Paper Ⅰ
mean noisy talented sloppy stubborn smart

  1. He sings dances and plays the guitar, he’s very.
  2. Linda knows the answers to all the questions, she’s very.
  3. Jerry isn’t very neat. In fact he’s very .
  4. The neighbors always play loud music, they’re .
  5. Tim is always sure he’s right, he’s . airport university pet shop, concert hall, hospital parking garage

  6. Dad stops his car in the at night.
  7. There are many lovely animals in the , such as dog, cat…
  8. After high school, Maria went to the .
  9. My family went to the last night, the music is very good.
  10. People take plane there. It’s .

  1. What’s the most (fastest / direct) way to get to the zoo?
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are very proud ( to / of ) their daughter.
  3. They’re ashamed to say he’s ( their / theirs ).
  4. She’s a very ( bright / brightest ) person.
  5. ( Don’t / Aren’t ) you have a smaller one?
  6. That’s why people ( not / don’t ) shop there.

  7. Could you please ( say /repeat ) that again?

  8. I think it’s one of the best ( hotels / hotel ) in town.

  9. Walk up River Street ( to / at ) Central Avenue.
  10. He got ( of / off ) ( at / to ) the Main Street.
Ⅲ.Complete the sentences.

  1. town, of, it’s , think, best, hotels
I one the in .
  2. easiest, What’s , way, Barber , to , get, shop
the to Harry’s

  3. get, to, post, tell, Can, me, office
you how to the from here ?
  4. get, off, Take, subway , Forth
the and at Avenue.
  5. There, the, people, products, worst, in
say the are town.

  1. TV
  2. small
  3. sloppy
  4. clinic
  5. nicer printer funny elegant bank ruder computer kinder pretty hotel larger
watch large nice bathroom lazier
Ⅴ.Complete the passage.
It’s very easy to get the park from the library. Walk up this street the corner and turn right. Walk two blocks and you’ll see a bus station the corner of Main Street and Second Street. Take the 600 bus and get Park Street. You’ll see the park the left. It’s next the museum and across the hotel.

  1. Don’t you have a one? A. bigger B. smallest C. bigest

  2. This is the one we have. A. best B. worse C. bigest

  3. I want to buy an . A. TV B. cell phone C. evening gown

  4. This store is the in town. A. the cheaper B. most popular C. more honest

  5. This computer is than that one. A. more big B. more powerful C. the most powerful.
Ⅶ.Read and write.

  1. He can sing, dance and play the guitar. He’s very t.
  2. He gives expensive gifts to me. He’s very g
  3. She jogs every day. She’s very e
  4. He always says “thanks”. He’s very p
  5. He knows the answers to all the questions. He’s very s
  6. He isn’t reading a very exciting novel. It’s b
  7. He never gets angry. He’s very p

  8. She always says what she thinks. She’s very h
  9. He isn’t very neat. He’s very s
  10. We chat online on it. It’s a c
  11. It’s very small, we use it to talk with others. c
  12. It’s a building we can park our cars.
  13. After high school we’ll study here.
  14. We can buy small animals here.
  15. We can see many old things here. p u p m

  16. He lives in the room with me. He’s my r
  17. It can show the time. w
  18. We can sit on it. It’s c
  19. Women like to wear it to the party.
  20. We have P.E lesson and play games here. e p
Ⅷ. Write.

  1. efficient
  3. bad
  5. reliable
  7. delicious
  9. honest
  11. polite
  13. safe
  15. funny
  17. big
  19. hot
good?better?the best

  2. dependable
  4. warm
  6. soft
  8. boring
  10. stubborn
  12. noisy
  14. ugly
  16. bright
  18. thin
  20. fat


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