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Text 1 Directions: You are going to read a text about the steps to ask for a raise, followed by a list of examples. Choose the best example from the list A-F for each numbered subheading (41-
  45). There is one extra example which you do not need to use. So you've been with your company for a while and have been exceeding all of your manager's expectations. You work hard, are a great team player, come up with new ideas to take the business further and are an all-around joy in the workplace. If you haven't been promoted or been bumped up in salary automatically, it might be time to take the bull by the horns and approach this topic yourself. While asking for a raise makes many people uncomfortable and nervous, the situation can be a breeze if handled correctly. The following are a few steps to follow to make sure your request does not fall on deaf ears:
  41. Do your research. Like any other element of your career, it all starts with research. In order to present your manager with a compelling case in your favor, you need to know what the going rate is for someone with your experience and in your position.
  42. Outline a case for yourself. When going into any kind of negotiation session, you need to be equipped with the right amount of ammunition. Before you walk into your meeting, look back at your time with the company and highlight your accomplishments. Come up with a list of specific examples of ways you have been a valuable asset to the business. Find facts and figures that demonstrate what you have excelled, using numbers whenever possible. If you really want to knock their socks off, put your accomplishments into a formal presentation, albeit brief, that outlines each of your goals and how you have achieved them. This will demonstrate that you are professional, willing to go the extra mile, and have thought about your request thoroughly.
  43. Know what's going on in your neighborhood. There are good times and bad times to ask for a raise at any company. Schedule ample time to present your case, and make sure your timing is right. Asking for a raise on the fly after just after walking into your manager's office to chat will not benefit you or impress your boss. Make sure you have time to present your case, and that your manager has time to think about your presentation. Request a meeting with your supervisor, at least a half-hour long. Think about your timing when you schedule the meeting, too. If your department has a bevy of deadlines t0 meet at the end of each month, don't schedule your meeting on the 29th.Pick a time when your manager will be sure to be in a good mood and not overly stressed.
  44. Avoid threats or demands. The last thing you want to do is to put your supervisor on the defensive. Be professional and, if your job is worth keeping, willing to listen to the other side. Keep the meeting positive and your outcome will be more positive.
  45. Remember that not all perks are monetary. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you are not valued if you do not get exactly what you had expected.
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[A] If you approach your manager for a raise in a time of downsizing and cost-cutting, you will not only be denied, but will also show that you are not in tune with the company's needs. Make sure you understand your company's overall financial situation. [B] For example, if you developed a marketing plan that helped increase sales, make sure you have those sales figures on hand, as well as your role in the plan and its execution. Be sure to tie your own success into the overall success of the company. [C] If your company is strapped financially but you and your manager still come to the conclusion that it is time for you to be rewarded for your performance, you might be able to negotiate for stock options, more vacation time or other non-monetary benefits. [D] When you come up with your desired raise in your base salary, go over 2%. If you want 8% then ask for 10%. [E] You can find out what others in your industry, and in comparable positions are raking in by looking at online resources, through the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or in books like "The American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries" by John W. Wright (Quill). [F] Going into a meeting with the "if I don't get it, I'm leaving" attitude will only tell your company you are uncompromising and only out for number one. Text 2 Directions: You are going to read a text about doubt followed by a list of example. Choose the best example from the list A-F for each numbered subheading (41-
  45). There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. Doubt is an emotion typical of self-aware organisms. In order to relieve doubt, human beings seek verification of their uncertainties, and as the questioning mind looks to find answers, we can deduce that without the discomfort of doubt no progress would be made. (
  41) Skepticism as a powerful wellspring for science and progress If science is to forge through the headwaters of discovery,it requires a driving force that springs from the inquiring mind of man. Without doubt, we may still have been under the impression that the sun is in orbit around the earth, and not, as was found centuries ago, vice versa. (
  42) Doubt should lead one to seek clarification Doubt alone will break no ground if action does not come one step behind. Doubt without immediate follow-up will leave one with nothing but consternation. (
  43) Doubt originates from basic understanding Those who remain entirely in the dark about what they doubt are unqualified to doubt. If one does not know the first thing about his subject, if he is only casually acquainted with what he questions, he will have no foundation from which to continue his quest and will have no grasp of the causes or effects of the subject matter therein. One should avoid assumption and supposition without a solid infrastructure from which to begin. (
  44) The right way to doubt
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Have the courage to doubt and the integrity to maintain your own opinion regardless of how influential or highly-esteemed the subject of your incredulity may be. (
