2009 年 6 月英语三级考试 A 级真题及答案
Keys: Part I 答案: 答案:1-5:CDAAB
  11.last month complaints. 6-10: CBDBA
  12.were quite reliable
  13.it took too long to settle their

  14.were not always friendly

  15.come up with a plan within one week. 来源: Part II 答案: 答案:16-20:DBACB 21-25:ADACD

  27.introduction lived


  35.left 来
答案: 答案:36-40:DAACB 答 案 :
  46.tuition career
41-45:DCBAB 来源:
  48.pocket money
  49.own educational

  50.February 1,2009
答案: 答案:
  55.G,I 答案:
  56.Fourteen weeks 答案: skills
  59.an online catalog
  57.sales support activities
  58.bussiness communication

  60.an interview 来 答案: 答案:61-64:DABD 65:市政府意识到居民有新的需求。为了更好地满足您的
需求,我们于 2009 年已添加了新的社区设施。西去郊区的火车站已经增加了三 站;现在城市的各个角落都设有宽带网;市图书馆购进
  5,000 本新书;市医院 安装了新的医疗设备。明年我们将尽力使您的生活更美好。
2009 年 12 月英语三级考试 A 级真题及答案
Part I
答案: 答案:1-5:DCBAB 6-10:CCABD
  14. safety glasses
  15. Smoking 来源

  11. Production
  12. The factory
  13. 10 / ten
答案: 答案:16-20:ADDAC

  26. to make
  27. putting
  28. easier
  29. will be discussed / is to be discussed / should be discussed
  30. occasionally
  31. advanced
  32. correcting
  33. complaint
  34. were interviewed
  35. brought 来 答案:36-40:ABDDA 41-45:CCADB 来 答案: 答案: 答案:
  51. A, J
  52. I, B
  53. E, P
  54. D, O
  55. F, Q 答案: 答案:
  56. (The) after-sales manager
  57. a lawyer
  58. Employment Service Office
  59. 1 June, 2009
  60. (automatically) withdrawn 答案: 答案:61-64:DCAB 65:谢谢您,布莱克先生。被任命为海外销售部经理,我感到极大的荣幸。坦白说,
这次升迁令我十分意外。我想这主要是整个团队的功劳。我要感谢公司全体同仁们的支持与努力。由于他 们的努力,我们海外的一些项目已经顺利的启动了。展望未来,尽管我将在管理层工作,我仍希望与大家 保持联系。 答案: 答案:Dear Mr.Smith, I'm Mark Zhang. I met you for the first time during Guangzhou Trade Fair recently. I'm interested in your new mobile. Could you please give me some information about the new product that produced by your firm? Please tell me the specifications as well as the color about the mobile. Also I hope you can tell something about the price and functions. I'm confident in the market situation of your new product. I hope we can have a nice and lasting cooperation. Yours, sincerely Zhang 来源:考试大-国家英语三级考试站



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