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Brief Introduction
Development of Hollywood
The feature attractions of Hollywood
Hollywood Film
Brief Introduction 简介 ? Hollywood,which situated in the west coast of the United States of California in Los Angeles on the outskirts, is a beautiful place. ? Due to its fame, culture and the association with film studios(工作室) and movie stars, the word “Hollywood” is most often referred to the American film industry.
Brief Introduction 简介 ? Now , Hollywood is not only the place where the global fashion originated but also the heartland of the music and the film industry in all over the world , with the world’s top leisure industry and luxury brand .
Most Famous Film Companies 著名电影公司
?Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ?(MGM) ?米高梅电影公司 米高梅电影公司
Most Famous Film Companies 著名电影公司
?Warner Brothers Pictures ?华纳兄弟电影公司 华纳兄弟电影公司
?Walt Disney Company ?迪士尼电影公司 迪士尼电影公司
Most Famous Film Companies 著名电影公司
?Paramount Pictures ?派拉蒙电影公司 派拉蒙电影公司
?20th Century Fox Corporation ?二十世纪福克斯电影公司 二十世纪福克斯电影公司
Most Famous Film Companies 著名电影公司
?Universal Pictures ?环球电影公司 环球电影公司
?Columbia Pictures ?哥伦比亚电影公司 哥伦比亚电影公司
Brief Introduction 简介 ? As a important part of the big Los Angeles, Hollywood has no municipal departments for itself , but it has a appointed official act as the “Honorary Mayor” which is for some ceremony only. Johnny Grant is the previous mayor of Hollywood.
<--Johnny Grant He had been the Mayor of Hollywood position for decades until his death in 20
Development of Hollywood 好莱坞发展史 ? In the year of 1853, Hollywood is only a house. After a period about 17years, it became a prosperous farmland until a land agent called Harvey Wilcox buy a
  0.6s.q lot in the countryside. ? When his wife is on a tour, she heard a person who came from the place called Hollywood and she likes this name very much. So she plant a multitude of hollys which came from England in his husband farm and named it “Hollywood. .
Development of Hollywood 好莱坞发展史 ? Wilcox registered this name in the district government in 1887 and he wants to build a small city here. ? It had already has a post office 、one newspaper office、one hotel and two markets until 1900 and the citizens here is about 500 . ? In 1902,the first part of the Hollywood Hotel opened. ? And in 1903 it upgraded to a city,and all the 177 people who has the vote right agree to name the city as “Hollywood”.
Development of Hollywood 好莱坞发展史 ? The Los Angeles subway combined these two citys in 19
  99.6 ? In the year of 2002 the citizens in Hollywood launch a campaign to make the Hollywood indepent instead of one part of Los Angeles. In 1902,the first part of the Hollywood Hotel opened. ? The Hollywood government decided to let all the citizens to take a vote . The independent campaign was denied by the majorities.
The feature attractions of Hollywood 好莱坞名胜 ? One of the Hollywood's most important attractions is Chinese theatre, which located in Hollywood boulevard, attracting travellers all over the world to see the footprint of stars.
The feature attractions of Hollywood 好莱坞名胜 ? Sunset Blvd is a commercial street,it is located in the west Hollywood. You can see fashionable clothing stores, restaurants and cafes everywhere. ? And in the evening, here's another scene. Various nightclub, discos attracted hordes of young people.
The feature attractions of Hollywood 好莱坞名胜 ? The Hollywood Walk of Fame(好莱坞星光大道) was created in 1958 as a tribute(致敬) to artists working outstandingly in the entertainment industry.
Hollywood Film 好莱坞电影 ? The first studio in Hollywood was established in 1911 by film workers from New Jersey, who wanted to make westerns(西部片) in California. ? After that, more and more studios were located in Hollywood. By 1911, Los Angeles was second only to New York in film production.
Hollywood Film 好莱坞电影 Famous Stars
Nicolas Cage
Johnny Depp
Angelina Jolie
Nicole Kidman
The Others 小岛惊魂
Tomb Raider 古墓丽影
National Treasure 国家宝藏
Pirates of the Caribbean 加勒比海盗
Hollywood Film 好莱坞电影 Famous Stars
Tom Hanks
DiCaprio Leonardo
Julie Andrews
Vivien Leiqh
Gone With The wind 乱世佳人
the sound of music 音乐之声
Forrest Gump 阿甘正传
Titanic 泰坦尼克号
Hollywood Film 好莱坞电影 Famous Directors
George Lucas Steven Spielberg James Cameron Peter Jackson
Nicole Kidman Star War 星球大战 Schindler's List 辛德勒的名单 Avatar 阿凡达 The Lord of the Rings 指环王



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   1. 无线网状网的首次应用是在社区接入网中,例如在加州的Cerritos社区,采用德洲Tropos Networks或Garland的设备,由NexGen City部署建网,所用的专用芯片来自MeshNetworks. ASIC=Application Specific Integrated Circuit为专门目的而设计的集成电路 2. 变压器是一种利用互感原理的重要实用装置。 3. 在19世纪,潮汐震荡和声重力震荡的理论曾经是饶有兴趣的课题4.增加了对成本极小化的刺激,成本更具透明度。 5 ...


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