九年级英语听力材料 第一节:听小对话, 第一节:听小对话,从 A、B、C 三个选项中选择符合对话内容的图片。 、 、 三个选项中选择符合对话内容的图片。
  1.W:I often have bananas .I like them very much. M: Me, too. Bananas are a nice fruit.
  2.W:Are you from England or Canada, Mr. Black? M: I'm from England.
  3.W:Excuse me, but have you seen my watch, please? M: Your watch? Sorry , I haven't seen it.
  4.W:I visited many places on a bike when I was in Beijing. M: It is really exciting to visit Beijing by bike.
  5.W:Look!The dog is watching Lily writing a letter. M: Yes . They are good friends. 第二节:听小对话, 正确的选项。 第二节:听小对话,从 A、B、C 三个选项中选择正确的选项。 、 、 三个选项中选择正确的选项
  6.M: Hello, Linda. There's a dolphin show in the zoo the day after tomorrow. Shall we go and see it? W: What will the weather be like? M: The weather report says it will be sunny. W: Oh,sunny.OK, let's meet at the No. 13 bus stop.
  7.W: Hi, Jay. Where have you been? M: I've been to Harbin. W: Really? How do you like it? M: Wonderful! It's really exciting to go skating on real ice. I want to go there again next vacation. W: I agree, I like go skating,too.
  8. M: You were not here yesterday, were you? W: No. My mother was ill. I have to look after her. M: Oh, you are a good daughter.
  9. W: What’s the matter, sir? M: I have a headache and feel terrible. W: Open your mouth and say “Ah…”. M: Ah….
  10. M: Would you like something to drink? W: Coffee, please. M: With milk? W: No. I prefer black coffee. M: black coffee, OK. 第三节:听独白, 第三节:听独白,请根据提问从 A、B、C 三个选项中选择正确的选项,完成信息记录表。 、 、 三个选项中选择正确的选项,完成信息记录表。 Hello, boys and girls. Do you have any problems in learning English? Do you want some advice on learning English? Good news for you now! An English talk about how to learn English will be given in school library this Sunday. The talk will begin at 2:00 p.m. Miss Zhang, an English teacher from No. 20 Middle School will give us the talk. She will give us some good advice on how to learn English well. If you are interested in English or have some difficulties learning English, don’t wait, come and catch this chance!
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九年级英语参考答案 1-5:BBCBC 6?10 C B A B C 11-15: ACACB 16?20 D B C B C 26?30 A A B B D 31?35 A C D A A 35?40 C D C B C 21-25 B A D B A
41-45:BABBC 46?50A BCDB 51-55: DBCAC

  56. Chinese
  57. themselves

  58. dancers’
  59. energetic
61-65:wash, Without, enough, problem, waste 66-70:less, minutes, Don’t, save, clean 71?75 D E A C B One possible version” June 13th, 2009 Dear Harry, Summer holiday is coming. How glad I am! I can do many things of my own. I am going to have a trip by bike with my friend. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun! I’ll also do some studies to improving my maths because I am a little weak in it. of course it is necessary for me to do some housework, such as cooking meals and cleaning rooms. Isn’t my plan nice? Please write back soon. Best wishes! Yours, Li Hua
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