第一单元 中元音 /i:/ 第一部分 每日练嘴单词
  1.Chinese 中国人
  2.extremely 极其地 That movie was extremely funny. 那部电影极其有趣.
  3.feeling 感情 I have a feeling that things are not so simple. 我感觉事情并不那么简单.
  4.agree 同意
  5.please 请
  6.dream 梦;梦想 I dream of becoming the best English speaker in our city. 我梦想成为我们城市英语说得最好的人.
  7.achieve 达到
  8.believe 相信
  9.receive 接到;接收
  10.conceive 设想;构思
  1).I can't conceive where he came up with that idea. 我想不出他是怎么想到这个主意的.
  2).First conceive,then achieve. 先设想,再去达成. 第二部分 特别奉献 I'm glad to meet you. 我很高兴见到你. 第三部分 十大练嘴精品句
  1.The Chinese are a great people. 中国人民是伟大的人民.
  2.Seeing is believing. 眼见为实.
  3.Speaking English is a a piece of cake. 说英语是小菜一碟.
  4.The food here doesn't seem to agree with me. 开来这里的食物我吃不惯.
  5.Do you happen to see the key on the seat? 你有没有看到座位上的钥匙?
  6.I see what you mean,but I can't agree with you. 我懂你说的意思,但我不能同意.
  7.It's easier to dream than to achieve. 梦想容易实现难.
  8.Whatever your mind can conceive and believe,your mind can achieve! 只要你想得到,只要你相信,你就能够做到.
  9.Please feel free to call me.
  10.Keep it a secret between you and me. 请保密./别告诉其他人这件事. 第四部分 Jin's Most Favorite Sentence There's a nice breeze between the trees. 树林中吹来怡人的微风. 第二单元 中元音 /i/ 第一部分 每日练嘴单词
  1.visit 参观 When you visit London,one of the first things you will see is Big Ben. 当你参观伦敦时,首先看到的东西之一就是"大本钟".
  2.limit 限制
  3.English 英语
  4.ticket 票 Please give him this ticket. 请把这张票给他.
  5.specific 特别的
  6.pretty 漂亮的;相当;很
  7.difficulty 困难
  1).Did you have any difficulty? 你有什么困难吗?
  2).I mastered English with no difficulty. 我毫无困难地掌握了英语.
  8.busy 繁忙的 I'll be busy tomorrow. 明天我会很忙.
  9.been 曾经是
  10.build 建造 第二部分 特别奉献 How is your business going? 你的生意(做得)怎么样? 第三部分 十大练嘴精品句
  1.Give me a minute! 给我一点时间.
  2.I'm pretty busy. 我很忙.
  3.A good beginning makes for a good ending. 好的开始导致好的结尾.
  4.This is a small gift;I hope you like it. 小小礼物,希望你喜欢.
  5.Your company is very impressive. 你们公司让人印象深刻.

