九年级英语月考试题( 九年级英语月考试题(时量 60 分钟) Class Name Marks
( )
  1、 do you study with for tests? I work with my friends. A How B. Who C. When ( )
  2、If you keep everyday ,you will be a good player . A. practice running B. practicing running C. practicing to run ( )
  3.Two foreigners are in the sitting room .One is Jack ,is Peter. A. other B. the other C. another ( )
  4.I think that English movies isn’t a good way. A watch B. watching C. watched ( )
  5. of the two new books are interesting . A All B. both C. When ( )
  6.Don’t laugh others .You should help them when they in trouble . A at B.. to C of ( )
  7. Gina used to chocolate when she was a child . A eat B. eating C. eats ( )
  8. Tom is good at basketball .He is the school basketball team . A of B. at C. on ( )
  9.Steven used to be afraid of the dark ,? A .wasn’t he B. didn’t he C. did he ( )
  10. Where you live before you came here? A. do you used to B . did you use to C. use you to ( )
  11. Li Ming ,you should more attention to your pronunciation . A. give B send C . pay ( )
  12.My grandpa lives in the country , but he never feels . A. lonely , alone B. lonely; lonely C. alone ; lonely ( )
  13. The boss made his workers from morning to night . A work B. to work C. worked ( )
  14. He doesn’t do his homework , though he has . A. careful enough ; enough time B. enough carefully ;time enough C. carefully enough; enough time ( )
  15. Jim want to have his . A. cut B. to cut C. cuts ( )
  16. should be allowed to do some sports after school in the afternoon . A. Sixteen-years-old B. Sixteen-year-olds C. Sixteen-year-old ( )
  17.I had ma bike yesterday. It was broken . A. repaired B. repairs C. repair ( )
  18. ?He went to see our teacher ,who was in hospital yesterday. .So did we B. So we did C. We did so ( )
  19.You shouldn’t go out school nights. A. to B. with C. on ( )
  20. Please stop ! It in the cinema. A. smoking,; isn’t allowed B. smoking ‘ allow C. to smoke ; isn’t allowed 完形填空
One Monday morning , I was standing waiting for the train and suddenly felt ill,and the world began to sway (摇晃) and then went black . All I heard was “ Oh , my God ,she’ falling.” The next thing I 1 was that the doctor was asking ma name .This happened 2 I was too tied . I was so busy cleaning my new house that I didn’t eat 3 last weekend. The doctor told me that a gentleman waiting for the 4 saw me fall down .He got ,and told others to call 9
  11.He stayed with me 6 the ambulance(救护 ma side 5 车)arrived .Then went with too the hospital ,which made him 7 his train . The doctor told me the gentleman didn’t want to leave his name . . I don’t know who this gentleman is . 8 if he read this article and remember a young lady fainting (晕倒) at the station. I’d like 9 to know that I want to say “Thank you .” to him .Wherever I meet with such a thing , I will doo the same as he 10 to me . I’ll pass on the kindness to others . ( )
  1. A met B. forge C. remember ( )
  2. A. so B. because C. though ( )
  3. A little B. much C. few ( )
  4. A train B. plane C. bus ( )
  5. A . at first B. just now C. at once ( )
  6. A while B. since C. until ( )
  7. A catch B. miss C. drop ( )
  8. A Or B. Although C. But ( )
  9.A me B. him C. her 10 A. does B. do C. did 阅读理解 The other day , my friends and I talked about the rules that we have in school .At our school ,We have to wear our uniforms every day .The problem is that all my classmates think the uniforms are ugly . We think young people should look smart and so we would like to wear our own clothes .Our teachers believe if we did that ,we would concentrate more on our clothes than our studies. We disagree . We would feel more comfortable and that is good for studying . If we can’t do that , we should be allowed to design our own uniforms . That would be a good way to keep both teachers and students happy . It ’ s also a probably good idea for parents to allow teenagers to study in groups .during the evening I know we get nosiy sometimes ,but we would learn a lot from each other. We also think that vocations should Be longer .At present they are too short .Longer vocations would give us time to do things like volunteering . Last summer I had an opportunity to volunteer at the local hospital ,but I couldn’t because I had to go back to school .It would be a good experience for me because I want to be a doctor when I’ older . 判断正误,符合些 T , 不符合些 F
  1. ( )There aren’t any rules in their school .
