08 年
  46) believe, assert, claim, argue, assume, maintain, contend, point out, be convinced that, accept, prove, demonstrate, validate, state, scribe, tell, show, consider, opine, difficulty, difficult, compensate, compensate for, advantage, advantageous, advance, force, strength, power, thus, therefore, hence, enable, detect, detector, error, mistake, false, flaw, shortcoming, reason, reasoned, reasoning, reasonable, observe, observation, observer;
  47) follow, pure, purely, abstract, concrete, limit, confine, certain;
  48) as well, as well as, found, charge, change, critics, criticize, critical, criticism, while;
  49) add, addition, in addition, additional, tradition, traditional, humble, humbly, perhaps, possible, possibly, probable, probably, superior, superior to, super, inferior, inferior to, common, ordinary, banal, notice, attention, escape, carefully, careful, care, take care of;
  50) loss, lose (lost), at a loss, take a loss, injurious, injure, injury, intellect, intellectual, intelligence, wisdom, moral,
virtue, virtually, virtual, character, characterize, characteristic; 07 年
  46) legal, law, preserve, conserve, institution, constitution, view, view…as, regard…as, take…as, see…as, special, specialize, specific, especial, especially; peculiar, peculiar to, particular, particularly, rather than, necessary, essential, essence, critical, significant, significance, equipment, equip, facility;
  47) link, connect, connection, on the other, on the other hand, on the one hand, concept, notion, real, reality, in a way, in a manner, in a form, parallel, parallel to, journal, journalist, base, basic, basis, comment, comment on, cover;
  48) idea, profound, profoundly, far-reaching, citizen, rest on/upon, rely on, depend on/upon, responsible, responsibility, be held responsible for, response, media, news media, news agency, establish, established, establishment, convention;

  49) grasp, have a grasp of, command, have a good command of, feature, competent, competition, competitive, compete,
  50) reaction, react, action, in action, interaction, enhance, promotion, promote, preferable, prefer, infer, confer, favor, flavor, favorite, judge, judgment, make judgments of; 06 年
  46) define, definition, define…as…, select, elect, individual, active, activity, primary, duty, thinking, thought;

  49) code, rule, dedicate, dedicate to, govern, government, energy, conduct, conduction, production, produce, explore, exploration; more than, less than, no more than, no less than, more than +数字, more than +名词/动词, more than +形 容词/副词, no more than=no any more than;
  50) independent, independence, interdependence, reflect, reflection, make reflection on, earn, involve, salary; 05 年

  46) television, means, feeling, convey,
  47) analogous, analogous to, analyze, connect, nation, create, invent, event, recent; analysis, function, obligation, be obliged to do sth., be obliged to sb., obligate, be obligated to do sth., clear, course, cause, lead to, reveal, decision, decisive, decide;
  48) exclude, exclusive, include, conclude, conclusion, contribute, contribution, contribute to, make contribution to, distribute, distribution, accomplishment, accomplish,
  49) identify, identity, respect, expect, complete, solution, solve, resolve, be charged aspect, represent, present, presentation, with, approach, aspect, inspect, expect, respect, fabricate, fabric, continent, task, demand, expect, task; choose, choice, strategic, policy;
  47) multi-media, increase, increasingly, bring, publish, in relation to, relation, relate, related to, concern, concerning;

  48) alone, only, survive, underline, undergo, undertake, undermine, state, statistics, loss, take a loss, at a loss,

  50) deal with, deal, challenge, scale, on…scale, exaggeration, it is no exaggeration to say…, unite, unity, divide;
humanity, form, formula, formulate, grammar, pattern, produce, consequence, consequently;
03 年 04 年
  61) furthermore, further, ability, able,
  61) structure, instruction, instrument, construction, process, procedure, schedule, real, reality, realize, diversity, diverse, philosophy, philosopher;
  62) branch, inquire, acquire, require,
  62) grateful, gratitude, different from, vanish, abolish, assimilate, similar, native, local;
  63) combine, integrate, integration,
  63) describe, description, strike, striking, remark, remarkable, accuse, accuse…of…, data,
  64) complex, complicated, sophisticated, date; include, conclude, exclude, conclusion, custom,
  64) interested in, relationship, relative, relatively, determine, habit, habitual, though; consume, consumer. Simple, simplicity, implicit, explicit; perspective, unique, distinct, distinctly; endeavor, order, disorder, system, passion, seek, scientific, science, phenomenon; enable, inability, modify, change, charge, exchange, environment, deteriorate, subject, reject, refuse, fancy;

  65) come to, believe in, a sort of, linguistics, physics, psychology, aesthetics,

  65) make…possible, research;
02 年 art, fine art, archaeology, anthropology, economy, psychiatry, law, media, cross-culture, mathematics, math, physician, chemistry,
  61) almost, behavior, trait, trace;

