1.表达作者态度的常考词语 amazed 感到惊讶的;amazing 令人惊讶的;ambiguous 模棱两可的; approved 公认的; approving 赞许的; arbitrary 武断的; bewildering (=puzzling) 令人迷惑的; biased (=prejudiced) 有偏见的,偏心的;critical 持批评态度的; depressed 感到沮丧的;depressing 令人沮丧的; depressive 压抑的,忧愁的;disappointed(=dismayed, frustrated)感到失望的;disappointing 令 人失望的; doubtful 怀疑的,拿不稳的;dubious 有问题的,靠不住的,值得怀疑的,犹豫 不决的;enthusiastic 热情的;gloomy 沮丧的,忧愁的, hostile 敌对的;humorous 幽然的; identical 相同的;impartial(=detached,neutral, even-handed)公平的,不偏不倚的,公正的, 没有偏见的;indifferent 漠不关心的,满不在乎的;indignant (对不公平) 愤慨的;ironic 讽 刺的;merciful 宽容的,仁慈的;negative 否定的,消极的,反面的; neutral 中立的,不偏 不倚的; objectionable 引起反对的,令人反感的; objective 客观的; opposed 反对的; opposite 对立的;optimistic 乐观的;outraged 气愤的;partial 不公平的; perplexed 感到 困惑的;pessimistic 悲观的, positive 肯定的,正面的;prejudiced 有偏见的; puzzled 感到 困惑的; puzzling 令人困惑的;radical 激进的, 极端的; resentful 表示怨恨的;reserved 有 保留的, 内向的; reserved consent 有保留的同意; respectable 可敬的, 高尚的; respectful 充 满敬意的,有礼貌的;rival (=competitive) 竞争的;scared 惊恐的,恐慌的, sensible 明智的, 通情达理的;sensitive 敏感的, skeptical 怀疑的;slight contempt 稍有蔑视;subjective 主观 的;supportive 支持的,suspicious 可疑的,疑心的, sympathetic 同情的;tentative 试探性的。

  2.与经济有关的常考词语 alleviate the Asian financial crisis 缓解亚洲金融危机,apply economic sanctions against that country 对那个国家进行经济制裁。banking industry 金融业,business partners 商业伙伴, budget n./v. 预算。business concentration 企业集中,business cycle 经济循环,business management 企业管理。 cost efficiency 成本效益,commodity prices 商品价格,commercial promotion 商业促销,channels of revenue 收入渠道,contentious trade issue 有争议的贸易问 题,customs revenues 关税收入,credit 赊购,a credit balance of $250 二百五十美元的存款 余额, devalued dollar 美元贬值, double-digit inflation 十位数的通货膨涨。 economic recession 经济不景气, economic depression 经济萧条, economic decline 经济衰退, economic revival 经 济复苏,emerging countries 新兴国家,established business partners 固定的商业伙伴,
energy-intensive industries 能源密集型工业。 fading industrial competitiveness 日益削弱的工业 竞争力。family economics 家庭经济状况。fair play 公平竞争。foreign investment 外国投资, fluctuate crude oil prices (fluctuation of crude oil prices)使原油价格波动,falling oil revenue 日 益减少的石油收入。 economic globalization process 经济全球化过程, global excess demand 全 球过量需求。improvement in the export climate 改善出口环境,injury claims 伤害索赔, interest-bearing cheque accounts 有息支票账户,investment returns 投资回报。market-oriented economy 市场导向的经济,make profit 营利,maximize profits 使利润最大化,merger and acquisition 合并和收购, multinationals 跨国公司, marketing messages 销售信息。 operating costs 营业费用。 package deal 一揽子交易, price system 价格体系, price index 价格指数, pickup in capital spending 资金投放增加,private-enterprise 私人经营,production costs 生产成本, productive resources 生产资料, provide further credits for the company 向公司提供进一步的信 贷。real economy 实体经济。retail price 零售价, raise tariff barriers against foreign imports 提 高对外国进口货的关税壁垒, re-engineering and downsizing 工程改组和缩小规模,real-estate broker 房地产经记人。revenue (税收等的)收入。scrutiny 精查细看。shift production from one place to another 把生产从一地转移到另一地,surplus in trade 贸易顺差,suspension of exports 中止出口, securities 股票, 有价证券。 the consumer market 扩大消费市场,the total tap collapse of national economy 国民经济的全面崩溃, trade and investment barriers 贸易和投资 壁垒,tax cuts in this year’s budget 本年度预算中税收削减,trade barrier 贸易壁垒,trade balance 贸易平衡,trade imbalance 贸易不平衡。

