It’s direct, it sounds rude. It’s polite.
? Watch two short shows, and think about which you like better? Why?
Vocabulary List 1
? lend 及物动词 (相对于主语来说)借给,借出 相对于主语来说)借给,
? lend sb. sth. = lend sth. to sb.
book. ? My friend lent me an interesting book. ? = My friend lent an interesting book to me. me. ? Please guess:Lend me your ears. Listen to me. guess: ? 表示“借”的其他词:borrow … from…借来; keep借(一段时间) 表示“ 的其他词: from…借来 keep借 一段时间) 借来; ? I borrowed a novel from the library, and I can keep it for two weeks.
direct 直接的 polite 礼貌的 park 停车(动词) 停车(动词)
rude 粗鲁的
Task 1
Read the article by yourself.
? Ⅰ.根据课文内容完成下面句子(每空限填一个单词)。 politely
  1. It is important to know how to ask for information , foreign country especially when we are in a . different
  2. We change the way we speak when talking with people .
  3. The expressions(表达) you use depend on whom you how well are speaking to or you know them. sound rude
  4. A very direct order can in English.
  5. If you ask a stranger for help, you might first say, wonder “Excuse me. I you can help me.” if
Vocabulary list 2

  1.polite--politely impolite--impolitely
  2.strange奇怪的? stranger陌生人 stop a stranger拦住一个陌生人
  3.order 命令,指示
  4.wonder 觉得奇怪,想知道 no wonder 难怪 No wonder you look stressed.
  5. know sb. well 很了解某人
Task 2
? Read the article a second time, and underline the topic sentence of each paragraph.
3b Match each paragraph with its main idea.
Paragraph 1
a) Requests are made in any language. b) Using certain(某个,某些) extra words 某个, 某个 某些) helps to make language more polite.
Paragraph 2
c) Knowing how to make requests(提 要求) politely is important. 要求) d) To become good English speakers, we need to do (不仅只) learn 不仅只) language structure(结构,构造). 结构,构造) e) Requests in English are the same as in Chinese. f) Choice of language depends on relationship and situation(环境). (环境)
Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4
2 3 4
10 points
? ( ) . In order not to offend(冒犯,得罪,使生气) people when asking information or help, is very important. A. learning grammar or vocabulary; B. learning about language etiquette(礼节); C. learning how to make direct order.
in order to 为了 为了… in order not to 为了不 为了不…
? ( ) Which of the following sounds impolite? ? A. Linda, pass me your dictionary quickly. ? B. Linda, could you please lend me your dictionary? ? C. Linda, I’m sorry to trouble you, but can you lend me your dictionary?
5 points
? Please change the following requests into more polite requests. Where are the restrooms?
10 points
? Please make it more polite. “ I want to go to the library. Where is it?”
Could you tell me how I can go to the library? Do you know where the library is?
10 points
Please make it more polite. How much did you pay for that soccer ball?
I wonder how much you paid for that soccer.
特殊疑问句做宾语从句时用原疑 问词做引导词。 问词做引导词。
? You are very lucky. You get 5 points without answering questions.
10 points
? Make it more polite. ? “Tell me, can I park my car here?”
I wonder if/whether I can park my car here. Could you tell me if/whether I can park my car here?
一般疑问句做宾语从 句时,引导词用if 句时,引导词用 或 者whether.
Task 4 Added language point
? 动词-ing形式做主语,把这个动作作为一个 整体,当单数使用。如:
Asking for information or help is a very common and necessary activity. 请在课文中找到另外两个类似句子。 请在课文中找到另外两个类似句子。 knowing how to ask for information politely is important. Learning about language etiquette is just as important as learning grammar or vocabulary.
The clue of the article
? Knowing how to make requests politely is important. Choice of language depends on relationship and situation. Extra words helps to make language more polite. To be a polite speaker, we should learn more about language etiquette.
Thank you for listening!


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