2011 年新东方王江涛推荐必备范文 20 篇
  1. 09 年范文: 年范文:
As is symbolically illustrated in the cartoon, a large number of people are surfing on line within a stretching spider web, either to entertain themselves or to meet the work's needs. Unfortunately, it seems rather ironic to present people separated from each other by the spider web when they attempt to communicate. Undoubtedly, the spider web serves as a symbol of Internet, both connecting people and isolating them from each other. The metaphorical and impressive portrayal has subtly revealed the duality of the relationship between man and Internet. On the one hand, there is no denying that Internet is currently one of the most efficient media used for interpersonal communication. As a college student, I get on line every day to discuss news with other people on BBS, to study English by registering for web courses, to chat freely through MSN Messenger with my friends. But on the other hand, a good many people admit that they are too much addicted to Internet to maintain face-to-face contact with their friends and colleagues. Once indulged in the fictitious world, people feel reluctant to approach others and to concentrate on real life. That's why some people have lost the skill of direct contact and get alienated from others. Hence, it is necessary for us to use Internet in a reasonable way and restrain from overindulgence. After all, Internet is invented to connect you and me, and to bring conveniences to our life rather than set a barrier to keep people beyond reach.

  2. 08 年范文: 年范文:
As is subtly portrayed in the drawing, two handicapped young men are heading towards their destination with vigorous strides, leaving all their crutches behind. The hardship of disability being no longer an obstacle on their journey, they support each other with firm hands and proceed steadily. The caption indicates that they can travel north and south extensively with combined legs. It is apparent that the cartoonist aims at reminding us of the importance of cooperation in our daily life. Hardly can anyone achieve success in his career without the assistance of his colleagues and partners. As competition in all lines of work grows increasingly fierce, we must defeat our rivals through powerful team work. Take basketball hero Yao Ming for an example, he can slam the dunk smartly because all his teammates contribute more or less to his outstanding performance. Likewise, the successful launching of Chang'e No.1 lunar probe should be attributed to the Chinese scientists' joint efforts instead of individual accomplishment. If we work separately, we will be confined to frail minds and limited resources. On the basis of the analysis above, we may draw a conclusion that
cooperation and team work really count in this competitive society. Hence, we should associate ourselves harmoniously with our companions in every attempt towards our goals. In addition, it is indispensable to train our kids frequently to interact smoothly with others in a team. As the proverb goes, unity is strength.

  3、 07 年高分作文 、
As we can see from the picture, a football match is going on. On guarding the goal, the man on the left seems to be keeping a “huge goal” that is easy and inevitable for a goal, while the person on the right hesitates to kick the ball with an illusion about the “huge goalkeeper”. It is obvious that both of them exaggerate the difficulties in front of them. This photo does reflect a thought-provoking social phenomenon which is not uncommon in China now. The young always give up because the problem is beyond their ability to cope with. Superficially, it seems to be somewhat reasonable, but when weighing in the mind, we find there is an apparent tendency underlying this phenomenon: the lack of confidence. Firstly, it is well-known that we exist in a dynamic world with various difficulties. We can do nothing but face them. Secondly, attitude is the key point to take the first step. Assume bravery and confidence to solve the problem, you will find the question is not as “huge” as you imagine. Take us for example, the entrance exam for graduate students even seems to a horrible monster before us. Some people give up, some persist. So, with confidence and the right assessment of the difficulties, try and exert your strength, and then we will overcome all problems. On the whole, I believe we young people should face the difficulties in right manner. And nothing is impossible, just do it.

