LYCE 三最短文第 1 辑
《国际口腔肌肉-三最短文》 国际口腔肌肉 三最短文 口腔肌肉 三最短文》 Muscle: : IM The best way to build your international muscle!锻造 你的国际肌肉! Raise your confidence!激发 你的冲天信心! Impress others with your English and knowledge! 以流利 的英语和渊博的 知识令众人瞩目 Speak and learn about the world at the same time! 畅谈 人间万物,知晓时 事风云! IM,有志者不二的选择 ! How to get rid of your shyness!如何 摈弃羞怯心理 How to tell funny jokes!如何表现幽默风趣 How to improve your manners!如何掌握社交礼仪 How to imitate great leaders!如何效仿领袖风采 How to deal with cultural differences!如何处理文化差异 How to create good life habits!如何提高生活修养 All in IM!一切尽在 IM! You won't hesitate!你将不再犹犹豫豫! You won't stutter!你将不再吞吞吐吐! You won't ever be at a loss for what to say!你将不再结结巴巴! You won't have to struggle anymore!你将不再苦苦挣扎! English will be your automatic reflex!你将侃侃而谈,流利自然! Blurt out English and blurt out the wisdom of life! 脱口而出英语,脱口而 出生命的智慧 As loudly, as quickly, and as clearly as possible!最大声!最快速!最清晰 ! 李岚清英文 申奥陈述 Kim's Note:This powerful and touching speech was probably the perfect conclusion to : Beijing's winning bid. It really proves that China is a key member of the international city and that china is a key member of the international community. Li LanQing delivered this speech in confident English. It's the perfect material for you to practice your English until you have reached the same level of confidence. Do your part to help welcome the world to Beijing by learning the international language! Ladies and gentlemen, many people in the world have a dream, that one day they could come to China and visit Beijing. 女士们,先生们,全世 界很多人 都有这样一个梦想,他们希望有朝一日能来 到中国并访问北京。
LYCE 三最短文第 1 辑
My countrymen have a very strong desire to stage an excellent Olympic Games in Beijing which is a great contribution to the Olympic movement and its history. 我的同胞也有在中国举办一次出色奥 运会 的强烈渴望,并将其看作是对奥林匹 克及其历史的一个重大贡献, I therefore hope from the bottom of my heart, that you distinguished IOC members, will help them realize their long-cherished aspirations. 因此我衷心地希望尊敬的奥委会委员们 能帮助他们实现这一期 待已久的愿望。 The Chinese sage Confucius says, "Isn't it a delight after all to have friends come from afar?" 我国先圣孔子说过, "有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎?" Indeed, it is our delight to welcome all guests with open arms in Beijing in the year 20
  08. 2008 年如能在北京热烈 欢迎各位客人,这将是我们最喜悦的盛事? I'm sure you will have a great games in Beijing! Thank you! 我相信,届时你们将会 在北京看到一次伟大的 奥运会,谢谢! 【额外成就感】 额外成就感】 Words and phrases (
  1)dream/dri:m/n.梦,梦想;v.做梦; 梦见;梦想;幻想;想 到 I'm sure I can realize my dream of conquering English. 我确信我能实现攻克英 语的梦想。 I certainly didn't promise you the money; you must have dreamt it. 我肯定没有答应过给你 那笔钱,准是你在胡思 乱想。 (
  2)countryman/n.同胞;同国人;同乡 ;乡下人;农民 (
  3)desire/ n.愿望,心愿;要求; v.想望,期望,希望; 请求 He has a great desire for fame.他有出人头地的强烈愿 望。 (
  4)stage/ n.舞台;戏剧;活动场 所;发展进程;阶段或 时期;v.上演;筹备; 举行 (
  5)contribution/n.捐献,贡献;捐款, 捐助;投稿 He has made a great contribution to the company.他为公司作出了巨大的 贡献。 (
  6)movement/n.运动;动作;潮流; 动向;运转 The trade union movement is concerned with working conditions. 工会发起的这次运动与 工人的工作条件密切相 关。 (
  7)from the bottom of one's heart 发自内心地,衷心地 From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for forgetting your birthday! 忘记了你的生日,我向 你表示发自内心的歉意 。 (
  8)distinguished/adj.卓着的;着名的; 卓越的;杰出的;超群 的;出众的;尊贵的 The Chinese nation is distinguished for its diligence and courage. 中华民族以勤劳勇敢着称。 He is distinguished for his knowledge of economics.他在经济学知识方面出 类拔萃。 (
