科技英语翻译 480 句
科技英语翻译 480 句 (一)时间 一,时间
  1. When a wire is broken by bending it back and forth rapidly, some of the work is transformed into heat and the wire gets hot. 当把导线快速地(通过)来回弯曲折断时,部分功就转换成热,所以导线变热.
  2. When the moon changes it position, so do the orientation of the tide-generating forces and the position of the equilibrium tide. 当月亮的位置改变时,引潮力的取向和平衡潮的位置也改变了.
  3. The water vapor will chang from its invisible state to condense into visible moisture when the dew point temprature is reched. 当露点温度达到时,水气将从其看不见的状态凝结成可见的水分.
  4.When a user requests a set of resources, it must be determined whether the allocation of these resources will leave the system in safe state. 当用户要求一组资源时,必须确定这些资源的分配是否会让系统处于安全状态.
  5.As the number of users sharing the segment increases, so does the difficulty of finding an acceptable segment number. 当合同程序段的用户数目增加时,查找可接受的程序段的号码的困难也增加.
  6. The aire pressure begins falling accordingly as a typhoon comes near. 随着台风的临近,气压开始下降.
  7.While they are waiting in the ready queue, the I/O devices are idle. 当它们在就绪队列中等待时,输入/输出装置则空闲着.
  8. At the same time the waves are fanning out, they are also separating by wavelength, a process
known as dispersion. 当这些波向外扩散时,它们也在按波长分开,这一过程叫频散.
  9.Current stars flowing at the very moment when we close the circuit. 当我们一接通线路,电流马上就开始出现.
  10. Meteorlogy entered a period of rapid advance about the time the Bjerknes' cyclone model appeared. 大约在 Bjerknes 的气旋模型问世前后,气象学进入了一个迅速发展的时期.
  11. While in the form of radiation, the energy may travel a tremendous distance before being absorbed or changed back into heat. 当能量以辐射能形式存在时,可以在经过很长距离后,才被吸收或转化为热.
  12. When moving over land, a typhoon is gradually decreased in severity. 当台风在陆地上移动时,其猛烈性逐渐减弱.
  13. It is only when particles are close enough to exert relatively large forces on one another that they are able to set each other into this type of vibration. 只有当粒子紧密到能够相互施加较大的力时,它们才能使彼此产生这样的振动.
  14.Only when its melting-point temperature is reached does iron start to pass into a liquid. 只有当熔点温度达到时,铁才开始变成液体.
  15. Only if the component vectors are on a straight line will the length of the vector for the sum be equal to the sum of the lengths of these components or to thier difference. 只有当几个分矢量在一直线上, 那么表示其和的矢量长度才会等于这些分量的长度和或它们 的差.
  16. Whenever occasion arises intensive observations are to be done to get the information on the fine structure of the atmospheric event. 每当必要时,应该进行加密观测以便获得这一大气事件的细微结构的资料.
  17. Whenever a wave moves out from a source in uniform medium, it travels in straight lines.
  18. Each time the current changes directions, a period of no current, known as slack water, intervenes. 每当潮流改变方向时,中间都有一段叫做平潮的无潮流阶段.
  19.As a rule, the temperature in the troposhere decreases steadily with increasing altitude until the tropopause is reached. 通常对流层温度直到对流层顶都是随高度增加而不断地减小的.
  20. The jetstream was not fully recognized as a meteorological entity until 19
  49. 直到1949年急流才作为一种气象实体现象为人们充分认识到.
  21. The seeds did not start germinating until late March becasue of a long spell of drought. 由于一段很长时间的干旱直到3月下旬这些种子才开始发芽.
  22. Not until August 1974 did the expeditionary obervations begin. 直到1974年8月考察(探险)活动才开始.
  23. A piece of metal left in the sun rises in temperature until it loses heat at the same rate at while it absorbs heat. 一片放在阳光下的金属,其温度要上升到它吸收热量和失去热量的速率相等时才停止.
  24. In the simplest case, we start the requested I/O and wait until it iscomplete before returning control to the user program. 在最简单的情况下,我们启动一个 I/O 请求,且一直等到它实现再(才)使控制器返回到用 户程序.
  25. The weather remained the same until after June. 那种天气一直维持到6月以后.
  26. By the time witer begins, coastal waters are thoroughly mixed, with virtually no temperture or salinity differences between surface and bottom waters. 到冬季快要开始的时候, 沿岸的海水已经彻底混合, 表层和底层的水几乎没有什么温度差和 盐度差了.

  27. If there is a page fault, all the old values are written back into memory before the trap occurs. 如果有页面错误,则在自陷中断产生之前,所有原来的数值都要写回存储器.
  28.Such observations must be processed before we can utilize them. 在我们能应用这些观测资料之前,它们必须进行处理.
  29. But thirty years were to elapse before suitable instruments were available to allow adetailed and systematic investigation. 但是竟然过了30年才出现了适用的仪器让我们对之进行细微的系统的考察.
  30. It was a few years before a breakthrough was made in this field. 过了几年在这一领域才有了突破.
  31. Small objects such as dust particles and water droplets fall only small distances before losing most of their acceleration. 向尘埃和小水滴这种小物体只下降很短距离就失去它们的大部分加速度。
  32. Ship may have to wait for days before finding a time when incoming waves and tidal currents are right, permitting them to enter the harbor with safety. 船只必须等待多日才能等到合适的波和潮流,从而使得它们能安全地进港。
  33. After the concept of temperature became understood, there were many years of scientific development before the read nature of hest was established. 在人们理解了温度的概念以后,又经过多年的科学研究确定了热的真正性质。
  34. Even after air masses move far from their original breeding ground source, they may still be recognized by their characteristics. 即使在气团远离其原来的生成源地以后,它们仍然可根据其属性而被识别出来。
  35. Since the computer came into being science and technology have made great advances. 自计算机问世以来,科学技术已取得巨大进展。
  36. Cold fog dispersal has been an operational success in the U.S. since 19
  63. 美国自 1963 年以来,冷雾消散在实际操作上一直是成功的。

