50 条最常规的考研英语作文模板 一、用于开头的句式
  1.With the rapidly growing popularity of …, the quality of our lives has been considerably changed. 例句: With the rapidly growing popularity of computers in China, the quality of our lives has been considerably changed.
  2.Recently, sth. /the problem of…has been brought to popular attention/has become the focus of public concern. 例句:Recently, the problem of unemployment has been brought to such popular attention that governments at all levels place it on the agenda as the first matter.
  3.In the past few years, there has been a boom/sharp growth/decline in… 例句:In the past few years, there has been a decline in the number of species.
  4.It is a traditional practice to…in our society. 例句:It is a traditional practice for young people to be financially dependent on their parents for anything like marriage and housing.
  5.No one would deny that/everyone would agree that/there is no doubt that… 例句:Everyone would agree that, although our age entirely overshadows all previous ages in means of obtaining knowledge, reading still takes its leading role in all senses.
  6.The birth/invention of…has made an enormous/essential difference to… But is does not mean that… 例句:The birth of the computer has made an essential difference to the human progress. But it does not mean that this wonder dose no threat to our society.
  7.Sth. is just the same as…/is compared to…/is like… 例句:Life in the middle of marriage if often compared to wire walking, for in the early years spouses attract each other and in late years they need each other.
  8.One of the great men one said that…/There is an old saying that… 例句:A gifted American psychologist once said that it is an illusion to believe in the Sunday-school truth?more comfort, more happiness.
  9. Nowadays, a heated debate/discussion about…is under way in China. Some people believe that…, whereas others argue that…
例句: Nowadays, a heated debate about whether one should step forward bravely in the event of crime is under way in China. Some people believe that one should step forward bravely no matter how dangerous it is, whereas others argue that one should put his or her own safety above anything else.
  10.When it comes to…, most people contend that…, but other people consider that… 例句:When it comes to fake commodities, most people contend that people should battle against the falsehood of the fakes, but other people consider that buying fake commodities means nothing but “unlucky” which is hard to avoid. 二、用于结尾的句式
  1. It is hoped that we should place much emphasis on/pay more attention to… 例句:It is hoped that we should pay more attention to the problems of unemployment.
  2. Only in this way/only when/only through…, will/can we… 例句:It is only if all sides of society take their roles fully that we will achieve the society we want.
  3. As long as…, we will be able to…/the problems is bound to… 例句:As long as we persist in spreading scientific knowledge among the masses, all the superstitions are bound to go out of our life.
  4. In the course of time/In a long run/In the long term, sth. is more likely/bound/sure to… 例句:In a long run, the practice of birth control is believed to do a great benefit to the future of China.
  5. In a word, there is every/little chance/probability/possibility that…in time to come. 例句:In a word, there is every chance that this wise move in economic construction will acquire a broader significance in time to come.
  6. Anything/anyone that/who…will have to… 例句:Anyone who has a strong bias against China will have to threat her with increased respect.
  7. It is high time that… 例句:It is high time that the issue were to be solved so as to promote the economic development. 8 . No surprising/ It is apparent that the task of … demands/requires/deserves
immediate/serious/considerable attention/consideration. 例 句 : It is, therefore, apparent that the task of fighting against corruption requires considerable consideration now.
  9.We then have reasons to be confident that in the near future… 例句:We then have reasons to be confident that in the near future, no child is forced out of school because of poverty.
  10.My suggestion is that…; otherwise… 例句:My suggestion is that effective measures should be taken to check population growth; otherwise, the potential consequences are unimaginable. 三、用于过渡的句式
  1. Although lots of people follow the fashion/trend, I still set my heart on… 例句:Although lots of people follow the fashion, I still set my heart on its negative effect on our society.
  2. For one thing… For another… As a third benefit/disadvantage… 例句: one thing, some excellent students can take full advantage of the holiday to awaken For their personal interests such as painting, sightseeing and so on. For another, it can provide more chances for some poor students to help make two ends meet and to get prepared for the future by taking part-time jobs. As a third benefit, for those who are far from good at a certain subject, there is a golden opportunity of catching up with other.
  3.It is no easy/simple task/job to furnish/identify/find every reason/cause for sth., but/while, on the whole, two/some factors shout louder/ weigh heavier than others/stand out from others. 例句:It is no easy job to find every reason for the increase in the number of teenagers who run away from their homes, but, on the whole, two factors shout louder than others. First of all, …. Second, …
  4.In contrast with the drawbacks/demerits/flaws of sth., sth. else can serve as a better step/move/advance in the right direction/toward the solution for the problem of… 例句: contrast with the drawbacks caused by nuclear power, the solar power can serve as a In better move toward the solution for the problem of energy crisis.
  5.It is true/obvious that sth can’t compete/be compared with sth else in…, but sth still enjoys/secures/possesses distinct/substantial advantage over sth else.
例句: is obvious that radio cannot compete with television in visuality, but it still possesses It substantial advantages over television. (One of these is…Another…Still another…)
  6.But if…, it is easy/not difficult/hard to see/find/discover that… 例句:But if they adjust their frame of mind a little in the other direction, it is not hard for them to find that life is just as promising as before.
  7.Superficially/On the surface/At first glance/In appearance, the issue in question seems…. But in fact/in substance/on close examination, … 例句:At first glance, the western-type democracy seems superior to any other types. But on close examination, it does not entitle every citizen of the same nation to the equal freedom to act.
  8. Those in favor of the issue in question argue/contend/hold/maintain/claim that…. But what they fail to consider/analyze/see/find out is that… 例句:Those in favor of euthanasia(安乐死) contend that its practice can benefit both the patient and his family. But what they fail to consider is that euthanasia may be taken advantage of for some evil or hidden purposes.
  9.My our look on/choice of/participation in/devotion to…stems from/derives from/results from some/several chief factors. 例句:My choice of the career stems from several chief factors. First… Second…
  10.A variety of/Quite a few factors have led me to do… 例句:Quite a few factors have led me to form the habit of reading 四、描述漫画的句式
  1. The cartoon/picture briefs/depicts/shows… 例句:The cartoon briefs the history of commercial fishing in the 20th century.
  2. In the picture, … 例句:In the picture, an American girl looks so pleased in the richly decorated Chinese national costumes.
  3. Looking at the picture, … 例句:Looking at the picture, many people cannot help laughing. …
  4.…。This is what the picture indicates. 例句:It is not unusual for Chinese children to get money from their parents, grandparents or relatives during the Spring Festival. … This is what the picture indicates.