  9)realize/v.认识到;了解;实现 ;实行 The Chinese people are sure to realize the modernization of their country. 中国人民必将实现国家现代化。
LYCE 三最短文第 1 辑
She realized her dream of becoming an actress.她实现了当演员的梦想 。 I finally realized my goal of speaking good English. 我终于实现了说一口流 利英语的目标。 (
  10)long-cherished/adj.被长期渴望的,期 待已久的 (
  11)aspiration/n.热望,渴望;志向 She has aspirations to become a great writer.她胸怀大志,要成为一 位伟大作家。 His true aspirations is to become the President of the United States. 他真正的抱负是想成为 美国总统。 (
  12)sage/n.智者;贤人,圣人; 年高望重的人;adj.贤 明的,明智的;审慎的 Thank you for your sage advice.谢谢你的高见。 He was a wise old sage, who knew everything about Chinese medicine. 他是一位精通中医的年 长的智者。 (
  13)delight/di'lait/n.快乐,高兴,喜悦 (
  14)afar/adv.远;在远处;远远 地,遥远地 Grammer and structure Have a strong desire to do something. I have a strong desire to quit smoking this year. She is an amazing woman with a strong desire to succeed. 第一章 疯狂人生激励 Kim's Note:This passage also applies to learning English. If you put off studying or practicing you will never be able to speak good English. You can't wait until you have free time or extra money to take a class. The right time is now. Don't delay. Just do it! Just Do It! If you put off things for too long, they can easily become uncontrollable. 事情一旦被拖得太久就会变得难以控制。 The longer you wait to tackle a problem, the more difficult it becomes. 问题拖得越久,越难以解决。 Don't waste time thinking about how difficult something is. 所以,不要把时间浪费 在考虑某事到底有多难 , Just take the advice in this passage.这篇短文接受忠告吧! Many people put off until tomorrow what they can do today. 很多人把今天能做的事 推到明日, They always look for excuses to postpone doing something.他们总是找借口拖延做 事。 In the end, it never gets done.到头来,事情总是没做 完。 If we leave things undone, we will eventually worry. 如果我们没有把事做完 ,我们心里会感到忐忑 不安, This will cause unnecessary stress.从而造成不必要的压力 。 Therefore, if you have this bad habit, it's best to get rid of it and do things as soon as possible. 因此,如果你有这种坏习惯的话,最好是将它克服,尽快把事情做好。
LYCE 三最短文第 1 辑
Speak out! 大声说出来 Kim's Note:This is more than a passage to build your international muscle. It's valuable advice for succeeding in English and business. Pretending to understand when you really don't is always a bad idea. Practice this passage and you will be much more confident about asking for clarification. Don't be shy! Native speakers always ask questions when they don't understand. In fact, it shows you are listening! "Just Ask!" 想问就问 If you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask.如果你不明白的话,一定要毫不迟疑地发问。 Some Chinese seem to feel that it is impolite to ask questions even when they don't quite understand. 有些中国人以为提问题 是不礼貌的,即使在他们不是十分明白的时候。 However, it's much better to say that you don't understand than to pretend you understand and answer very vaguely.然而,你直言不懂比假装而含糊地回答要来得好。 When you don't understand or haven't caught what was said, you may ask by saying any of the following: "I beg your pardon?" 当你不明白或弄不清对 方说什么时,你可以用以下方式来提问:"你能再说一遍吗?" "I'm not clear on what you said.""我没听清你说什么。" "I'm afraid I don't understand you. Would you mind saying it again?" "恐怕我不明白你的意 思。你介意再说一次吗 ?" "I'm sorry I' don't follow you.""很抱歉我不明白你的 意思。" "Could you repeat that?""你能重复一遍吗?" "I didn't get it.""我没有听懂。" You'll improve your understanding and the speaker will be happy to make his point again! 