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普通词汇 According to me / I think I believe Affect / stop age Aim And and so on Appear Apply…to.. Ask Aspect Attach Attract Audience Basis be able to be good at be helpful be important come near be obvious be rising be sure to be surprised at be useless 高分词汇 In my personal sense/for my part /to my mind/ to the best knowledge of me Hinder…from era objective Coupled with…/ as well as and the like mushroom / spring up /arise put …into practice Consult / enquire Sphere/respect enclose Tempt/appeal to viewers foundation be capable of/ be in a position to be expert at /be skillful at/ excel in be of help be of importance/significance be around the corner it goes without saying that… be on the rise be bound to be shocked /amazed at be of no use/ be in vain
bear because of
/shoulder/ be loaded with thanks to / as a result of/ on the grounds of
become fashionable come into a fashion become happy before buy by oneself careful cause v. change change …with cheating choose…from clear come from come out complain consider cheer up/ be in high spirits originally afford all alone/ on one’s own attentive / cautious contribute to / render/ prompt shift / fluctuate / swing vary …from…to… deception make an alternative to evident / self-evident/apparent Stem / derive from/ arise from / originate from come forth place a complaint against sth Take…into account /figure out / give thought to
consider… important attach significance to continue control cooperate decide on deep depend on depend on oneself develop difficulty diligent do go ahead bring… under control join hands in determine profound rest upon live on one’s own cultivate / build up hardship /barrier/obstacle industrious go in for / carry out
do good to drop eat less emphasize enable…to encourage endanger enforce engage in Enjoy Enlarge Enough evaluate Explain Face Failure Fame Famous Famous people Feeling Find find out Finish Fire focus on
be beneficial to/ in favor of decline go on a diet attach emphasis to facilitate motivate / stimulate jeopardize strengthen major in be crazy about broaden adequate speak highly of account for/ give an account of be faced with / stand up to frustration Prestige/reputation Prominent /distinguished outstanding Personalities/ celebrities passion / locate sort out accomplish lay off center on
For this purpose/ for To this end/ to the end of /with the intention of the purpose of for example Forever Future a good case in point / Take sth for instance permanently prospective
Get get rid of Give give / supply give attention to Global go on goal Good good students Goods Great Greatly greetings Grow happiness Have with Hope to hope to do sth. hopeful Ignore Illness important improve improvement in groups include increase
acquire / regain eliminate grant / issue provide… with give priority to universal bring forward ideal beneficial top students necessities enormous/ dramatic/prime/utmost overwhelmingly/ predominantly/substantially regards flourish well-being /welfare Possess/harbor
Have a relationship be on good terms with look forward to be eager to so sth./ long to do sth. promising Neglect/pay no attention to disease essential / vital/ significant enhance / boost / upgrade advances in twos and threes make up/ involve Soar
influence Intend to Interested in interestingly introduction investigation Job Join in Keep kill oneself Know knowledge Leave for Like Limit Load look around look for look up… in Lower make nervous make progress make sure make sure that… Many Meet Mess necessary Need not hesitate
mold target to do sth. Crazy about with great interest prospectus Survey/poll occupation / employment connect / participate in / take part in maintain / hold onto commit suicide Recognize / be aware of / Command depart from Be fond of /be keen on / be attached to Be confined to burden examine run into / hunt for refer to Be inferior to place strain on make leaps in / press forward guarantee See to it that… be abundant in / countless run into / come across/encounter chaos indispensable be in need of feel free to do sth.
not know number obvious occupation Offer Only outcome overcome Pass pay attention to people perform Period periods Place Poor Press produce progress pronounce Public punishment purpose rapidly Reduce remember
be ignorant of data / statistics striking Career/profession present sth to sb. no more than / sole consequence Conquer go by be concerned about / give weight to Individuals carry out / enforce era / phase times site needy click Generate/create breakthrough Claim publicity Penalty motive at a rapid pace/speedily minimize Recall/remind sb. of sth.
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   1. superior to others 高人一等 2. The large scale development of West China is of profound significance 西部大开发具有深远意 义 3. revitalize our nation 实现我们民族的伟大复兴 4. lag behind(发展)滞后 5. the opening-up policies 开放政策 6. lure more foreign capital 吸引更多的外资 7. leave… ...


   30 天学不会英语 无效退款 宫方网站 www.28k.cn 考研英语作文专用词汇 教育类词汇 文凭 diplomas and certificates 考研热 the craze for graduate school study 应试教育 the examination-oriented education 义务教育 compulsory education 复合型人才 interdisciplinary talents 文化底蕴 the rich cultural deposits 大 ...