  5. The two pictures here illustrate… 例句:The two pictures here illustrate how a flower in a greenhouse is destroyed when exposed to a storm.
  6. In the first picture, …. While in the second one, … 例句:In the first picture, a lonely small boat, in spite of the good catch, does not disturb the fishes that are swimming leisurely. While in the second one, the sea is over-crowded with fishing boats, and a lonely fish, desperately trying to escape, finds no place to hide.
  7.As depicted in the picture/As we can see in the picture/As can been seen from the picture/As is shown by the drawing, … 例句:As can be seen from the picture, the car breaks stops on the way and cannot move any further.
  8.It is most likely that by drawing the pictures, the artist intends… 例句:It is most likely that by drawing the pictures, the artist intends not only to tell us the story of fish but also to set us thinking more about nature. 五、图表作文的句式
  1. According to the figures shown in the table/graph we can see/conclude that… 例句:According to the figures shown in the table, we can see that great changes have been taking place in people’s diet over the period from 1988 to 19
  2. We can see/We have noted/It can be seen from the table/chart/graph that… 例句:We have noted from the graph that there is a wide gap between the top ten universities both of China and of the world.
  3. The graph/table/chart shows/indicates/reveals/points out that… 例句:The chart reveals that the number of road accidents is spiraling upward every year as more and more highways are constructed all over China.
  4. As is shown/can be seen in the chart/graph/diagram released by the government… 例句:As we can see in the diagram released by the government, the rapid growth of population has resulted in the extinction of many wildlife species.
  5. After considering the information in the graph/table/chart, we might conclude that… 例句:After considering the information in the graph, we might conclude that the energy structure in rural areas has been greatly improved over the past 15 years.

  6.The chart/graph/table shows a minimal/slight/slow/steady/marked/dramatic/sharp/sudden increase/rise/decline/reduction/fall/drop in…compared with those of last year/10 years ago/last century… 例句:The graph shows a marked decline in the number of wildlife species compared with that of last century.
  7. This year, the products of…dropped to half/was cut in half/doubled/tripled. 例句:This year, the products of cotton doubled.
  8. The number of … grew/rose/dropped from…to… 例句:The number of car accidents grew from 3691 in 1985 to 8245 in 19
  9. No increase is shown in …; then came a sharp increase of … 例句:No increase is shown in 1988; then came a sharp increase of 8 million.
  10.Sth. is twice/three/half as large/high/much as sth. else. 例句:The production of cotton is twice as much as that of wheat.
一、图画/图表描述段 【示例一】 ①From the picture (graph, chart, table, pie, bar), we know that ②On the one hand, the left/first picture tells us that ③On the other hand, (the right/second)picture informs us that ④It can easily be seen that 【示例二】 ①As is vividly shown/described/depicted in the cartoon/picture, ②In the first picture, (图表内容总概括). (揭示图画/表寓意). (图表内容总概括). (情况一,图一/表一的内容). ( 情况二, 图二/表二的内容).
(描述图/表一内容,如果是一个表,则可左或上半部分). (描述图/表二内容,如果是一个表,则右或
③As is shown in the second drawing/picture, 下半部分).
④It is safe to draw the conclusion that (提示寓意,或主题句, 回应主题但不是主题句的重复) . 二、意义阐述段 【示例一】
①Judging from the pictures, we can clearly infer that the drawer’ intention is s ② (扩展句). (第一个层面). (第二个层面).
(主题句) .
③For one thing/First of all/Firstly,
④For another/Besides/Moreover/In addition/Secondly, ⑤Thus/As a result/Therefore/Finally, 【示例二】 (总结句).
①To begin with, the purpose of the drawings is to show us that symbolic meanings subtly conveyed should be taken more seriously. ② (扩展句)is naturally associated with, to be specific (第二个层面)。 (总结句).
(主题句) ,yet the
③Besides/Moreover/In addition, ④As a result/Therefore, 三、原因阐释段 【示例一】
①There are many reasons responsible for this phenomenon/case/instance and the following are the typical ones. ② The first reason is that ③The second reason is that (理由一). (理由二).
④ The third reason is that/A case in point is that/The typical example is that (理由三) 【示例二】 ①There are many reasons to explain/explaining the effect/phenomenon/case/instance. ②The most contributing one is/the main reason is no other than ③What is more, ④ 四、建议措施段 【示例一】 ①Considering a



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巧记大学英语六级单词 Lesson 34

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