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第十篇 The Ideal Husband Science now might be able to explain women's fascination with Brad Pitt's face and George Clooney's eyes. Women seem to __ 1 potential mate by how masculine their features are, new
research shows. Men with square jaws and well-defined brow ridges are seen as good short-term partners, 2 those with more feminine traits such as a rounder face and fuller lips are perceived as better long-term mates. In the study by Daniel Kruger at the US's University of Michigan, 854 subjects viewed a series of 3 head shots that had been digitally changed to exaggerate or minimize masculine. traits2 They then 4 questions about how they expected the men in the photos to behave. Most participants said that those with more masculine features were 5 to be risky, competitive, and more apt to fight, challenge bosses, cheat on spouses and put less effort into parenting. Those with more feminine and emotionally supportive mates. But, despite all the negative characteristics, when asked who they would choose for a short-term relationship, women selected the more masculine 7 men. Brad and George, both chiseled jaws and well-defined brows, then would be good for a 8 romance, not for something longer. The study was published in the December issue of the US journal Personal Relationships. Kruger said that from an evolutionary perspective, this 9 sense. The key is testosterone, the hormone responsible 10 the development of masculine facial features and other sexual characteristics. It has been found to affect the body's ability to fight disease: men with high levels of the hormone are typically 11 and healthy - traits women want to pass on to their children. However, increased testosterone has also been linked to 12 and violence in relationships. So, these men 13 produce high quality offspring, but they don't always make great parents or faithful mates, Kruger says. The scientific community3 have 14 skepticism toward physiognomy, which links facial characteristics to certain behavioral traits. But Kruger argues that the research is a valuable tool for understanding mating strategies. And, of course, for explaining why Tony Leung and Takeshi Kanesshiro have millions of female 15 . It might have to do with their genes. Or something to do with ours. 6 were seen as good parents and husbands, hard workers
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词汇: 词汇: masculine ['m?:skjulin] adj.男性的 男性的 chiseled ['t∫izild] v.轮廓清晰的 轮廓清晰的 轮廓清晰 hormone ['h?:m?un] n. 荷尔蒙 注释: 注释:
  1. well-defined brow ridges 轮廓清晰的眉骨
  2. digitally changed to exaggerate or minimize masculine traits 通过数字化使得男性特征变得更 突出或更不显眼一些。 突出或更不显眼一些。
  3. The scientific community 学术界 feminine ['feminin] adj.女性的 女性的 testosterone [tes't?st?r?un] n.睾丸激素 睾丸激素 physiognomy [?fizi'?n?mi] n. 观相术
练习: 练习:
  9. A) make A) where A) female A) answered A) likely A) bodies A) seeming A) fast A) makes B) judge B) when B) beautiful B) asked B) possible B) hands B) appearing B) brief B) causes B) at B) ordinary B) cheats B) might B) told B) fans C) date C) while D) meet D) which D) male
C) attractive,
C) constructed D) built. C) probable C) arms C) looking C) quick C) does C) for C) weak C) cheated C) have to C) stated C) partners D) necessary D) faces D) pretending D) swift D) forms D) in D) strong D) cheating D) should D) said D) mates

  10. A) of
  11. A) normal
  12. A) cheat
  13. A) must
  14. A) shown
  15. A) spouses 答案与题解: 答案与题解:

  1. B 这四个词的意思是:make:做;judge:判断; date:约会;meet:见面。本文的主题是讲女人找伴侣。 从所在句子的表示方式的介词短语 by how masculine their features are(根据他们男性特征的情况) , 选择 judge 在语义上比较一致。
  2. C
  3. D 前后两个小句表达的是一种对比,因此用 while 是对的。 female: 女性的;beautiful:漂亮的;attractive: 吸引人的;male:男性的。该提问的是:854 个
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调查对象看了一系列什么样的头部镜头?在第一题的题解中我们说到,本文的主题是讲女人找伴侣,同时 也说到女人是根据男性的特征来选择配偶的。因此在这四个选项中选 male 是对的。
  4. A answer: 回答; ask: 问;construct: 构造;build: 建造。 该提问的是:这 854 个调查对象看完 一系列的男性的头部镜头后还要做什么?显然,应该是回答问题而不是提问题。因此选 answered 是对的。
  5. A likely: 可能的; possible:可能的; probable:可能的; necessary: 必然的。 合适的选项是 likely。
  6. D 对的。
  7. C seem:好像; appear:出现; look:看上去; pretend: 假装。 我们可以说:These men look very masculine. body: 躯体; hand: 手;arm:手臂; face:脸。由于调查对象看的是男士的头部,因此选 face 是
这些男人看上去非常男性。也可以说 these masculine looking men。因此用 looking 是对的。
  8. B fast:快;brief:短暂;quick:快;swift: 快。这里有三个表示“快”的英文词,肯定不是合适的
选项。另外,紧随其后的短语是重复,其中有 longer(更长一点)这个词,这就提醒我们应该用 brief 这个 词。
  9. A
  10. C
  11. D make:制造; cause:使得;do:干; form: 形成。make senses 是“说得通的意思,是固定的用法。” 这四个都是介词。responsible 后面跟 for。 normal:正常的; ordinary:普通的;weak:弱;strong:强。And 是个并立词。主意并立词要求所衔
接的词、词组或句子在语义上能匹配。可以看出"strong and healthy"是匹配的,但是"weak and healthy" 就不匹配。
  12. D 这事同一个词表现出的不同形态变化。Link 后面的 to 是介词 to 而不是不定式 to, 因此须用
  13. B must:必须;might:可能;have to: 必须; should: 应该。女人根据男人的特征选择伴侣这只是
一个因素,因此下结论应该留有余地,用 might 是比较合适的。
  14. A show:显出; tell: 告诉; state: 陈述; say: 说。除 shown 之外, told、stated 或 said 填
  15. B spouse:配偶; fan:狂热仰慕者;partner:配偶; mate:伴侣。我们的世界知识告诉我们,任何人 都不可能有数百万的配偶,所以只有 fans 是合适的选择。
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