  2. ( )Parents allowed their children to study in groups .
  3. ( )Teenagers should be allowed to have longer vocation.
  4. ( )They think their uniforms are nice .
  5. ( )Students want to design their own clothes .
Tom walked into a shop . It bad a sign outside : "Second-hand (旧的) clothes bought and sold . "He was carrying an old pair of trousers and asked the owner of the shop, "How much will you give me for these?" The man looked at them and then said: "Two dollars." "What !" said Tom. "I had guessed they were worth at least five dollars." "No," said the man, "they aren't worth a cent more than two dollars." "Well," said Tom, taking two dollars out of his pocket. "Here's your money. These trousers were hanging outside your shop. The list price (标价)of them was six dollars and a half. But I thought that was too much money, so I wanted to find out how much they were really worth." Then he walked out of the shop with the pair of trousers and disappeared before the shop owner could think of anything to say . ( )
  1. At first the owner of the shop thought that Tom . A. wanted to steal the trousers B. wanted to sell the trousers C. wanted to fool him ( )
  2. The owner of the shop for the old trousers . A. would give Tom two dollars B. would pay three dollars C. would pay five dollars ( )
  3. The shop owner insisted that the trousers were worth only two dollars because . A. he wanted to sell them cheaply (廉价地) B. he wanted to buy them cheaply C. he didn't like the trousers ( )
  4. In fact, the trousers . A. were hanging inside the shop B. were stolen by Tom from the shop C. had been the shop owner's ( )
  5. From the story we know that cheaper than the list price. A. Tom bought the trousers four dollars and a half B. Tom sold the trousers one dollar and a half C. the owner bought the trousers three dollars 阅读理解 My biggest problem is that I’m too busy .When I was young ,I used to have so much time , but these days I get up early and stay in school all day .Then I go right home and eat dinner .Before I started high school ,I used to spend lots of time playing games with my friends, but I just don’t have the time anymore .In the evening ,Iused to watch TV and chat with my grandmother. But now I have to study . I love music ,and my father used to take me to concerts . these days , I hardly have time for concerts. I do my homework and go to bed. I really miss the old days. 回答问题
  1、 What did the writer use to do before he went to high school?
  2、 Who took the writer to concerts ?
  3、 What’s the writer’s biggest problem?
  4、 What did the writer use to do in the evening ?
  5、 Does he miss the old days? 英汉互译 1 Most of us have probably been angry with our friends ,parents or teachers .Perhaps they said something you didn’t like ,or you felt they were unfair .2 Sometimes people can stay angry for years about a small problem. 3 时 间流逝, and good friendships may be lost .
When we are angry . however , we are usually the ones affected .4 Perhaps we have seen young children playing together .Sometimes they have disagreements and decided not to talk to each other .however this doesn’t last for long . This is an important lesson for us : 5 我们通过学会忘记来解决问题。
  3.. 4
  5. 补充对话 Bob: ,Amy. It’s great to see you! Amy : Hi , Bob, ! Bob: Fine , wow . You’ve changed ! Amy:? How? Bob: Well , . Amy: You remember that .? I have long hair now . Bob: Amy: Yes .but now I like playing tennis. 书面表达 在我们学校有很多的纪律(rules ): 不能迟到 (be late for )上课必须认真听讲(listen ; carefully);必须按时完成作业(on time );必须和同学友好相处(get on well with ); 不准开车到学校(drive );必须穿校服;校园内严禁骑自行车(be not allowed to )……。 请你用英语写出并适当补充,同时谈谈自己的看法。 (60?80 字之间)



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