历年六级英语( (精心编辑 历年六级英语(Vocabulary and Structure 1990-20
  06) 精心编辑,附有答案,使用方便) ) 精心编辑,附有答案,使用方便) ( (这是我为儿子高三保送备考准备的,希望对你有用武汉市常青第一中学尤明俊) 这是我为儿子高三保送备考准备的,希望对你有用武汉市常青第一中学尤明俊) Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
  41. You should have put the milk in the ice box; I expect it undrinkable by now. A) became B) had become C) has become D) becomes(C)
  42. Codes are a way of writing something in secret; , anyone who doesn't know the code will not be able to read it. A) that is B) worse still C) in short D) on the other hand(A)
  43. His long service with the company was with a present. A) admitted B) acknowledged C) attributed D) accepted(B)
  44. The atmosphere is as much a part of the earth as its soils and the water of its lakes, rivers and oceans. A) are B) is C) do D) has(A)
  45. Our house is about a mile from the station and there are not many houses . A) in between B) among them C) far apart D) from each other(A)
  46. The drowning child was saved by Dick's action. A) acute B) alert C) profound D) prompt(D)
  47. Children and old people do not like having their daily upset. A) habit B) practice C) routine D) custom(B)
  48. The criminal always paid cash so the police could not track him down. A) on B) by C) for D) in(D)
  49. when she started complaining. A) Not until he arrived B) Hardly had he arrived C) No sooner had he arrived D) Scarcely did he arrive(B)
  50. By 1990, production in the area is expected to double of 19
  80. A) that B) it C) one D) what(A)
  51. Professor smith and Professor Brown will in giving the class lectures. A) alter B) change C) alternate D) differ(C)
  52. Understanding the cultural habits of another nation, especially containing as many different subcultures as the United States, is a complex task. A) one B) the one C) that D) such(A)
  53. The manager promised to have my complaint . A) looked through B) looked into C) looked over D) looked after(B)
  54. You can't be careful in making the decision as it was such a critical case. A) very B) quite C) too D) so(C)
  55. Children are to have some accidents as they grow up. A) obvious B) indispensable C) bound D) doubtless(C)
  56. We have done things we ought not to have done and undone things we ought to have done. A) leaving B) will leave C) left D) leave(C)
  57. The ratio of the work done by the machine the work done on it is called the efficiency of the machine. A) against B) with C) to D) for(C)

  58. the flood, the ship would have reached its destination on time. A) In case of B) In spite of C) Because of D) But for(D)
  59. In your first days at the school you'll be given a test to help the teachers to you to a class at your level. A) locate B) assign C) deliver D) place(B)
  60. The story that follows two famous characters of the rocky Mountain gold rush days. A) concerns B) states C) proclaims D) relates(A)
  61. America will never again have as a nation the spirit of adventure as it before the West was settled. A) could B) was C) would D) did(D)
  62. People who refuse to with the law will be punished. A) obey B) consent C) conceal D) comply(D)
  63. I to him because he phoned me shortly afterwards. A) ought to have written B) must have written C) couldn't have written D) needn't have written(D)
  64. These excursions will give you an even deeper into our language and culture. A) inquiry B) investigation C) input D) insight(D)
  65. There is no electricity again. Has the blown then? A) fuse B) wire C) plug D) circuit(A)
  66. No longer are contributions to computer technology confined to any one country; is this more true than in Europe. A) hardly B) little C) seldom D) nowhere(D)
  67. The mother didn't know who for the broken glass. A) will blame B) to blame C) blamed D) blames(B)
  68. Every society has its own peculiar customs and of acting. A) ways B) attitudes C) behavior D) means(A)
  69. If a person talks about his weak points, his listener is expected to say something in the way of . A) assurance B) persuasion C) encouragement D) confirmation(C)
  70. China started its nuclear power industry only in recent years, and should no time in catching up. A) delay B) lose C) lag D) lessen(B) 1990 年 1 月六级参考答案
  51. C
  56. C
  52. A
  57. C
  53. B
  58. D
  54. C
  59. B
  55. C
  60. A




