考研英语小作文?书信类八大模板练习题 考研英语小作文 书信类八大模板练习题

  1:投诉信 Dear, I am . (自我介绍) I feel bad to trouble you but I am afraid that I have to make a complaint about. The reason for my dissatisfaction is (总体介绍). In the first place,(抱怨的第一个方面). In addition, (抱怨的第二个方面). Under these circumstances, I find it (感觉) to (抱怨的方面给你带来的后果). I appreciate it very much if you could(提出建议和请求), preferably (进一步的要求), and I would like to have this matter settled by (设定解决事情 最后期限). Thank you for your consideration and I will be looking forward to your reply. Yours sincerely Li Ming
  2:询问信 Dear , I am (自我介绍). I am writing to see if it is possible for you to provide me with information regarding.(要询问的内容) First of all, what are ?(第一个问题) Secondly, when will?(第二个问题) Thirdly, is ?(第三个问题) I would also like to inquire (将最重要的问题单独成段). Could you be so kind as to send me some relevant booklets on the above-mentioned aspects? Thank you for you kindness, and your prompt attention to this letter will be highly appreciated. Yours sincerely Li Ming
  3:请求信 Dear, I am writing to formally request to(请求的内容) The reason for is that(给出原因).I, so I (给出细节) I would also like to request (提出进一步的要求). I am sorry for any inconvenience I have caused. Thank you for your attention to these requests. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at(电话号码). I look forward to a favorable reply. Yours sincerely Li Ming

  4:道歉信 Dear , I am truly sorry that(道歉的原因). The reason is that (介绍原因) Once again, I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. Hope you can accept my apologies and understand my situation. Yours sincerely Li Ming
  5:感谢信 Dear, I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude for (感谢的原因). If it had not been for your assistance in (对方给你的具体帮助), I fear that I would have been(没有对方帮助时的后果). Every one agrees that it was you who(给出细节).Again, I would like to express my warm thanks to you! Please accept my gratitude. Yours sincerely Li Ming
  6:建议信 Dear , You have asked me for my advice with regard to , and I will try to make some conductive suggestions here. In my humble opinion, you would be wise to take the following actions:(建议 的内容) I hope you will find these proposals useful, and I would be ready to discuss this matter with you to further details. Good Luck with your(祝愿) Yours sincerely Li Ming
  7:求职信 Dear Sir or Madam, I write this letter to apply for the position that you have advertised in(报纸名 称)of(广告发布时间). Not only do I have the qualifications for this job, but I also have the right personality for a (工作名称). In the one hand,(第一个原因). On the other hand, (另一个原因). Should you grant me a personal interview, I would be most grateful. If you need to know more about me, please feel free to contact me at any time at (电话号码) Thank you for considering my application, and I am looking forward to meeting you.
Yours sincerely Li Ming
  8:邀请信 Dear, There will a (内容) at/in(地点) on(时间). We would be honored to have you there with us. The occasion will start at (具体时间). This will be followed by a (进一步的 安排). At around(时间),(另一个安排) I really hope you can make it. RSVP before (通知你的最后期限) Yours sincerely Li Ming
  5、投诉信。背! !
  8、9 都是介绍信
  9、介绍信,自荐信。9,11,13,14 是私人信件。
  12、请求信。06 年考题
  14、邀请信。最好也能全文背诵。但不在 20 篇推荐之中
  20、文章摘要。不超过原文 1/
  23、告示-通告。大纲样题。 。
Directions: You want to study at a certain foreign university. Write a letter to ask about the situation there as regards accommodation and fees, possible scholarships, and what qualifications one needs for acceptance. Dear Sir or Madam, I am a Chinese student who wishes to apply for admission into your prestigious university. My plan is to start my course next term, and I would be grateful if you would be kind enough to provide me with certain essential information.
My plan is to start。。主系表结构,不定式做表语。 。 表示感谢,grateful,appreciate,feel obliged to。 。
First, what qualifications do I need to follow a course of study at your university? I already have a bachelor’s degree from Beijing University, but I wonder if there are any further academic requirements. Second, how much are the tuition fees? Although I intend to be self-supporting, I would be interested to hear if there are any scholarships available for international students. Third, what is the situation as regards accommodation?
I look forward to your reply, and to attending your esteemed institution. Yours sincerely, Li Ming(1