  4. 06 年范文: 年范文:
As is vividly depicted in the photos above, Beckham, the smart British football superstar, is enjoying a striking popularity among the adolescents. In the first picture, Beckham's name appears on a young man's face. The caption indicates that worship for the idol is written on the face. In the second photo, another young man is doing Beckham's chic hairstyle in a barbershop. We are informed that he is spending 300 yuan imitating his idol's haircut. Undoubtedly, the pictures have subtly reflected the social phenomenon that idol worship is prevalent among the teenagers nowadays. Beckham represents the image of sport hero whose handsome appearance and unparalleled football skills are passionately adored by all the sports fans. Likewise, several teenage girls won their fame overnight in The 2005 Super Girl Contest in China, which provoked nationwide noisy debates on the value and harm of admiring these idols. Briefly speaking, young people are inclined to idolize the people who excel in appearance, intelligence or talent. Hence, idolatry, the thought-provoking social phenomenon, is a double-edged sword which can exert profound influence on the growth of young
people. If we simply worship the idols by imitating their hairstyles or pursuing fashions unreasonably, the obsession will certainly waste us a great deal of money or time, endangering the efficiency of our work. On the contrary, we will lead a positive and fruitful life if we endeavor to improve ourselves by bridging the gap between our models and us. Accordingly, the latter attitude should be adopted to direct our way of life.
考研英语万能大作文模板,极适合英语基础差 考研英语万能大作文模板,
或对考研英语作文头疼的同学,本人今年考上的研究生,英语基础非常差, 或对考研英语作文头疼的同学,本人今年考上的研究生,英语基础非常差,要是自己写可 以说一个完整没错的句子都写不出,但使用此套模板考研作文答的非常好( 以说一个完整没错的句子都写不出 , 但使用此套模板考研作文答的非常好 ( 可使您轻松 16+(满分
  20)) 而且节约了大量时间做其他的题目(考试时时间是非常紧的!,此套模板 ,而且节约了大量时间做其他的题目 满分 ) 而且节约了大量时间做其他的题目(考试时时间是非常紧的!,此套模板 , ) 绝对是经实践检验的! 绝对是经实践检验的!欲交流经验的请加 。大家知道考研单科受限绝大 多数都是出在英语上,英语难是出了名的,尤其对英语基础稍差的更是头疼, 多数都是出在英语上,英语难是出了名的,尤其对英语基础稍差的更是头疼,害怕总分考 得很高却挂在英语上实在可惜,平时花费大量时间在英语上效果却不理想。本套模板的特 得很高却挂在英语上实在可惜,平时花费大量时间在英语上效果却不理想。本套模板的特 点是量少,只有四篇,涵盖全部四个类型, 点是量少,只有四篇,涵盖全部四个类型,同学们也清楚如果给你几十上百的模板或压题 我感觉就跟没给一样,因为你根本就不可能把那么多文章都弄熟了,时间上也不允许, 我感觉就跟没给一样,因为你根本就不可能把那么多文章都弄熟了,时间上也不允许,尤 其对英语基础稍差的,记英语的东西本来就很困难, 其对英语基础稍差的,记英语的东西本来就很困难,而本套模板量很少就能方便同学很快 掌握,熟练运用。而且本套模板功能十分强大!任何考研题目都能完美套用, 掌握,熟练运用。而且本套模板功能十分强大!任何考研题目都能完美套用,保证了您打 高分,最后一个特点是模板内所需根据题目填写的词极少, 的都已给出, 高分,最后一个特点是模板内所需根据题目填写的词极少,可以说 95%的都已给出,大家 的都已给出 知道市面上我们见到的所谓模板往往就一个骨架,净是些连接性语句, 知道市面上我们见到的所谓模板往往就一个骨架,净是些连接性语句,大多数语句都还要 自己写,这对英语基础稍差的无疑是困难的,而本模板就不同了, 自己写,这对英语基础稍差的无疑是困难的,而本模板就不同了,只要你考前将模板背熟 写熟,上考场就可快速写出了!我也是今年考上的研究生, 写熟,上考场就可快速写出了!我也是今年考上的研究生,本套模板是经本人和同学实践 检验的, 检验的,大作文都可打到 16+,欲交流经验请加 , ,我空间日志有详细介绍! 我空间日志有详细介绍! 我空间日志有详细介绍

  5、05 年范文 、
As is shown in the picture, we can see that with the rapid/speedy social and economic development, the number of the young/youth who financially support senior citizens sharply decreases. In the picture, there are four grown-up children who are playing a football match of caring the old. The caption reads, it is a “football game of looking after the elders”. The purpose of the picture is to show us that due attention has to be paid to the mistreatment of the elderly. Owing to selfishness, the number of adolescents taking care of the elder has obviously shrunk. If we let this situation go as it is, we do not know where the aged will be in the future. By that time, our society will suffer a great destruction. Hence, it is imperative for us to take drastic measures. For one thing, we should appeal to our authorities to make strict laws to severly punish those ill-treating old people. For another, we should enhance the awareness of people that repecting our parents is very vital to us. Only in this way can we protect our
aged parents. Also I believe that we human beings can improve the present situation, and we will have a brighter future.

  6、 03 年范文: 、 年范文:
The set of drawings above vividly depicts the destiny of a flower in different circumstances. As is shown in the first cartoon, the flower is placed in a comfortable greenhouse that shelters it from the threatening lightning and storm. With proper temperature, moisture and fertilizer, the flower is growing in full bloom. On the contrary, when removed from the greenhouse and exposed to the driving rain, the flower soon fades and withers, with the petals scattered on the ground. To begin with, the purpose of the drawings is to show us that the flower growing in the green house cannot withstand the test of the storm, yet the symbolic meanings subtly conveyed should be taken more seriously. The delicate flower is naturally associated with young people, to be specific, the only children in our current society; the greenhouse epitomizes parents' doting care and abundant material supplies that can shield the children from the storms, or the harsh reality. Once the young people begin to seek independence and accept challenges from the real world, they are found too spoiled to be strong enough in the face of difficulties. Accordingly, it is vital for us to derive positive implications from these thought-provoking drawings. On the one hand, we can frequently use them to enlighten the youth to be more independent in life. On the other hand, parents should be sensible enough to give their children more freedom to deal with troubles and problems. Only by undergoing more challenges and toils in adversity can young people cultivate strong personality and ability, and only in this way can they become winners in this competitive world.

  7. 02 年范文: 年范文:
The picture vividly depicts a lovely American girl in traditional Chinese costume with a sweet smile on her face. She wears ribbons, necklaces and other accessories that are characteristic of the clothes of a certain Chinese minority group. Undoubtedly, the costume has added oriental charm/glamour to her beautiful look/appearance/features. What the picture conveys goes far beyond only/merely a new fashion trend. Instead, it carries cultural meanings/implications as well. The fact that people from different countries are attracted to mysterious Chinese culture indicates that to some extent a culture can be accepted, respected, appreciated and shared internationally. In other words, a nation's unique/distinctive culture can become international through worldwide economic and cultural exchanges. Since the trend of globalization become irresistible, the increasing cultural exchanges can effectively improve mutual understanding and friendship. It i


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