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day, students, One day, an English teacher said to his students,“A noun is the name of a person or a thing 。 Who can give a
noun? noun?” said, cow! A boy stood up and said, “A cow!” The noun? noun?” cow。 proudly。 “Another cow。” The boy said proudly。 teacher said , “Very good , another
On Oct.12 , 2005 China launched its second Shenzhoumanned space mission 。 It is Shenzhou-6 that carried two astronauts into the space。 The two space 。 Haisheng。 astronauts are Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng 。 Now China’s heroes。 they have been China’s space heroes。 ago, ShenzhouTwo years ago, China launched Shenzhou-5 into the space 。 It carried Yang Liwei , our former space hero 。 ShenzhouShenzhou-6 has much improvement in its reliability and safety compared with Shenzhouthe one for Shenzhou-
  6。 Now , China has become the third country that can launched the manned space mission 。 The first county is Russia and the second one is America。 On Apr.
  12,1961 Russia America。 Apr.
  12, space。 launched the first manned space mission into the space 。 On Jul.
  16, moon。 Jul.
  16,1969 America astronauts flew onto the moon。 In our traditional legend , Chang ’ e can fly onto the moon 。 And we alaways hope to see the dream moon on our own eyes 。 Maybe this dream will come ture soon 。 We believe our soon, astronauts will fly onto the moon soon , and the human beings will have a moon。 wonderful trip on the moon。
A Crow
One day a crow finds a piece of meat 。 She picks it up in her mouth and flies to a tall tree。 She is just going to eat the meat when a fox sees her。 He comes and stands under the “ ” tree and says : How pretty you are ! You must be the prettiest bird in the world。 ” The crow is very pleased by these words 。 Then the fox speaks again , “ I can see your pretty face,but voice 。 Why do not I have not heard your you sing a song?” very happy 。 She This makes the crow begins to sing 。 As opens her mouth and drops the meat 。 she opens her mouth , she The fox picks up the meat at once and goes away with it。 Kind words are not always as kind as they seem。
同音词大聚会 同音词大聚会

  8. dear(亲爱的)/deer(母鹿)
  12.meet(遇见)/meat(肉) 六.一班 方傲



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