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情感类模板1 情感类模板
  1: As is shown in the picture above, that .
It goes without saying that the primary purpose of the picture lies in eulogizing the practice of matter of fact, it is not rare to find in our everyday life deeds of similar nature. For instance, we can also hear many stories about . Not to mention those moving cases of . By . , people not only . As a . Additionally,
. Obviously from
we can surmise
All in all, I firmly believe that a harmonious society is based on a harvest , but also gain
that can never be purchased via money.
情感类模板2 情感类模板
, just as is depicted in the picture. It is not difficult to find that in today’s society, more and more people begin to . It is rather good news to , . . Moreover, there are . In addition,
The picture reminds us that in China, due to we should not forget .
is a good way to express human love. To some extent, it also reflects individuals’ sense of social responsibility. It is also a feeling from deep heart that is beyond words and is difficult to obtain no matter how rich one is. Therefore, I strongly advocate that of . . I am sure our society will hence be more beautiful because
人生价值类模板1 人生价值类模板
  1: As the old Chinese saying goes, title of the picture further points out that
The picture is meant to particularly proved in the field of
. It echoes with this picture in which .
. The
. As far as I am concerned, I think , where .
. This universal truth can be
A brief survey of history about of . , for example,
also demonstrates the fundamental importance . The same principle applies to common people as well, and I am sure 第 1 页 共 6 页
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everybody can benefit from
人生价值类模板2 人生价值类模板
From the picture we can perceive that that . It is known to all that . What astonishes the drawing and the readers is , but it seems . . Ultimately, the trend .
The artist utilizes this artistic presentation to imply a spreading vogue that boils down to . Accordingly,
. To worsen the problem, this behavior is evoking
In my point of view, we are in a prime time to curb the problem from deteriorating. First and foremost, the whole society should arrive at the consensus that into everybody’s mind. . Besides, an awareness of should be infused
文化交流类模板1 文化交流类模板
It is a very eye-catching photo in which which clearly indicates The sense of therefore, by . While people belong to nations, cultures know no boundary. more importantly, by . I firmly believe that is not only featured by , but . that permeates this picture is representative of . China, in particular, , that is, , and . What makes this picture extraordinary is ,
. The effect of such communication can be best exemplified
is contributing, and will contribute more to the
world’s peace, development, and prosperity.
文化交流类模板2 文化交流类模板
What is presented here is a very interesting scenario. Conspicuously, . . It partly owes to , and partly to . . For . From the subtitle we can infer that .
We can deduce from the picture that
Except the case reflected in the picture, there are numerous evidence demonstrating example, . . To sum up,
From a personal point of view, I am delighted to witness 第 2 页 共 6 页
. As for
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. Therefore, I can firmly conclude that in the long run, cultural exchanges will contribute to a
flourishing Chinese and global economy, as well as diversified cultures.
教育类模板1 教育类模板
As the title indicates, “ that . The drawing virtually reminds its audience a widespread phenomenon existing negatively in the area of basic education in China, that is, following aspects. In my point of view, urgent task to . That is to say, Firstly, . Such a practice is very harmful in terms of the . Secondly, . Last but not the least, . ”, the set of pictures apparently reminds us that . It is discernable
, but it is only part of the picture. On the other hand,
. Therefore, it is an
. As children are the future of our nation, creating a good environment for their upbringing
means creating a bright and promising future for our nation.
教育类模板2 教育类模板
The picture shows . symbolizes . As is quoted in the picture, . in contrast . On the
It apparently mirrors an increasingly common social phenomenon in China? with other hand, . One the one hand, the problem partially attributes to . For example, , while . . Sometimes
In my opinion, the government needs to launch a reform in the education system with measures that can show immediate effect. macroeconomic level to proves to be most beneficial to students. Further, a large-scale reform in the is the basic solution of this issue.
家庭关系类模板1 家庭关系类模板
  1: The cartoon reveals a very thought-provoking scene. The artist .
. The
In fact,
. This picture reveals the in-depth problem of
. There are two reasons for this. The first and perhaps most important is that . It owes to .
other reason is more serious from a practical point of view.
In my point of view, the trend goes quite against the genuine and original purpose of our 第 3 页 共 6 页
. What I
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want to emphasize by the above analysis is that,
. Therefore, I strongly contend that
家庭关系类模板2 家庭关系类模板
There is a popular Chinese song, named “ the picture does can read . are responsible. ”, which encourages . However, the in we
but for a very different reason?
. From the facial expression of
Sadly as it is, this phenomenon does not occur rarely in today’s society, for which For one thing, . For another,
. As a matter of fact, the boosting economic development in China . . In my opinion, the awareness of is
sadly and ironically witnesses a deterioration of The above analysis is best exemplified by elementary for paving the way towards success.
社会热点类模板1 社会热点类模板
  1: The two pictures illustrate vividly right .
. Aside from , another telling
. In the left picture
, while in the
From the two pictures we can sense a crazy tendency of example is we should . , which was so successful in that
. The pictures also make it obvious that
Admittedly, it is natural that to
. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of our government and society . In short, .
. In my opinion, what’s the more important is to
社会热点类模板2 社会热点类模板
  2: It goes without saying that this picture aims at revealing a current problem: drawing, . Even .
. Though the drawing is continues, it not
. In this
It seems to me that the artist is sending a message about the importance of a little exaggerating, it is not rare for us to find in only harms , but also prevents . . If we let this situation of
Accordingly, we urgently call for
. Though the government has already taken pains to implement 第 4 页 共 6 页
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regulations, it still failz to
. In my opinion, this problem should be urgently solved so as to protect
benefits. I expect the government will put forward more effective propositions as soon as possible.
模板1 模板
According to the two pictures presented, it can be observed that. In the left picture, time, as the right one shows. Different people have different views on .
. A the same
Some people support
by claiming that
. In their opinion,
. In addition,
Meanwhile, there are some people, especially young men, who sometimes for , sometimes for , sometimes simply for
. Their reasons are quite different, .
In my point of view, both sides are partly right. To thoroughly analyze this problem, we should take into consideration of all relevant aspects, so as to make the right decision. Therefore, my conclusion would be that .
模板2 模板
From the drawing, we can learn that that people’s opinion on
. It can be seen easily that.
. We can deduce from
vary from person to person.
Some people take it for granted that neglect that fact that
. For example, they firmly believe that
. But they often
. Yet there are also another group of people who hold a different point of view. 第 5 页 共 6 页
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They think that
. Beside,
Personally, my attitude for this matter is positive, with reasons as follows. Firstly, Moreover, . Lastly, . Therefore, .
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   Zy 网摘 情感类模板1 情感类模板1: As is shown in the picture above, that . It goes without saying that the primary purpose of the picture lies in eulogizing the practice of matter of fact, it is not rare to find in our everyday life deeds of similar nature. For ...


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