“Poem is loquacious picture,picture is taciturn poem.” 1 As is vividly depicted in the picture, people can exchange through the network no matter how far,but they do not communicate regardless how near they are. It seems to be humorous and ridiculous.Obviously,the purpose of this picture is to emphasize the harm of network in our daily life.There is no doubt that its symbolic meaning should be given deep consideration. “A little fire can kindle a forest.” 2 To account for the above-mentioned phenomenon,several serious effects have been put forward.To begin with, the harm of networknot only results does harm to our souls but also results in a frustrating and humiliating life.In addition,nothing is more harmful than the harm of network to increase social burdens,which is a threatening situation we are unwilling to see.No better illustration of this idea can be thought than the example mentioned below. According to a survey made by China Daily,
  63.93% of young people who is fascinated with network lives a dull life. “The miseries of mankind are largely due to their putting a false value on things.” 3 If we cannot take useful means, we may not control this trend, and some undesirable results may come out unexpectedly, we will see the gloomy future of something. “Life,I believe,ask a continuous series of adjustments to reality.” 4 From what have been discussed above, it is therefore, necessary that some effective measures are taken to prevent the harm of network . “Living life is not crossing a field.” 5 On the one hand, we should be sensible to strengthen the enforcement of the laws to protect something. On the other hand, it is demanding for us to keep people aware of the importance of saving somebody out of the evil hands of destruction. However, it is easier said than done. Although the fight against it is long-standing and tremendous one,our efforts will eventually pay off .Only when you attention to it can you see a colorful and harmonious future better sooner or later. “All shall be well,and all manner of thing shall be well.” 6 NOTES
  1. Cice ro:Rhe toric
  2. the Bib le
  3. Benja min Frank lin: Too Dear For The Whistle
  4. Robert G.Allman: A Ball to Ro ll Around
  5. Boris P aste rnak : Ha mlet
  6. T.S.Eliot: L ittle Gid ding 英 文 论 文 的 参 考 文 献 格 式 即 是 如 此 ,没 有 书 名 号 ,文 献 名 用 斜 体 即 可 。红 色 的 是 关 键 词 , 可 以 视 作 文 题 目 不 同 而 替 代 。 这 个 模 板 送 给 大 家 , 2009 年 考 研 时 我 就 是 这 样 写 的 , 在 上 海 阅 卷 的 , 2 0 分 拿 了 18 分 左 右 。
英语作文模板 一、常用句式 这部分针对一些在写作上实在有困难的考生, 列出一些经常用于作文开头、 结尾以及中 间过渡的句式。需要指出的是,这些句式并不仅仅可以用在命题作文中,部分句式也可以用 在我们后面要介绍的漫画类作文、图表类作文以及段首句类作文中。因此,考生一定要根据 不同内容灵活运用。当然,在介绍后几种题型的作文中,我们还会列出一些专门适用于那几 种题型的作文的句式。 ㈠ 常用于开头的句式
  1.With the rapidly growing popularity of …, the quality of our lives has been considerably changed. 例句: With the rapidly growing popularity of computers in China, the quality of our lives has been considerably changed.
  2.Recently, sth. /the problem of…has been brought to popular attention/has become the focus of public concern. 例句:Recently, the problem of unemployment has been brought to such popular attention that governments at all levels place it on the agenda as the first matter.
  3.With the development of…, more and more people come to realize that… 例句:With the development of high education, more and more people come to realize that knowledge plays a role of extreme importance in modern society.
  4.In the past few years, there has been a boom/sharp growth/decline in… 例句:In the past few years, there has been a decline in the number of species.
  5.It is a traditional practice to…in our society. 例句:It is a traditional practice for young people to be financially dependent on their parents for anything like marriage and housing.
  6.It has long been considered only right and proper/perfectly justified to… 例句:It has long been considered only right and proper for the old to assume full responsibility for the growth of young.
  7.No one would deny that/everyone would agree that/there is no doubt that… 例句:Everyone would agree that, although our age entirely overshadows all previous ages in means of obtaining knowledge, reading still takes its leading role in all senses.
  8.To sb’s mind/in sb’s eyes, sth. seems/means… 例句:In the eyes of the public, official corruption means taking bribes. But such corruption comes in many different forms.
  9.Now it is widely believed that… 例句:Now it is widely believed that examinations are the best possible measure for the selection of the qualified.
  10.The birth/invention of…has made an enormous/essential difference to… But is does not mean that… 例句:The birth of the computer has made an essential difference to the human progress. But it does not mean that this wonder dose no threat to our society.
  11. has changed the way our society develops, but its bright side should not keep us from Sth. following closely its dark side. 例句:The genetic engineering has changed the way our society develops, but its bright side should not keep us from following closely its dark side.

