91.Speaking of…
【疯狂实战】 A: I like having parties. (我喜欢开晚会。) B: Speaking of parties, are you going to Linda’s birthday party? (说起晚会,你要去参加 Linda 的生日晚会吗?)
A: I love the weather in Hawaii. (我喜欢夏威夷的天气。) B: Speaking of the weather, don’t you think the weather forecast is unreliable? (说起天气,你不觉得天气预报不可靠吗?)
A: I met Mr. and Mrs. Lee there. (我在那儿遇到李氏夫妇了。) B: Really? Speaking of Mrs. Lee, why did she quit her job? (真的?说起李太太,她为什么辞职呢?)
  92.That reminds me.
【疯狂实战】 A: These direct mails 『(商店、非盈利机构等为招揽生意、募捐或征求会员等向人们
投寄的)直接邮件』are a waste of paper. (这些直接邮件纯粹是浪费纸张。) B: That reminds me. We’re running out of toilet (=bath) tissue. (这倒提醒了我。我们的手纸用完了。)
A: My mother called this afternoon. (今天下午我妈妈来电话了。) B: That reminds me. You have a package from her. (哦,对了,她给你寄了一个包裹来。)
A: The phone bill is big this month, isn’t it? (这个月的话费很高,是吧?) B: That reminds me. I have to pay the electric bill, too. (对了,我们还得交电费。)
【疯狂实战】 A: So, what do you think of my plan? (那么,你认为我的计划怎样呢?) B: Well, let me think. I’m not sure it will work. (嗯,让我想一想。我不敢肯定它可不可行。)
A: So, would you like to catch a movie? (那你今晚想去看电影吗?) B: Uh, you mean tonight? I’m kind of busy. (嗯,你是说今天晚上?我有点儿忙。)
A: So, can I ask you a personal question? (嗯……,我能问你个私人问题吗?) B: It depends. (看情况。)
  94.By the way.
【疯狂实战】 A: By the way, have you heard from John? (顺便问一下,你收到 John 的信了吗?) B: No, not yet. I’m still waiting. (还没呢,还在等。)
A: Oh, by the way, Kim called me today. (噢,顺便说一下,Kim 今天给我打电话了。) B: Really? What about? (真的?她说了什么?)
A: By the way, I fixed your computer. (顺便说一下,你的电脑我修好了。)
B: Oh, thanks! I’m lost without it. (噢,太谢谢你了!没有电脑我都不知所措了。)
  95. You know what?
【疯狂实战】 A: You know what? I’m really bored. (知道吗?我真觉得很无聊。) B: So am I. Let’s get out of here. (我也是,我们走吧。)
A: You know what? You’re so lucky. (知道吗?你很幸运。) B: I know. I thank my lucky stars. I really do! (我知道,多亏了我的幸运星。的确是!)
A: You know what? I don’t really like him. (知道吗?我不怎么喜欢他。) B: How come? I think he’s a great guy. (为什么?我觉得他挺不错的呀。)
  96. I have an idea.
【疯狂实战】 A: It’s such a nice day today. (今天真是个好日子。) B: I have an idea. Let’s go to the park. (我有个想法,我们去公园玩吧。)
A: I can’t understand these directions. (我看不懂这些说明。) B: I have an idea. Let’s ask Jim, he’s an expert. (我有办法。我们去问 Jim 吧,他是这方面的专家。)
A: We ran out of coffee. (我们的咖啡喝光了。) B: I have an idea. Let’s have tea instead! (我有办法,我们以茶代替吧。)
【疯狂替换】 ①I have a thought.(我有个想法。) ②I know what.(我知道怎么做。)
  97. I have something to tell you.
【疯狂实战】 A: I have something to tell you. (我有件事要告诉你。) B: Okay. What is it? (说吧,什么事?)
A: I have something to tell you. (我有件事要告诉你。) B: Shoot. I’m all ears. (说吧,我听着呢。)
A: I have something to tell you. (我有件事要告诉你。) B: Is it something serious? (是很重要的事吗?)
