九年级英语完形填空练习 九年级英语完形填空练习 Problems in the neighborhood Good morning, ladies and gentleman, Today, I am very happy to have a meeting with you. At the meeting we will talk about the __31__we have these days. We all know the problems of __32__ and the objects falling from windows are getting worse. We have __33__ lots of letters about such problems. So__34__ is time for possible ways to work out these problems. Some dog-owners don't35__ their dogs well enough, and they let their dogs make mess on the roads and in gardens. This makes the environment __36__. I would like to tell the dog-owners __37__ their behavior is too bad, and at the same time they are__38__ people feel unhappy. We should keep the environment __39__. It is report that some people__40__ rubbish out of the windows. It is dangrous because falling objects __41__hurt others. It is against the law. We should put up a notice to teach people not to do so. If it is found, we will record the__42__ and address of those people who throw objects. Then, a warning will be given and__43__ will be punished by law. A safe and comfortable living environment is important to us. __44__ we try our best to care for our community, it will be a good place to__45__ in. Thank you for your coming. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  31.A.lessons . . )
  32.A.dogs . . )
  33.A.made . . )
  34.A.that . . )
  35.A.take care of . . )
  36.A.noisy . . )
  37.A.what . . )
  38.A.stopping . . )
  39.A.pleasant . . )
  40.A.pull . . )
  41.A.may . . )
  42.A.jobs . . )
  43.A.we . . )
  44.A.If . . )
  45.A.study . . B.problems . B.birds . B.opende . B.it . B.take away . B.quiet . B.that . B.helping . B.important . B.put . B.need . B.ages . B.you . B.Because . B.live . C.classes . C.cats . C.recieved . C. this . C.take out . C.tidy . C.where . C.telling . C.useful . C throw C.have to . C.hobbies . C.they . C.Before . C.work . D.films . D.snakes . D.invented . D.here . D.take off . D.dirty . D.when . D.making . D.fasous . D.take . D.should . D.names . D.he . D.Unless . D.teach .
Once, in a small village, lived a family with eight children. Two of the children loved very much, but the family was so poor that it was impossible to send 37
of them to study at 38 a plan. They
the art college at the same time. After many discussions, the two boys finally would toss(抛) a coin. The loser would go 抛 钱), 40
39 into the mines (煤矿 and, with his earnings(赚得的 煤矿) 煤矿 赚得的
his brother studying at the college. Then, when the brother who won the toss finished 41
his studies, after four years, he would support the other brother studying at the
James won the toss and Jack went down into the mines. James worked with all his heart and his paintings were much 42 than those of most of his teachers, and by the time he 43 , he
was beginning to make a lot of money for his paintings. 44 James returned, the family held a big dinner for his great success. Soon after the up from his seat to drink a toast (举杯祝酒 to his dear 举杯祝酒) 举杯祝酒 47 46 He said,
meal began, James 45
"Jack, now you can go to the art college and your But Jack said so it' s too 49 48
will come true. I will take care of you. "
, "Brother, the four years in the mines has done too much to my hands,
Now I can' t even hold a glass. " 50 towards the sky.
To show his great love and respect, James drew his brother' s hands with
He called his drawing "The Praying(祈祷)Hands", which became very famous years later. (祈祷) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  36. A. painting )
  37. A. any )
  38. A. looked out )
  39. A. off )
  40. A. support )
  41. A. home )
  42. A. better )
  43. A. arrived )
  44. A. Before )
  45. A. picked )
  46. A. brother )
  47. A. way )
  48. A. happily )
  49. A. early )
  50. A. legs B. books B. all B. worked out B. away B. agree B. mine B. worse B. graduated B. When B. turned B. sister B. idea B. surprisedly B. late B. feet C. school C. both C. took out C. up C. follow C. college C. cheaper C. walked C. Though C. looked C. father C. dream C. angrily C. good C. arms D. money D. neither D. got out D. down D. let D. school D, older D. waited D. While D. stood D. mother D. practice D. softly D. helpful D. fingers
My father died when I was a few months old. After his death, my mother moved back to
