课题: 课题: Unit 7
课型: 新授
Lesson 1
The Spirit of Explorers (I) )
审核:高一英语备课组 时间: 2009 年 2 月
主备课: 瞿红梅
  1. 通过阅读课文提高对细节理解的能力;
  2. 识别课文中出现的新词汇,并能对部分重点词汇熟练运用。 【学习重点】词汇学习和运用,如:persuade sb. to do sth, according to sb./sth.等。 【学习难点】细节理解能力的提高。 【学习方法】Reading alone & Discussion in groups 【课时安排】One period 【学习过程】 一、主体自学
  1. 朗读课本 P106 Lesson 1 的词汇。
  2. 检测:根据句意和所给单词的首字母或中文提示,写出所缺单词或词组的正 确形式。
  1) We need a s of bravery if we are to overcome the difficulties.
  2) The professor will come to give us a l on Shakespeare next week.
  3) They were caught in a storm on their second v in the Pacific Ocean.
  4) I tried several times to p him to (道歉) to his father, but he refused to do so.
  5) Once you (陷入困境), turn to the police for help immediately.
  6) We (启航) for Grenada at noon.
  7) Tom(按照汤姆的的说法), she’s really a good teacher.
  8) They have been out (寻找) a lost child. 二、阅读理解
  1. Before-reading: Discuss in group about the question in Ex.1 on P
  2. While-reading:
  1) Check your prediction (the answer to Ex.
  2) Ex.3 on P
  3) Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. The Vikings were a group of people whose ancestors came from Scandinavia. B. The Vikings controlled the seas and coasts of Western Europe between the 8th and 10th centuries. C. In 982 AD, there were about 10,000 Vikings living in Iceland. D. The Vikings chose to live in many places in Northern Europe by around 900 AD.
  4). Which is RIGHT according to the order of time? a. Eric the Red persuaded people to go with him to the Greenland. b. Eric the Red found the Greenland. c. Eric the Red was forced to leave Iceland. A. dcab, B. dacb d. Eric the Red returned to Iceland. C. cbda, D. cdba
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  5) Why did Biarni set sail? A.To find Canada. B.To find his father. C.To find Leif. D.To find the Newfoundland.
  6) Which of the following is the best general idea? A. Eric and his sailors found the Greenland, Canada and America. B. Eric found the Greenland, and Leif and Biarni found Canada and America. C. How Eric found the Greenland,and then Leif found Canada and the Newfoundland. D. How the Greenland, Canada and the Newfoundland were found.
  7) Ex.4 on P
  3. Post-reading:
  1) Discuss in groups about the question in Ex.5 on P
  2) Ex.6 on P
  9. 三、 词汇学习: 在横线上写下一个例句 (可以是课文中原句, 也可以是模仿造句。 )
  1. long before …..(L
  2) “早在……之前” not long after….(L
  20) “在……后不久” 补充:before long =soon “不久”
  2.further west (L
  9) “继续向西” “进一步向西” 比较级别:far?farther?farthest (表具体的远近意义) 或者: farfurtherfurthest(既可指具体的意义, 也可指抽象的意义 “更进一步” ) 例如:My legs hurt so seriously that I’m afraid I can’t walk any . He’s dreaming of going abroad for study.
  3. be forced to do sth. (L
  10) “被迫做某事” force sb. to do sth. “强迫某人做某事”
  4.persuade sb. (not) to do sth. (L
  17) “说服某人(不要)做某事”
  5. make it to sw. (L
  19) “及时到达某地” make it “办成”“约定(某个时间) , ”
  6. in search of… “(为了)寻找/寻求” (它是介词短语,不能做谓语) search (sw.) for sb./sth. “(在某地)寻找/搜寻……” (它是动词短语, 能做谓语)
  7. be blown off course (L
  23) “被吹得偏离航线” 拓展:grow throw draw fly blow blew blown 四、语法填空: The Vikings were the first Europeans
  1.(reach) America. They achieved this long
  2. Columbus set sail. They controlled the seas
  3. the 8th and 10th centuries AD. In 982 AD,
  4. a man
  5. (call) Eric the Red decided to set sail
  6. (far) west, there were
  7. many as 10,000 Vikings
  8. (live) in Iceland. But then he
  9.(force) to leave there for Greenland and later he persuaded some people
  10.(go) back with him to Greenland.
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课题: 课题: Unit 7
课型: 新授
Lesson 1
The Spirit of Explorers (II) )
审核:高一英语备课组 时间: 2009 年 2 月
主备课: 瞿红梅
  1. 理解并运用由 when, where, why 及“介词+which/whom”引导的定语从句;
  2. 熟读背诵课文,掌握重点句型,如 sb. is the first /last + to do sth. 【学习重点】正确理解课文中的定语从句和一个 what 引导的名词性从句。 【学习难点】运用由 when, where, why 及“介词+which/whom”引导的定语从句。 【学习方法】在课文中含从句的句子上做上适当的记号,培养分析长句的能力。 【课时安排】One period 【学习过程】 一.主体自学
  1. 小组内跟同学交流你从课文中找出的含定语从句的句子,说说他们的意思。
  2. 找出课文中一个 what 引导的名词性从句,做下记号,想想它是什么从句。
  1) There were many places in Northern Europe the Vikings chose to live.
  2) The Vikings were a group of people ancestors came from Scandinavia.
  3) He had committed a murder, for he got into trouble.
  4) Eric discovered that people could live in the place he landed.
  5) He set sail once again, this time with 25 ships, of only 14 made it to Greenland.
  6) He then sailed further south to an island is now known as Newfoundland.
  7) Leif followed Biarni’s directions and sailed to is believed to be the coast of present-day Canada.
  8) We know about their deeds through stories were written down centuries later.
  9) They are the first records we have of Europeans sailing to Americas. 二、排忧解惑
  1. Deal with the trouble in the exercises above. Compare No.7 with the others especially. 比较定语从句和名词性从句(包括宾语、 主语、 表语和同位语四种从句)
  2. 固定句型:sb. is the first /last (+n.)+ to do sth. “某人是第一个/最后一个做某事的…” e.g. She is always the first person to come into the classroom every day. 仿写:
  3. Check the answers to Exx. 1&2 on P
  54. Deal with the trouble, if any.
  4. Learn more examples in Part 8-9 on P
  9. 归纳: 归纳:(
  1) 修饰一个名词或代词的从句叫定语从句。 (
  2) 定语从句的引导词 which/that/who/whom/as 等在从句中充当主干成 分(如:主、宾、表语) ;whose 则在从句中做定语,修饰它后面的名词;
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而 when/where/why 不是从句的主干成分,它们只在从句中做状语,先行 词分别与时间/地点/原因有关,相当于“一个适当的介词+which”。 三、当堂训练
  1.(基础题) Ex.10 on P
  2.(提升题) Ex.11 on P
  3.(综合题) Exx.3-4 on P
  54. 四、课后强化训练 Exx.Ⅲ-Ⅳ (《英语辅导报》第 27 期第 7 版 Lesson
  1) 个人反思总结(例如:错题摘录和反思):

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