  3.与计算机技术有关的常考词语 point and click 点击,web business 网上经营,integrated circuit 集成电路,conduct online transactions 进行网上交易, give sb the company's private internet 使某人能进入公司内部的互 联网, software company 软件公司, computer monitor 计算机监视器, company's web site 公 a 司网站,Internet sign-up 互联网帖子, online world 网上世界,brief 短讯,a database on the Internet 互联网上的资料库, interactive 人机互动的, 交互式的, check a database 检查资料库, sign up for … 登录要求得到…,key in v. 键入,E-mail one's resume to sb. 把某人的履历用 电子邮件发给…, online culture 网上文化, Internet marketing activities 互联网上的销售活动,
Net purists 网络净化者,computer education advocates 计算机教育鼓吹者,screen saver 屏幕 保护。products compatible with the Windows operating system 与示窗操作系统兼容的产品。

  4. As 用法小结 as of (=as from) 从……起。例如:
  1) You are in charge (负责) as of today. starts as from March
  13. as for 至于。 例如: As for me, I shall return there on arrival.
  1) first view. as to 关于;至于。例如:He asked my advice as to what to do next. as with 与 ……一样。 例如: with so many of the major problems of society, the precise extent As and nature of the environmental crisis are not entirely clear. as against (=in contrast with) 与……相对照。例如:
  1) She gets Saturdays off in her new job as against working alternate weekends in her last one. (她新找的这份工作星期六放假, 而原来的那 份工作周末是隔周放假。
  2) The business done this year amounts to $20,000 as against $ 15,000 ) last year. as regards 至于。例如:There are no special rules as regards what clothes you should wear. (至 于应该穿什么衣服没有硬性规定。) as follows 如下。例如:
  1) The reasons are as follows.
  2) The report reads as follows.
  2) As for me, I'm in favor of the
  2) The agreement
as it were 可以说,姑且这么说。例如:He is, as it were, a walking dictionary. (他,可以说, 是一部活词典。) as opposed to 和 ……相反。例如:John likes rice, as opposed to Mary, who hates it. as soon as possible 尽快地。例如:We should take steps as soon as possible. may(might , could) as well do sth. 不妨,最好(做某事)。例如:Since it is too late, we might as well go back home. as a rule 通常。 例如: As a rule they sat together very quietly.
  2) His writing as a rule is elegant.
  1) as yet 到这时为止(还没有):But none of these are as yet carefully thought-out plans. such … as to 这样 …… 以致。 例如:went about my job in such a way as to try to kill two birds I with one stone.
not so much …as 与其说……,倒不如说…… :The trumpet player was certainly loud. But I wasn't bothered by his loudness so much as by his lack of talent. (这个吹号手的声音确实很大, 但我烦的与其说是他吹得太响,倒不如说是他缺乏天分。) such as 例如:Studies show that the things that contribute most to a sense of happiness cannot be bought with money, such as a good family life, friendship and work satisfaction. (研究表明, 那些 最能使人产生幸福感的东西是不能用金钱买到的, 如和睦的家庭生活、 友谊和事业上的满足 感。) as long as (=so long as)只要(引导条件从句):As long as he works hard, I don’t mind when he finishes the experiment. Just as … so …正如 …… 一样,……也……。例如:Just as air is important to man, so is water to fish. as though (=as if ) 似乎。例如:Christie stared angrily at her boss and turned away, as though to go out of the office. much as 虽然。例如: Much as I admired David as a poet, I don't like him as a man. (虽然我仰慕 作为诗人的大卫,但我不喜欢他的为人。) as 虽然 (引导部分倒装的让步从句):Young as he is, he knows a lot. (他虽年轻,但很懂事。) as 作关系代词,引导定语从句,代表整个主句的意思:
  1)A good many proposals were raised by the delegates, as was to be expected . (正如所料,代表们提出了许多建议。)
  2) As might be expected, the response to the question was mixed. (正如所料,人们对这个问题观点不一。) as…as 引出比较状语从句: Americans eat twice as much protein as they actually need every day. (美国人摄取的蛋白质是他们实际需要量的两倍。) As is often the case 事情常常是这样:As is often the case, it happened so gradually that it was barely perceptible.

