新目标九年级Unit 新目标九年级Unit 2
Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark Self check
Selfcheck miss be afraid of used to have to worry about
  1. I the sea. I don’t know am afraid of how to swim.
  2. Don’t worry about things so much. It will make you stressed out.

  3. Sorry, I can’t join you. I have to study for a test.
  4. I really my friend Tina. She miss moved to another town.
  5. I used to have short hair but now I grow it long.
Look at the following pictures of Yu Mei and tell us the changes of Yu Mei.
She used to be short. Now she is tall.
She used to be long hair. Now she has short hair.
She used to play football. Now she likes playing tennis.
She used to be alone. Now she has many friends.
Now use the sentences you described Yu Mei to compose a short passage about Yu Mei.

  1. --Where is Xiao Ming? --He’s having rest over there. A. B. an C. the D. /
  2. --Can you speak English? --Yes, but only . A. few B. a few C. little D. a little
  3. I was feeling tired last night, so I went to bed than used to. A. early B. earlier C. late D. later

  4. A few months later, John did better drawing than any other student in his class. A. on B. for C. late D. later
  5. Lucy is very good cooking. A. on B. in C. for D. at
  6. The dinner didn’t start all the friends arrived. A.when B. while C. until D. whether

  7. Chinese by more and more people in the world now. A. is spoken B. in speaking C. speaks D. spoke
  8. --What did teacher say just now? --He said that the earth around the sun . A. go B. goes C. going D. will go

  9. Digital cameras are becoming more and more popular, but some still too much. A. pay B. spend C. going D. will go
  10. I usually time with my friends on weekends. A. pay B. spend C. take D. cost
或一般现在时完成句子。 用used to或一般现在时完成句子。 或一般现在时完成句子
  1. ‘Have you got a car?’‘ No, I used to one but I sold it.’
  2. George a waiter. Now used to he’s the manager of a hotel.
  3. ‘Do you go to work by car?’ ‘ Sometimes but most days go to work I by train.’
used to eat
  4. When I was a child, I never meat, but I eat it now. watches
  5. Mary loves watching TV. She TV every evening. used to live
  6. We near the airport but we moved to the city centre a few years ago.
  7. Normally I start work at 7 o’clock, so I get up very early. did
  8. What games you use to play when you were a child?
和同伴比较你们过去喜欢做的事情: 和同伴比较你们过去喜欢做的事情 A: I used to like going shopping with mother. B: I used to like playing games with friends. ……


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