Sincerely congratulates Beijing on its sucess in winning the bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games !China's time has come! Let's celebrate it!Let's remember the moment !Let's be prepared!Let's work hard!Let's speak good English! [NoPage]
The Power of Blurting OutBlurt out is more than just the slogan or empty advice. It really dose have the power to give you a breakthrough in English. The following are two stories that show how blurt out has affected English learners of all ages. “Are you Kim?”I was in a book store in Hainan when a very small girl approached me with confidence and asked, “Are you Kim?” I barely had time to say “Yes”, before the girl recited the whole pledge in the first page of the first issue of blurt out. I was amazed to hear such a young girl speak such perfect English. The sentences in that verse are far more challenging than anything I have ever seen in a primary English book, but this little girl never hesitated. I couldn’t keep a smile from my face as I heard her clear little voice blurt out that “English is a piece of cake”. I told her she was wonderful and asked how old she was. She continued to blurt out in perfect English, “I’m eight years old and I love English and I love you!” I was so moved that I wanted to cry. Her mother was standing behind her proudly, but couldn’t speak English at all. This little girl ran away from me before I can even get her name or address, but I would always remember her just the same. If you get discouraged or think that blurting out sentences isn’t helping you, just think of this little girl. If she can do it, you can, too! [NoPage
My Pledge My Oath II 我的誓言II I can’t stand my poor English! I can’t stand my ten years of wasted time! I can’t stand being looked down upon! I can’t stand being laughed at! I want to improve my situation! I want to change my life! I want to be successful! I want to be international! I don’t want to let my parents down! I don’t ever want to let my country down! Most important, I don’t want to let myself down! I want to speak perfect English! I want to understand all kinds of accents! I want to write beautiful articles! I want to read thousands of books! I want to translate freely between Chinese and English.I want to be the master of the world’s two most important languages: Chinese and English. I must act at once! I must open my mouth to practice! I must surprise them with my excellent English!I must realize my dream! I must succeed! 我的誓言 我不能忍受我的破烂英语! 我不能忍受我十年来虚度的光阴! 我不能忍受被别人看扁! 我不能忍受被别人嘲笑! 我要改善我的处境! 我要改变我的生活! 我要成为成功人士! 我要成为国际人才! 我不想让我的父母失望! 我也不想让我的祖国失望!更重要的是,我不想让我自己失望!我要说一口纯正的英语!我要听懂各种各样的口音!我要写一手漂亮的文章! 我要阅读成千上万的书籍! 我要在中英文之间自由转换。我要成为世界上最重要的两种语言??汉语和英语的大师。 我必须立即行动! 我必须张嘴练习! 我必须用我出色的英语令众人惊叹! 我必须实现我的梦想! 我必须成功! [NoPage
第二部 第一节冲锋陷阵的继续 --收获一百个句型一百个句型可以演绎成千上万个句子
  1. Allow me to… 请允许我……Allow me to introduce our manager, Stone Lee.(请允许我介绍一下我们的经理,李石头先生。)
  2. Any idea… 你知道……吗?Any idea what time it is ?(你知道现在几点了?)
  3. Are you fond of… 你喜欢……吗?Are you fond of children?(你喜欢孩子吗?)Are you fond of Chinese food?(你喜欢吃中国菜吗?)
  4. as if… 好象……When I told them my plan, they looked at me as if I was crazy.(当我告诉他们我的计划之后,他们把我当疯子一样的看着我。)Don’t talk to me as if I am stupid!(不要把我当笨蛋一样和我说话。)
  5. as long as… 只要……You can drive my car as long as you drive carefully.(只要你保证小心驾驶,我就让你开我的车。)【疯狂实战】A: As long as we’re out we should stop and visit my mother.(只要我们出门,我们就应该去看望我母亲。)B: OK, as long as we don’t have to stay long!(好吧,只要我们不必呆得太久。)
  6. as soon as… 一 …… 就……I’ll come as soon as I finish.(我一做完就来。)
  7. ask… for… 向某人要……He asked me for money.(他向我要钱。)
  8. be able to… 能够……I haven’t been able to sleep very well recently.(最近我总是睡不好。)
  9. be against… 反对……Are you against me?(你反对我吗?)
