2010-01-09 | 2010年考研英语大作文及范文 年考研英语大作文及范文
注:火锅里的文字有:佛、功夫、解构、礼、毕?、儒、后现代、老舍、莎士比亚、爱因斯 坦、道、仁、天鹅湖、启蒙、京剧等
The picture showed us a boiling hotpot of various forms of both domestic and alien culture.
There are many things boiled in the pan, such as BuddhaKofu Postmodernism and so on.They are mixed inthe pan .This pictures is told us that culture mix in our world is trend, no body can change this ,neither countries nor people.
The hodgepodge could be categorized as literature, moral values and performing arts. The purpose
of the picture is to show us that Chinese and Western culture conflict with each other but also merge into a unique form to a certain degree,yet the symbolic meanings subtly conveyed should be taken more seriously.For China, it also can take the main chance to develop. As a human, every one is exposed in the multifarious culture in the modern society. Maybe you dont agree some of it, but you must realize that no one can live in a style that is formed one hundred years ago. Every day, we faces new things, new concepts. If you dont open you mind, learn some things
from another angle, you may out of date. From what has been discussed above, I strongly stick to the notion that culture mix
is the main stream. Apart from mutual benefits of economic expansion, culture
combination also promote international friendships at home and abroad. Furthermore, they can create a friendly environment to allow China a better environment of development. Lastly, they also contribute vastly to the world's peace and prosperity.
作文一: 一、以研究生会的名义写一封通知,通知的内容是为全球一体化的国际会议招募志愿者,这 个通知必须包括申请者的基本职位要求及你认为相关的其他信息。 写100个字左右 不要在通知末尾写你自己的名字,用“Postgraduates’Association”代替。
Next month there will be an international meeting about global integration in our city. Forty volunteers are needed for the preparing work and Service as dest
clerks and guides. Any one who want to be one of the volunteers should have an interview. There are some requests below. First, flounce English is required. Both dest clerks and guides must communicate foreigners with English expertly. Second, patience is indispensable .you may face not only much important things, but also much trifle,and you should settle all down, especially the dest clerks. Third, enough time must be ensured because of train. If you are up to the mustard below, give us a call, and then you can have an interview for the chance of being a lucky volunteer. This notice is available until next Sunday.
Postgraduates’ Association



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