2009?? ??2010 学年第二学期期中质量检测 ??

  1. I don’t like
  2. My classroom is on the
  3. Who’s the one in the
at all,I like floor. ? He is Tom. , I’ll
小六英语试卷 六英语试卷
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  4. When I grow up, I will be a
  5. I am the
  6. Eve is walking in our class. a . .
a big school.
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  7. I am a 听力部分(40 听力部分(40 分) 一、选出你听到的单词。(10 分) 选出你听到的单词 ( ( ( )
  1. A.come )
  2. A.for )
  3. A.along )
  4. A.snow )
  5. A.bring )
  6. A.watch )
  7. A.shirt )
  8. A.lake )
  9. A.rain )
  10.A.wind B.become B.foot B.long B.now B.ring B.wash B.skirt B.make B.rainy B.winter C.some C.floor C.longer C.know C.spring C.what C.third C.cake C.runner C.windy (
笔试部分( 笔试部分(60 分)
四、写出下列单词的适当形式(20 分)。 写出下列单词的适当形式
  1. big(比较级)
  3. large(最高级)
  5. nine(序数词)
  7. fat(最高级)
  4. teach(名词)
  6. twelve(序数词)
封 考号
( ( ( ( ( (
五、选择填空(20 分) 选择填空 ( )
  1.China is one of A. largest B. the largest countries in the world. C. larger the people.

二、听录音,选择正确的汉语翻译。(10 分) 听录音,选择正确的汉语翻译 ( ( )
  1.A.今天的天气怎么样? )
  2.A.三月十二号植树节。 )
  3.A.我要成为一位工人。 )
  4.A.六三班在一楼。 )
  5.A.你们班谁跑得最快? B.明天的天气怎么样? B.三月十二号去植树。 B.我要去工作。 B.三六班在一楼。 B.你们三个谁跑得最快?

  2.Plants are very important A. to B. for C. on of the three? B. highest C. high

  3.Who jumps A. higher
( ( (

  4.My sister is A. talking B. talk
with her teacher. C. speak
三、听录音,填入所缺的单词。(20 分,每空 2 分) 听录音,填入所缺的单词
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  5.I’ll still A. come home
to see my mama. B go back C. go out (
A.is )
  18.They A. doing ( it. ( )
  19.Where is A. eight )
  20.The girl A. in
B.isn’t their homework now. B.is doing

  6.They will A. plant B. grow
trees on the hills behind our school. C. plants the monkey, but I cannot C. look…… find
C. are doing student?

) am going to go out to
  7.I A. find……look for
C.the eighth
B. look for……find snow. C. on tomorrow. C. rainy
the red shirt is Lucy. B.at C.on

  8.It’s fun to walk A. in B.at

  9.It will be A. sun B. wind
六、选词填空(10 分) 选词填空
  1.The will do water.
  2.An elephant is much
  3.They are going to
  4.Sunday is the C. May 5th rain will rain. 七、选择填空。(10 分). 选择填空 It’s earth and sand. March , Tree Planting Day. Look, there are trees. Trees are very C.24th C. too C. behind C. planting C.worse people
  5. Are they best to protect trees and plants.(they, their) than a monkey.(strong, stronger ) the Great Wall.( climbing, climb) day of a week.(first, seventh) down too many plants?( cut, cutting)

  10.Birds make the lakes full A.of B. in C. on

  11. What is today’s date?It’s A. March 26 B. 3rd April wind comes, the B. strong……heavy

  12.When the A. strong…..big C. heavy…..strong

  13.Plants and trees can stop the wind from A. flowing away B. blow up C. blowing up
the hills. They are
  5.( )A.12th )A. much )A. in )A. plant
for the people.
B. twelve B. many B. on B. grow B. good

  14.October is the A. tenth B. eleventh
month in a year. C. eighth ? C.his . C.their

  15.Whose bag is bigger ,yours or A.he B.him
)A. important

  16.He gets on one of A.them B.they it?

  17.It’s fine,
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