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  1) ) Directions: Write an essay of 160 - 200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should:
  1) describe the drawing briefly,
  2) explain its intended meaning, and then
  3) give your comments You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET

  2) ) Recently the issue of celebrities endorsing shoddy products has become the focus of public concern. As can be seen in the cartoon, a star is touting inferior products like a hand puppet. Behind the curtain is hiding an unethical manufacturer who is manipulating the puppet. This phenomenon has exerted a pernicious influence on the society. First, it has led to a huge waste of money. Celebrities try to endorse every product from clothing, make-up, fitness equipment to tonic medicine. Faithful fans often end up buying many items they do not really need. What’s worse, some celebrities would peddle anything as long they are handsomely paid. Many products they endorse endanger people’s health or even lives. A poignant example here is that several celebrities had endorsed the melamine-tainted Sanlu milk powder, which caused six babies dead and nearly 300,000 others sick in 20
  08. It is unrealistic to expect all celebrities and manufacturers to behave themselves. To shield the public from the mercenary endorsers, the government should enact stricter laws to punish those who advertise substandard products. (175 words) (
  3) ) 1992 年考研作文 For a Better Understanding between Parents and Children Parents and teenagers often disagree about the amount of freedom and responsibility the young people are to have. It is not unusual to hear some parents complaining about their children’s rebellious behavior while some children, on the other hand, say that their parents are old-fashioned. There are three possible reasons for this situation. First and foremost, the two generations, having grown up in different times, have different likes and dislikes and therefore have little in common. What interests young people seldom appeals to their parents, which discourages them from engaging in constructive communication with each other. Compounding this problem is the misunderstanding between the two generations. The young generation tends to think their parents are too protective, while the parents think the teenage kids are intractable. Also responsible for this situation is their busy lifestyle. Nowadays both parents and children are too busy to sit together and exchange ideas, even if they find it necessary to do so. As a result, the generation gap is growing wider and wider.
To bridge the gap, children should take the initiative to communicate with their parents. Parents, on the other hand, should care for the emotional needs of their children. If both parties adopt a positive attitude, it won’t be long before the arrival of a better understanding between parents and children. (219 words) (
  4) ) 2006 年考研作文: Recent years have witnessed a craze for worshipping stars. As shown in the first photo, a young man so admires Beckham that he has the football star’s name written on his face. In the second photo, another young man spends as much as 300 yuan for a hairstyle modeled on that of Beckham. There is no harm in following stars, but star obsession is harmful or even disastrous. Consider Yang Lijuan, a 30-year-old girl from Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu in Northwest China. She was a devoted fan of Andy Lau, the most famous actor in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. The girl always wished to meet Andy despite her family living in poverty. Her father sold their farm and house to fulfill her wish. After meeting Andy Lau in a fan club meeting, she wanted to have dinner with him. Her father wrote to Andy and begged him to meet his daughter; otherwise, he would commit suicide. When Andy Lau rejected his request, the father, true to his word, threw himself into the sea. Tragic as the event, the general public wasn’t sympathetic towards the Yangs. It is blind worship that ruined the family. So though star worship in moderation is OK, don’t let it get out of control. (211 words) (
  5) ) 1991 年考研作文 Where to live in the City or the Country There is no consensus of opinion among people as to which is a better place to live the city or the country. While some people appreciate the conveniences of the city, others, however, believe that the country is a better place, saying that rural life is peaceful, simple and pleasant. There are many advantages to living in the city, ranging from excellent educational resources to sophisticated transport facilities. Also, shopping malls are always within easy reach, with a wide variety of goods to choose from. In addition, city life is more colorful, as city residents can go to different places of entertainment to their liking. // Country life, however, has attractions of its own. Breathing fresh air, listening to the songs of birds, tasting green food, rural dwellers live in close contact with Nature. What’s more, people in the countryside are generally friendly and helpful, in stark contrast to the coldness in big cities. However, both city life and country life have their respective disadvantages. Wonderful as the city is, it is overcrowded. Country life, on the other hand, may appear monotonous. As for me, I prefer to live in the city because it is an ideal place for developing my career. Certainly, I will often to go to the countryside for a change. (215 words)

