课堂英语教师口语用语 200 句
Beginning a class ( 开始上课)
  1. Let's start class. =It's time for class. 上课
  2. Hello, boys and girls / children.同学们好
  3. Good morning /afternoon, boys and girls / teacher/同学们/老师们,早晨好/下午 好
  4.Stand up / Sit down, please.起立/请坐
  5. Who is on duty today? 今天谁值日?
  6. Is everyone / everybody here /present? 大家都出席了吗?
  7. Is anyone anybody absent? 有人缺席吗?
  8. Who's absent? 谁没来?
  9. Let's begin our class. 咱们上课吧.
  10. We'll start / begin a new lesson today.今天我们讲学习新课.
  11. What day is it today? 今天星期几?
  12. What's the weather like today? 今天的天气怎么样? In Class ( 课堂上)
  13.Let's begin a new lesson.. 们开始学新课.
  14. We'll learn something new .我们讲学新知识.
  15. Let's learn some new words/ sentences. 咱们学些新单词/句子
  16. Let's review what we learned yesterday.咱们复习一下昨天学过的内容.
  17. Ready? Are you ready? 准备好了吗?
  18. Start. 开始
  19. All together.大家一起来.
  20. Read all together now.大家一起读.
  21. Sit down ,please.请坐端正.
  22. Stop talking. don't talk.不许说话.
  23. Be quiet, please.请安静.
  24. Look at my mouth, please.请看我的口型.
  25. Quickly, /be quick, please. 请迅速点.
  26. Hurry. Hurry up, please. = Please a little faster.请快点.
  27. Do you understand? = Do you follow me 听懂了吗?
  28. Can you follow me? 你能听懂我的话吗?
  29. Is that clear? 听清楚了吗?
  30. Listen, please.请听.
  31. Please listen to me. 请注意听我说.
  32. Please listen to the tape recorder/ to the recording. 请听录音.
  33. Listen carefully, please.请仔细听.
  34. Look carefully.仔细看.
  35. Please look at the blackboard/picture/ slide.请看黑板/幻灯片.
  36. Please answer my questions.请回答我的问题.
  37. Can you spell the word....? 你能拼读这个单词吗?
  38. Spell the word...., please.请拼读这个单词.

  39. Pay attention to your spelling/pronunciation.注意你的拼写/发音.
  40. Say after me, please.请跟我说.
  41. Read after me, please.请跟我读.
  42. Try to keep up with me, please.请跟我学.
  43. Please say it again.请再说一遍.
  44. Please repeat/ Once more, please/ again please.请再作一次.
  45. Who's going to ... ?谁准备.........?
  46. Who wants to...? 谁想要.............?
  47. Please come to the front.请到前面来.
  48. In pairs, please.请两人一组练习.
  49. Practice in groups, please/ In groups , please.请按小组练习
  50. Any volunteers?有谁自愿做这件事吗?
  51. Let's do it. One by one ,please.请一个接一个地做.
  52. Now you, please. =Would you, please? = It's your turn now! = you want to try? 请你来
  53. Next, please.请下一个.
  54. Now ( you) do the same.现在你做同一个.
  55. Put up your hands, please. / raise your hands, please.请举手.
  56. Put down your hands, please. / Hands down, please.请放下手.
  57. Put it/ them into Chinese/English.把它们译成汉语./英语.
  58. In English, please.请用英语.
  59. What's this in English/ Chinese? 这个用英语/汉语怎么说?
  60. Please take out your books.请拿出你们的书.
  61. Please open your books to page.请打开书,翻到 46 页.
  62. Turn to page
  4.翻到第 4 页.
  63. Close your books ,please.请把书和上.
  64. Who can pronounce this correctly? 谁能发这个音?
  65. Please say this letter/ word/ sentence to the class.请读出这个字母/单词/句 子.
  66. How do you read this sound / letter/ word? 你怎么读这个字母/单词的音?
  67. Pardon? I can't hear you clearly. Louder, please.请原谅.我没能听清你的话请 大点声.
  68. Please to back to your seat. 请回到你的座位上去.
  69. Who can help him/her? 谁能帮助他?
  70. Will you please help me? 请你帮助我好吗?
  71. Can you try? / Try, please/do you want to try it? =Think it over and try another Answer. = Think it over and then give me your answer. 你能试一下吗?请再试一下
  72. Don't be afraid.别害怕.
  73. Don't be shy.别害羞.
  74. Think it over and try again.仔细想一下,再试.
  75. Try your best. / Do your best.尽力/尽你最大努力.
  76. Let's have a dictation.咱们听写吧.
  77. Is this right or wrong? / Is this correct? 这个是对还是错?这个正确吗?