  6.I was lucky to miss the traffic accident. 我很幸运,没碰上这次交通事故.
  7.How long did it take you to finish this job? 你完成这件工作花了多长时间?
  8.Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. 心之所愿,无事不成.
  9.His intelligence is unlimited. 他非常聪明.
  10.Finish it in a minute if it is not difficult. 如果不难,就尽快完成. 第四部分 Jin's Most Favorite Sentence He knows a bit of everything. 他什么都知道一点. 第五部分 李阳老师最喜欢的句子
  1.Lily lives in a big city. 莉莉住在一个大城市里.
  2.Business is business. 公事公办.
  3.I enjoy doing business with you. 很高兴同你做生意.
  4.It's a pleasure to do business with you. 很高兴同你做生意.
  5.Is it spring or still winter? 是春天到了还是仍然是冬天?
  6.Can you give me a lift? 你能载我一程吗?
  7.Where there is a will,there is a way. 有志者事竟成. 第三单元 中元音 /e/ 第一部分 每日练嘴单词
  1.expensive 昂贵的
  2.remember 回忆起;记得
  1).I'll always remember my visit to China. 我将永远记得我的中国之行.
  2).If you want to remember English words,practice every day! 如果你想记住英语单词,你必须每天训练!
  3.depend 依靠;依赖 I depend on you to be on time. 我指望你能准时.
  4.question 问题;询问;怀疑
  5.pressure 压力;压迫;紧迫 He works well even under pressure.
  6.dedicate 提供;奉献
  7.respect 尊重 Respeet yourself,or no one else coill. 人必自敬,而后人敬之.
  8.weather 天气;处境
  9.pleasant 令人愉快的;舒适的
  10.already 已经 第二部分 特别奉献 Welcome back to Korea. 欢迎回到韩国. 第三部分 十大练嘴精品句
  1.Better late than never. 迟到总比不到好.
  2.East or west,home is best. 金窝银窝,不如自己的狗窝.
  3.When is the deadline? 最后限期是什么时候?
  4.The message was very helpful. 这个信息很有帮助.
  5.I'll never forget that special day. 我永远不会忘记这特别的一天.
  6.Fresh air and exercise are good for health. 新鲜空气和运动有益于身体健康.
  7.Never let your parents down. 永远不要令你的父母失望.
  8.Let's get together when the weather is better. 等天气好一点我们再相聚.
  9.Your extra effort will have excellent effects! 你加倍的努力将获得显著的成果!
  10.My friend in America sent me a message that the economic forecast is pleasant there. 我在美国的朋友告诉我一个消息说那里的经济前景很乐观. 第四部分 Jin's Favorite Sentences
  1.Never forget your best friends in America. 永远不要忘记你在美国的好朋友.
  2.Let's get started. 让我们开始吧! 第五部分 李阳老师最喜欢的句子
  1.The weather is very pleasant today. 今天的天气非常好!
  2.Don't spend every penny you get. 不要把你赚的每一分钱都花掉.
  3.Let's get everything ready for the party. 让我们准备好聚会的一切吧.

  4.I guess this book will be a best seller. 我想这本书一定会成为畅销书的.
  5.All is well that ends well. 结局好就一切都好.
  6.Everybody has his merits and faults. 人人都有优缺点.
  8.If I play my best,I can win anywhere in the world against anybody. 如果我尽了最大努力,那么我可以在任何地方打败任何人. 第四单元 前元音 // 第一部分 每日练嘴单词
  1.practice 练习
  2.passion 激情 He has a passion for teaching English. 他热爱叫英语.
  3.absolutely 绝对地
  4.challenge 挑战
  1).This examination is a 热爱了 challenge. 这次考试是一次真正的挑战.
  2).Speaking English is a real challenge for some Chinese people. 说英语对一些中国人来说真是一种挑战.
  5.exactly 确切地
  1).You're exactly right! 你说得太对了!
  2).That's exactly what I was thinking. 那正是我所想的.
  3.A:Do you get my point? 你明白我的意思吗? B:Exactly! 完全明白!
  6.relax 放松
  7.exaggerate 夸张
  8.fantastic 奇妙的;很棒的 My trip to Tibet was fantastic. 我去西藏的旅行棒极了.
  9.satisfaction 满意
  1).Our product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 我们的产品有 100%满意保证.
  2).If you buy our product,your satisfaction will be absolutely guaranteed. 如果你购买我们的产品,你一定会非常满意.
  3).Is everything to your satisfaction? 一切都让你满意吗?
  4).I promise to keep working until the project meets your satisfaction.
  10.laugh 笑 第二部分 特别奉献 How long are you planning to stay? 你打算呆多久? 第三部分 十大练嘴精品句
  1.Not bad. 不错.
  2.He's a handsome man. 他是个英俊的男人.
  3.Don't laugh behind other people's backs. 不要在别人背后嘲笑他人.
  4.I have a happy family. 我有个幸福的家庭.
  5.If you exaggerate,you will sound fantastically American. 如果你发音夸张,听起来会特别有美国味.
  6.There's always a bad apple in every bunch. 到哪儿都有害群之马.
  7.As a matter of fact,I think he is outstanding. 事实上,我认为他很杰出.
  8.That man has a bad habit.He's very annoying. 那个人有个坏习惯,他非常令人讨厌.
  9.I am so glad that nothing bad has happened. 我很高兴没发生什么糟糕的事情.
  10.Jack is bad at English because he has never practiced speaking in class. 杰克的英语很差,因为在课堂上他从来没有练习说英语. 第四部分 Jin's Most Favorite Sentences
  1.He who laughs last laughs best. 笑到最后的人笑得最好.
  2.She is exactly the right person to meet the challenge. 她是迎接挑战的最佳人选. 第五部分 李阳老师最喜欢的句子
  1.I'll catch your later. 回头再找你.
  2.What do you plan to do after you graduate? 你毕业后打算做什么?
  3.I can't come.I have class. 我来不了.我要上课.
  4.Is there a bank near here?I need some cash. 附近有银行吗?我需要一些现金.
  5.Jack's parents are very happy because Jack has passed the math exam. 杰克的父母很高兴,因为杰克通过了数学考试.
  6.Sally married a handsome young man named Jackiie. 萨利嫁给了一个名叫杰基的英俊的年轻人.

