主要人物: Aladin 阿拉丁 Spirit 精灵 Magic mat 魔毯 Carrot 鹦鹉(大臣随从) Aside 旁白 第一幕: 介绍各个角色。 Aside: once upon a time, there is a Guy,but he has a good friend Abu. Jasmine Jafang Abu King 茉莉(公主) 贾方(大臣) 阿布(猴子) 国王
boy,named aladin. He is a poor
Aladin: I am aladin, this is my good friend ? abu. We are living happily. Abu: we don’t have trouble. We are living happily. Aside:Jafang is a minister with evil heart. Carrot is his attendant . Jafang: I am jafang. I am a minister.The lamp is mine, hahahahha. Carrot: Get the lamp, get the lamp. Aside: There is a king. He has a beautiful daughter. King: I am the king of this country. I am rich. I have everything. But I have a difficult problem. I want to find a prince who can marry with my jasmine. Jasmine: All the prince is not the man I like. People is crazy. of the castle, to see the world outside. Haha~~ 第二幕:沙漠 Jafang: ture. I know a lamp. It’s a magic lamp with spirit. He can make my dreams come I want to get out
Carrot: make your dreams come ture. Where is it? Jafang: in that cave. But I can not go in. it is dangerous. Carrot: look, aladin. Why don’t you let him go inside and get it for you. Jafang: now you are talking! Aladin: what are we doing here. I think we get lost.
Abu: come on. We can get out. Jafang: hello,. Aladin. What are you doing? Aladin: we get lost. Can you tell me the way to out here?
Carrot: if you can do us a favor, I will tell the way. Abu: what kind of a favor? Jafang: Aladin: go in there and get a lamp for me. a piece of cake. Let’s go, Abu.
第三幕:山洞里 Aladin: Wow, so many gold. Don’t touch it. Abu!
Abu: okey. Follow what you said. Aladin: there, there is the lamp. Abu: let’s get it. Aladin: oh , nonono.. the door.. Abu: the door is closing. The door.. closed. Aladin: what can we do with these gold and lamp. Magic mat: take it easy. Take it easy. Abu: who is there. Who is talking? Aladin: where are you.
Magic mat: I am here. Check the lamp. Aladin: what can I do with this old lamp?
Abu: there are some words on it. But not very clear. Aladin: wowowowowoo .. who are you.
Spirit: hahahahah.. finally, I came out. Who are you? Boy? And you, monkey? don’t you know I am the spirit. Just tell me your dreams, I will help you to make it come ture. Abu: come on. We don’t have time for joking. Spirit: you must be a monkey! Let me show you my power! Aladin: but we are in this cave. Magic mat: come here. I will get you out of here! Spirit: yeah, my master. Come here. Come .. Aladin: yeah., we are out. We are home! Yeah~ Abu: I am so tired, I need some sleep. Aladin: go ahead. Monkey. I wil go to the market. 第四幕: 偷灯 Jafang: I need that lamp. Go and steal Carrot: steal it. Steal it. Aside: Jafang gets the lamp and brings it back home. Spirit: what do you want? My master Jafang: I want to be a wizard.
Spirit: okey.. Jafang: blah balh balh blah,… now you are.
I must try my magic.
Jajajajjajjhyhahahhah ..
Aside: at the same time, the king is looking for his lovely daughter, what will happen? King: where is jasmine. Where is jasmine.? My girl, where are you? Jafang: I am the king of the world! Ahahahahha .. I have to replace of the king Jafang: Your highness, my noble princess, I have something important to tell you. It’s about your marrage.
Jasmine: what do you know from my father? Jafang : (evil laugh) malimalihon, fall asleep like the sleeping beauty. Hahhahaha ,let me take you to your father. King: ah..a..h. my daughter, what happened. Wake up dear? Jafang, what happened with my daughter, who did this, I will kill him Jafang: Me, my majesty King: what? Jafang: coz from now on, I will be the king and replace you. If you don’t leave , then say goodbye to your daughter. King:No….No… Aladin: what are you doing,Jafang? Jafang: you must die! Ajhahhah . Aladin. Ah..a..hh..ahh.. Jafang: I am the strongest. Aladin: no. you are not. But the spirit is. Jafang: no, I am the strongest. Aside: Abu is approaching the lamp, suddenly he gets it Abu: come on, aladin.. Here you are. Spirit: what do you want? My master Aladin: make Jafang fall asleep. Forever .. Spirit: any more, my boss? Aladin: ah,the princess,let the sleeping girl wake up, pls,spirit Spirit: okey ,my master King: thank you. Aladin.



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