写作常用句型与过渡词语 ①【常见开篇句】
  1) With the rapid improvement in.../growing awareness of..., more and more.../sth....
(e.g. With the considerable improvement in building industry, more and more structures are erected to set the people's minds at ease.)

  2) Recently, sth./the problem of...has been brought to popular attention/ has become the focu concern. A
(e.g. Recently, the problem of unemployment has been brought to such popular attention t governments at all levels place it on the agenda as the first matter.)
  3) One of the universal issues we are faced with/that cause increasing concern is that...
(e.g. One of the universal issues that draw (cause) growing concern is whether it is wise of m invented the automobile.)
  4) In the past few years, there has been a boom/sharp growth/decline in.. . (e.g. In the past ten years, there has been a sharp decline in the number more/most important/dangerous for our society is...
of species.)
  5) Now
(e.g. Nowadays, most dangerous for our society is the tendency to take advantage of each oth political circles.)
  6) According to the information given in the table/graph, we can find that...
  7) As can be seen from the table/graph/figure, there is a marked increase /decline/favorable unfavorable) change in...

  8) As we can see from the table/graph/figure above, drastic/considerable/ great changes have )to...( ) in...over the period of time from...( from...(年份)to...( 年份)
  9) The table/graph shows that there is a(n) declining/increasing trend of ...from...( ...from...(年份) to...(
  10) Anyone who takes a closer look at the data in the table/graph can be
surprised to find t

  11) It is a traditional practice to...in our society. (e.g. It is a traditional practice for young pe financially dependent on their parents for anything like marriage and housing.)

  12) It has long been considered only right and proper to...(in China.) (e.g. It has long been co only right and proper/perfectly justified for the old to assume full responsibility for the grow young.)
  13) As things usually go against sb.'s will, his original intention was to...
(e.g. As things usually go against man's will, his original intention was to change the way p by inventing the internal combustion engine. Indeed, its birth has greatly enhanced their enj life, especially in traveling and transporting. But its dark side is presenting a growing worry society.)
  14) The current situation of..., if approached from the opposite angle, reveals that...
(e.g. The current situation of our reforms is political structure, if approached from the oppo
that... Everyone 或:Everyone would agree that...

  2) (e.g. 见例
  18) When it comes to...(sth.), most people (the public) maintain(s)/contend(s) tha
(e.g. When it comes to fake commodities, every consumer has much anger to pour upon them
  19) Now it is widely believed that...
(e.g. Now it is widely believed that examinations are the best possible measure for the selectio qualified.)
  20) A public debate has arisen as to/over/concerning...
(e.g. A public debate has arisen as to whether one should step forward bravely in the event o

  21) All that sth. has done for our society seems like a big step forward in the right/wrong dir has also brought along with it a great worry /benefit to...(the average people.) (sth.: cloning, the reform in managerial structures, etc.)

  22) The birth/invention of...has made an enormous/essential difference to ...But it does not m
(e.g. The birth of the computer has made a radical difference to the human progress. But it d mean that this wonder does no threat to our society.)

  23) Sth. has changed the way our society develops....But its bright side should not keep us fro closely its dark side. (sth.: the genetic engineering, etc.)
  24) Things about...are going on to our advantage, but a long cool look at ...reveals that...
(e.g. Things about the reform in state enterprises are not going on to the most workers' adva a long cool look at this move reveals that it will produce some substantial benefits to our na long run.)
  25) No/Little doubt that...But...
(e.g. There is (e.g.[There is] Little doubt that the traditional schooling has contributed much to our soc development....But some grave defects in it begin to stand out against the modern times.)

