李阳疯狂英语高考作文 第一篇
暑假打工 文体:记叙文 【题目要求】 暑假过后, 你的外籍教师要同学们汇报自己假期所从事的社会活动和自己的感想。 请写 一书面材料交给外教: 你在 2005 年暑假到一家肯德基(KFC)快餐店做保洁员(cleaner)工作,你每天工作 7 个小时,为期 3 周,这项工作辛苦且枯燥,并使你感到非常的疲惫,这几乎使你半途放弃。 在新学期开始之前,你终于坚持完成了这项工作,并且认识到了劳动(labor)的意义,你 认为这是一次成功的体验。 注意:
  1. 必须用第一人称。
  2. 字数在 100 词左右。 【经典范文】
Summer Holiday Part-time Job [1] During the summer holiday of 2005, I thought I should do something meaningful instead of staying at home and watching TV. So I got a job at a KFC fast food restaurant and worked there as a cleaner. Every day I went to work early in the morning and got home late in the evening. I worked 7 hours a day for three weeks. [2] The job was hard, boring and seemed endless, which made me so tired that I almost quit half way. After all, I stuck to it with my determination. [3] Finally, I finished the job before the new school term began. [4] Now, I understand what labor means. I think it was really a successful experience.
【参考译文】 [1] 2005 年的暑假,我觉得应该做些有意义的事,而不是呆在家里看电视。所以我在肯 德基快餐店找了份做清洁的工作。我每天早上很早就开始工作,晚上很晚才回家。我每天工 作 7 个小时,连续做了 3 个星期。 [2] 那份工作辛苦、无聊并且似乎永无止境,弄得我疲惫不堪差点中途放弃。但我终究 还是靠着意志力坚持了下来。 [3] 最后,我在新学年开始前结束了这份工作。 [4] 现在,我明白了劳动的意义。我觉得那真是一次成功的经历。
广告与现代生活 文体:议论文 【题目要求】 请根据以下提供的要点写一篇议论文, 阐述一下广告业已经成为当今社会很重要的一种 行业,字数在 100 词左右。 (
  1)生活中充斥着各种各样的广告,广播、电视及电脑使广告成为我们日常生活中的 一个重要部分。 (
  2)广告不仅能促销,还能提供我们需要的各种最新消息。 (
  3)广告行业还创造了很多的就业机会。 【经典范文】
Advertisements in Our Life [1] We live in a world of advertisements. We see and hear them everywhere. No one can avoid being influenced by advertisements. Radio, television and computers have made it possible for advertisements to attract the attention of millions of people. Therefore, it has become an important part of our daily life. [2] On one hand, advertising greatly promotes sales; on the other hand, in their efforts to tell people about products and events, advertisements provide us with a large amount of the latest information. Meanwhile, to make an advertisement, a lot of people will have to work together. So with the development of advertising a lot of jobs are being created. [3]In a word, advertising is an important business.
【参考译文】 [1] 我们生活在一个广告的世界里,到处都可以看到、听到广告。没有人能避免受到广 告的影响。收音机、电视和电脑使广告能够吸引成百上千万人的注意力。因此,广告已经成 为我们日常生活中的一个重要部分。 [2] 一方面,广告大大地促进了销售;另一方面,广告为了宣传产品和企业的活动,会 提供给我们大量的最新信息。同时,为了制作广告,很多人必须一起工作。所以,广告的发 展也创造了大量的工作机会。 [3] 总之,广告是一个重要的产业。
口头通知??欢迎美国代表团 文体:口头通知 【题目要求】 假如你是班长,根据下面的内容和提示,写一篇 100 字左右的口头通知,以便向同学 们宣布。 事由:欢迎美国学生来校参观 参观时间:10 月 22 日上午 9:00 ?12:00
参观人数:约 50 人。 活动安排:
  1. 8:30 在校门口欢迎。
  2. 9:00 带客人到会议室开联欢会。
  3. 领客人参观植物园、校办工厂。
  4. 11:00 在操场进行篮球比赛。
  5. 客人 12:00 离校。 注意事项:
  1. 对客人要友好大方。
  2. 要用英语交谈。
American Students' Visit Boys and girls, [1] May I have your attention, please? About fifty American students will come to visit our school on October the 22nd. We'll meet them at the school gate at 8:30 a.m. At 9:00, we'll take them to the conference room, where a get-together will be held. After that, we'll show them around our botanical garden and the school-run factory. At 11:00, there will be a basketball match on the playground. They'll leave our school at 12:
  00. [2] We must talk with them in English. Please be friendly and courteous to them. Remember, we not only stand for our school, but also stand for China. [3] Thank you. Hope you have a good time.
