Hello, My Dear friends, my dear comrades, my close friends all over the China, welcome to listen to and enjoy International Speach Master and absorb every minutes. China lacks speech-making talents! Especially English speech-making talents! The Olympics are coming!中国奇缺演讲人才,更缺英语演讲人才,奥林匹克运动会就要在中国开了。
The right time is now! International Speech Master is a must for international success!
Let me help you! Welcome to international speech master. This book does more than just give you wonderful examples of all the best speeches, it's a book that will help you develop the most useful and practical ways to make successful speeches. Once you have mastered the skill of speech making you will find it easy to speak in front of an audience, host a business meeting or offer congratulations at a special event.
此书不仅为你提供许多优秀的演讲范文,而且还将告诉你最实用的演讲方法,一旦你掌握了演讲技能 ,你就能很轻松地在大众面前讲话、主持商务会议或者在特别的场合祝贺别人 。
The ability to make a good speech is definitely a requirement for an effective leader.
A good speech has the power to change the course of history or effect an entire generation to change their lives. Speeches console us in times of sorrow and uplift us in times of joy.
好的演讲能力是高效率领导者的必备素质,一篇好的演讲可能改变历史进程,也可以激励人们改变他 们的命运悲伤时,演讲给我们慰藉;高兴时,演讲同我们一起欢呼。
No special event can be called important without at least one speech. Speeches are an essential part of every significant life event. Speeches are always given at birthdays, weddings, graduations and even funerals. Leaders use speeches to keep their citizens informed about the events that effect their lives.
任何一件大事都必然包含演讲-演讲是所有人生重大事件必不可少的组成部分-生日、婚礼、毕业典礼 甚至葬礼上。演讲无处不在领导者用演讲把关系人们生活的事情告知民众。
Speeches can entertain, inform and inspire us. The best somehow manage to do all of these things at once. It's no wonder that this powerful tool of communication is the source of the second biggest fear in the world!
演讲给我们愉悦、知识 和鼓舞,最精彩的演讲几乎同时 做到了这三点。也难怪,这个世界上强 有力的交流工具是世界人们第二大害怕 的事物!
It is a well-known fact the only thing feared more than public speaking is death! What most people don't realize is that speech making can be broken down into easily mastered steps.所周知,公众演讲是仅次于死亡的最让人害怕的事情。人们所不知道的是,演讲可以化解成简单易 学的步骤。
Making an effective speech is not as difficult as it seems. It is not a special magical trick, it is really just common sense. The person making the speech is really the one with all the magic. If you can master this skill others will always admire and envy you.
做一场有效果的演讲不是看上去那么难、这决不是不可思议的窍 门,而只是简单的常识而已 、演讲者确实像一个魔术师一样。一旦你掌握了这种技能 ,其他人将永远会崇拜你 ,羡慕你。
Let this book be your example and your guide. You can become an international speech master and set the world on fire with your words!
Do you want to challenge yourself?.你想挑战自己吗?
Do you want to influence other people?你想影响别人吗?
Do you want to achieve unusual success?你想取得非凡的成功吗 ?
Do you want to succeed in business?你想取得商业上的成功 吗?
Do you want to be a leader or a politician?你想成为领导者或政治 家吗?
Let's be more realistic...那让我们更现实一点吧 ……
Do you want to win the respect and appreciation of others?你想赢得别人的尊敬与欣赏吗?
Do you want to find unexpected love and admiration?你想获得意想不到的爱戴和钦佩吗?
Do you want to get a high paying job?
Do you want to finalize a deal?
Let's be even more realistic...
Do you want to learn English well?
Do you want to improve your listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating skills?
你想提高你的听力、口语、阅读、写作和翻 译技巧吗?
Do you want to be a smashing success on all kinds of spoken English tests?
Do you want to write earth-shaking articles?你想写出震撼世界的文章吗?
Do you want to build up your vocabulary?你想扩大你的词汇量吗 ?
Do you want to completely master and naturally use grammar rules?
你想彻底掌握并自如运用语法规则吗 ?
Do you want to dramatically raise your reading level?你想迅速提高你的阅读 水平吗?
You can achieve all of this in International Speech Master!
有了《国际演讲家》, 你可以实现这一切。
Now, ladies and gentleman, I'll ask Kim to read as quickly as possible.

International Speech Master! You can do it! The Most Commonly Used Speech Sentences
Ladies and gentleman, Good morning!女士们,先生们,上午 好!
Hello everybody and welcome!各位,你们好,欢迎你 们!
It's my great honor to be here!我来到这里,倍感荣幸 !
I am very happy to see you all!我很高兴见到大家!
Thank you all for being here.感谢大家光临!
Main Body Sentences:标准正文用语
What I am going to talk about today is......我今天要讨论的是.... .
Firstly I'd like to talk about....首先我想谈一谈.....
My topic today is very interesting.我今天讨论的话题很有 趣。
I hope I can share my experiences with you.我希望能和大家分享我 的经历。
Remember this important point.请记住这个重点。
Closing Sentenses:标准结束语
Finally, I'd like to summarize the main points.最后,我想总结一下要 点。
I hope you all enjoy yourself today.我希望大家都过得开心 。
Thank you for you listening.感谢你们前来听讲。
Thank you for your time.感谢你们的光临。
Thank you very much.非常感谢!