  26) What does sth. mean?
  27) How/Why does sth. affect our life?
  28) What is it like to do...? it like to have lost all confidence in oneself?)
  29) What would our society be like if there were What would our society be like if there were no public morals?)
  30) Should we put sth. above sth. else? Should 或:Should we attach as much weight to A as to B?
(e.g. Should we put intellectual development above moral education?)
  31) Sth. is often referr as/defined as... (e.g. Corrupt officials are often referred to as the most dangerous borers in government bodies, who are nibbling away the healthy organism of our party by dishonest m
  32) (Doing) Sth. is just the same as.../is compared to.../is likened to.. ./is like...

  34) To/For/With most people/sb., sth. is/means... (e.g. To dishonest people, a friend means a target or an object that is of some use to them at the future.)
  35) Sth. is the symbol/mark/equivalent of.../is symbolic of.../is equivalent to...
(e.g. If selling one's sex is the mark of degeneration, selling one's power is equivalent to comm crime.)

  36) Suppose/Imagine that.../Let's suppose/assume/imagine (that)... (e.g. Suppose, by any chan heartily disagree with anything that is going on about you, you are less likely to stay on the people around you.)
  37) We often find ourselves caught/involved in a dilemma whether...
(e.g. We often find ourselves caught in a dilemma whether we should reach for the bear's pa shark's fin/whether to reach for...)
  38) If/In case/In the event that..., it is better to.../a better course is to.../sb. has no choice/option/alternative but to.../all we want to know is ho w... (e.g. In the event that you fall in a love river, all we want to know is how no longer a fisherman.)
  39) Unfortunately, sth. may affect sb.'s life to the point where... (e.g. Unfortunately, the desire to be well thought of affects one's life to say no to anyone else regarding anything.)
you will swim in it
the point where he i
  40) In our life, there often appears such an occasion when.../on which... ( 或it often happens t
(e.g. In our daily life, there appears such an occasion when we drink success to our work in o at the same time, begin to do great damage to other fields.)
  41) “...” That is how one of the great minds/scientists/writers remarked on... ...”
(e.g. “Happiness, like an old friend, is inclined to drop in unexpectedly? when you're worki unexpectedly? something else.” That is how a famous writer once remarked on happiness.) else.”
  42) One of the great sociologists/psychologists has said:“...” said:“ ...”
(e.g. The great classical ballerina Anna Pavlova has said: “No one can arrive from being tale God gives talent; work transforms talent into genius.” In other words ...) genius.”
  43) “...” Such is the accurate exposition/exposure of...frequently over heard in public. ...” (e.g. “Public morals are declining day by day. ” Such is the correct exposure of the dark side day.” society.)
  44) How often nowadays we hear such remarks/complaints/words as this “...” or “...”! ...” ...” (e.g. How often nowadays we hear such complaints from officials as this “I have too many engagements to carry out ” or “I have too many social engagements to carry out ” or “I have out” out” many titles for our society ”! Don't be misled by the complaints of this kind!) society”
  45) One of the great men once said that...
) (e.g. 略)
  3) According to the recent survey/poll/questionaire/statistics, there is/a re...percent
(e.g. According to a recent survey made in a certain university, there are
  43.8 percent of mal and
  38.3 percent of female students either facing problems with nutrition or having to miss c because of illness each term.)
  48) The scientific studies/statistics show/indicate that...
(e.g. The latest scientific studies show that, if one's mind catches hold of something and does it is useless to argue with the mind in this condition. This finding further confirms that a mo apt to get anxious and depressed.)
  49) Every weekend sees sb. go about... (e.g. Every weekend sees Ms Song, my roommate, wolf down her dinner and hurry out with friend.)

  1) According to/In the opinion(eye) of/From the viewpoint of some (those) people, the issue in is...
(e.g. In the opinion of some old people, traditional modes of thought are the touchstone by w good from bad.)

  2) Hit (Confronted/Faced/Seized/Stuck/Haunted/Cursed/Overcome/Infatuated) with..., some to... (e.g. Haunted with sad memories, some people are apt to take a gloomy view on life.)
  3) In (the) event (face/case/course/time/view) of..., some people usually ...
(e.g. In the course of human struggle for survival, quite a few people always direct their eyes side.)