【参考译文】 同学们: [1] 请注意!10 月 22 号大约 50 名美国学生要来我校参观。上午 8 点 30 我们要在学校 门口迎接他们。9 点钟,我们将带他们到会议室举行一个联欢会。然后,我们要带他们参观 我们的植物园和校办工厂。11 点钟,我们将在操场上进行篮球比赛。他们 12 点离开我校。 [2] 我们一定要用英语和他们交谈,对他们要友好、礼貌。记住,我们不仅仅代表我们 学校,还代表中国。 [3] 谢谢,希望你们能和美国朋友玩得开心!
写好英语作文的秘密 文体:鼓励信 【题目要求】 请你仔细阅读所给的英文信,然后给 Worried 写一封回信。要求包括以下内容:
  1. 鼓励他振作起来,不要灰心。
  2. 记一些惯用词组和句型结构,将他们组织在一起并用其造句。
  3. 多读英语,告诉他通过大量阅读才能正确使用语言。
  4. 多背诵一些好的短文。
Dear Helpful, I'm a Senior Three student and I'm in trouble. I used to like English, but now I am having some problems in English, especially in English writing. Though I know English is a very important subject, I think now it has become a little difficult for me. My poor writing skills have caused me to get low marks on my English exams. This has made me dislike English and I am afraid to take any more exams. I really want to change my situation and enjoy learning English again. I wonder why so many students like English and can get good results in English exams. I do want to be one of the best students and go to a famous university after graduation. This is my dream, but my English is not good enough. What should I do? Worried 帮助者,您好! 我是一名高三的学生,我遇到了麻烦。我一直喜欢英语,但是现在在英语学习上我有些 问题,特别是英语写作。我知道英语是一门非常重要的科目,但我觉得现在英语对我来说已 经变得有点困难。糟糕的写作让我英语考试总是得低分,弄得我都不喜欢英语了,我也害怕 参加更多的考试。我真的想改变这种状况,重新喜欢上英语。我奇怪为什么那么多学生喜欢 英语并能考高分。我真的想成为一名优秀的学生,毕业后能进入著名大学。这是我的梦想, 但我的英语不够好。 我该怎么办? 焦虑者 注意: 不要逐字逐句翻译,字数在 100 词左右。
Secrets to Writing a Beautiful Article Dear Worried, [1] I have received your letter and I'm glad to give you some suggestions. First of all, don't be disappointed. Many students find it difficult to write well. In my opinion, if you want to improve your writing, you should do the following things. First, do some studying with the set phrases and sentence structures. Keep a list of them and then try to make some sentences with them. Second, read English as much as possible. There are many things that can't be learnt immediately. You must see them in books many times. Then you'll be able to use them correctly yourself. So, in order to write well, you must learn to read a lot. Finally, you'd better recite some good passages. The more passages you read, the better you will write. [2] I'm sure you can improve your written English as long as you study hard. Remember, practice makes perfect. Helpful
【参考译文】 焦虑者,你好! [1] 我已收到你的来信,很乐意给你一些建议。首先,不要失望。很多学生都觉得写好 作文很困难。我觉得,如果你想提高你的写作能力,就应该做下面这些事情。第一,学习一 些固定搭配和句型,把它们记下来并试着造句。第二,尽量多读英语,很多东西不可能立即 学会, 你要在书中见过很多遍, 然后才能正确使用。 所以, 为了写好作文, 你必须学着多读。 最后,你最好背诵一些好的文章,读得越多,写得就越好。 [2] 我相信只要努力学习,你的英语写作一定会提高。记住,熟能生巧。 帮助者
