快乐英语十二册 第三单元测试卷
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一. 写出下列单词的过去式形式。 (10 分,每题
  0.5 分)
二. 选择 (20 分,每题 2 分)

  1.May I spesk Mike? A. of B.to C.for
  2.I’ll wait for you London. A.in B. to C.for
  3.I’ll back at 6:00 pm. A.is B.was C.are
  4.I’ll go to a doctor. A.go B.went C.see
  5.We’ll never the past six years. A.remember B.forget C.together
  6.It was a really nice . A.place B.land C.earth
  7.I am in now. A.6 Grade B.grade 6 C.Grade 6
  8.I was very happy to that. A.see B.speak C.listen
  9.Why not the article in the middle. A.get B.put C.forget
  10.the left and above the song. A.on B.in C.at
D.at D.on D. be D.saw D.teach D.ground D.6 grade D.hear D.take D.of
(10 分,每题 5 分)
)A. Click “send”. )B. Type your friend’s e-mail address. )C. Write the body of the e-mail. )D. Turn on the computer. )E. Log in to the Internet.

  1. ( ( ( ( (

( ( ( (
) A. Color it and cut it out. ) B. Fix the tail to the kite and hang it in your room. ) C. Draw an outline of a kite on the paper board. ) E. Tie some strips of cloth to the string.
四. 英译汉 (10 分,每题 2 分)

  1.If we are in trouble, what shall we do?
  2.What would you say on the phlne?
  3.I have to go to the police station .
  4.I got your letter last week.
  5.Hans is always on the Internet.
五. 翻译词组和句子 (20 分,每题 2 分)

六. 连线 (20 分,每题 4 分)
Can you make phone calls in English? How many pen pals do you have? How tall were you when you were 11? Where are you going this summer vacation? Did you have a good time in Primary school?
  1.Yes, I did.
  2. Three
  3.I am going to Dalian
  4.Yes,I can
七. 作文 (10 分)



   小学英语(PEP)四年级上册测试题 Unit Three 题号 得分 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 My Friend 八 九 十 十一 十二 总分 一、读一读,写一写,译一译(10 分) 读一读,写一写,译一译( 1. quiet ( 4、music ( ) ) 2、strong ( 5、forty ( ) ) 3、science ( ) 写出下列字母的前后邻居( 二、 写出下列字母的前后邻居(10 分) 1.Cc 3.Pp Ee Rr Ss Tt 2.Hh Vv Ll 请圈出下列单词中的元 ...


   第三单元复习题 一. 单词 二. 动词过去式 cough-coughed catch-caught teach-taught swim-swam eat-ate get-got study-studied say-said worry-worried sit-sat dance-danced move-moved cry-cried meet-met open-opened show-showed stop-stopped 三. 重点句子 1. 哪位?我是李明。 2. 我能和迈克讲话吗? 3 ...


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   Unit3 M3 Back to the past Name: Score: 一、Key words 20’ 1. n. 文明 3. adj. 文化的 5. vt.毁坏,摧毁 7. adj.担心的,关心的 9. n.形成 2. n.. 机构,研究所 4. n. 主管,负责人; 6. n 遗迹, ;残留物 8. vt. 推翻,颠覆 10. vt./ n.影响 11. vt.迫使(某人生气、发疯等) 12. n.市民 13. adj.木制的 15. n.相似点;类似 17. vt. 收藏,储藏 ...


   PEP 小学三年级英语上册第三单元测试题 Class: Name: NO. Mark: 一.听读音,选出你所听到的单词。 (10分) ( ( ( ( ( )1.A.book )2.A.crayon B.brown C.body B.eraser C.orange C.purple C.ear )3.A.pencil B.pink )4.A.red )5.A.white B.eye B.what C.where 二.听读音,判断听到内容与下面句子是否相符,相符打“√” ,不相符打“Ⅹ”(10分 ...


   www.xkb1.com 新课标第一网不用注册,免费下载! PEP 小学英语六年级上册第三单元测试题 Class Name No. Score 听力部分(30%) 一, 1,ADLJ 二, ( ( ( ( ( 三, ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) 圈出你所听到的字母组合 (10%) HNOJ 2,UFO SVT 3,TRP VIP 4,QBW UVW 5,MCE ZGLG 选择你所听到的单词或词组 (10%) 1. A. today B. tomorrow C. ...


   一、听录音,选择你所听到的单词或词组。(5’) 1.glass 2.litter up 8.turn off 3.boat 4.swing 5.walk 6.cage 7.pick 9. It means you should keep off the grass. 10. Can I have an ice cream? 二、听录音,选择正确的应答。(5’) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What day is it today? What does “ No climbing” mean ...


   初三英语下 Unit 3 I used to be afraid of the dark 学习目标: 学习目标: 1. 学会表达自己现在和过去在外表,性格,娱乐等方面的变化 2. 学会陈述自己过去常做的事情 3. 学会表达自己过去的爱好等 4. 学会谈论过去害怕什么 5. 能够表达朋友,家人等现在和过去的变化 一,词汇 (1)基础词汇: )基础词汇: used to insect 咀嚼 gum 即,马上 be afraid of 害怕做… (2)词汇复习 ) short hair long ...


   初三英语第一单元测试题 单选选择(20 I. 单选选择(20 分) 1.Most students study English by A.to read 2. you ever A.Did,speak 3.It’s hard B.read the textbook. C.reading English with a foreigner? B.Have,speak C.Have,spoken work out the math problem. B.too,to B.too,to commas ...



   www.xkb1.com 新课标第一网不用注册,免费下载! 八年级下册重点语法和短语 Unit 1 Will people have robots? 重点语法:一般将来时态的应用 do/does 的一般将来时态形式:(shall/will) do do/does 的一般将来时态的被动语态:(shall/will) be done 一般将来时态的肯定句、否定句、疑问句形式: 肯定句例句:People will have robots in a few years. 否定句例句:People ( ...


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   一、听力 (15 分) A. 根据对话内容和问题选择正确图片。每段对话读一遍。 B. 听下面一段长对话,根据对话内容选择正确答案。对话读两遍。 6. What is Jackie going to do? A. Watch a match. B. Eat out. C. See a doctor. 7. What's Mark's advice for Jackie? A. Take some medicine. B. Have a good rest. ...


   您下载的该文件来自TXT下载 欢迎访问:http://www.txtdown.com a(an) art.(非特指的)一(个);任何一个;每一(个) A.D. n.公元 A.M. ad.上午,午前 abandon vt.放弃,抛弃 abbreviate v.缩写,节略,缩略 abbreviation n.缩写 abdomen n.腹部 abide vt.忍受 ability n.能力,智能;才能,才干;技能 able a.有能力的,能干的 abnormal a.反常的;变态的 aboard a ...