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计划已完成情况: 计划已完成情况: Section Ⅰ Vocabulary (50 points) Part A Directions: Try to read the following sentences, and write down the meaning of the italicized words or phrases.
(35 points)

  33. The Americans abolished slavery in 18
  63. This chair accommodates its shape to a person's position. The man was accused of being a spy in the pay of the enemy. Though a bit too old, he is still adequate to the work. They sent agents to agitate the local people. We really appreciated it when she offered to help. He promised never to betray the organization. He boasted of having passed the examination. A stock is a certificate issued by the company to certify the share held by a shareholder. You may experience chronic health concerns. Research in cognitive psychology may have suggestions for these questions. A body at rest will never move unless a force compels it. Joe's mother consents to let him live with his girlfriend, but his father doesn't. Her refusal was merely a deliberate gesture. The city is suffering a desperate shortage of water. In his plans he discounted the expense. There are essential differences between the two. He never exerts himself to help anyone. The current law is set to expire this weekend. We all harbor fears about the future. The traditional theories of invalidation contracts fail to completely and accurately illuminate their nature. Therefore, it is imperative for us to take drastic measures. The captain took the initiative and led the soldiers out of the danger area. He has carefully investigated the allegations. Scientists are working to devise a means of storing this type of power. You can't learn anything with negative attitude. He tried to take an objective view of the situation. Her parents' divorce has a profound effect on her life. They proposed to make arrangement beforehand. This system can regulate the temperature of the room. Please reverse the positions of two pictures. We made concessions for the sake of peace. The United Nations Security Council took sanctions against the aggressor country.