  62) explain, explanation, explanatory, item, hard, remain, obscure;

  63) evolution, revolution, innovation, invention, invest, investigation, recognize;

  71) condition, situation, circumstance, situate, vary, varying, various, variety, variety of, expert;

  64) possess, possession, govern, government, theory, essential, credit, achieve, achievement, conduct, conduction;
  72) obvious, ambiguous, be bound up with, bind, efficient, efficiency, industry, agriculture, horticulture, in turn, effort, all kinds;
  65) until, till, issue,
  73) owing to, remarkable, mass, communication, 01 年 community, expose, be exposed to, introduce, for
  71) chat, host, hold, pollution, containment; the reason given above;

  72) personality, personnel, personal, relax, relaxation, recreation, digital;

  74) pattern, spread, or so;

  75) stress, migrate, migration, arise from,
  73) breakthrough, break out, breakout, out-break, outset, take place, discover; 1999 年
  74) ultimate, terminate, termination,
  71) while, almost, historian, history, century, millennium, decade, thousands of, practice, conform, conform to, inform, uniform, hundreds of, for the better part of decade, half, attempt; quarter, triple, double;
  72) valid, validate, validity, discipline,
  75) home, demotic, exotic, apply, apply to, code, rule, intern, extern, quarrel, among; application, appliance, control, operate, operation, cooperation, corporation, company;
  73) transfer, transparent, augment, argument, design, interpret, interpretation, evidence, 2000 年 evident;
arise, rise, give rise to, raise,

  74) agreement, refer to, in general, generally, generally speaking, largely,

  74) relevant, extreme, choose, choice;

  75) encourage, instinct; appropriate, inappropriate; 1996 年
  75) equal, equally, equate, equate…with, source, resource, activity, animate, animation;
  71) cause, complete, result, result from, result in, to some extent, accelerate; 1998 年
  72) trend, detail, in detail;
  71) look into, exist, exit, existence, resident, residence, citizen;
  73) support, an amount of, goal, immediate;

  72) giant, enormous, virtually, virtual, virtue, put forward, propose, dominant;

  74) elegant, elegance, in principle, principal, fascinate, delight;

  73) report, finding;

  75) standard, criterion;

  74) triumph;
1995 年

  75) odd, sound, inflation, inflate, plausible, elementary, primary;

  71) target, attack, in doing sth., divert, diversion, competent, incompetent, competition, competitive;
1997 年
  72) predict, prediction, reliable, skill;
  71) actually, in fact, account, accountant;
  73) experiment, experience, avail, available,
  72) contract, entitle, title, entitlement; comparative, compare, contrast;
  73) discuss, discussion, consider,
  74) quality, precise; consideration, either…or, neither…nor, whether…or, extend, extend to, treat;
  75) favorable, favor; youngster, tell;
1994 年

  71) not so much…as, as…as, not so…as, through, insight, welfare, health, worth, genius, improve, tool;

  72) contend, as we call it, number, numerable, innumerable, expand, a series of, direction, direct;

  73) ignore, careless, fundamental;

  74) revolve;

  75) finance, financial, vice versa, etc, et al.



   新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 \ 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 一 翻译的定义 二 翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三 翻译的基本过程 四 考研翻译的核心解题策略 第二章 翻译技巧:词法翻译法 一 词义选择和词义引申 二 词性转换 三 增词法 四 省略法 第三章 翻译技巧:句法翻译法 一 名词性从句的翻译 二 定语从句的翻译 三 状语从句的翻译 四 被动结构的翻译 第一讲 翻译的定 ...


   考研翻译冲刺必背单词 08 年 46) believe 相信, assert 断言, claim 声称, argue 争论, assume 假设, maintain 主张, contend 斗争 坚持说, point out 指出, be convinced that 确信, accept 接受, prove 证明, demonstrate 展示游行证 明, validate 证明, state 状态,州,说明,陈述, scribe 描述, tell 说明, show 说明展示, consi ...


   2010 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语一试题 Text1 Of all the changes that have taken place in English-language newspapers during the past quarter-century, perhaps the most far-reaching has been the inexorable decline in the scope and seriousness of their arts coverag ...


   第一章 试题与考生应试情况分析 根据今年国家教委颁布的《硕士研究生入学考试英语考试大纲》的规定:英译汉要求考生将 一篇短文中 5 个划线的部分(也就是五个题目)翻译成汉语。每题 3 分, 因此英译汉的分数 共计 15 分,要求在 30 分钟内完成。 译文要求准确、完整、通顺,这不但要求考生具有较 好的英语基本功, 而且要求具有较高的汉语表达水平。 英译汉部分旨在测试考生理解英语书 面材料并将其翻译成汉语的综合能力。 近几年来英译汉试题的特点是文章篇幅不长, 一般大约在 400 字左右, 词汇 ...


