2006 年 12 月 24 日大学英语六级(CET-
  6)真题试卷(A 卷) Part I Writing (30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Importance of Reading Classics. You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below.
  1. 阅读经典书籍对人的成长至关重要
  2. 现在愿意阅读经典的人却越来越少,原因是…
  3. 我们大学生应该怎么做 The Importance of Reading Classics Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning) (15 minutes) Space Tourism Make your reservations now. The space tourism industry is officially open for business, and tickets are going for a mere $20 million for a one-week stay in space. Despite reluctance from National Air and Space Administration (NASA),Russia made American businessman Dennis Tito the world’s first space tourist. Tito flew into space aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket that arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) on April 30, 20
  01. The second space tourist, South African businessman Mark Shuttleworth, took off aboard the Russian Soyuz on April 25, 2002, also bound for the ISS. Lance Bass of ‘N Sync was supposed to be the third to make the $20 million trip, but he did not join the three-man crew as they blasted off on October 30, 2002, due to lack of payment. Probably the most incredible aspect of this proposed space tour was that NASA approved of it. These trips are the beginning of what could be a profitable 21st century industry. There are already several space tourism companies planning to build suborbital vehicles and orbital cities within the next two decades. These companies have invested millions, believing that the space tourism industry is on the verge of taking off. In 1997, NASA published a report concluding that selling trips into space to private citizens could be worth billions of dollars. A Japanese report supports these findings, and projects that space tourism could be a $10 billion per year industry within the next two decades. The only obstacles to opening up space to tourists are the space agencies, who are concerned with safety and the development of a reliable, reusable launch vehicle. Space Accommodations Russia’s Mir space station was supposed to be the first destination for space tourists. But in March 20
  01,the Russian Aerospace Agency brought Mir down into the Pacific Ocean. As it turned out, bringing down Mir only temporarily delayed the first tourist trip into space. The Mir crash did cancel plans for a new reality-based game show from NBC, which was going to be called Destination Mir. The Survivor-like TV show was scheduled to air in fall 2001, Participants on the show were to go through training at Russia’s cosmonaut (宇航员) training center, Star City. Each week, one of the participants would be eliminated from the show, with the winner receiving a trip to the Mir space station. The Mir crash has ruled out NBC’s space plans for now. NASA is against beginning space tourism until the International Space Station is completed in 20
  06. Russia is not alone in its interest in space tourism. There are several projects underway to commercialize space travel. Here are a few of the groups that might take tourists to space: ? Space Island Group is going to build a ring-shaped, rotating “commercial space infrastructure (基础结构)” that will resemble the Discovery spacecraft in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Space Island says it will build its space city out of empty NASA space-shuttle fuel tanks (to start, it should take around 12 or so), and place it about 400 miles above Earth. The space city will rotate once per minute to create a gravitational pull one-third as strong as Earth’s. ? According to their vision statement. Space Adventures plans to “fly tens of thousand of people in space over the next 10-15 years and beyond, around the moon, and back, from spaceports both on Earth and in space, to and from private space stations, and board dozen of different vehicles...” ? Even Hilton Hotels has shown interest in the space tourism industry and possibility of building or co-funding a space hotel. However, the company did say that it believes such a space hotel is 15 to 20 years away. Initially, space tourism will offer simple accommodations at best. For instance, if the International Space Station is used as a tourist attraction, guests won’t find the luxurious surroundings of a hotel room on Earth. It has been designed for conducting research, not entertainment. However, the first generation of space hotels should offer tourists a much more comfortable experience. In regard to a concept for a space hotel initially planned by Space Island, such a hotel could offer guests every convenience they might find at a hotel on Earth, and some they might not. The small gravitational pull created by the rotating space city would allow space-tourists and residents to walk around and function facilities would be possible. Additionally, space tourists would even be able to take space walks. Many of these companies believe that they have to offer an extremely enjoyable experience in order for passengers to pay thousands, if not millions, of dollars to ride into space. So will space create another separation between the haves and have-nots? The Most Expensive Vacation Will space be an exotic retreat reserved for only the wealthy? Or will middle-class folks have a chance to take their families to space? Make no mistake about it, going to space will be the most expensive vacation you ever take. Prices right now are in the tens of millions of dollars. Currently, the only vehicles that can take you into space are the space shuttle and the Russian Soyuz, both of which are terribly inefficient. Each spacecraft requires millions of pounds of fuel to take off into space, which makes them expensive to launch. One pound of payload (有效载重) costs about $10,000 to put into Earth’s orbit. NASA and Lockheed Martin are currently developing a single-stage-to-orbit launch space plane, called the VentureStar, that could be launched for about a tenth of what the space shuttle costs to launch. If the VentureStar takes off, the number of people who could afford to take a trip into space would move into the millions. In 1998, a joint report from NASA and the Space Transportation Association stated that improvements in technology could push fares for space travel as low as $50,000, and possibly down to $20,000 or $10,000 a decade later. The report concluded that a ticket price of $50,000, there could be 500,000 passengers flying into space each year. While still leaving out many people, these prices would open up space to a tremendous amount of traffic. Since the beginning of the space race, the general public has said, “Isn’t that great?when do I get to go?” Well, our chance might be closer than ever. Within the next 20 years, space planes could be taking off for the Moon at the same frequency as airplanes flying between New York and Los Angles.