Is it easy/ difficult? 它容易/难吗? Stop here. / Now stop.到此为止. Go on, please.请继续. Let's sing an English song.咱们产一首英文歌. Let's act. /Let's act the dialogue. =Who would like to act out the dialogue? 然咱们表演/表演对话.
  83. Who wants to be A? 谁想演 A?
  84. Now tom will be A and I will be B.现在汤姆演 A,我演 B.
  85. It's your turn.轮到你了.
  86. Whose turn is it? 该轮到谁了?
  87. Wait your turn, please.请等等,就轮到你了.
  88.Stand in line.站成一排.
  89. Please get your things ready. 请把你的东西准备好.
  90. Please put away your things.请把你的东西收拾好.
  91. Practice the dialogue, please.请练习这个对话.
  92. Ask each other questions.互相问问题.
  93. Think it over.仔细想.
  94. This half of the class will be/read/act/play A and the other half will be B. 班级这一半扮演 A,另一半扮演 B. COMMENTING(评论)
  95. good. Thank you.好的,谢谢. 96, Right/ That's right.对
  97. OK/ That's OK.对
  98. Good. / very good.好/非常好.
  99. That's wrong.错了. 1
  00. Excellent. / Great. / Well done.优秀/太好了/做得好. 1
  01. You've done well.你做得很好. 1
  02. I'm sure you'll be even better next lesson/ next time. 我相信下节课/下次你会做得更好.Exercise and homework. ( 练习和作业) 1
  03. We'll do Exercises 1 and
  2.我们将做练习一和练习二. 1
  04. For today's homework. say Hello to each other.今天的作业.互相说:Hello. 1
  05. Do it orally before write it out.在写之前作口头练习. 1
  06. Write down the word twice.把这个单词抄写两遍. 1
  07. Do your best. (I 'll do everything I can.)尽最大努力写好. 1
  08. Try your best.尽最大努力.=I will do everything I can. 1
  09. Remember/Memorize these words.用心学好这些单词. 1
  10. Next time we'll have a dictation/ spelling test. 我们下次将举行听写/拼写 测验. 1
  11. Please hand in your workbooks.请把你的作业交上来. 1
  12. The bell is ringing.铃声响了. 1
  13. There goes the bell.铃声响了 1
  14. Class is over.下课了. 1
  15. Time is up. Let's stop here.时间到了,就到这吧. 1
  16. That's all for today.今天就到这.
  17. Come to / Ask me if you have questions.如果你有问题,就来问我. 1
  18. Goodbye. / Bye, See you next time.再见/下次见. Useful words and expressions in teaching(一般教学用语) 1
  19.Aim of education 教育目的 1
  20.teaching plan(s)教学计划 1
  21. teaching principles 教学原则 1
  22. syllabus.教学大纲 1
  23.classroom teaching.课堂教学 1
  24.on-site teaching.现场教学 1
  25.open class/ demonstration class.公开课/观摩课教学 1
  26.A teaching summary.教学小结 1
  27.to help the student make up the lessons 补课 1
  28.Teaching notes.教案 1
  29. Teaching aim and requirements/objectives.教学目的和要求 1
  30.Key teaching points/ focal points.教学重点 1
  31. Difficult points.难点 1
  32.General review.总复习 1
  33.Answer key.标准答案 1
  34.to sit in on each other's class. /to visit each other's class.互相听课 1
  35. To prepare lessons.备课 1
  36.to prepare lessons together.集体备课 1
  37. to go over exam papers 评阅试卷 1
  38. test/ quiz 小测验 1
  39.mid-term exam 期中考试 1
  40. Final exam/term exam 期末考试 1
  41.Oral exam=spoken test .口试 1
  42. Written exam 笔试 1
  43.Makeup exam/ supplementary exam 补考 1
  44.grade.分数 1
  45.excellent 优秀 1
  46.good 良 1
  47.average 中 1
  48.fail 劣 1
  49.English Contest.英语竞赛 1
  50. above average=good 良 fail=poor.劣
(二) 日常用语 GREETINGS 日常问候
  2. Hello/ hi How are you?
  3. I'm fine. Thank you. Yourself? farewells: 告别

  4. Goodbye bye see you later. / Tomorrow. See you see ya Good night. making telephone calls 打电话
  5. Hello! May I speak to....?
  6. Hold on, please. He isn't here right now.
  7. I'm calling to tell / ask you......
  8. Goodbye. Thanks and responses 感谢和应答
  9. Thank you very much.
  10. Thanks a lot.
  11. Many thanks / thanks for.....
  12. You're welcome. / that's all right. Wishes, congratulations and responses. 祝愿,祝贺和应答
  13. Good luck.
  14. Best wishes to you. / have a good time. / Congratulations
  15. Thank ya.
  16. Happy New Year. Merry Christmas
  17. The same to you. Same to you. Apologies and responses.道歉和应答.
  18. Can I help you? = what can I do for you? = would you like some....= how can I help you?
  19. Thanks. / That would be nice / fine/ thank you for your help. / Yes, please.
  20. No, thanks/ thank you. / that's very kind of you, but... TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER.谈论天气
  21. What's the weather like today? = How's the weather in...?
  22. Its fine...... SHOPPING.购物
  23. Can I help you with sth? = May/ can I help you?
  24. I want / I'd like.......
  25...ow much is it?
  26. How many / much do you want?
  27. What color / size / kind / do you want? ASKING THE WAY AND RESPONSES 问路和应答.
  28. Excuse me, where's the men's / ladies' room?
  29. Excuse me, can you tell me the way to.....?
  30. How can I get to......?
  31. I don't know the way.
  32. Go down this street.
  33. Turn right/ left at the first / second crossing.
  34. It's about..... Meters from here. ASKING THE TIME OR DATE AND REPONSES 询问日期,时间和应答.

What day is it today? What's the date today? What's the time, please? Its Monday...... Its Jan. 10th It's five o'clock PROHIBITIONS AND WARNINGS 禁止和警告
  40. You can't If you......., you will....
  41... Take care! Be careful! SEEING THE DOCTOR 看病
  42. There's something wrong with.... I've got a cough. I feel bad/ sick. I don't feel well. I've got a pain here
  43. Take this medicine three times a day. Nothing serious. You'll be all right/ well soon. LANGUAGE DIFFICULITIES 处理交际中的语言障碍
  44. Pardon.
  45. Please say that again
  46. Please say that more slowly.
  47. What do you mean by.....?
  48. I'm sorry I can't follow you.
  49. I'm sorry I only know a little English.
  50. Pardon me?!



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