考研英语作文经典模板 考研英语作文经典模板

  1.第 1 篇(提纲式应用文 第 提纲式应用文) 提纲式应用文 Directions: Water pollution is a serious problem threatening the survival of human beings, plants and animals. It is urgent that some strong measures be adopted to deal with the problem. There has been a discussion recently on the issue in a newspaper. Write a letter to the newspaper based on the following outline:
  1. Present situation
  2. Suggested measures to be taken
  3. Future prospect Write an essay of about 200 words within 40 minutes on the ANSWER SHEET. 尊敬的先生/女士: 我给您写信是想陈述我对水的污染问题的看法.普遍认为,水的污染是当今 严重的公害.世界各国的河流正在受到垃圾及有害化学物质的污染.船舶加剧了 污染,因为它们依靠河流排放废物.油和其它化学物质会杀死鱼类并使水不能饮 用.总之,污染了的水对人人都是个大问题. 正如你所知道的, 人们靠水生活. 他们应该参与找到解决污染问题的方法. 我 认为,需要尽快采取某些应对措施.首先,各国政府理应制订处理污染问题的规 章制度.此外,在全面处理和净化废液以前,必须禁止城乡工厂把废液排入河 流.我觉得,如果这些工厂违反有关的法规或法律,则应加重罚款.当然还会有 一些其它的治理方法值得采取. 至于未来的前景,我相信,在这一方面 会取得良好的成果.过去一度被工 业废料污染的河流将会得到清理,几年以前鱼类不能长年的河流又会重见鱼 群.总之,似乎很明显,只要人人各尽其责并努力去寻找控制污染的方法,明天 将会变得更美好、更光明。 如果需要对这个问题做进一步评论, 请不吝赐函。谢谢! 顺致 敬意 保尔 西安斯 Dear Sir or Madam, I’m writing to you to state my view on the water pollution problem. It is generally accepted that water pollution is a serious public hazard today. Rivers all over the world are becoming polluted with garbage and dangerous chemicals. Ships contribute to the problem because they rely on rivers for disposing of wastes. Oil and other chemicals can kill fish and make water unsafe for drinking. Because they rely on rivers for disposing of wastes. Oil and other chemicals can kill fish and make water unsafe for drinking. In a word, polluted water is a big problem to everyone. As you know, people depend on water to live on. They should be involved
in finding a solution to this problem. I think, certain counter measures need to be taken as soon as possible. To begin with, the governments of all countries are supposed to formulate rules and regulations to deal with the pollution problem. In addition, factories in towns and cities must be prohibited from draining waste liquids into rivers before they are totally treated and purified. I feel if they violate relevant rules or laws, they should be fined heavily. Certainly, there are some other cures which are worth adopting. As far as future prospect is concerned, I am sure that good results will be achieved in this respect. Rivers which used to be contaminated by industrial wastes will be cleaned and fish which could not live there a few years ago will be again. To conclude, it seems obvious that tomorrow will be better and brighter only if everyone does his part and tries hard to seek solutions for its control. If any further comment on the issue is required, please don’t hesitate to write to me. Thanks. Yours sincerely Paul Sears
(278 words)