  4) As is stated (shown/suggested/listed/illustrated) in.../According to a recent (the latest) repo (survey/quetionaire/study/scientific research), the issue in question really...(there are quite a who...)
(e.g. As is shown in a recent questionaire, there are a large number of people who express gr dissatisfaction than satisfaction at the general mood of society.)
  5) In our daily life (activities/social contact)/In reality/Actually, man y people respond/react in question by... (e.g. In reality, most people respond to evil-doing by avoiding it whenever possible.)

  6) A good case in point is (can be best provided by) that of... (e.g. A good case in point is that businessman who makes money by fair means or foul.
  7) Just consider/think of the matter/case of... (e.g. Just consider the matter of raising flowers that are delicate and sensitive to watering.)
  8) In the course of..., for example, there is/are...
important to us is the step/the question of how to (cope with/do with it)... (e.g. Awareness of the harmfulness of superstition is only the first step, but more important is the step of how to clear it out of our society.)

  12) There is no easy (perfect/universal/two-bird-one-stone/happiest) method (short-cut/solution/remedy/way) at hand, but...can put us on the right way (in the correct dir our final goal/destination (...are/is worth trying out in our work.)
(e.g. There is no easy short-cut to removal of superstition, but the following measures/sugges our determination in the right direction.)

  13) There is no better/sounder time to take steps/measures/action than right now, for no cha greater than the one we are offered. (e.g. 略) )

  14) It is obvious (evident/clear/no surprising/high time/hoped/suggested), therefore, that all-o (constant/great/cooperative/further/genuine/substantial/considerable/persistent) efforts shou (exerted/used/bent/put forth) to ...( should be directed to.../focused on...) ...(或should
(e.g. It is evident, therefore, that constant efforts should be directed to the ecological balance

  15) Therefore/Obviously/No doubt/Clearly, to...is not a(n) goal/aim to achieve in one step/mo no easy job/task), and to achieve in one stp/move/ go( is no easy job/task), and it go(或is requires/involves/entails special/proper/all possible means/efforts/measures/remedies. (e.g. Therefore, to eradicate this inherent weakness from our society is not and it requires special efforts.) a goal to reach

  16) When/If asked to...I would like to.../would rather (not).../will do as follows.
(e.g. If asked to find the way out of the danger these depraved practices have created, I woul a simple life than go along with any others in their evil deeds.)
  17) To...I might as well cite my own experience.
(e.g. To draw out of others more valuable opinions upon the problem, I might as well cite my experience.)

  18) If I were thrown/put/involved in (to) the context/background/situation/the state of makin I would...
(e.g. If I were thrown into the freedom to make my choice among the styles of surviving, I wo this:...)
  19) Faced with/Hit with...I resolve/propose to...
(e.g. Faced with the challenge from the future life, I resolve firmly to perfect myself in the as follows.) )
  20) As far as I am concerned, I will/have/would...(e.g. 略)

  21) If sth. is allowed to take its course, it will be sure/bound to bring about/leave/entail de (unexpected/grave/immediate/reverse/disastrous/far-re aching) effects/consequences/influenc
  22) There are sure/believed/supposed to be some good/bad/beneficial/harmful
have produced.)

  25) The influence/effect/consequence of...has not been confined/limited to...(It also...)(e.g. Th our outlook on life has not been confined to any particular aspect of social life. Instead, it ha mark on every facet of our society.)

  26) From the analyses of causes for...it is not hard for one to arrive at/come to/reach/draw/assert/deduce/confirm the conclusion that...( ...to distinguish/see the directio that...(或...to
(e.g. From the analyses of causes for divorces, it is not hard for us to draw the conclusion tha rates will go up steadily under the current circumstances.)

  27) If one continues to cast an indifferent eye on/to turn a deaf ear to/ to be blind to/to overlo problem, things are sure to go from bad to worse.
If 或:If one is in real earnest in giving all his attenti



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