姓名 分数 一. 将下列动词变为过去式。 speak come learn stay read watch spend feed clean can
二. 选词填空。
  1. What you (did/do)in the winter vacation?
  2. I (learn/learned)to ski in this winter vacation.
  3. Where (do/did)you go in the winter vacation?
  4. I stayed (at/in)home with Nunu.
  5. That’s your (cat/cat’s)vacation,not (your/yours) 三. 用所给条件造句子,注意时态。
  1.Tom do homework this vacation

  2.Mom go to the park last week

  3. I learn judo last year

  4.My sister speak English yesterday

  5.He 四.课文填空。
visit many beautiful places
this winter vacation

  1.-Did you English or Chinese there? -Well,I English. Sometimes I Chinese.
  2. I her, with her and her room every day.
  3.-You read books,I guess.-Yes.They’re my favorite.
  4.-What did you there?-I with others. -Sounds great! But you? 五.翻译谚语。
  1.Seeing is believing.
  2.Experience is the best teacher. 六.连线。 What did you do in the winter vacation? Did you have a good time there? Did you speak English or Chinese? What did you do there? 七.阅读
Annie: Where did you go this vacation? Mingming: I went to Washington D.C with my parents. Annie: Did you speak English there? Mingming: Of couse I did. Annie: Did you have trouble with the language? Mingming: No,I didn’t. But the American did!
  1. 请翻译黑体字部分的句子:
  2. 回答问题:A. Which country did Mingming go? B.Did he speak good English?
A. I visited many beautiful places. B. I spoke English there. C. I went to Singapore with parents. D.Yes,we did.



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