  2.第 2 篇(提纲式作文 第 提纲式作文) 提纲式作文 On Developing Tourism Directions: In this part, you are to write an essay of about 200 words within 40 minutes. Your essay should be based on the OUTLINE below. 目前的状况 发展旅游业的好处 由此而产生的问题 我的看法 旅游业“无烟的工业”正在中国迅速发展。随着改革开放政策的贯彻 执行, 数以万计的外国游人涌入中国。他们渴望参观这个具有 5000 多年灿烂 文化的神秘古国。 旅游业作为一种商业活动给中国带来许多好处。首先,在经济上它有利于 我国经济的发展。正如你们所知道的,中国需要大量的外汇来执行现代化建设计 划。旅游业是获得外汇的最重要的渠道之一。其次,旅游业是中国人民更多地了 解外界。另一方面,访问过中国的外国人对我国的最新发展和我国人民的友好和 殷勤留下了深刻的印象。 世界各国的报纸经常刊登访问过中国的外国人所写的报 道, 介绍中国人如何彬彬有礼、助人为乐。显然,旅游业大大促进了中国人民 和世界人民之间的友谊和了解。
然而,事物总是一分为二的。旅游业也引起许多问题。例如,它增加了我 国本来效率不高的运输系统的负担。此外,中国人民的生活水平还没有高到足以 使普通中国人有钱支付长途旅行的各种开支。因此,仍然存在着许多障碍妨碍着 旅游业的发展。 至于我,我相信,随着我国经济的发展,这些问题必将逐步得到解决。我 们期望有一个更好更光明的未来。 Tourism, a smokeless industry, is developing rapidly in China. With the reform and opening ?up policy being carried out, thousands upon thousands of foreign visitors are crowding into our country. They are eager to see this old mysterious land with a splendid culture of more than 5, 000 years. Tourism as a form of enterprise brings China a lot of benefits. In the fires place, it is financially beneficial to the economic development of China. As our know, China needs more and more foreign currencies for its modernization program. Tourism is one of the most important channels to obtain currencies. Secondly, tourism enables the Chinese people to know more about the outside world. On the other hand, the foreigners who have visited China are deeply impressed by the latest developments of out country and the friendliness and hospitality of our people. Reports by visitors to China about how courteous and helpful most Chinese were to them are often printed in newspapers of many different countries. It is clear that tourism contributes a great deal to the friendship and mutual understanding between the Chinese people and people all over the world. Everything, however, has two sides. Tourism gives rise to a number of problems. For instance, it becomes a burden to our inefficient transportation system. Besides, the living standard of the average Chinese is still not high enough to be able to afford the many different sorts of expenses during long distance travels. Therefore, there are still a lot of obstacles hindering the expansion of tourism in our country. As for me, with the development of our national economy, all these problems will certainly be solved step by step. A much better and brighter future awaits us. (287 words)

  3.第 3 篇(提纲式图表作文 第 提纲式图表作文) 提纲式图表作文 Directions: A Study the following pie chart carefully and write an essay of about 200 words within 40 minutes. B Your essay must be written neatly on ANSWER SHEET
  2. C Your essay should meet the requirements below:
1 Describe the pie chart. 2 State the possible benefits brought about by the investment. 3 Suggest measures helping to attract investment from outside Investment in Beijing from Different Countries and Regions
Hong Kong 44% Japan
  19.2% U.S.A.16% Other 23 countries
  21.8% 自从1979年中国对外开放以来, 北京在吸引投资合资企业方面已取得了 显著成绩。根据图示,不同企业的投资者来自26个国家和地区。香港的投资额 居第一位,占总额的 44%。 日本占
  19.2%,居第二位。美国为第三,占 16%。 普遍认为,北京从外部投资中受益匪浅。首先,大量合资企业已经建立,这 就大大促进了“首都经济”的发展。其次,外资企业为北京市民提供了许多就业 机会。这又缓解了北京的下岗工人问题。最后,由于北京和沿海开放城市一样享 有许多优惠政策,所以高科技产业在首都迅速发展。 至于吸引外资的措施,我认为有如下几点。一方面,我们应该专门努力来改 善投资环境。另一方面,我们应该抓住机遇把目前的外资企业管理好。 Since China opened its door to the outside world in 1979, Beijing has made remarkable results in attracting foreign business to invest in joint ventures. According to the pie chart, the investors in different enterprises come from 26 countries and regions. Hong Kong investment ranks first, accounting for 44 per cent of the total. Japan’s investment makes up
  19.2 per cent, putting it in second spot. Third is the United States at 16 per cent. It is generally believed that Beijing benefits a lot from the outside investment. In the first place, a large number of joint ventures have been set up, which contributes greatly to the development of Capital Economy. Secondly, the foreign-invested enterprises offer a lot of jobs to the residents in Beijing. This in turn relieves the problem of laid-off workers in the city. Finally,
the high-tech enterprises in the capital will grow rapidly as Beijing enjoys the same preferential policies as coastal cities open to the outside world. As far as the measures to attract outside investment are concerned, I think they are as follows. On the one hand, we should make special efforts to improve the investment environment. On the other hand, we should take advantage of this opportunity to run the present foreign-invested enterprises efficiently. ( 210 words )