   本资料仅供学习交流使用, 本资料仅供学习交流使用,QQ:732755481 仅供学习交流使用 新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 主讲: 主讲:唐静 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 一翻译的定义 二翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三翻译的基本过程 四考研翻译的核心解题策略 第二章翻译技巧:词法翻译法 一词义选择和词义引申 二词性转换 三增词法 四省略法 第三章翻译技巧:句法翻译法 一名词性 ...


   新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 主讲: 主讲:唐静 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 一翻译的定义 二翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三翻译的基本过程 四考研翻译的核心解题策略 第二章翻译技巧:词法翻译法 一词义选择和词义引申 二词性转换 三增词法 四省略法 第三章翻译技巧:句法翻译法 一名词性从句的翻译 二定语从句的翻译 三状语从句的翻译 四被动结构的翻译 第一讲翻译的定义 翻译是一门 ...


   Test Bible 考试手册 考研英语翻译八大技巧 ◎ 文 / 薛海滨 考研英语翻译部分的基本要求是理解准确,表达通顺,但该题型的最大特点是长句居多,句式复杂.因此,考生 面临两大挑战:①需要熟练分析句子结构,弄清句子内在逻辑,以求准确理解;②需要了解英汉句式差异,掌握英汉 句式转换技巧,以求表达通顺.为此,在2010年硕士研究生入学考试来临之际,笔者提出考研冲刺阶段翻译备考八大 技巧,希望能在这个关键时刻助考生一臂之力. 技巧一:随语境选词义 汉语词汇的意义相对稳定,而英语词汇往往一词多 ...


   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com] 网络课堂电子教材系列 考研翻译基础班 新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 主讲: 主讲:唐静 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题. 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题. 课程大纲 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 一 翻译的定义 二 翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三 翻译的基本过程 四 考研翻译的核心解题策略 第二章 翻译技巧:词法翻译法 一 词义选择和词义引申 二 词性转换 三 增词法 四 省略法 第三章 翻译技巧:句法翻 ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 第二章 涉外商务信函的翻译 第一节 商务信函简介 一 商务信函的 12 种要素 " " " " " " " " " " " 信头( 信头(letterhead) ) 案号 (reference) 日期 (date) 封内地址 (inside address 注意项 (attention line) 称呼 (salutation) " 事由栏 (subject) 信的正文 (body of letter) 信尾敬 ...


   全国人民代表大会 National People's Congress (NPC) 主席团 Presidium 常务委员会 Standing Committee 办公厅 General Office 秘书处 Secretariat 代表资格审查委员会 Credentials Committee 提案审查委员会 Motions Examination Committee 民族委员会 Ethnic Affairs Committee 法律委员会 Law Committee 财政经济委员会 Fin ...


牛津英语9A UNIT 4~6 词组整理

   UNIT 4 Comic 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. P62 我实在太忙了不能去购物 没事做 从…到… 小睡一会 在…和…之间 …中的每一个 在…之间 I'm far too busy to go shopping have nothing to do from …to… have a little sleep between…and every one of ... between . .. .and ... Welcome to the unit 1. 2. 3. 4. P ...


   abroad accident across action active activity ad aeroplane afford afraid against ahead alike alive allow alone although amaze amazing among angel anymore appear around artist asleep assistant attack attract audience awake badly baker bamboo band ba ...


   广交会常用外语(一) 问好 1. Good morning/afternoon/evening./May I help you? /Anything I can do for you? 2. How do you do? /How are you? /Nice to meet you. 3. It’s a great honor to meet you./I have been looking forward to meeting you. 4. Welcome to China. 5. W ...


   打电话用语( 撰写) 打电话用语(2010.7.15 撰写) 用语 请问,这里是中国大使馆吗? Excuse me, is that Chinese Embassy ? 是的,请问您是谁? Yes. Who is speaking ? / Who is calling ? 我是约翰医生,我是皇家医院的。 This is Doctor John speaking. I’m calling from Loyal Hospital. 您想找那位? Whom would you like to sp ...


   浅谈高考英语短文改错技巧 永昌三中 毛著青 短文改错着重考查考生的语言基本功和正确使用英语进行表达的能力。它涉及词汇、 语法、句型结构等方面的知识和逻辑情理的推断和综合辨析能力,是一种在较高层次上考 查考生对英语知识的掌握和语言综合运用能力的测试题型。它是专门针对考生们平时学习 英语过程中,尤其是写作练习中常犯的又是较为普遍的错误而设计的。对考生们而言,该 题又是拉开距离和档次的题型。 -命题原则 通过对近几年高考中短文改错的分析,可以看出命题者一般在行文逻辑、一致关系、 连接手段、平行结构 ...