  98. (As) far as I’m concerned… ]δν∴σ5ν[κ ?Ια ζΑ ρΒφ ζΑ[ 依我看,……;就我而言,……
【疯狂实战】 A: Isn’t this cake good? (难道这个蛋糕不好吃吗?) B: It sure is! This is the best cake I have ever eaten as far as I’m concerned. (当然好吃。就我而言,这是我吃过的最好的蛋糕。)
A: I think I’d better go. (我想我最好还是走了。) B: As far as I’m concerned, you all can leave now. (依我看,你们现在都可以走了。)
A: What do you think of the new secretary? (你认为新来的秘书怎么样?) B: Not bad, as far as I’m concerned. (我看不错。)
  99.In my opinion. ]ν[?νΙπ5[ Ια? νΙ[ 在我看来。
【疯狂实战】 A: What do you think of this sexual harassment case? (你怎么看待这件性骚扰事件?) B: In my opinion, this is the beginning of a new era. (在我看来,这是一个新时期的开始。)
A: What do you think of cloning? (你对克隆技术怎么看?) B: In my opinion, it does more harm than good. (在我看来,弊大于利。)
A: Don’t you think Kevin is too harsh on his son? (你不觉得 Kevin 对他的儿子太严了一点吗?) B: He’s a model father, in my opinion. (我认为他是个模范爸爸。)
  00.I’m not finished. ]τΦΙνΙφ5 τΒν ?Ια[ 我还没有说完。
【疯狂实战】 A: Okay, I understand (好的,我明白了。) B: I’m not finished. I have a lot to say! (我还没有说完呢,我还有很多话要说。)
A: Okay, okay, that’s enough. (好了,好了,够了。) B: I’m not finished. You’re going to listen to me for once! (我还没说完呢,你总得听我一次。)
A: So, are you going to move out? (那你打算搬出去了?) B: No. I’m not finished. (不,我还没有说完。)
【额外成就感】 ①Let me finish.(让我把话说完。) ②Hear me out.(听我说完。)
  01.Wait a minute. ]τΙνΙ?5 [ τεω[ 稍等。
【疯狂实战】 A: Laura and I went to the same college. (我和 Laura 上过同一所大学。) B: Wait a minute. Did you say Laura? (等一下,你是说 Laura?)
A: I saw this painting when I was in New York. (我在纽约的时候见过这幅画。) B: Wait a minute. When were you in America? (等一下,你什么时候去过美国?)
A: See you later, Dad. (爸爸,一会儿见。) B: Wait a minute. Where are you going? (等一下,你要去哪儿?)
【疯狂替换】 ①Wait a second.(等一下。) ②Hold on.(稍候。)
Kim’s Note: These are some of the most useful sentences in English. You will find countless opportunities to use them every day. In America everyone is always in a rush, so it can be extremely useful to know several ways to tell someone to wait. 在英语中,这些都是最有用的句子。每天你都有无数次使用到它们的机会。在美国,每个人 都在赶时间,所以,多学几种叫别人等待的说法是非常有用的。
  02.Let’s see. ]ισ στΖλ[ 让我想想看。
【疯狂实战】 A: Do you have time tomorrow afternoon? (你明天下午有空吗?) B: Let’s see. Yes. What about 2:00? (让我想想看。有。两点钟怎么样?)
A: How many envelopes have we got? (我们一共有多少个信封?) B: Let’s see. Twenty-two. (让我看看。22 个。)
A: What time did you hear the noise? (你是什么时候听到响声的?) B: Let’s see. Around eleven, I suppose. (让我想想。我想大约是在 11 点钟的时候。)
  03.Let me think. ]κΝΙΠ ι? τΖλ[ 让我想想。
【疯狂实战】 A: What is the phone number again? (你刚才说的那个电话号码是多少?) B: Let me think. (让我想想。)
A: Do you have any books about American history? (你有关于美国历史的书籍吗?) B: Let me think. (让我想想。)
A: Do you know anyone who is looking for a job? (你知道有谁在找工作的吗?) B: Let me think. (让我想想。)



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