  34. I can testify to this commitment from my experience over the past eight months.
  35. We tried in vain to make him change his mind. Part B Directions: Read the following sentences and choose the best answers for each blank. (15 points)
  1. When I was about twelve, I suddenly developed a great passion writing poetry. [A] on [B] of [C]for [D] from
  2. She was so unhappy that she was the verge of committing suicide. [A] at [B] on [C] by [D] in
  3. Susan put a value of a thousand dollars the necklace. [A] for [B] to [C]on [D] with
  4. A child has trust in its mother. [A] complete [B] perfect [C] absolute [D] thorough
  5. The storage vessel has a of 10,000 liters. [A] capacity [B] capability [C] ability [D] faculty
  6. I sometimes have to visit Birmingham on business. [A] opportunity [B] occasion [C] chance [D] possibility
  7. That sound doesn’t_ in his language so it’s difficult for him to pronounce. [A] happen [B] take place [C] occur [D] run
  8. Getting up is an everyday. [A] happening [B] occurrence [C] incident [D] event
  9. I had to stand in a for hours to get tickets for the film. [A] row [B] procession [C] tail [D] queue
  10. That problem is beyond the of this article, so I’ll not discuss it here. [A] scale [B] extent [C] scope [D] range
  11. In the advanced course students must take performance tests at monthly . [A] gaps [B] intervals [C] length [D] distance
  12. The neighborhood boys like to play basketball on that lot. [A] vague [B] vacant [C] vain [D] valid
  13. Your fluency in English gives you an advantage the other candidates for the job. [A] over [B] on [C] with [D] by
  14. Language, culture, and personality may be considered independently each other in thought, but they are inseparable in fact. [A] to [B] of [C] for [D] between
  15. Paul strongly denied that he was guilty cheating innocent customers. [A] in [B] of [C] on [D] by Section Ⅱ Intensive Reading Directions: Read the following texts and answer the questions as requested. (50 points) Text One Visitors to museums should feel more obliged to pay “voluntary” admission fees, Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, urged yesterday. He said that encouraging visitors to set a value on museums and art galleries, which have been free since 2001, would work extremely well. Mr. Johnson held up New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art as a model. It “recommends” a fee of $20 (
  12), and most visitors pay. “I think we should do it,” said Mr. Johnson. Although New York’s museums are officially free, visitors are strongly encouraged to pay a recommended entry fee and they are usually made to feel compelled to pay. At the Met, for example, entry is impossible without first going to the ticket desk.
Mr. Johnson’s spokesman later admitted that free admission was a “huge draw” for London, but he said: “Having visited the Met last week, he [the Mayor] was impressed by how they maximize voluntary contributions and believes there are lessons to be learnt from America about increasing philanthropic giving.” Mark Jones, director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, told The Times that the museum already requested a 3 donation but was not as forceful as New York’s institutions: “I’m not in favour of anything that makes people feel they won’t want to go because they feel like they will have to pay.” When entrance fees to national museums were scrapped here in 2001, there was a 70 per cent increase in visitor numbers in the first year. Political parties have since been reluctant to suggest change, despite concerns about cost. Hugo Swire, the former Shadow Culture Secretary, was dismissed in 2007 for suggesting that “museums and galleries should have the right to charge if they wish”. Some in the arts community argue, however, that the scheme has done little to increase the breadth of visitors and has plunged museums into deficit. Colin Tweedy, chief executive of Arts & Business, said that Britain was “leading the world” in allowing its treasures to be freely available. He said: “To return to museum charging would be a return to the dark ages.” Munira Mirza, Mr. Johnson’s cultural adviser, said that City Hall was committed to free admission, but that the mayor believed that those who could afford it should be encouraged to contribute to the arts. Ben Bradshaw, the Culture Secretary, said: “Boris has revealed the true intent of the Conservatives and what a disaster a Tory Government would be for our culture, arts and sport. Free museums and galleries has been one of this Government’s great successes.”
  1. It can be inferred from the first two paragraphs that . (2 points) A. most museums in London have admission fees B. museums in London are free by now C. Metropolitan Museum of Art is not officially free D. entry without ticket is impossible to all New York’s museums
  2.We can learn from Mark Jones’ words that. A. he is in favor of New York’s action B. his museum has a great lack of money C. admission fees should be forceful D. he has a consideration for the visitors
  3. The cancellation of entrance fees to national museums in 20
  01. A. has been opposed by political parties B. was changed in 2007 by Hugo Swire C. has caused financial problems to the museums D. has no influence on the number of visitors
  4.According to Colin Tweedy, the restart of museum charging means. A. going backwards in history B. a historical change C. a great development D. a beneficial decision
  5.Why does Ben Bradshaw take a Tory Government as a disaster to the culture? A. Because Boris wants to charge entrance fees. B. Because Boris makes the number of visitors decreased. C. Because Boris stands for the visitor’s benefits D. Because Boris allows the museums to be freely accessible.
  6. Please translate the two italicized sentences into Chinese. (4*2 points)
  7. Please write a short paragraph at least 50 words(Chinese)about the general idea of the whole text. (7 points) Text Two An important research tool in protecting wildlife involves tracking the journey of a species from its birthplace to its mating site. In the case of the green turtle, which does not start breeding until the age of 30, this has proven to be a difficult challenge. Researchers have tried to monitor its meanderings by tagging it with metal disks or wires, but the turtle's dramatic growth over the decadesfrom four inches at infancy to four feet in adulthood has hindered efforts to keep the tags in place. Seeking an alternative tracking method, Brian W. Bowen, an evolutionary geneticist, turned instead to natural markings. Bowen analyzed mitochondrial DNA from eggs and hatchings at four green-turtle breeding sites in the Atlantic and the
Caribbean. He and his co-workers report that turtles from the four breeding sites tended to differ slightly in genetic sequence. The existence of variations m DNA among geographically distinct groups has helped scientists sway the balance between different theories of the mating habits of the green turtle. Their findings, Bowen asserts, given evidence to the "natal (birth) homing" theory proposed in the 1960s. This theory holds that while reptiles born in different regions may share common feeding grounds away from home, the animals part company at breeding time, each swimming hundreds or thousands of miles to breed and nest at its own birthplace. At the same time, the new work undercuts a competing theory known as the social facilitation model. This approach contends that virgin female turtles randomly follow experienced breeders to nesting sites regardless of their birthplace. Bowen concludes that such "social mixing" must be rare in green turtles. Widespread interbreeding of diverse turtle groups, he points out, would have long ago erased the genetic differences highlighted by the study. Bowen and his co-workers, however, offer several illustrations to the interpretation of their findings. They note that turtles from two of the nesting sitesFlorida's Hutchinson Island and Costa Rica's Tortuguero sanctuary (an area where birds or animals are protected) had indistinguishable mitochondrial DNA sequences. This finding indicates that either some social mixing occurred between these two groups or that the DNA test was not sensitive enough to detect extremely subtle differences in DNA. In addition, they report that one of eight study turtles from Aves Island, off Venezuela, showed the same genetic pattern as the Tortuguero and Hutchinson turtles in their sample. Nonetheless, Bowen's study appears to have enhanced the idea that most populations of green turtles are genetically distinct and return to their birthplaces at nesting time.
  8. We may get the probable result from Bowen's analysis of the mitochondrial DNA that . A. virgin female turtles casually follow experienced breeders to nesting place B. green turtles usually go back to their birthplace during mating time C. there is widespread interbreeding among turtles from different nesting places D. subtle differences in DNA sequences are not detected by the current tests.
  9. The primary purpose of the scientists’ study may be to. A. prove the social facilitation model theory B. show the non-existence of interbreeding among green turtles C. show hardships of tracking methods D. determine whether green turtles return to their birthplace during breeding time
  10. It can be inferred that Bowen’ s co-workers team will not agree that . A. green turtles seldom interbreed with those from different birthplace B. DNA testing does not always reveal genetic differences C. frequent interbreeding can lead to fewer genetic differences D. a female turtle ignores her birthplace when choosing a partner
  11. The author regards the validity of the social facilitation model with . A. exact impartiality B. careful admiration C. hesitant disbelief D. reasoned doubt

  12. It can be inferred from this passage that as far as scientific study is concerned . A. scientific findings cannot be refuted C. scientific findings may sometimes be reversed B. scientific theories should not have any defects D. scientists should not swing from one theory to another theory

  13. Please translate the two italicized sentences into Chinese. (4*2 points)
  14. Please write a short paragraph at least 50 words (Chinese) about the general idea of the whole text. (7 points)



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