  5. 常考同义词和近义词 控告某人犯了…… accuse sb. of sth, charge sb. with sth;夸大 exaggerate,overestimate, overvalue,overrate,magnify;缩小(低估)underestimate,undervalue,minimize;使困惑 puzzle, bewilder, confuse, perplex; 影响 affect, influence, impact (on), bear on ; 控制 control, dominate,curb,regulate,harness (=control and use);污染 pollute,contaminate,foul;计算
calculate,compute,reckon;出现 appear,emerge,come into being;关心 care for,foster, be concerned about;把……归因于 owe … to,attribute … to,refer … to;减轻,缓解 ease, alleviate,relieve;给予 render,offer,impart,confer;实现 realize,effect;炫耀 show off , parade;自尊心 ego,pride,self-esteem,dignity;涌入 crowd into,pour into,stream into, swarm into,pack into;体现 express,embody;决定 decide,determine,elect,make up one's mind;渴望 desire,long (for),aspire to,pant; 改进 improve, mend; 消除 eliminate,remove, erase, rid of; get 威胁 threat, menace; 聚精会神做 be absorbed in doing, immersed in doing; be 有偏见的 biased, partial, prejudiced; 损害 spoil, impair, harm, endanger; 包含, 包括 embrace, comprise, encompass, include; 停止 stop, halt, cease; 持久 last, endure; 推进 further, promote; 上升 rise,escalate,go up,climb;繁荣 prosper, flourish,thrive;容忍 bear,tolerate,put up with,brook;缺点 shortcoming,defect,drawback,flaw,setback;指望,依靠 count on, depend on,rely on,reckon on,bank on,lean on;倾向于 tend to,be inclined to,be liable to, be apt to;怀疑的 skeptical,dubious,doubtful,suspicious;减少 decrease,decline, reduce, diminish,temper,moderate;索然无味的 uninteresting,dull,tedious,boring;不偏不倚的 impartial,detached,neutral,unbiased;有意的 purposeful,deliberate,intentional;培训 train, practice,nurture;不理会 ignore,discount,disregard,pay no attention to,turn a deaf ear to; 改变 change,alter,modify,remold,reshape;增加 increase,augment,add to,multiply; 抛弃 discard, abandon, desert, give up, rid of; get 浪费 waste; dissipate; 废除 abolish, do away with, scrap; 揭露 disclose, reveal, unveil; 性格, 脾气 personality, disposition; 谨慎的 careful, discreet,prudent,cautious;厌恶,怨恨 disgust,resent,hate;满足 meet,satisfy,cater to; 沉思,细想 ponder,meditate,think deeply,dwell on;必然包含 involve,entail;忽略,疏 忽 overlook, neglect,give no attention to;使沮丧,使失望 disappoint, frustrate,dismay, let sb. down, depress; 诱惑 lure, tempt, induce;讽刺 satire, sarcasm,irony; 造成, 引起 cause, pose, bring about, give rise to, evoke。 发人深省 set sb. thinking, be thought-provoking; 利用 make use of, take advantage of, utilize, harness;来自于 come from, result from, arise from, stem from, derive from 挫伤,使灰心:discourage, frustrate, upset;严肃的 earnest, serious, grave, solemn; 对…感兴趣 be interested in sth, be struck by sth.; 拒绝, 不给 refuse, deny, withhold, keep back; 欣赏 enjoy, relish, appreciate; 假装 pretend, sham; 膺品 fake, sham; 照管 take care of , look after,
tend;(使)恶化 make sth. worse, aggravate, deteriorate, sour;主要的



   05-06 阅读理解原文翻译 分类: 考研英语 2007-09-17 13:57 2006 text 1 不管我们如何喋喋不休地谈论差别, 美国社会实际上是一台同化人们的神奇的机器。 这就是 民主化的着装和话语的统一以及十九世纪在高雅的氛围中陈列着琳琅满目的商品的百货商 店所发起的随意消费及没有消费的活动。他们不是为了迎合有知识的精英们而开设亲情商 店, 而是创建了“不分阶层和背景人人都可以进入”的大众商店。 这使得购物成为一种大众的、 民主的行为。大众传媒、广告和体育也是协助人们均质化的推 ...


   ??考研英语阅读 考研英语阅读《 考研 1 号??考研英语阅读《阅读基础 90 篇》 ??考研英语阅读 考研 1 号??考研英语阅读 号网址: 考研 1 号网址:www.ky007.com 号网: 考研 1 号网:有你有我 共同进步 ??考研英语阅读 考研英语阅读《 考研 1 号??考研英语阅读《阅读基础 90 篇》 前 言 精读本书的四大理由 与大多数阅读书缺乏明确的针对性不同, 本书专为英语基础比较薄弱的考生精心编著, 旨在 迅速、集中、全面、有效地解决多数考生阅读得分不甚理想的问题。多 ...


   考研英语阅读文章来源 历年考研英语阅读都是考研学子们为之苦战的项目, 为了备战考研英语, 数不清的考研 学子从做题到研究历年真题, 好不辛苦。 考研教育网为了使广大考研学子能够更加有效复习 考研,将整理的考研英语阅读理解文章来源进行整理,供参考。 一、文章来源规律 1、经济类文章主要来源 The Economist (经济学家),Business Week (商业周刊),Wall Street Journal(华尔街杂志)。 2、科学技术类文章主要来源 Nature (自然),Discove ...


   本文由我心靠岸贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 经历过考研,你会领会到平凡中的一种突破,只要努力,每个人都能成为一道亮丽风 景线!太多回味也太多感慨……可以说考研是一种难得的人生阅历,已经忘却了究竟有多少个 黎明,朦胧的我早早的起床,披星戴月的去自习室占座;也忘却了有多少个夜晚,当别人早 已经进入梦想的时候,我却还得咬着牙在学习桌前“啃”着厚厚的专业课书本;当别人安安稳 稳的枕着自己心爱人的名字入眠,我却枕着冷冰冰的书本去见 ...