  6) ) 2010 年 1 月 9 日考研作文 Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should
  1) describe the drawing briefly,
  2) explain its intended meaning, and,
  3) give your comments.
Cultural integration contributes greatly to the development of Chinese culture. As illustrated in the drawing, just like a hotpot is delicious and nutritious with a variety of ingredients, Chinese culture, with Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism as its backbone, is more colorful with elements from other cultures. Let’s take the American culture as an example. Over the past three hundred years, each new group of immigrants brought their beliefs, traditions and customs to the new land. It is this “melting” of different cultures that has formed the world’s most influential culture. Americans are lucky enough to taste wonton, chow mien, sushi, pizza, spaghetti and other delicacies from all over the world. They can also enjoy ballet introduced by the Russians and opera by the Italians. They relish blues, country, jazz and classical music brought by different ethnic groups. What could be better than a culture that offers such a wide variety of foods, art and music? In the Internet era, the melting pot is no longer the United States, but the global village. No country is immune to the ongoing cultural blending. In order to ensure a dynamic Chinese culture, we must incorporate useful elements from other cultures. (197 words) (
  7) )
2009 年考研作文试题: Directions: Write an essay of 160 - 200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should:
  1) describe the drawing briefly,
  2) explain its intended meaning, and then
  3) give your comments You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET
  2. Internet, the most wonderful invention of the 20th century, alienates us as well as keeps us connected. As vividly depicted in the cartoon, a group of netizens are busy socializing online. But in the real world they are isolated from each other. Internet has been a double-edged sword for people’s interpersonal skills. On the one hand, Internet is an effective tool for enhancing people’s social skills. Thanks to social networking websites, people scattered all over the globe can get in touch in a blink of an eye. All they need is a few keystrokes. On the other hand, Internet exerts a negative influence on the users’ social skills. A recent study conducted by Fudan University finds that
  35.7 percent of its students who regularly chat for hours online can barely form a coherent sentence in the face-to-face setting. This will eventually hinder their ability to land a job, as jobs require face-to-face interviews. As I view the matter, efficient as Internet is, we should not use it to the exclusion of other ways. In order for us to be skilled communicators, we should strike a balance between online and face-to-face socialization. (191 words) (
  8) ) Internet, the most wonderful invention of the 20th century, alienates us as well as keeps us connected. As vividly depicted in the cartoon, a group of netizens are busy socializing online. But in real world they are isolated from each other. The increasing popularity of online socialization can be accounted for by its efficiency and convenience. First, Internet is an efficient way of socializing. It enables people to get in touch with each other in the blink of an eye. Thanks to E-mail, MSN or ICQ, talking to a friend is only a click away. Second, on-line communication is convenient. It’s especially helpful to people who are moving towards a romantic relationship. There are situations where shy people have no guts to whisper sweet nothings to their beloved face to face. Email or MSN is a great tool for them to relate what they feel without being nervous. As I see it, there is no need to panic over the popularity of online socializing. Just like telephones have not diminished real-life socialization, Internet will only complement face-to-face interaction, rather than eliminate it. (182 words) (
  9) )
2001 年考研作文 Among all the human feelings, love given to those who badly need it is the noblest. As shown in the drawing, just like a lamp burns brighter where it is darker, love is more valuable where it is sorely needed. Let’s take Lei Feng, a late Chinese PLA man, as an example. With a monthly pay of only one dollar, he saved every penny he could and donated it to the flood victims. He bought a train ticket for a helpless old lady who, unfortunately, lost all her money. He did countless good deeds in his short life out of unalloyed love for others. Another example is Mother Teresa, who devoted her life in the slums of India to caring for the poor, sick and dying. She started homes for children without families and clinics for the sick and dying. Her words “We can do no great things only small things with great love.” always remind us of the true meaning of love. From the above stories, we can see that the best way to show love is to give it to those who most need it. For example, when your friend is in difficulty, remember to give him or her a helping hand, comforting words, and a pat on the back. (212 words) (
  10) ) 2007 年考研作文 Self-confidence is of vital importance if we are to succeed in anything. As illustrated in the cartoon, the striker, due to lack of confidence, hesitates to strike, thinking the goal-keeper is so large as to block the goal. The goal-keeper, on the other hand, is so unsure of himself that he thinks guarding the goal is a mission impossible. People who have confidence in themselves have a better chance to succeed. The best example I can remember is Sigmund Freud, whose work marked the beginning of modern psychology. After years of research, he invented a new therapy, called psychoanalysis, to treat his patients. Many people were shocked or angered by this idea. They laughed at him and called him a fraud. But Freud was very confident of his theory. He ignored the people who criticized him and continued his research and published study after study. Due to his self-assurance and perseverance, he is today recognized as one of the most influential psychologists in history. From the above story, we can safely say that self-confidence is the single most important quality in this competitive world. We all have the power in us to achieve greatness, happiness and success. Trust ourselves, and we will achieve whatever we dream of. (207 words) (
  11) ) 2000 年考研作文: Overfishing has caused a sharp fall in fish populations in the last century. As vividly portrayed in the picture, there were numerous fishes in the sea in 1900, with only a few fishing boats. In stark contrast, there were countless fishing boats at sea in 1995, with only one fish trying desperately to escape.
Faced with this problem, we must take effective counter-measures. First, regulations concerning commercial fishing need to be put in place to give fish a chance to replenish themselves. For instance, to protect breeding and migrating fish, certain areas of the ocean need to be set aside where fishing isn't allowed. Fishing seasons should also be shortened. Eeffective as conservation is, it is not the whole answer to overfishing. A more practical way out is perhaps aquaculture, that is, fish farming. Various kinds of fish are raised in tanks, eventually to be sold commercially. This helps relieve the increasing demand for wild fish. The oceans are reaching the breaking point. The rapid decrease in fish population, if left unchecked, could foreshadow the total loss of fishing industry. Nobody wants to see that scenario, do they? (188 words) (
  12) ) 1999 年考研作文 The rapid growth in the U.S. population has caused widespread extinction of wildlife. As shown in the line graphs, America witnessed a population explosion from 1 million to 80 million in the 19th century. In the meantim



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