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Task 1
要点回顾 语法要点 高频考题 中考聚焦
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4

  1.peace(n)?? peaceful(adj)
  2.educate(v)?? education(n)?? educational(adj)
  3.tour(v)?? tourist(n)?? touristy(adj)
  4.translate(v)?? translator(n) adj
  5.live(v)?? lively(生气勃勃的,活泼的) alive (活着的,在世的) living
Task 1
常见的v-ing型形容词和v-ed型形容词 常见的v ing型形容词和v ed型形容词 型形容词和
amaze??amazing??amazed tire??tiring??tiring surprize??surprizing??surprized excite??exciting??excited bore??boring??bored interest??interesting??interested develop??developing??developed move??moving??moved inspire??inspiring??inspired please??pleased
Task 1
二. 重点短语
hold on to
  1.继续 ,坚持,保持 take it easy
  2.别紧张 in general
  3.大体上,一般而言 be willing to do sth
  4.乐意做某事 trek through the jungle
  6.去长途旅行 go trekking achieve one’s dream
  7.实现梦想 consider doing sth
  8.考虑做某事 provide sth for sb/provide sb with
  9.提供某物给某人 sth
  10.继续做某事 continue doing sth=continue to dosth
Task 1
三. 短语辨析

  1.hope to do sth/hope+that从句 (从句不用虚拟语气) (没有hope sb to do sth结构)

  2.wish to do sth/wish sb to do sth/ wish+that从句 (从句用虚拟语气)用来表达不太可能实现的愿望
  3.expect to do sth/ expect sb to do sth/ expect+that 从句(从句不用虚拟语气)
Task 1
  1)provide意为’提供;供应;供给“,表示供给所需物品 意为’提供;供应;供给“ 意为 以方便使用,常和介词with/for搭配使用。 搭配使用。 以方便使用,常和介词 搭配使用 provide sb with sth= provide sth for sb 为某人提供某 物 eg: She always manages to provide her children with food and clothing. I’ll provide a tent for you. (
  2) offer 意为“提供” ,强调给某人提出建议或提供东西, 意为“提供” 强调给某人提出建议或提供东西, 帮助等,以供接受和拒绝,这种提供是主语的主观想法, 帮助等,以供接受和拒绝,这种提供是主语的主观想法,被 提供者不一定接受。 提供者不一定接受。 其常见用法有: 其常见用法有:
Task 1
结构 offer sth offer sb sth=offer sth to sb offer to do sth
含义 提出某事 给某人提供某物 主动提出做某事
  1. He offered a few ideas to improve the plan.
  2.She offered me a cup of tea.= She offered a cup of tea to me.
  3. Linda offered to lend me her camera but I refused, for I didn’t want to trouble her.
Task 1
本单元的写作内容为“你想去哪里旅游参观” 本单元的写作内容为“你想去哪里旅游参观”和“你为什么想去 那里” 在写作时要注意一下几点: 那里” ,在写作时要注意一下几点:
  1.理由要充分; 理由要充分; 理由要充分
  2.正确使用描述性形容词如 正确使用描述性形容词如fascinating, tiring, peaceful等。 正确使用描述性形容词如 等
  3.使用表达意愿的句型 使用表达意愿的句型 (
  1) I’d love to… (
  2) I’d like to (
  3) I hope to (
  4) I want to
  4.理由要有逻辑性,要与你去的地方形成自然的关系。 理由要有逻辑性, 理由要有逻辑性 要与你去的地方形成自然的关系。
寒假即将来临,你打算到哪里去度假?并陈述你的理由。 寒假即将来临,你打算到哪里去度假?并陈述你的理由。 要求: 语句通顺 行文连贯。 语句通顺, 要求:
  2.词数:60~80 词数: 词数
Task 1
I will have a three?week winter vacation this year. Where should I go? I love places where there are beautiful Sights. I’d like to trek through the Amazon jungle in Brazil . It could be tiring and dangerous, but I like exciting vacations. Also I want to go somewhere relaxing, for example, Florida. I can enjoy the sunshine on the beach. It will make me feel Relaxed. What a great vacation! I can’t wait.
Task 1
Task 2
would 的用法
would like to do sth表示“愿意做某事” 表示“ 表示 愿意做某事” e.g. When would you like to come to us? 表示will的过去式,用于表示过去时的句子。 的过去式, 表示 的过去式 用于表示过去时的句子。 e.g. I told him I would wait for him outside. 用于虚拟语气。 用于虚拟语气。 e.g. If we were there, we would do the same. 委婉地提出请求、建议。 委婉地提出请求、建议。 e.g. What would you like?
Task 2
想要做…: 想要…: 想要做 :would like to do 想要 :would like sth. 常用的句型有: 常用的句型有: What would you like to do? 你想要做什么? 你想要做什么? I would like to visit GuiLin. 我想去参观桂林。 我想去参观桂林。 What would you like ? 你想要什么? 你想要什么? I would like some tea. 我想来些茶。 我想来些茶。 Would you like to go to my party? 你来不来参加我的晚会? 表邀请 表邀请) 你来不来参加我的晚会?(表邀请 Yes, I’d love to . / No, thanks. Would you like some tea or coffee? 你是要点茶还是咖啡? 你是要点茶还是咖啡? Yes, please. / No. thanks. Where would you like to visit/ go? 你想去哪呢? 本单元的重点句型 本单元的重点句型) 你想去哪呢?(本单元的重点句型
Task 3
  1. I’d like to trek the jungle. A. through B. across C. over A
  2. My parents want to go on vacation. A. somewhere peaceful B. dangerous somewhere C. somewhere boring A
  3. I’m not sure if it tomorrow. If it , we won’t climb the South Hill. A. will snow; snows B. will snow; will snow C. snows; snows C
  4. Some robots are to do the same things people. A. enough smart, as B. enough smart, with C. smart enough, as B
  5. would you like to live in? A. where B. which city C. which
Task 3
  1. It’s a fine day today. Why not (go) boating with me? to see
  2. I hope (see) you again. filled
  3. The basket is (fill) with food and drinks. pleasant
  4. We had a(pleasure) trip last summer vacation. lively
  5. Travelling by train is a (live) picture.
  6. We need apeaceful (peace) world. We hate wars. exciting
  7. Sam likes Brazil because he likes (excite) vacation.
  8. There’s not much (do) in Mexico. to do relaxing
  9. I’d like to go somewhere (relax).
  10.Living (live) in Singapore is quite expensive.
  1.I hope you can provide food the hungry children. A. with B. to C. for d. of ( 2007年内蒙古中考题 年内蒙古中考题) 年内蒙古中考题 B
  2.Why not the music club? I’m sorry. I can’t sing or dance. A. to join B. join C. joining D. join in (2007重庆中考题 重庆中考题) 重庆中考题
Task 4

  3. Would you like to go out for a walk with us after supper? . But I must finish my homework D first. A. Of course not B. That’s all right C. Yes, I do D. I’d love to (2007山东潍坊中考题 山东潍坊中考题) 山东潍坊中考题
Task 4



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