Directions: As part of a student social survey project, you are leading a group to visit an exhibition in a small town. Write a letter asking for information regarding such things as the contents of the exhibition, and the dates of its opening and closing, and if there are any discounts available. Dear Sir or Madam, I am organizing a group of students to pay a visit to the historical exhibition in your town. I am writing the letter in purpose of inquiring/seeking/obtaining/requesting information concerning/regarding the following aspects.
First of all, what is the size of the exhibition, what is its theme and what objects are on display? Secondly, what are the dates between which the exhibition will be held, and what are the daily opening hours? I must point out that I hope to bring over students to the exhibition. So I would like to inquire
if there is any discount available on entrance tickets for students. I look forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, Li Ming(1

Directions: You have just spent a weekend staying at the St. Regis Hotel in Beijing. When you get home you find that you have left a bag at the hotel. Write to the manager of the hotel and enquire whether the bag has been found. Give any relevant information about the bag and its contents. Ask the manager to contact you immediately if the bag is found and tell him/her how the bag can be sent to you. Dear Mr./Ms. Manager, I stayed in Room 608 in your hotel on August 10, 20
  05. Could you please check your Lost and Found Department and see if my bag is there?
The bag is a small black, leather document case. Inside it, you will find several business cards and a photo of Miss Lin Daiyu. These things are not very valuable in money terms, but they have a lot of personal value. I would appreciate it if you could contact me as soon as possible. If you could send the bag to me by EMS, I would be most grateful. Thank you for your help. Yours sincerely Li Ming(1

Re: Ordering NETEM Books Dear Sir or Madam, As I am planning to take the National Entrance Test of English for MA/MS Candidates (NETEM), please give me particular accounts as regards names, authors, publishing houses and prices of these books.
MA/MS master of art, Master of Science
I also need to know the terms of payment and after-sell service. If you have these books for sale, I would like to mail order them. Please let me know if I could pay for them by money or do you accept credit card. I wonder if it is convenient for you to deliver these books by EMS by September 1, 2006 to the following address: Li Ming Room 433, Student Dormitory NO. 12 Beijing University
Beijing, 100871 (1
  10) Yours sincerely, Li Ming

  5、投诉信。背! !
Directions: You live in a room in college which you share with another student. You find it very difficult to work there because your roommate always has friends visiting. He/She has parties in the room and sometimes borrows your things without asking you. Write a letter to the Accommodation Officer at the college and ask for a new room next term. You would prefer a single room. Explain your reasons.给出了三点提纲 Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to express/air dissatisfaction/disappointment/concern regarding accommodation. I would prefer to move into a single room next semester, as I find the present sharing arrangement inconvenient.
I must explain that the reason for my dissatisfaction is my roommate’s inconsiderate behavior. For one thing, his friends are constantly visiting him; for another, he regularly holds noisy parties.
To solve this problem/surmount this difficulty/improve this situation/crack this hard nut, I hope to draw the attention of the authorities concerned. I am sure you will agree that the only solution is for me to move into a room of my own. Therefore, I would be grateful if you could find a single room for me, preferably not in the same building but as near to the college campus as possible.
建议措施。 本文是严格按照框架在写的。
Yours sincerely, Li Ming(1

  8、9 都是介绍信
Directions: You want to apply for the following post/position: Waiter/waitress required for evening work. Write a letter to Mr. Byron describing your previous experience, and explaining why you would be suitable for the job. Dear Mr. Byron, I am writing to express my interest in your recently advertised position for a waitress. Enclosed with this letter is my resume, which further details my previous work experience and qualifications. Not only do my qualifications and work experience make me a perfect candidate for the job, my personality is well suited to working as a waitress. I am a very friendly person who can quickly establish rapport with people of all ages.
Not only do my qualifications and work experience make me a。。钻石句型,倒装。 。
I would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience, to discuss the possibility of working at your restaurant. Thank you for your consideration of my application. I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Yours sincerely, Li Ming(1

Directions: Two months ago, you got a job as an editor for the magazine Fashion & Design. But now you find that the work is not what you expected. You decide to quit. Write a letter to your boss Mr. Wang, telling him your decision, stating your reason(s), and making an apology.又是
Dear Mr. Wang, I am writing to inform you about my decision to resign from my current position. The primary reasons are as follows. First, after two months, I do feel that it is not easy for me to get used to the extra work and night shift. Second, the salary has proven to be much lower than you originally promised, and I have a large family to support. Last, what I have learned in the university cannot meet the requirement of being an editor.
I feel terribly sorry for the inconvenience I have caused. I sincerely hope that you approve of my resignation.
本段第一句是经典的道歉用句。I feel terribly sorry for the inconvenience I have caused。也是经典废话
Yours sincerely, Li Ming



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