   考研应用文写作 应用文写作是一种比较容易应付的试题,短期内就可取得效果.应用文首先要格式正确,其次 要学会各类应用文的写作步骤.在考研快要临近的时候,可以有意识的记忆一些模板句型和 表达方式,这对成绩不好的学生来说非常重要.以下归纳了 12 类应用文的写作,考研应该就 在这范围之内. 一、感谢信 简介: 简介:感谢信是向对方表达谢意的书信。感谢对方的关心、支持、帮助或热情款待等。主要 内容是说明感谢的事由并表示真诚的谢意。 写作“三步走” 写作“三步走” 表示感谢?>说明事由?> ...


   攻克 08 考研英语阅读理解四大技巧 众所周知,考研是人生的一次重新洗牌和重大机遇,而在考研的四门课程中,英语成了许多 考生前进征途上的一只凶猛拦路虎和十分困难的羁?赜胝习? 详细分析历年考研英语试卷,可以发现主要矛盾在于阅读(占 60%的分数),故可谓: 得阅读者得天下.阅读的 60 分细分为 Part A,Part B 和 Part C,其中 Part A 为四篇阅读 理解,占 40 分,是阅读理解考试中的主战场.那么,阅读 Part A 有没有什么技巧呢? 技巧一:看懂 阅读理解其实主 ...


   中华英语学习网 www.100yingyu.com 官方总站: 官方总站:www.100xuexi.com 考研英语阅读专题经济学家期刊文章 (经济、科技、社会科学类) 1、 Plumper How does the country’s economy compare with those of the EU? SOME of the concerns surrounding Turkey’s application to join the European Union, to be vot ...


   五年专注考研专业课辅导 1.表达作者态度的常考词语 amazed 感到惊讶的;amazing 令人惊讶的;ambiguous 模棱两可的; approved 公认的; approving 赞许的; arbitrary 武断的; bewildering (=puzzling) 令人迷惑的; biased (=prejudiced) 有偏见的,偏心的;critical 持批评态度的; depressed 感到沮丧的;depressing 令人沮丧的; depressive 压抑的,忧愁的;dis ...


   十句电影台词彻底搞定面试官 1、“There is no certainty, only opportunity.”V for Vendetta (2005) - V (Hugo Weaving)没有一定会怎样,只有可能会怎样。--《V 字仇杀队》 ,V(雨果-威明) 2、“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” Wag the Dog (1997) - Conrad Brean (Robert De Niro) ...


   考研英语词汇速记教程 上海市版权局注册登记 考研英语词汇量的新要求 考研大纲每年都在修订。其它科目的大纲范围有增有减,只 有英语大纲规定的词汇量只增不减。研究生入学考试几乎每年都 会发布新增单词的词汇表,每年新增的单词在数百个之多。这就 说明,在淡薄语法的情况下,词汇量已经成为在考研中拉开英语 成绩差距的关键。 根据大纲 ,普通研究生入学考试应试者词汇 量要达到5850左右,而根据对近年试题的分析统计,真实的考 题往往会略有超纲,而且对于大纲中的单词,也越来越多的考察 其冷僻意义。因此,只有 ...



   Many people insist that... 很多人坚持认为... With the development of science and technology, more and more people believe that... 随着科技的发展,越来越多的人认为... A lot of people seem to think that... 很多人似乎认为... 引出不同观点: People's views on... vary from person to person. ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   www.TopSage.com 序号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 大家网 1/8 词汇集锦( 词汇集锦(199 对) 选择词 a better a branch a plentiful abandon abide by abnormal abrupt accelerate ...


   2010 年教师公开招聘考试 中学英语试卷 (满分:150 分) 第一部分 教育理论与实践 Ⅰ.单项选择题(10 分) 1.“苏格拉底法”又称为( )。 A. 问答法 B. 发现法 C. 讲授法 D. 雄辩术 2.墨子的教育思想中,除注重文史知识的掌握和逻辑思维能力的培养外,还包括( )。 A. “兼爱、非攻”B. “弃仁绝义” C. “道法自然”D. “化性起伪” 3.根据《水浒传》的描述,在头脑中再造出武松打虎的情景的过程,就属于( )。 A. 无意想象 B. 再造想象 C. 创造想象 ...


   一.用下列括号中的单词的正确形式填空: (每题一分) 1.My bike (not work) now. 2.--Sandy,supperis ready. --Oh,I (come). 3.This morning,I heard someone (shout) "Help,help!"on my way to school. 4.Sam and I(be) in different classes . 5.There (be) a map on the wall. T ...