1.A healthy and better-educated new generation is a guarantee for sustainable economic and social development of our country。
  2.The victory of Chinese women’s volleyball team at the Olympic Games was a great inspiration to all Chinese people。
  3.The ability to take part in space exploration represents the level of a nation’s scientific and economic development。
  4.Many students find giving an effective oral presentation difficult and stressful。
  5.Juvenile delinquency, one of the most controversial issues throughout the world, has attracted a lot of attention from both the social scientists and the general public。
  6.In the past three decades, many countries have formulated laws and regulations to protect animals from being abused or killed, and many have set up reservation areas to protect endangered animals。
  7.Without proper rewards, those who have done good deeds may sometimes feel disappointed and many others will simply shy away from doing good deeds。
  8.Some people may be addicted to netsurfing, which impairs their physical and mental health。
  9.Lakes and rivers are becoming seriously polluted, which aggravates (worsens) the shortage of fresh water。
  10.Whether you plan to stay for a week or for a year in a new place, you will benefit from learning about the place before you go。

  11.Money, whatever form it takes, is essential for buying goods and services。
  12.People from different countries speak different languages, keep different value systems, and have different ways of looking at things。
  13.Technology is making life more convenient and enjoyable but is also affecting the environment in harmful ways。
  14.Smoking is dangerous not only to the smokers themselves but also to the non-smokers around them。
  15.A growing number of adults find themselves not only parenting their children, but providing care for their parents as well。
  16.People, not realizing that water resources on the earth are limited, waste a great amount of water every day。
  17.Citizens have the right to know the truth and supervise the celebrity, thus forming a kind of public opinion。
  18.Having placed great expectations on their son, they couldn’t hold back huge disappointment and anger when they learnt their son’s failure to pass the test。
  19.With the improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to buy cars to meet the needs of work and life, thereby worsening the traffic problems。
  20.To learn a foreign language well, a good memory is a must。

  21.White people settling down in the North America were actually not the first immigrants to the New World。
  22.Americans teaching in Third World countries find the lack of competition in a classroom situation equally distressing。
  23.Many left-handed people have to learn to develop skills to live in a world dominated by right-handed people。
  24.Located at the west end of Bai Causeway, this cement terrace bounded by water on three sides is one of the traditional places to view the West Lake, especially on an autumn night with a full moon。
  25.You may find the value placed on competition disagreeable, especially if you come from a society that promotes cooperation rather than competition among individuals。
  26.In spite of what has been achieved in controlling the birthrate, there is much to be desired。
  27.Despite fierce opposition, the government is pressing on with its campaign to eliminate corruption。
  28.Despite all those material benefits brought by wealth, it may not bring us real happiness。
  29.Despite the fact that you have done all that you can do, I still believe that you could have done a better job。
  30.For all the scandals, Maradona is remembered for his skills and is loved by soccer fans around the world。


  31.Some young people may have picked up smoking because of peer pressure。
  32.Owing to the absence of some important delegates, the meeting was postponed to the next week。
  33.As a result of the rapid advance in gene therapy, cures for cancer may be not far away。
  34.Thanks to the efforts of anti-smoking groups, manufacturers are forced to put a warning on every packet of cigarettes。
  35.Thanks to strict government policies, air pollution no longer poses a serious problem in many developed countries。
  36.I will agree to go provided that (providing that) my expenses are paid。
  37.As long as we take effective measures, the problems caused by the aged society will be reduced to the smallest extent.
  38.Without satellite services, we wouldn’t be able to view a live transmission of the Olympic Games.
  39.With money, they can buy cars, houses and many luxuries, and lead a comfortable life.
  40.With private cars, people are able to enjoy their leisure time to the full by making trips in their cars to the countryside or seaside at the weekends。

  41.Clearly(Evidently/Obviously/undoubtedly), the basis must lie in what is taught in schools。
  42.Unfortunately(Regrettably), science doesn’t work that way。
  43.Additionally, many of the students don’t know how to improve their reading ability。
  44.Admittedly, most individuals will find it difficult to agree with my beliefs and stay a vegetarian for life。
  45.Inevitably/Accordingly, the resources will be exhausted and man will have to face whatever is awaiting him。
  46.Ironically enough, the advertisements even claim themselves to be really fascinating。
  47.And surprisingly enough, air transportation gained an increase of
  83.8 % compared with that of the same month of 2004, much more than the other three means of transportation。
  48.For, as Bacon claims, while reading makes a full man, it takes conversation to make him a ready man and writing an exact one。
  49.Moreover, if possible, I’d prefer the candidate to be a girl, for, as I know, more girls in the remote areas of China are now in great need of such assistance。
  50.While many sectors, including the public, know the necessity of saving energy, they, for one reason or another, simply can not put it into practice。

  51.Unfortunately, however, with the growing prosperity of Chinese economy, quite a number of rich people are choosing to live in luxuries, sometimes to the point of extravagance。
  52.It is widely recognized (generally accepted) that extensive deforestation contributed to heavy summer flooding。
  53.It is reported that 800000 applicants sat for the National Master’s Entrance Test in 20
  54.It must be admitted that the price war will disturb the normal order of the market。
  55.It cannot be denied that the overgrowth of tourism may destroy the ecological balance of some scenic resorts。
  56.It is known to all that physical exercises can improve and enrich our physical and mental well-being。
  57.It is estimated that over 800,000 Chinese have moved to and settled down in the US in the past 150 years。
  58.It is obvious /evident /clear /apparent that the situation is caused directly by excessive commercial fishing。
  59.It is understandable (inevitable) that people’s attitudes are divergent on this controversial issue。
  60.It is unimaginable (incredible/unbelievable) that such a boy of 17 should have had three novels published。



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