Period 1
Look at the following pictures
water pollution
air pollution
Think about the following questions
1 What is the biggest problem facing the earth? Why do you think so? 2 What causes the problem? 3 What can we do to solve the problem?
  1. I think water pollution is the biggest problem facing the earth. Because people will not be able to get clean water to drink; therefore, many people will get sick and even die. Key
  2. People pay no attention to our environment. More and more polluted water is piped into rivers, lakes and seas without any treatment. Key
  3. I think our government should take measures to protect our environment. And we also should do our best to protect it.
Part1 1 Why is she giving this speech?
To celebrate Earth Day; to talk about serious problems; to ask people to take action
2 What does she think the most serious problem is? Water pollution/protect our water 3 What does she say we should do about it? Learn to take better care of our water. 1 Stop polluting our water 2 Learn to save water in our daily life 3
the Earth Summit
Part 2
Outline the speaker’s arguments.
Argument 1: We should Argument2: We must stop polluting our take better care of our water. Problem: water We are polluting water at an alarming We must be more careful when we pace. Cars, factories, and air conditions use our water. water pollute the air and We must Solutions: 1 We must change the way we think use modern technology. and the way we live.2 Let’s not drive if If work together and share we can walk or ride a bike.3 Let’s try we what we know not to use air conditioners more than , will be building a better what is absolutely necessary. 4 let’s not we us. future for all of buy products that cause pollution. 5
Let’s make new rules and use new technology to make sure that factories are green and clean.
Work in groups. Read about the situation and write role cards for the discussion. Use the role cards to discuss the situation and decide what to do. Situation: A meeting is being held in an area where there is a lot of coal. Coal is a valuable resource that can be used to produce energy, but it can also cause serious pollution. You will attend the meeting and discuss the issue.
A bussinessman: You think that we should burn the coal because…. An environmentalist:You do not think we should burn the coal because… A scientist: You think that we should spend more money on science so that we can use the coal in a better way , because… A local citizen: We must burn the coal so that we can get money to develop our area as soon as possible, because… A local leader: You want to do what is best for everybody. Listen to all the speakers. Take notes, summarise and help the speakers decide.
useful expression
We must make sure that… I’m all for… Sure/Certainly/ It’s clear that… If nothing is done…, Absolutely I believe that we must… then… It would better I can’t imagine that… if we… Is there a better way to…
For example:
A: a businessman B: an environmentalist C: a scientist D: a local citizen L: a local leader L: Now, we’re having a meeting to decide whether we should burn coal. Please tell us your opinions. A: I think we should burn the coal to earn money. We can pay taxes to the government. How can our country develop quickly without money? B: But burning coal causes too much pollution to our environment. It pollutes the air badly. Air pollution can affect our health in many ways. Can money buy health? If nothing is done to stop pollution, we will have no fresh air to breathe and no good environment to live.
C: Quite right. I don’t think we should burn the coal. We should spend more money on science to find a better way of using the coal. After having found out the way to burn it without pollution, not only can we burn the coal, but also we can protect our environment. D: What you said is right. But if we want to develop our area as soon as possible, we must burn the coal to get money. If we stop using the coal to wait for you to find a new way, how can we develop our area?


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