:Times New Roma ...