The following is a short speech that could be given at an education conference and it demonstrated how easy it is to put these sentences together into a classic speech!
下面的演讲稿是个关于 教育研讨会的话题,它展示了如何将上面的这些句子连在一起
Ladies and gentlemen, good morning, it's my great honor to be here and I am very happy to see you all. Thank you for being here.
What I am going to talk about today is American education.
Firstly, I'd like to talk about American high school students.
My topic today is very interesting because American high school students are very different from Chinese high school students.
I was a teacher in an American high school and I hope I can share my experiences with you.
我是一位来自美国的中学教师,我希望我能和你们一起 分享我的经历。
Remember this important point, American students care about their social activities and activities outside school more than anything else.
请记住这一要点,美国的高中生把学校之 外的社会实践活动看得比任何东西都重要。
Chinese students care about their schoolwork and exams more than anything else.
而中国的学生却把学校 表现和考试成绩看得比什么都重要。
American students are very independent.美国学生很独立。
They drive their own cars, work at part time jobs and often have their own phones, televisions, stereos and video games purchased with their own money.
American high school students are often involved in relationships with boyfriends or girlfriends.美国的高中生通常还有女朋友或男朋友。
Students in America must learn how to schedule their time among work, school, friends, sports and of course, fun! 美国学生必须学会规划好自己的时间,去应付工作、学习、交友,运动,当然还有 娱乐等。
This type of responsibility is challenging for young people and often their education suffers.
这种情况对年轻人来说 是一种挑战,通常他们的教育都会受 到影响。
This is just a brief introduction to one of the many aspects of American education. Thank all for listening and I all hope you all enjoy yourselves today. 这只是美国教育这面多棱镜的一角。感谢你们的聆听,并希望大家今天玩儿的 开心愉快。

This is a classic acceptance speech.这是一个经典的领奖致辞。
You can hear this type of speech every year during the Academy Awards.
Actors and actresses give wonderful speeches because they are trained to deliver lines in a powerful and emotional way.演员们要发表精彩的演讲,因为他们在发表威力无比而且煽情的演讲方面是训练有素的.
Follow the speech below until you are deserving of a world-class English award!
模仿下面的演讲,直至 你也值得荣获一个世界级的英语大奖;
I'm very grateful to receive this award for "Best Actress."
获此"最佳女主角"奖的 荣誉,我深表感谢。
I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate this great honor.
There are many people I'd like to thank.我想感谢很多人,
First of all, I want to thank my parents for bringing me into this world.
I also want to express my gratitude to all of my teachers over the years, but especially to my acting teacher, Jim Jones. who taught me everything I know.
另外,我还要对这么多年来教过我的老师说声"谢谢",更要感谢我的表演老师吉姆?琼斯,他教会了我所知道的每 一件事。
I want to thank my husband for his understanding and kindness.
And finally, I want to express my appreciation to all of my friends for their support, especially to Martin Miller, for being there when I needed him.
This award means a great deal to me.这个奖对我来说意义重 大。
Words can't express how honored I feel at this moment.
任何话语也表达不了此 时我所感到的万分荣幸 。
I will remember this night for the rest of my life!我今生将永远记住今晚 的美好时刻!
Thank you very much.非常感谢。

Welcome to Our School欢迎参观我校
This speech is so useful for welcoming a foreign teacher to your school. There is no need to give a long speech. A short, powerful speech that you can blurt out from memory is always better than a long, difficult speech that you read from a paper.
这个演讲用来欢迎到你们学校来的外教是 非常有用的。演讲不用很长。将一个简短的、强有力 的演讲脱口而出总比你照着文稿读一个冗长而复杂的演讲要强.
If you are ever asked to welcome a visiting teacher, this is the perfect speech for you!
如果有人要求你欢迎来 参观的老师,这对你就是一个完美的 演讲!
Welcome to our school. 欢迎莅临我校。
We are so glad to have such an experienced teacher visiting us.
我们很高兴有这么一位经验丰富的教师采我校 访问。
We are sure the exchange of views among us will promote the friendly relationship between China and America.我们相信,我们之间的 广泛交流必将促进中美间的友好 关系。
We can learn so much from each other.并我们相互之间可以学 到很多东西。
Finally, I hope you will enjoy your stay in China, make new friends and take away memories
of happy, productive days.最后我祝愿您能在中国 生活愉快,广交朋友,能把这些好 的,富有成效的日子永记心中。
After your visit, we sincerely hope you will give us your valuable suggestions and advice.
我衷心希望您在参观访 问之后能给我们提出宝贵意见 和建议
You will always be welcome to our school.欢迎您常来我校指导。

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There are a lot more wonderful and exciting events waiting for you in the new Beijing, a modern metropolis with more than 3,000 yea



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