一、 选出划线部分与所给单词读音相同的一项
  1. gate
  2. she
  3. nice
  4. ostrich
  5. down A. lake A. egg A. China A. go A. yellow B. hat B. evening B. milk B. hope B. know C. bad C. elephant C. big C. fog C. flower D. alphabet D. get D. which D. nose D. snow
  5.( ) ) ) ) ) A. goal A. doctor A. father A. Thursday A. Wednesday B. boat B. short B. three B. sure B. Friday C. goat C. horse C. mouth C. nurse C. May D. board D. fork D. thirty D. purse D. Sunday
三、写出下面单词的反义词 small--四、英汉互译 去远足 去钓鱼 脱下 下棋 堆雪人 weather report 爬山 穿上 look like short--young--thin--no
五、写出相应的缩略式或完全式 I am who is what’s
六、根据句意,用括号理所给出的字母组成合适的新词 根据句意,用括号理所给出的字母组成合适的新词
  1. He’s great, he’s an
  2. They’er
  3. He’s short, but he’s
  4. This
  5. It will be
  6.What’s your favorite 七、选择填空
  1. Come and A. join
  2. They A. isn’t us. B. joining dolphins. B. am not C. aren’t and I love C. my, them D. don’t . D. my, they C. to join D. joined . (e, r, e, n, i, n, g, e) . (s, e, l, a, s) They’re very . (s, o, r, g, t, n) (s, e, r, d, s) is too long. .(o, l, c, d, u, y) .(o, a, s, e, n, s,) . (r, v, e, e, c, l)

  3. My parents love A. I, they
  4. A. Is
B. me, them
they your brother and sister? B. Do C. Are and C. has, has D. Does big ears. D. is, is

  5. What’s she like? She A. has, is
  6. B. is, has
her job? She’s a doctor.
A. What
B. What’s .
C. Where
D. How

  7. Does she like sports? A. No, she does. C. No, she doesn’t
  8. He A. liking
  9. They like A. playing
  10. football, too. B. likes chess. B. plays
B. Yes, she doesn’t D. Yes, She is
C. like
D. is like
C. played
D. play
the monkey like? A. How’s B. Where’s like it? B. isn’t wear? C. in D. at . C. scarves, gloves C. aren’t D. doesn’t C. What’s D. Which’s

  11. She A. don't

  12. What do you like A. to B. for

  13. He has a coat, two A. scarf, gloves
and a pair of B. scarfs, gloves

  14. The weather is so different A. at B. of C. in
different places. D. on . C. That’s right

  15. Let's play chess at home, ok? A. Thanks B. All right
  1. It’s windy today. (对划线部分提问) weather today?

  2. She is like the green dress. (变为一般疑问句) she the green dress?

  3. I like winter best. (对划线部分提问) your favorite ?

  4. She likes playing the piano. (变为否定句)

  5. Does she like red? (否定回答)
九、作文 介绍你的好朋友,不少于 5 句话。



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