  4.第 4 篇 (提纲式议文 第 提纲式议文) 提纲式议文 Are Prizes a Good Thing? Directions: In this part, you are to write an essay of about 200 words within 40 minutes. Your essay should be based on the OUTLINE below. 提纲:
  1. 有奖竞猜的好处
  2. 有奖竞猜引起的问题
  3. 我的看法 无可否认有奖竞猜能够充分发挥人的积极性。在获奖的强烈愿望鼓舞下, 人们会全力以赴取得最大的成功。此外,他将做出特别的努力来采取有效的措施 以便达到他们的目的。因此,在一次有奖的比赛中会取得最好的成绩。 然而事物总是一分为二的。奖金的激励并不总是能产生预想的结果。总 会有人会不择手段的获取他们所要的东西。例如:一名不能克制奖金诱惑的参赛 者可能会服用兴奋剂。 而绝望的参赛者眼中只有奖金, 这可能会导致不良的行为。 依我看,解决的办法是对参赛者进行道德教育。这会有助于参赛者理解 “友谊第一,比赛第二”的口号。这样,奖金会在任何比赛中旗更好的作用。总 的来说,我认为,奖金是好事。 Are Prizes a Good Thing? There is no denying the fact that competitions with prizes can bring people’s initiative into full play. Encouraged by a strong desire to win a prize, one will go all out to seek his greatest success. In addition, he will make special efforts and resort to effective measures to achieve his purpose. Consequently, the best results will be obtained in game with awards. Everything, however, has two sides. The prompting of a prize does not always lead to desirable results. There are always people who would stop at nothing to get what they are greedy for. For example, a competitor who cannot overcome the temptation of prize is likely to take a stimulant. And the hopeless competitor sees nothing but the prize, which might cause improper behavior. Let’s have another example ………. In my opinion, the remedy lies in moral education of competitors, This
will help them to understand the slogan:” Friendship ?first, and competition ? second.” Then, prizes will play a better part in any contest. Generally speaking, I believe that prizes are a good thing, (175 words )

  5.第 5 篇(提纲式作文 第 提纲式作文) 提纲式作文 On Keeping a Diary in English 提纲:1. 用英语记日记的好处 2. 所涉及到的困难 3. 我的建议 用英语记日记是提高英语写作技能的有效方法之一。 与其他写作形式相比, 它短小,省时。它能帮助我们培养用英语思考的习惯。如果我们坚持这样做,渐 渐地我们就学会了用英语来表达我们的思想。 在用英语记日记的过程中,我们不可避免地要遇到许多困难。首先,经常发生 的事,我们很难找到恰如其分的词或短语来表达我们的思想。其次,在汉语中有 许多习惯说法,我们很难把它们准确地译成英语。当然,还有一些其他的困难, 我们可以在用英语记日记中遇到。 至于我, 我的建议是,我们应该随时准备好一个笔记本和一本汉英词典,每 当有困难的东西难住我们时,我们可以先在笔记本记下来,然后查词典。如有必 要,我们也可以向英语老师请教。 总之,我认为,用英语记日记对提高写作能 力十分有用的。 On Keeping a Diary in English Keeping a diary in English is one of the effective ways to improve our English writing ability. Compared with other forms of writing, it is shorter and takes less time. It can help



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