  12.What would our society be like if there were no…? 例句:What would our society be like if there were no public morals?
  13.Should we put sth. above sth. else? /Should we attach as much weight to sth. as to. sth. else? 例句:Should we put intellectual development above moral education?
  14.Sth. is just the same as…/is compared to…/is like… 例句:Life in the middle of marriage if often compared to wire walking, for in the early years spouses attract each other and in late years they need each other.
  15.In our life, there often appears such an occasion when…/on which… 例句:In our daily life, there often appears such an occasion when we drink success to our work in one field but, at the same time, begin to do great damage to other fields.
  16.One of the great men one said that…/There is an old saying that… 例句:A gifted American psychologist once said that it is an illusion to believe in the Sunday-school truth?more comfort, more happiness.
  17.According to the recent survey/statistics, there is…percent of… 例句:According to a recent survey made in a certain university, there are
  43.8 percent of male students and
  38.3 percent of female students either facing problems with nutrition or having to miss classes because of illness each term.
  18.Nowadays, a heated debate/discussion about…is under way in China. Some people believe that…, whereas others argue that… 例句: Nowadays, a heated debate about whether one should step forward bravely in the event of crime is under way in China. Some people believe that one should step forward bravely no matter how dangerous it is, whereas others argue that one should put his or her own safety above anything else.
  19.When it comes to…, most people contend that…, but other people consider that… 例句:When it comes to fake commodities, most people contend that people should battle against the falsehood of the fakes, but other people consider that buying fake commodities means nothing but “unlucky” which is hard to avoid.
  20.There are many advantages and disadvantages in… 例句:There are many advantages and disadvantages in owning a car. ㈡ 常用于结尾的句式
  1. It is hoped that we should place much emphasis on/pay more attention to… 例句:It is hoped that we should pay more attention to the problems of unemployment.
  2. Only in this way/only when/only through…, will/can we… 例句:It is only if all sides of society take their roles fully that we will achieve the society we want.
  3. As long as…, we will be able to…/the problems is bound to… 例句:As long as we persist in spreading scientific knowledge among the masses, all the superstitions are bound to go out of our life.
  4. In the course of time/In a long run/In the long term, sth. is more likely/bound/sure to… 例句:In a long run, the practice of birth control is believed to do a great benefit to the future of China.
  5. In a word, there is every/little chance/probability/possibility that…in time to come. 例句:In a word, there is every chance that this wise move in economic construction will
acquire a broader significance in time to come.
  6. Anything/anyone that/who…will have to… 例句:Anyone who has a strong bias against China will have to threat her with increased respect.
  7. It is high time that… 例句:It is high time that the issue were to be solved so as to promote the economic development.
  8. We should do our best in eliminating… 例句:We should do our best in eliminating air pollution.
  9. The problem is not…; the problem is… 例句:The problem is not that we cannot do it; the problem is that we hate to do such nasty things.
  10.In order to…, we must… 例句:In order to make our world a better place in which to live, we must learn to live in harmony with all wildlife species.
  11.All the above evidence/experience/ facts goes to show that… 例句:All the above evidence goes to show that the birth of computer has benefited our life greatly. 12 . No surprising/ It is apparent that the task of … demands/requires/deserves immediate/serious/considerable attention/consideration. 例 句: It is, therefore, apparent that the task of fighting against corruption requires considerable consideration now.
  13.We can come to the conclusion that… 例句:We can come to the conclusion that living on campus is the best way of learning independence, and of understanding other people and society at large.
  14.We then have reasons to be confident that in the near future… 例句:We then have reasons to be confident that in the near future, no child is forced out of school because of poverty.
  15.My suggestion is that…; otherwise… 例句:My suggestion is that effective measures should be taken to check population growth; otherwise, the potential consequences are unimaginable.
  16.As for me, I have always been taking care to… So, I… 例句:As for me, I have always been taking care to choose a goal and a right path before doing anything important. Then I will work hard and perseveringly. So, I have made some achievements and I will do better.
  17.So I believe a…tomorrow…will be achieved through efforts of every person. 例句:So I believe a safe tomorrow of less car accidents will be achieved through efforts of every person.
  18.Therefore, we should not only…but…as well. 例句:Therefore, we should not only realize that competition and cooperation, like two sides of the coin, have to go hand in hand, but fix more attention on how to make full use of cooperation as well.
  19.In short, …are the major problems to be solved to… 例句:In short, shortage of water, decrease of fertile fields and environmental pollution are
the major problems to be solved to increase grain production.
  20.Who is to say that…? 例句:Who is to say that our scientists may not provide a better theory? ㈢ 常用的过渡句式
  1. Although lots of people follow the fashion/trend, I still set my heart on… 例句:Although lots of people follow the fashion, I still set my heart on its negative effect on our society.
  2. For one thing… For another… As a third benefit/disadvantage… 例句: one thing, some excellent students can take full advantage of the holiday to awaken For their personal interests such as painting, sightseeing and so on. For another, it can provide more chances for some poor students to help make two ends meet and to get prepared for the future by taking part-time jobs. As a third benefit, for those who are far from good at a certain subject, there is a golden opportunity of catching up with other.
  3.It is no easy/simple task/job to furnish/identify/find every reason/cause for sth., but/while, on the whole, two/some factors shout louder/ weigh heavier than others/stand out from others. 例句:It is no easy job to find every reason for the increase in the number of teenagers who run away from their homes, but, on the whole, two factors shout louder than others. First of all, …. Second, …
  4.In contrast with the drawbacks/demerits/flaws of sth., sth. else can serve as a better step/move/advance in the right direction/toward the solution for the problem of… 例句: contrast with the drawbacks caused by nuclear power, the solar power can serve as a In better move toward the solution for the problem of energy crisis.
  5.It is true/obvious that sth can’t compete/be compared with sth else in…, but sth still enjoys/secures/possesses distinct/substantial advantage over sth else. 例句: is obvious that radio cannot compete with television in visuality, but it still possesses It substantial advantages over television. (One of these is…Another…Still another…)
  6.But if