1990 年 6 月大学英语六级 月大学英语六级 六级(CET-
  6)真题试卷 真题试卷 Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
  41. Germans used to believe that all other races were inferior them. A) than B) for C) to D) from
  42. The main road through Pittsburgh's blocked for three hours today after an accident two trucks. A) connecting B) combining C) including D) involving
  43. Many parents think that a regular is an excellent way to teach children the value of money. A) allowance B) grant C) aid D) amount
  44. The girl is so sensitive that she is to get angry at the slightest offence. A) adaptable B) liable C) fit D) suitable
  45. He was at the of his career when he was murdered. A) glory B) power C) pride D) height
  46. I have never met the professor though I have been in correspondence him for several years. A) with B) by C) of D) to
  47. they must learn in a course is not provided in the classroom. A) Many things B) So much C) Much of what D) All what
  48. Of the immigrants who came to America in the first three quarters of the seventeenth century, the majority was English. A) overwhelming B) overflowing C) overtaking D) overloading
  49. You can't be careful in making the decision as it is such a critical case. A) quite B) too C) very D) so
  50. By the first decade of the 21st century, international commercial air traffic is expected vastly beyond today's levels. A) to have extended B) to be extending C) being extended D) having been extended
  51. The doctor warned his patient that should he return to work until he had completely recovered. A) on all accounts B) on no account C) on any account D) on every account
  52. We started burning some leaves in our yard, but the fire got and we had to call the fire department to put it out: A) out of hand B) out of order C) out of the question D) out of the way
  53. If an earthquake occurred, some of the one-storey houses . A) might be standing left B) might be left standing C) might leave to be standing D) might be left to stand
  54. The professor picked several students from the class and asked them to help him with the experiment. A) at ease B) at all C) at random D) at hand
  55. Every year there is some of the laws.
A) transformation B) identification C) correction D) alteration
  56. Some people believe that proficiency in a foreign language is not achieved through teaching and learning but through actual use. A) received B) accepted C) derived D) acquired
  57. It is said that somewhere between the ages of 6 and 9, children begin to think instead of concretely. A) logically B) reasonably C) abstractly D) generally
  58. Sea food of all kinds is in the states that border the oceans. A) abandoned B) advantageous C) abundant D) accumulated
  59. I can't back the car because there is a truck . A) in every way B) in a way C) in the way D) in any way:
  60. as a poor boy in a family of seventeen children. Benjamin Franklin became famous on both sides of the Atlantic as a statesman, scientist, and author. A) Starting B) Started C) Being started D) To have started
  61. Though I've never seen you before. I guess you be the new secretary. A) should B) must C) would D) could
  62. This store has an excellent for fair dealing. A) repetition B) reputation C) authority D) popularity
  63. The atmosphere is as much a part of the earth as its soils and the water of its lakes, rivers and oceans. A) has B) do C) is D) are
  64. Her terror was so great somewhere to escape, she would have run for her life. A) only if there had been B) that there had only been C) that had there only been D) if there was only
  65. While you pedal away on the exercise bicycle, a machine will be your breathing and pulse. A) reviewing B) screening C) surveying D) monitoring
  66. Understanding the cultural habits of another nation, especially containing as many different subcultures as the United States is a complex task. A) these B) that C) one D) such
  67. Their bedroom windows a lovely garden. A) look up to B) look out for C) look forward to D) look out on
  68. I hoped to get the house but a rich man was against me. A) bidding B) disputing C) betting D) testifying
  69. His first novel 'Night' was an account of the Nazi crimes through the eyes of a teenaged boy. A) and were seen B) which saw C) but was seen D) as seen
  70. The judge recommended that he for at least three years. A) was not released B) not be released C) had not been released D) not released
1991 年 1 月大学英语六级 月大学英语六级(CET-
  6)真题试卷 真题试卷 Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
  41. The oil shortage the prices of chemical fertilizers on the world market. A) drove oil B) drove up C) drove in D) drove off(D)
  42. There are five mistakes in this picture. Can you find them and win a prize? A) intensive B) deliberate C) planned D) calculated(B)
  43. These studies will yield valuable lemons . A) in which to save lives and protect property B) how to save lives and protect property C) in how to save lives and protect property D) about those to save lives and protect property(D)
  44. The school offered flexible courses for farmers, more hours of study when farm work was not heavy. A) with B) without C) in D) for(C)
  45. Part of the cost of many articles is taken as tax by the government the community. A) in place of B) on account of C) in terms of D) on behalf of(A)
  46. Soldiers act in to the orders of their officers. A) obligation B) objection C) obedience D) offence(A)
  47. after the Second World War that test pilots first attempted to break the "Sound barrier." A) It was shortly B) Until shortly C) Shortly was it D) Shortly(C)
  48. in the Atacama Desert. A) It never virtually rains B) It virtually never rains C) Never it rains virtually D) Never virtually it rains(D)
  49. Society now requires the university to be a part of the community. , students themselves expect to play a role in the affairs of society. A) Hence B) However C) Moreover D) Otherwise(D)
  50. Superconductors lose electrical resistance only subjected to intense cold. A) through B) when C) as D) by(A)
  51. Those who lie and cheat will never it. A) get on with B) get back to C) get away with D) get off with(C)
  52. A foreign language like English is difficult to learn, so you work too hard. A) should B) mustn't C) can't D) ought to(A)
  53. Cultural life in England takes so many forms that a brief summary can only attempt to its variety. A) suggest B) remind C) consider D) propose(C)
  54. There are periods in an animal's life when it is capable of learning a great deal in a very short time. A) urgent B) violent C) serious D) critical(B)
  55. Do employers in your country workers for in juries suffered at their work? A) conform B) conflict C) compel D) compensate(B)
  56. Since they betrayed us, they have no hope of convincing their sincerity. A) with B) for C) in D) of(B)
  57. They assured us that was waiting for they were there to share it.
A) what B) whatever C) it D) whoever(B)
  58. exposure to dirty air can cause people suffer from some diseases. A) Raised B) Prolonged C) Expanded D) Enlarged(C)
  59. about one of the most rapidly changing countries in a ceaselessly changing world is not all easy. A) Being informed B) To be informing C) Have in formed D) Informed(B)
  60. Though you stay in the sea for weeks, you will not contact with the outside world. A) lose B) fall C) miss D) fail(D)
  61. Visitors to England sometimes find the lack of public activities in the evenings . A) depressed B) depression C) depressing D) depressingly(C)
  62. Julie is one of those women who always the latest fashions. A) look after B) keep up with C) run for D) go in for(D)
  63. This traditional entertainment for children in America has never, I know, become popular in China. A) as far as B) as much C) to the extent that D) so long as(A)
  64. Mr. Smith attends to the of important business himself: A) transmission B) transformation C) transaction D) transition(C)
  65. Besides what you have explained, can you



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