   As is vividly depicted by the drawing above, a boy issleeping soundly① and comfortably in the sofa, with the television on, when his mother comes and turns off the television for him, blaming the boy for not having turned off the television again②。 ...


   第一部分: 第一部分:应用文写作 经典信件背诵 1. 辞职信 Letter of Resignation 写作“三步走” :提出辞职?>说明原因,表示遗憾或感谢?>期盼回复 (1)范文: Dear Mr. Wang, I am writing to inform you of my intention of withdrawing from my current position in this magazine. Though having worked here for me ...


   2010 年考研英语真题(大、小)作文题目 大作文题目: 大作文题目:160-200 字 1)describe the drawing briefly, 2) explain its intended meaning, and 3) give your comments 文化“火锅”,既美味又营养 小作文: 小作文: You are supposed to write for the postgraduates’Asiciation a notice to recruit volunteer ...


   考研英语大作文总的说来,比较常考的有两类:一是图表作文;一是图画作文。从考试的角度来说, 比较常考的是图画作文。在此,笔者也是对各位作为一个参考,帮助各位少走弯路,备战考试。 一、图表作文: ①首段写作:长度适中,描述图表。 如果图表中出现了一个变量,三个数据,可以这样描述: From the chart, we can see that 变量 has increased from less that 数据 to nearly 数据 and then to 数据. 如果图表中出现了二个变量, ...


   以学生为中心,用高分来证明 考研专项突破系列??英语作文 考研全国第一品牌 考研英语作文核心必备 ★大小作文解题思路剖析★ ★图表作文写作技巧揭秘★ ★经典万能作文模板赏析★ 恩波考研英语名师在线答疑专区 www.enboedu.com -I- 目 录 第一章:考研英语写作综述......................................................................................? 写 写 作(1)小 作 文(应用文)... ...


   考研作文12大原则 ?一.名言名句原则 经典句型:As a proverb says, " It is love that makes the world go around."(适用于已记住的名言)There is no denying the fact that we cannot be young forever. (适用于自编名言)更多经典句型:如2003年考题:Shakespeare has ever stated that I came, I suffere ...


   所有文章从网络取材后修改,使用工具有百度 所有文章从网络取材后修改 使用工具有百度,Google 搜索引 使用工具有百度 翻译,金山词霸等 擎,Google 翻译 金山词霸等 1.关于健康的 关于健康的 The desire for good health is universal.对于身体健康的渴望是普遍的。 If a person feels ill all the time, he will in most cases hold a pessimistic view toward th ...


   English composition YangLiuQing No.4 Middle School WangZhenbao Hi, everyone. I likes travelling very much. Where did I go? Listening Practice A B C D Chinatown Greenwich Maritime Museum London IMAX cinema E Round-house composition My trip Where did ...



   实用的速记方法 实用的速记方法 Use standard maths, accounting, and science symbols. Examples: + plus // parallel Use standard abbreviations and leave out full stops. Examples: eg example IT dept Information Technology department UK United Kingdom Use just enough ...

大学英语基础教程(北大修订版)教案第二册Unit Three

   Unit Three Teaching Objectives: By the end of this unit, the students will be expected to be able to 1. talk about ways to live a happy life; 2. use skillfully the 15 new words and 8 new phrases and expressions learned in TEXT A in brief conversati ...

三年级 英语 段建兴Recycle 1

   Recycle 1 段建兴 汀罗镇南码小学 教学目标: 1 复习 1~3 单元所学的会话,要求学生能在实际情景中运用。 2 复习、巩固 1~3 单元所学的家庭成员、数字及主要句型,并能按照指令综合运用所学 的语言。 第一课时 教学目标: 1 复习 1~3 单元所学的会话 ,要求学生能在实际情景运用。 2 学会认读 Chocolates、Cookies.。 3 学会运用 Open it and see !及 Let’s share ! Good 教学重点: 学会 Open it and see ...


   13.4 Computer Animation New Words & Expressions: animation n. 动画 visual a. 视觉的 translation n. 平移 variation n. 变化 surface texture 表面纹理 engine n. 引擎 focal length 焦距 illumination n. 照明 storyboard n. 剧本 key-frame 关键帧 frame-by-frame a. 逐帧的 imply v. ...


   2007 中考英语总复习:单项选择 200 道 第一卷 单项选择题(1) (每题 1 分,共 100 分) 一、冠词、代词(共 15 题 15 分) 1. When astronauts(宇航员)Fei Junlong, Nie Haisheng came back from space, many reporters interviewed and got some first-hand information. A. they B. them C. their D. themselves ...