  45) The proper attitude towards doubt When others express doubt about your theories or actions, do not be dismissive but rather introspective, and give some time over to assessing the validity of their doubt. Is their supporting evidence sound? Why is it that others doubt when you do not? Try to put yourself in their shoes and embrace varying points of view. Doubt, though at times distressing, can propel us to new heights. We should learn to listen to our doubt and manage it with conscious aplomb. [A] I am in recovery from a serious disease and can barely run 10,000 meters. I am unsure whether I can complete my marathon or not. [B] In the recent Enron scandal, a humble accountant brought a multi-national corporation to its knees when she turned up errors in doctored financial records that she refused to reason away. [C] Acclaimed British novelist Agatha Christie describes Poirot, a Belgium detective who temerariously held everyone in suspicion, whose daring doubt and reasoning allowed him to clearly examine only solid evidence and finger the offender through the process of elimination. [D] Bill believed his wife was hard of hearing, and repeatedly called her name from behind: "Mary!", each time moving closer to her. When finally he has her attention, he said, "Darling, I've called for you three times and received no reply." To this his wife said, "I have answered you three times, and yet each time you did not listen. Who do you think is hard of hearing? " [E] M, one of my classmates in college, is an avid opponent of the Theory of Relativity. His declaration that he had valuable contributions to make to the natural sciences was met with dubiety, being that he had not yet understood the relationship between time and space. [F] In the late 1890's, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen conducted experiment that focused on light phenomena and other emissions generated by discharging electrical current in highly-evacuated glass tubes. The scientist was interested primarily in cathode rays and in assessing their range outside of charged tubes. Several other scientists of the period, Dr. Henry Louis Smith in particular, though all observed the cathode ray's effect on a sealed negative, ignored important evidence through a series of inaccurate analysis. Roentgen, however, did nor and in 1901, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the X-ray. Text 3 Directions: You are going to read a text about cheating, followed by a list of examples. Choose the best example from the list [A]~[F] for each numbered subheading(41~
  45). There is one extra example which you do not need to use. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET
  1. Just as the teacher hands out the spelling test, you see Megan pull out a small piece of paper with a lot of little scribbling on it. Megan tucks the note into her closed fist, but soon takes it out again. While she's taking the test, you see her looking back and forth between the teacher and her paper. There's no mistaking it?she' s cheating.
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  41) What exactly is cheating? Cheating is when a person misleads, deceives, or acts dishonestly on purpose. For kids, cheating may happen at school, at home. (
  42) How do people cheat? It's tempting to cheat because it makes difficult things seem easy, like getting all the right answers on the test. But it doesn't solve the problem of not knowing the material and it won't help on the next test?unless the person cheats again. Sometimes it may seem like cheaters have it all figured out. They can watch TV instead of studying for the test, But other people lose respect for cheaters and think less of them. The cheaters themselves may feel bad because they know they are not really earning that good grade. And, if they get caught cheating.they will be in trouble at school, and maybe at home, too. (
  43) Why kids cheat? Some kids cheat because they're busy or lazy and they want to get good grades without spending the time studying. Other kids might feel like they can't pass the test without cheating. Even when there seems to be a "good reason" for cheating, cheating isn't a good idea. A kid who thinks cheating is the only way to pass a test needs to talk with the teacher and his or her parents so they can find some solutions together. Talking about these problems and working them out will feel better than cheating. (
  44) Truth and consequences. Many kids feel tempted to cheat once in a while. Most resist and do the work instead. Some kids cheat once and feel so bad that they never do it again. Others get caught and decide it isn't worth it. Unfortunately, some kids start cheating and feel like they can't stop. Kids who cheat may feel worried about getting caught. Whether they are caught or not, these kids may feel guilty, or embarrassed, or ashamed?or all three. Even if the cheater feels fine or doesn't get caught, that doesn't mean it's OK. If you see someone cheating, or if someone asks to copy your work, you can tell a teacher or another grown-up. (
  45) Making a comeback. There are plenty of reasons why a kid shouldn't cheat, but some kids have already cheated. If that's you, it's never too late to stop cheating. Cheating can become a habit. It might help to talk the problem over with a parent, teacher, or counselor. Choosing to play fair and be honest again can help a kid feel relieved and proud. [A] Cheaters cheat themselves in a way because they don't make an honest attempt to learn as much as they can. For instance, if you cheat your way through spelling tests, you won't learn how to spell. That can catch?I mean catch?up with you when you get older! And adults who cheat?at work, sports, or in their relationships?get into serious trouble, far more serious than a bad grade on a spelling test. [B] At school, in addition to cheating on a test, a kid might cheat by stealing someone else's idea for a science project or by copying a book report off the Internet and turning it in as if it's his or her original work. Copying someone else's words or work and saying they're yours is a type of cheating called plagiarizing (say: play-jeh-rise-ing) . [C] If you were sick or upset about something the night before and couldn't study, it would be better to talk with the teacher about this. And if you don't have enough time to study for a test because of swim practice, you need to talk with your parents about how to balance swimming
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and school. [D] Cheating can happen in a lot of different ways. Megan is doing it by sneaking answers to a test, but it's also cheating to break the rules of a game or contest or to pretend something is yours when it isn't. When people cheat, it's not fair to other people, like the kids who studied for the test or who were the true winners of a game or contest. [E] Karen McCalley, an English teacher in New Jersey says, "It is always disappointing when students cheat because it makes me think the student doesn't believe in himself. I expect students to do their very best and am sad when they don't put their best foot forward." [F] There's an old saying that cheaters never win and winners never cheat.This may sound confusing because sometimes it seems like cheaters do win?at least for the moment. But kids who don't cheat are true winners because, when they win, they do it fair and square. Text 4 Direction



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