  7.Some people believe that a black cat will bring you bad luck. 有些人相信黑猫会带来坏运气.
  8.As a matter of fact,it's attitude instead of aptifude that decides your success. 事实上,决定你能否成功的是态度而不是能力. 第五单元 中元音 // 第一部分 每日练嘴单词
  1.money 金钱
  2.love 爱 Love me,love my dog. 爱屋及乌。
  3.come 来
  4.wonder 想知道
  5.fun 乐趣 欢乐 I had lots of fun at her birthday party. 在她的生日晚会上我玩的非常开心!
  6.lucky 幸运的
  7.such 这样的
  8.blood 血液 Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。
  9.enough 足够 Enough!I don't want to hear anymore! 够了!我不想再听下去!
  10.trouble 烦恼 困难 The little boy is cute but he's trouble. 第二部分 特别奉献 How come you look so tired? 你怎么看上去这么累? 第三部分 十大精品练嘴句
  1.What's all the fuss? 这一团糟是怎么回事?
  2.It doesn't matter. 不要紧。
  3.I'm just lucky. 我只是运气好。
  4.Nothing is more important to her than love. 对于她,没有舍命么比爱情更重要。
  5.Come see us again. 再来看我们吧。
  6.Money doesn't grow on trees. 钱不是从天上掉下来的。
  7.Just shut up! 闭嘴!

  8.I love it just for fun. 我喜欢它只是为了好玩。
  9.He's such a lucky guy. 他真幸运。
  10.Hurry up.Here comes the bus. 赶快,汽车来了。 第四部分 Jin's Favorite Sentence
  1.It's fun to run and jump in the sun. 在太阳下跑跑跳跳很有意思.
  2.Seven is my lucky number. 七是我的幸运数字.
  3.We haven't had much snow this winter. 今年冬天,我们这里降雪不多. 第五部分 李阳老师最喜欢的句子
  1.I study English just for fun. 我学英语是为了好玩.
  2.When your work is done,come out in the sun and have some fun. 你工作做完了,就出来到太阳下玩一玩.
  3.She is feeling much better. 她感觉好多了.
  4.America is a multicultural country. 美国是个多元文化的国家.
  5.He comes home once in a month. 他一个月回家一趟.
  6.My young brother will come to stay with us for the summer. 我弟弟要来跟我们一起过夏天.
  7.Something is better than nothing. 有总比没有强. 第六单元 中元音// 第一部分 每日练嘴单词
  1.early 早的
  2.heard 听到 I've never heard of anything so stupid! 我从来每听这么愚蠢的事情!
  3.observe 观察
  4.prefer 更喜欢 I prefer reading books to watching TV. 我宁愿读书,也不愿看电视。
  5.dirty 脏的 The air here is so dirty. 这里的空气好脏啊。
  6.world 世界
We should all work for world peace. 我们都应该为世界和平而努力。
  7.urgent 紧急的 The refugees are in urgent need of food and clothes. 难民们急需食物和衣服。
  8.hurt 伤害 I won't hurt you. 我不会伤害你的。
  9.journal 杂志
  10.were 是 We were so worried about you last night。 昨天晚上我们非常担心你。 第二部分 特别奉献 Where are you working now? 你在哪里工作? 第三部分 十大练嘴精品句
  5.I want to curse the person who did the bad work. 我要诅咒工作做得如此糟糕的人。
  6.Wworld War Two was worse than World War One. 二战比一战更残酷。
  7.I prefer not to wear this dirty shirt. 我宁愿不穿这件脏衣服。
  8.The early bird catches the worm. 早起的鸟儿有虫吃。
  9.First come,first served. 先到先得。
  10.You'll hurt her feelings if you forget her birthday. 如果你不记得她的生日,她会很伤心的。 第四部分 Jim's Favorite Sentences
  1.I've never heard anything worse than this. 我从没听说过比这更槽的事。
  2.We were watchiing the World Cup final last night. 昨天晚上我们在观看世界杯的决赛。 第五部分 李阳老师最喜欢的句子
  1.He's never nervous in front of girls. 他在女孩子面前从来不紧张。
  2.This is my first term in the university. 这是我在大学里的第一个学期。
  3.How many words have you learned so far? 你至今为止学了多少个单词?
  4.Earl has worked in that firm for more than thirty years. 厄尔已在那家公司工作了三十多年了。
  5.It occurred to me that you have never been to Beijing. 我想起来了,你从来没去过北京。