  1. Lance Bass wasn’t able to go on a tour of space because of health problems.
  2. Several tourism companies believe space travel is going to be a new profitable industry.
  3. The space agencies are reluctant to open up space to tourists.
  4. Two Australian billionaires have been placed on the waiting list for entering space as private passengers.
  5. The price for the winner in the fall 2001 NBA TV game show would have been .

  6. Hilton Hotels believes it won’t be long before it is possible to build a .
  7. In order for space tourists to walk around and function normally, it is necessary for the space city to create a .
  8. What making going to space the most expensive vacation is the enormous cost involved in .
  9. Each year 500,000 space tourists could be flying into space if ticket prices could be lowered to .
  10. Within the next two decades, could be as intercity air travel. Part III Listening Comprehension (35 minutes) Section A
  11. A) Dr.Smith’s waiting room isn’t tidy.B) Dr. Smith enjoys reading magazines. C) Dr. Smith has left a good impression on her.D) Dr. Smith may not be a good choice.
  12. A) The man will rent the apartment when it is available.B) The man made a bargain with the landlady over the rent. C) The man insists on having a look at the apartment first.D) The man is not fully satisfied with the apartment.
  13. A) Packing up to go abroad.B) Drawing up a plan for her English course. C) Brushing up on her English.D) Applying for a visa to the United Sates.
  14. A) He is anxious to find a cure for his high blood pressure.B) He doesn’t think high blood pressure is a problem for him. C) He was not aware of his illness until diagnosed with it.D) He did not take the symptoms of his illness seriously.
  15. A) To investigate the cause of AIDS.B) To raise money for AIDS patients. C) To rally support for AIDS victims in Africa.D) To draw attention to the spread of AIDS in Asia.
  16. A) It has a very long history.B) It is a private institution. C) It was founded by Thomas Jefferson.D) It stresses the comprehensive study of nature.
  17. A) They can’t fit into the machine.B) They have not been delivered yet. C) They were sent to the wrong address.D) They were found to be of the wrong type.
  18. A) The food served in the cafeteria usually lacks variety.B) The cafeteria sometimes provides rare food for the students. C) The students find the service in the cafeteria satisfactory.D) The cafeteria tries hard to cater to the students’ needs. Questions 19 to 22 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
  19. A) He picked up some apples in his yard.B) He cut some branches off the apple tree. C) He quarreled with his neighbor over the fence.D) He cleaned up all the garbage in the woman’s yard.
  20. A) Trim the apple trees in her yard.B) Pick up the apples that fell in her yard. C) Take the garbage to the curb for her.D) Remove the branches from her yard.
  21. A) File a lawsuit against the man.B) Ask the man for compensation. C) Have the man’s apple tree cut down.D) Throw garbage into the man’s yard.
  22. A) He was ready to make a concession.B) He was not intimidated. C) He was not prepared to go to court.D) He was a bit concerned. Questions 23 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
  23. A) Bad weather.B) Breakdown of the engines. C) Human error.D) Failure of the communications system.
  24. A) Two thousand feet.B) Twenty thousand feet. C) Twelve thousand feet.D) Twenty-two thousand feet.
  25. A) Accurate communication is of utmost importance.B) Pilots should be able to speak several foreign languages. C) Air controllers should keep a close watch on the weather.D) Cooperation between pilots and air controllers is essential. Section B Passage One Questions 26 to 28 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  26. A) His father caught a serious disease.B) His mother passed away. C) His mother left him to marry a rich businessman.D) His father took to drinking.
  27. A) He disliked being disciplined.B) He couldn’t pay his gambling debts. C) He was expelled by the university.D) He enjoyed working for a magazine.
  28. A) His poems are heavily influenced by French writers.B) His stories are mainly set in the State of Virginia. C) His work difficult to read.D) Hid language is not refined.
  29. A) He grieved to death over the loss of his wife.B) He committed suicide for unknown reasons. C) He was shot dead at the age of
  40.D) He died of heavy drinking. Passage Two Questions 30 to 32 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  30. A) Women.B) Manual workers.C) Prisoners.D) School age children.
  31. A) He taught his students how to pronounce the letters first. B) He matched the letters with the sounds familiar to the learners. C) He showed the learners how to combine the letters into simple words. D) He divided the letters into groups according to the way they are written.
  32. A) It can help people to become literate within a short time. B) It was originally designed for teaching the English language. C) It enables the learners to master a language within three months. D) It is effective in teaching any alphabetical language to Brazilians. Passage Three Questions 33 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  33. A) The crop’s blooming period is delayed.B) The roots of crops are cut off. C) The topsoil is seriously damaged.D) The growth of weeds is accelerated.
  34. A) It’s a new way of applying chemical fertilizer.B) It’s an improved method of harvesting crops. C) It’s an creative technique for saving labor.D) It’s a farming process limiting the use of ploughs.
  35. A) In areas with few weeds and unwanted plants.B) In areas with a severs shortage of water. C) In areas lacking in chemical fertilizer.D) In areas dependent on imported food. Section C Adults are getting smarter about how smart babies are. Not long ago, researchers learned that 4-day-olds could understand (
  36) and subtraction. Now, British research (
  37) Graham Schafer has discovered that infants can learn words for uncommon things long before they can speak. He found that 9-month-old infants could be taught, through repeated show-and-tell, to (
  38) the names of objects that were foreign to them, a result that (
  39) in some ways the received (
  40) that, apart from learning to (
  41) things common to their daily lives, children don’t



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