工作求职 文体:求职信 【题目要求】 下面是某中外合资企业刊登在昨天的 China Daily 上的一则招聘广告: Office secretary, with experience in bookkeeping, typing, public relations, operating PC (personal computer). Address, age, health condition. Write to A518, Charlie Office . 假设你是李华,现年 20 岁,身体健康,学习英语 6 年,学过广告中所列项目。通信地 址是北京市 745 信箱(P. O. Box 7
  45)。 请根据广告中提出的招聘职务、应聘条件和你自己的简要情况,写一封自荐信。字数:100 词左右。(通信时间、地址可不列出) 【经典范文】
Job Hunting P. O. Box 745, Beijing Dear Sir or Madam: [1] I have read your advertisement in yesterday's China Daily. I feel I will be fit for the job needed in your company. I'm 20 years old and in good health. After graduation from a middle school, I have studied English for six years. I studied bookkeeping, typing and public relations. I am good at both operating PC and English. I can read, write, listen to and speak English. I'm interested in the position of a secretary. [2] I want very much to be accepted by your company. I'll work hard if I can be a member of your company. Li Hua
【参考译文】 北京市 745 信箱 尊敬的先生/女士: 我在昨天的《中国日报》上看到贵公司的招聘广告,我认为我很适合贵公司的这个职位。 我今年 20 岁,身体健康。中学毕业后,我学了六年英语。我还学过簿记、打字和公共关系。 我擅长电脑操作和英语,能用英语进行听说读写。我对秘书一职很感兴趣。 我十分希望贵公司能录用我。如果能成为贵公司的一员,我将会十分努力地工作。 李华
学生是否应该参加体育锻炼 文体:议论文 【题目要求】 假如你叫李华,你校高三同学正在开展一场讨论。讨论主题是:高三学生要不要参加体 育锻炼? 请你根据下表提供的信息,给某英文报社写一封信,介绍讨论情况。 55%的学生认为 应该每天进行体育锻炼。 45%的学生认为 体育浪费时间。
可以做早操、打乒乓球、打篮球,但时 锻炼使人疲劳。 间不要过长。 锻炼能增加体质, 减少疾病。 运动使大脑休息, 使复习效果更好。 注意: 字数在 100 词左右。 【经典范文】 运动以后很兴奋, 较长时间不能复习功课。
Whether Students Should Take Physical Exercise Dear Editor, [1] I'm writing to tell you about the discussion we've had about whether students of Senior 3 should take physical exercise. 55% of the students think they should take exercise every day, such as doing morning exercises, playing ping-pong and basketball, but it shouldn't take up too much time. Proper exercise can build up one's body and reduce diseases. What's more, sports let students' brains have a rest so that they can study effectively.
[2] On the other hand, 45% believe taking exercise is a waste of time and it is tiring. After having sports, they are much too excited for a long time to pay attention to their lessons. It's also possible to get hurt in sports. Yours sincerely, Li Hua
【参考译文】 尊敬的编辑, 我写信是为了告诉你我们关于高三学生是否应参加体育锻炼的讨论结果。
  55%的同学 有 认为他们应该每天做运动, 像做早操、 打乒乓球和打篮球, 但不能花太多时间在这些运动上。 适当的运动能增强体质和减少患病。 还有, 运动能使同学们的大脑得到休息以便他们能更有 效地学习。 另一方面,有
  45%的同学认为运动是在浪费时间并且十分累人。在运动过后,他们会长 时间都很兴奋以至于不能专心学习。而且,在运动中很容易受伤。 此致 李华
因特网的作用 文体:说明文 【题目要求】 在日常生活中, 因特网起着越来越重要的作用。 请根据下表所给提示为某英文报纸写一篇题 为 On the Internet 的征文稿。 因特网的主要用途: 信息 通讯 娱乐 学习 生活 看国内外新闻、获取



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