这样将能增进你的理解 ,而且说话者也乐意把他 的要点再重复一遍。 Speak Out! 大声说出来 Expressing opinions is one example of culture difference between east and west. 表达观点的不同是中西文化差异的一个典 型例子。 Westerners express their opinions freely.西方人自由地发表他们 的意见。 They feel it is natural for people to have different ideas, and don't mind hearing views that differ from their own. 他们觉得人们有不同的思想那是当然的,并且不介意听到与他们自己不同的意见。 You may express frankly what you think or feel.你可以率直地表达你的 想法或感觉。 Of course, you shouldn't be rude in your manner or speech.当然你不应该用粗鲁的语气。 Statements such as "You're wrong," "You're mistaken," "You don't know," etc. 象"你错了","你弄错 了", aren't exactly bad, but it is preferable to soften the tone. "你不明白"等等这样的 表达,并不一定是不好的,但是语气应和缓。 You might say, "I don't think you're right," "l'm afraid you're mistaken," or "You don't seem to understand." 你可以说"我不认为你是对的","恐怕你弄错了",或" 你好像不太明白"。 Time Flies! 时间飞逝
LYCE 三最短文第 1 辑
Many people value their time more than anything else in the world. 很多人把时间视为世界 上最宝贵的东西。 Once time is gone it can never be replaced.时间一旦消逝,没有什么东西可取代它。 This makes time more valuable than money.这使得时间比金钱更加宝贵。 Time is precious. Nobody can afford to waste time.时间很宝贵,谁都浪费不起。 Once time has gone by, it will never return.时间一旦消逝,就永远不再来。 You can never turn the clock back. Time passes very quickly. 你永远也无法让时光倒流。时间过得很快, People say time flies. Time and tide wait for no man.人们说光阴似箭,岁月不待人。 We should, therefore, make the best use of our time.因此,我们应该好好善 用时间。 If you can manage your time well, you will have a successful life. 如果能合理地支配时间 ,你一定会有一个成功 的人生。 Try using all your spare time to practice English crazily. 试把所有的零碎时间都 应用于疯狂地操练英语 上面, Even a few minutes' practice while waiting for the bus can be valuable learning time. 哪怕是等车的一点点间隙也不要放过。 “最大声 is so important” You are yelling for these reasons:你由于下列原因要大喊 : Yell away shyness!喊掉羞怯 Yell away inferiority!喊掉自卑 Yell away low spirits!喊掉沉闷 Yell away laziness!喊掉惰性 Yell away all the shackles of life!喊掉一切人生枷锁 第二章 社交礼仪 Social manners Kim's Note:I really don't know anyone in America who enjoys surprise visits. Unless you : are really close friends with someone, it is embarrassing to have unexpected guests show up when you are in the middle of cleaning your house, or taking a shower. It is always a good idea to call first. Even if you are just outside of someone's building, the right thing to do is to call and say, "I am near your house and wondered if you were free right now." Passage No.3 Informal Calls 非正式拜访 Some friends are just like family.一些朋友就像自家人一 样, There is no need to make formal arrangements for a visit. 拜访之前没有必要进行正式的预约。 Except for these very close friends and relatives, making unexpected calls should be avoided as much as possible. 除了这些特别亲近的朋 友和亲戚之外,尽量不要突然登门造访 。 The unexpected guest is welcomed, but whether that welcome is sincere or given out of kindness is another matter. 不速之客还是会受到欢迎,但这种欢迎是否发自内心或只是出于礼貌,就不好说了。 Practically everyone has his own plans as to how to spend his time, and it is often perplexing, if not annoying, to be obliged to change one's plans by unexpected visitors.
LYCE 三最短文第 1 辑
事实上,每个人对于如何支配时间都有自己的计划,为接待一个不速之客而 不得不改 变自己的计划 ,即使不生气也会觉得为难。 When someone invites you to drop by anytime, they really mean to call first to make sure the time is convenient! 当有人邀请你可在任何 时候去



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