  37. Fog dispersal research has since followed the line. 自那时以来消雾研究一直遵循这个方向。
  38. It is only since the 1980s that much attention has been given to the phenomenon. 只是从 80 年代以来,人们才很重视这一现象。
  39. As soon as the tropopause is reached, temperature stops decreasing with height. 一达到对流层,温度就停止随高度上升。
  40. The study of electricity had hardly begun when Franklin, in 1752, conducted his dangerous kite experiment in a thunderstorm, founding the science of atmospheric electricity. 电学研究刚一开始,富兰克林就于 1752 年在雷暴云中进行了危险的风筝试验,从而奠定了 大气电学的基础。
  41. The data had no sooner been charted than analysis was started. 资料刚在图上填完,分析就开始了。
  42. Sprinkling creates water particles in the air that reduce outgoing radiation, but plant temperature declines immediately on cessation of the operation. 喷洒在空气中产生小水滴, 它们使射出辐射减小, 但是喷洒一停止, 植物本身温度立刻下降。
  43. Upon reaching this level, temperature no longer increases with altitude. 一达到这个高度,气温就不再随高度上升。
  44. Once the cold water enters the flack, the vapor pressure falls quickly. 一旦冷水进入长颈瓶,水气压就迅速下降。
  45. Once common functions are written in assembly language they could then be copied into a new program without having to be written again. 一旦用汇编语言来编写公用程序,它们就不必重新书写而可被复制到新的程序中去。
  46. In our experiment, heavy rain was received shortly after the plots were (had been) drilled. 在我们的试验中,这几块地条播后不久就下了大雨。

  47. It was found that on light clays, no-till planting may begin 1?2dayss sooner after rain than conventional planting. 人们发现在淡色粘土地里,雨后免耕栽种可比常规栽种早一两天。
  48. Even in such a system, gross statistical divergence of two nearly identical initial states will occur, sometimes in a week. 即使在这样一个系统中,近乎相同的两初始状态有时在一周后在总体统计上也会发生差异。
  49. As far back as 1920s attention was directed towards the problem. 早在 20 年代,人们就注意这一问题了。
  50. First comes a gradual change in water level, the forerunner, a few hours ahead of the storm’s arrival. 首先出现水位的逐渐变化,这是风暴到达前几小时的先兆。
  51. Prior to the 1960s knowledge of the atmosphere above about 30 km was based largely on inferences from ground-based observations. 在 60 年代以前, 人们关于 30 公里左右以上的高空大气知识主要是根据地基观测推断得到的。
  52. Even today, specific forecasts are only made for the period of 3 to 5 days in advance. 即使今天也只能对未来 3?5 天的天气作出具体的预报。
  53. The 500-hPa height field shows a well-developed blocking high over the Gulf of Alaska, which lasts another seven days. 500 百帕高度场表明,在阿拉斯加海湾上空有一发展得很好的阻塞高压,后来它又持续了 7 天
  54. Such averages are usually taken over a period of time, such as an hour, a day, a month, or a year. 这种平均值通常是对一段时间如 1 小时,1 天,1 月,1 年所取的。
  55. The experiment was conducted in the summer of 19
  77. 该试验于 1977 年夏进行。

  56. In early spring when temperature is too low to favor the growth and development of the plants so that they have to remain in the greenhouse. 在早春此时气温很低,不利于这些植物的生长发育,因此它们还必须留在温室中。
  57. During periods of light winds or reduced river flow coastal current often become so weak as to be barely discernible. 在淡淡轻风或河道流量减小时,海岸流变得很弱,几乎看不出来。
  58. During the 19th century, the theories of tidal and acoustic gravity oscillations were subjects of great interest. 在 19 世纪,潮汐振荡和声重力振荡的理论曾经是饶有兴趣的课题。
  59. How often observations are made, and how widely they are spaced, depend on the scale of the atmospheric events about which information is desired. 隔多久进行一次观测,这些测值(代表台站)相距多远取决于所要取得资料的大气事件的尺 度。
  60. Periods of precipitation are referred to as the “active” monsoon, and the lulls in between are called monsoon “break”. 有降水发生的时期叫做季风活跃期,而它们之间的静息期叫做季风中断。
  61. Such currents may form, disappear, or change flow direction within a matter of hours or days. 这样一些洋流的形成、消失或改变流向可能发生在大约几小时或几天内。
  62. The weather will be hot and dry from now on till the end of August for this region. 这一地区天气从现在到 8 月底将是炎热干燥的。
  63. Spring tides occur every two weeks, usually within a few days of the new and full moon. 春潮每间隔 1 周出现 1 次,通常出现在离开新月和满月几天之内。
  64. These vortices developed within 30 minutes or so of each other. 这些涡旋的产生彼此相隔半小时左右。
  65. In a time-sharing system, it is very important that each user get a share of the CPU at regular intervals.
  66. These stations may report weather intervals of an hour or even less to warn of approaching weather dangers. 这些台站可以 1 小时或不到 1 小时报告 1 次天气以警告(人们注意)危险天气的临近。
  67. Plants were measured for height of the tallest leaf at monthly intervals from May to September. 从 5 月到 9 月每月测量植物最高叶的高度 1 次
  68. The dataset consists of twice daily 500-hPa height analyses from the U.S. National Meteorological Center for the 20 winters 1962/1963 through 1981/19
  82. 所用资料集为美国国家气象中心关于 1962/1963 到 1981/1982 期间 20 个



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