   编辑本段考研英语二大纲 编辑本段 考研英语二大纲 考试性质 英语 ( 二 ) 考试是为高等学校和科研机构招收硕士研究生而设置的具有选拔 性质的全国统一入学考试科目 , 其目的是科学 、 公正 、 有效地测试考生对英语语 言的运用能力 , 评价的标准时高等学校非英语专业本科毕业生所能达到的及格或 及格以上水平 , 以保证被录取者具有一定的英语水平 , 并有利于各高等学校和科 研院所在专业上择优选拔。 研院所在专业上择优选拔 。 考试形式和试卷结构 ( 一 ) 考试形式 考试形式为笔试 分钟。 ...


   考研英语大作文总的说来,比较常考的有两类:一是图表作文;一是图画作文。从考试的角度来说, 比较常考的是图画作文。在此,笔者也是对各位作为一个参考,帮助各位少走弯路,备战考试。 一、图表作文: ①首段写作:长度适中,描述图表。 如果图表中出现了一个变量,三个数据,可以这样描述: From the chart, we can see that 变量 has increased from less that 数据 to nearly 数据 and then to 数据. 如果图表中出现了二个变量, ...


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   文化交流类 这种类型的文章主要描述一些现象并具体分析解释现象的原因等。 一般 情况下三段的分布为: 第一段描述图画内容, 第二段分析该现象的原因、 意义等,第三段总结观点、或提出建议。 文化交流类模板2: What is presented here is a very interesting scenario. From the subtitle we can . . It partly owes infer that . . Conspicuously, We can deduce fr ...


   考研英语作文万能模板 简单的说使用此模板需要你写的只有两句话加一个短语:一句描写图画内容,一句点明图画的思 想,还有一个词就是中心词,使用很方便。买模板一并赠送详细使用方法说明! 本人提供超强考研英语万能大作文模板,极适合英语基础差或对考研英语作文头疼的同学,本人今 年考上的研究生,英语基础非常差,要是自己写可以说一个完整没错的句子都写不出,但使用此套模 板考研作文答的非常好(可使您轻松 16+(满分 20)),而且节约了大量时间做其他的题目(考试时时间 是非常紧的!),此套模板绝对是经实践 ...


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   (一)考研英语大作文总的说来,比较常考的有两类:一是图表作文;一是图画 作文。 一、图表作文 ①首段写作:长度适中,描述图表。 如果图表中出现了一个变量,三个数据,可以这样描述: From the chart, we can see that 变量 has increased from less that 数据 to nearly 数据 and then to 数据. 如果图表中出现了二个变量,三个数据,可以这样描述: From the chart, we can see clearly t ...


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   Unit 1 Will people have robots? Some more predictions about things in 100 years. 1.People will have robots in their homes. 2.People won’t use money. Everything will be free. 3. Books will only be on computers, not on paper. 4. Kids won’t go to scho ...


   Section III. Practical Writing Notes of Format Samples Do it Yourself Warm-up Dialogues Writing Reading Invitation Letter (1) 写英文信,从结构到用词都要符合英语的特点,信中所讲的事 情一定要准确清楚,使人读后一目了然写信不仅篇幅要短, 句子要短,用词也要简洁且通俗易懂 (2) 英文书信的格式常用的有齐头式和混合式二种齐头式便于 打字,广泛用于正式书信会展邀请信大多采用 ...