  6.A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 一鸟在手胜过二鸟在林。
  7.There are three ingredients in the good life:learning,earning,and yearning. 美好的生活由三种要素组成:学习、收益和向往。
  8.Most of us serve our ideals by fits and starts.The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. 大多数人对待理想时冷时热。取得卓越成



   第一单元 中元音 /i:/ 第一部分 每日练嘴单词 1.Chinese 中国人 2.extremely 极其地 That movie was extremely funny. 那部电影极其有趣. 3.feeling 感情 I have a feeling that things are not so simple. 我感觉事情并不那么简单. 4.agree 同意 5.please 请 6.dream 梦;梦想 I dream of becoming the best English speak ...


   第一单元 中元音 /i:/ 第一部分 每日练嘴单词 1.Chinese 中国人 2.extremely 极其地 That movie was extremely funny. 那部电影极其有趣. 3.feeling 感情 I have a feeling that things are not so simple. 我感觉事情并不那么简单. 4.agree 同意 5.please 请 6.dream 梦;梦想 I dream of becoming the best English spea ...


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   李阳发音宝典(1) 长元音 【 i:】 :】 每日练嘴单词 chinese 中国人 extremely 极其地 feeling 感情 agree 同意 please 请 dream 梦想 achieve 达到 believe 相信 receive 接到接收 conceive 设想构思 That movie was extremely funny.那部电影极其有趣。 那部电影极其有趣。 那部电影极其有趣 I have a feeling that things are not so simpl ...


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   前元音[i:] 下 李阳疯狂英语标准美语发音宝典第 2 课 前元音 前元音 美语音标/i/ 英语音标[i:] 包含三个该元音 4. The food here doesn't seem to agree with me. 看来这里的食物我吃不惯. 5. Do you happen to see the key on the seat? 你有没有看到座位上的钥匙? 6. I see what you mean, but I can't agree with you. 我懂你说的意思,但我不能同 ...


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   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...



   一、句子的成分 1. 主语 主语是句子叙说的主体,说明句子讲的是谁或者是什么情况。 主语通常由名词、代词、数词、动词不定式、动名词或从句等充当。 位于句首,一般不能省略。 Tom is the tallest boy in our class. They are playing football. Three million dollars is not enough. To see is to believe. Walking on the moon is very difficult. ...


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   英语评课案例及怎样才能评好课 2008 年 12 月 05 日 星期五 04:43 案例:下面是一位老师对一节英语课的综合评价 下面我从七个方面简单评述这节课 o 1. 从教学目标上看,本课突出一个“明”字。即知识目标、能力目标、思想目标明确,符合大纲的要求, 符合教材和学生的实际,体现了循序渐进的教学规律,操作性强。 2. 从教学内容上看,本课抓住了一个“准”字。即重点、难点的确立准确。教学思路清晰,先教重点: east, south, west, north??东南西北四个方位名词, 后 ...


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