Louisville, Kentucky, where __35__ had grown up. We lived in a small house with her older sister, Marion, and their mother. This was a time when being a single __36 was still considered unusual. When I was small, there was a children’s book called The Happy Family, and it was a real piece of work. Dad worked all day log at the office, Mom cooked in the kitchen, and brother and sister always had friends sleeping over. The image of the family in this book was typical (典型的 of the 典型的) 典型的 time. It looked __37 like my family, but luckily that wasn’t the way I heard it. The way my Aunt Marion read it to me made the story really __38__. Kind-hearted and open-minded, my aunt was the one who played baseball with me, who took me horseback riding, who took me to the father-son dinners and who gave me lessons on how to drive. Believing that anything __39__ was probably good for, she __40__ to get a loan (贷款 so that 贷款) 贷款 I could go to Africa to work as a volunteer, which was my most important experience. As a young girl, Aunt Marion always planned to have a large number of children of her own, but she never got married. This __41__ that she was free to spend all her time taking care of me. Many people say we have a lot in common. She always __42__ me to do my best. She never __43__ to make me believe that I could do anything with my life that I wanted, if I only tried hard enough. For more than sixty years, Aunt Marion didn’t and still don’t think of herself. _44__ she is forced to come up to the front, my aunt will stand in the back in family photos, and she doesn’t think that her efforts have made much __
  45. I honor my aunt, who taught me the things my __46 couldn’t. so every June for the past 40 years, in growing thankfulness to my Aunt Marion, I’ve sent her a Father’s Day card. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  35. A. I )
  36. A. man )
  37. A. nothing )
  38. A. surprising )
  39. A. interesting )
  40. A. decided )
  41. A. said )
  42. A. allowed )
  43. A. hoped )
  44. A. Unless )
  45. A. difference )
  46. A. Teachers B. she B. family B. anything B. boring B. pleasant B. afforded B. meant B. afforded B. agreed B. Although B. progress B. mother 【牛刀小试?我也来出题】 牛刀小试?我也来出题】 小试 C. he C. parent C. everything C. sad C. impossible C. offered C. proved C. offered C. stopped C. Since C. trouble C. father 【2009?福州】 ?福州】 D. we D. child D. something D. funny D. unusual D. prepared D. showed D. forced D. tailed D. Before D. sense D. friends
小组协作:请模仿再挖空 9 个单词,出一道满分 10 分的完形填空题,并逐个说明出题考查意图。 小组协作: 个单词, 分的完形填空题,并逐个说明出题考查意图。 考查意图 Easter 复活节) a happy time in western countries like the UK and the USA. After Christmas, (复活节) is
it is the most fun holiday. It friends during Easter.
as an important religious(宗教的)festival, but for the (宗教的)
non-religious it is also a special time. It is an official holiday, so most people visit their families or The most important Easter tradition is cooking each other Easter eggs, because eggs are the symbol(象征)of new life. Traditionally people used to paint chicken eggs, but today they give each (象征) other chocolate eggs. A fun game during the festival is the Easter egg hunt 搜寻) Parents hide chocolate eggs in the . (搜寻) garden, and the children go out to hunt for them. What they find, they can eat! It’s quite normal for children to feel sick after Easter weekend as a result of eating too much chocolate. The date of Easter follows the cycle of moon. It is always sometime between late March and late April. This year Easter was on April 12th.
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

  1、A. begin 、 )
  2、A. 、 )
  3、A. 、 )
  4、A. 、 )
  5、A. 、 )
  6、A. 、 )
  7、A. 、 )
  8、A. 、 )
  9、A. 、
B. begins B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B.
C. began C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C.
D. begun D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D.
B. C. D. ( )
  10、A. 、 【完形填空?解题步骤】 完形填空? 解题步骤】
  1、 跳过空格、通读全文、掌握大意 、 跳过空格、通读全文、
  2、 瞻前顾后、先易后难、各个击破 、 瞻前顾后、先易后难、
  3、 复读全文、逐个核对、验证答案 、 复读全文、逐个核对、 【完形填空?解题技巧】 完形填空? 解题技巧】
  1、 context (上下文、语境) 上下文、语境) 、
  2、 logic(逻辑) 、 (逻辑)
  3、 regular collocation(固定搭配) 、 (固定搭配)
  4、 grammar analysis(语法分析) 、 (语法分析)
  5、 background knowledge(背景知识) 、 (背景知识) 完形填空?解题小贴士/ 【完形填空?解题小贴士 tips】 】
  1、注重首、尾句。 、注重首、尾句。
  2、克服畏难、急躁情绪,耐心通读全文。 、 克服畏难、 急躁情绪 耐心通读全文。 耐心通读全文
  3、切勿看到一个空格就急着选出一个答案,必须纵观全文、通篇考虑。 、切勿看到一个空格就急着选出一个答案,必须纵观全文、通篇考虑。
  4、动笔时先易后难 注意从文中同样结构或类似结构中寻找提示,大胆地作出猜测。 注意从文中同样结构或类似结构中寻找提示 、动笔时先易后难,注意从文中同样结构或类似结构中寻找提示,大胆地作出猜测。
  5、如果选项从语法角度无法确定,则必须从语篇 前提示、后暗示 意义上加以鉴别。 前提示、 意义上加以鉴别。 、如果选项从语法角度无法确定,则必须从语篇(前提示 后暗示)意义上加以鉴别



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