3) 李阳疯狂英语拿手好戏卡全集 第三拿手好戏:潇洒告别
A: I really must be going now. B: But you just got here. Can't you stay a little longer? A: That's very nice of you, but I really can't. B Well, it's too bad (遗憾) that you have to go. A: Thanks very much. It was a great /lovely party! B: It was our pleasure. 一般道别
  1. We really enjoyed your company. (我们喜欢与你为伴.)
  2. Well, then, perhaps we can get together another time.
  3. Please give my best regards to your sister.
  4. I'll be seeing you!
  5. A: Take care of yourself. /Have a good trip. /Enjoy yourself. /Have fun! /Take it easy!
  6. I shall miss all of you. Let's get together soon.
  7. I hope I can see you again. /Let's meet more often. 来宾道别
  8. Well, (I'm afraid) I'd better be on my way /leaving.
  9. I'm sorry, but I've got to be on my way.
  10. I'm afraid I stayed too long.
  11. I think it's about time we got going.
  12. I really have to rush. (我真的得赶快.)
  13. I enjoyed myself very much.
  14. I'm glad to have met you.
  15. I really enjoyed the meal.
  16. I really had a pleasant /enjoyable /great evening.
  17. I had lots of fun tonight. /That was a wonderful dinner. /I had a wonderful / great time being with you.
  18. I enjoyed every minute of the party.
  19. Thank you very much for a wonderful party.
  20. I hope someday maybe you'll be able to visit my family in Beijing.
  21. I really enjoyed talking with you.
  22. Please don't be in such a hurry.
  23. Would you like to stay for dinner.
  24. Did you have a good time today?
  25. You'll have to come and see us soon.
  26. A: Thank you for inviting me. B: It was a pleasure having you. Please come again.
  27. A: Thanks for all your hospitality. B: You're welcome.
  28. A: Have a nice weekend. B: Same to you.
  29. A: Thank you for everything.
B: Well, have a nice trip and best wishes to your wife. A: Thanks. I hope we meet again soon.
  30. A: If you're ever in Xi'an, look me up. I'd love to see you again. B: Sure. I will. You can count on that.


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   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...



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   必修 1 Unit 1 1、 survey n. 2、 add up 、 3 、upset adj. vt. (upset, upset) 4、 ignore vt. 、 5、 calm vt. & vi. adj. 、 6、 calm(…)down 、 7 、have got to 8 、concern vt. n. 9、 be concerned about 10、walk the dog 11、loose adj. 12、vet n. 13、go through 、 14、△A ...


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