Part 1 听力部分
一、听录音,选出你所听到的选项。 (10 分) ( )
  1.A.stair B.there C.here ( )
  2.A.purse B.pearl C.shirt ( )
  3.A.often B.usually C.always ( )
  4.A.great B.get C.gate ( )
  5. A.in the world B. in your book C.on the desk ( )
  6. A.look for B.look at C.look like ( )
  7.A.go dancing B.go to the park C.play cards ( )
  8.A.the sun B.the moon C.the Earth ( )
  9. A.Which is the tallest? B.Which is the shortest? C.Which is the longest? ( )
  10.A.How much is the guitar? B.How much are the trousers? C.How much is the drum? 二、听录音,判断对错,对的写“T” ,错的写“F”(8 分) 。
三、听问句,选答语。 (10 分) ( )
  1.A.No,they don’t. B.Yes,it is. C.Of course I can. ( )
  2.A.The red one. B.It’s a hat. C.Yes, it is. ( )
  3.A.I usually take the bus. B.I eat fish about once a week. C.She goes hiking twice a month. ( )
  4.A.It’s $
  45. B.They’re $2
  90. C.Sure. ( )
  5.A.Mary is the tallest. B.The elephant is the heaviest. C.The dog is the fastest. 四、听录音,补全对话。 (12 分) A:Hello,kids. that? B: ! It’s a expensive picture. It’s expensive all your toys, Gogo. A:Let me it. I’ll look it. B:Look. There are so in the picture. The ant is the is the biggest. and the
Part 2 笔试部分
一、选出划线部分发音不同的单词。 分) (5 ( )
  1.A.Earth B.ear C.hear D.here ( )
  2.A.the B.they C.thumb D.this ( )
  3.A.light B.like C.chip D.kite ( )
  4.A.cheap B.idea C.sea D.beach ( )
  5.A.dollar B.art C.farm D.start 二、用所给词的适当形式填空。 分) (5
  1.My father
  4.My guitar is (go) (fish) about twice a week.
(light) in your family? My brother. (have) a picnic. (expensive) than yours.
三、单项选择。 (10 分) ( )
  1.I’m than you, Tony. A.slow B.slower C.the slowest ( )
  2. a hippo big? Yes, it . A.Is/is B.Does/does C.Did/did ( )
  3. do you usually get to your grandmother’s house? A.What B.How C.Who ( )
  4.My sister is in my family. A.young B.younger C.the youngest ( )
  5. My mother has a fever. I’ll her at home. A.look at B.look for C.look after ( )
  6. do you go hiking ? Once a month. A.How much B.How often C.How many ( )
  7.Look!The horse runs than the dog. A.bigger B.heavier C.faster ( )
  8.What did you go this morning? I models. A.make B.made C.making ( )
  9.Jack brought some bottles of milk the party. A.for B.to C.at ( )
  10.Tony go on a skateboard to the mall. But I ever do it. A.always B.ever C.never 四、连词成句。 (10 分)




五、按实际情况回答问题。 (10 分)
  1.Do you ever take a taxi to the shopping mall?
  2.Who’s the oldest in your family?
  3.Did you buy a bottle of shampoo at the store?
  4.How often do you eat fish?
  5.Which is slower,a plane or a bus? 六、阅读短文,判断对错,对的写“T” ,错的写“F”(5 分) 。 I’m Chen Lan.My home is in Gulangyu. Do you know Gulangyu? It’s in Xiamen. It’s near the sea. Gulangyu is a small place, but it’s very nice and clean. There are no cars, no buses and no bikes. People only walk. So it’s very quiet. People go to visit Gulangyu by ship. Our house is in the middle of Gulangyu. Behind our house there is a big tree. My grandfather tells me that the tree is very, very old. There are many birds in the tree. We call it a “bird tree”. Our house is near the sea. The sea is big and blue. There are a lot of fish in the sea. After school, I go there and catch fish with my friends. It is very interesting. I like fish and I like catching fish. ( )
  1.Gulangyu is an island. ( )
  2.Chen Lan tells us a lot about her parents. ( )
  3.There are no vehicles(车辆)in Gulangyu. ( )
  4.Chen Lan always goes fishing by herself. ( )
  5.Chen Lan is from Xiamen. 七、根据短文内容选择正确的答案。 分) (5 Jane often gets to school early. She likes to talk to her friends before class. After school, she doesn’t go home early. She goes to all kinds of pet shops. She likes to see the dogs. One little brown dog plays in the window of a pet shop. Jane likes it, and she stands there for about an hour every day. One day, her father and mother ask why she is late. She tells them about the brown dog in the shop. Today is Jane’s birthday. After school she goes to shop to see the lovely dog. But it’s not there. She feels unhappy. She runs home. Her mother gives her a big birthday cake and tells her that her father is going to give her a birthday surprise. Father takes her to the garden. There sits the brown dog. It’s really a happy surprise. ( )
  1.Jane goes to school early . A.to see the dogs B.to say something to her friends C.to visit her friends D.to play games with her friends

  2.Jane doesn’t go back home early. She . A.plays with her friends B.doesn’t like her family C.does her homework in school D.goes to pet shops ( )
  3.The little brown dog is lovely. Jane often . A.plays with it in the street B.plays with it in the shop window C.stands beside it in the shop window D.goes to see it ( )
  4.Jane is very happy because . A.it’s her birthday B.she comes home early C.she has the little brown dog at home now D.she is surprise ( )
  5.Jane tells her parents . A.she’s going to buy the dog B.she loves the little dog C.she’s going to take the dog home D.she wants the for birthday present 八、小作文。 (10 分) 写作:以题为“My family”写一篇小短文。 要求:
  2.不得 少于 50 个单词。

听力材料 三、听问句,选答语。
  1.Is an elephant big?
  2.Which is cheaper?
  3.How often does Jenny go hiking?
  4.How much are your shoes?
  5.Which is the fastest, the elephant,the dog or the turtle? 四、听录音,补全对话。 Hello,kids.What’s that? Be careful! It’s a very expensive picture. It’s more expensive than all your toys,Gogo. Let me hold it. I’ll look after it. Look. There are so many animals in the picture. The ant is the smallest and the whale is the biggest.



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