  10. be away from… 离开……Actually, I really hate being away from my family so much.(事实上,我真讨厌经常离开我的家人。)
  11. …be going well. ……很顺利。Everything is going well.(一切都很顺利。)
  12. believe in … 信仰……I don’t believe in ghosts.(我不相信有鬼。)
  13. By the time… 到……时候By the time we got to the movie theater the film had already started.(当我们到了电影院的时候,电影都开始了。)
  14. Can I remind you to… 我想提醒你……Can I remind you to call me at 7 tomorrow morning? (我想提醒你一下,明早七点叫醒我。)
  15. can’t afford to… 无法承受……We couldn’t afford to keep our car, so we sold it.(我们养不起我们那辆车,只好卖掉了。)
  16. can’t agree…more 完全同意……I couldn’t agree with you more.(我完全同意你的意见)。
  17. Do you approve of…? 你赞成/同意……吗?Do you approve of the new manager?(你认同这个新上任的经理吗?)
  18. Do you have…? 你有……吗?Do you have anything to say?(你有什么话要说?)
  19. Do you know how to…? 你会……吗?Do you know how to cook?(你会做饭吗?)
  20. Do you recall…? 你记得……吗?Do you recall the name of the book?(你记得书的名字吗?)
  21. enough…to… 足够做……I haven’t got enough money to go on vacation.(我没有足够的钱去度假。)I don’t have enough time to waste talking to you!(我没有太多时间可以浪费来和你说话。)
  22. get something done. 叫别人做某事。When are you going to get the roof repaired?(你准备什么时候叫人来修屋顶?)
  23. have difficulty in… 在……方面有困难。People often have great difficulty in reading my writing.(通常人们都很难看清我写的字。)
  24. have never…before. 从来没有……He has never driven a car before.(他从来没有开过车。) [NoPage

  25. haven’t…for a long time. 好久没有……We haven’t seen each other for a long time.(我们好久没见了。)
  26. haven’t…so far. 目前为止还没有……We haven’t had any problem so far.(目前为止我们还没有遇到任何问题。)
  27. How often…? 什么时候 …… 一次?How often do you go to the movies?(你多久去看一次电影?)How often do you go out to eat?(你多久在外面吃一次饭?)How often do you visit your parents?(你多久去看望你父母一次?)How often do you call your wife?(你多久给你妻子打一次电话?)How often do you read the newspaper?(你多久看一次报纸?)
  28. How was…? ……怎么样?How was your trip to America?(你的美国之旅怎么样?)
  29. I’m always doing… 我总是……I’m always losing things.(我总是丢东西。)I’m always forgetting people’s names.(我总是忘记别人的名字。)
  30. I’m calling to… 我打电话来……I’m calling to confirm your booking.(我打电话来确认你的订票。)I’m calling to ask about the advertisement I read in today’s paper.(我打电话来询问我今天在报纸上看到的广告。)I’m calling to request a catalogue.(我打电话来索取目录册。)I’m calling to file a complaint.(我打电话来投诉。)
  31. I’m good at… 我擅长……I’m good at English.(我擅长英语。)I’m good at cooking.(我擅长做菜。)I’m good at judging other people.(我擅长判断别人。)I’m good at remembering names.(我擅长记住别人的名字。)
  32. I’m here to… 我是来这里……I’m here to let you know the truth.(我是来这里告诉你真相的。)
  33. I’m interested in… 我对……感兴趣。I’m interested in the Internet.(我对互联网很感兴趣。)I’m interested in everything.(我对所有的事都感兴趣。)
  34. I’m looking for… 我在找……I’m looking for Stone. Do you know where he is?(我在找石头, 你知道他在哪儿吗?)
  35. I’m making every effort to… 我尽力……I’m making every effort to impress my new boss.(我正在尽一切努力给我的新老板留下深刻的印象。)
  36. I’m opposed to… 我反对……Actually, I’m strongly opposed to the plan.(事实上,我强烈反对这项计划。)
  37. I’m sorry to… 感到难过I’m sorry to hear that your father is ill.(听说你父亲病了,我感到很难过。)
  38. I’m thinking of… 我在考虑……I’m thinking of buying a car.(我在考虑买辆车。)I’m thinking of moving to Australia.(我在考虑移民去澳大利亚。)I’m thinking of getting married.(我在考虑结婚。)I’m thinking of changing my job.(我在考虑跳槽。)【李阳老师的提醒】“I’m thinking of…” 是表达自己的计划、想法的最佳句型。
  39. I’m trying to… 我正在试图……I am trying to find a job but it’s not easy.(我正在试图找份工作,但是并不容易。)
  40. I apologize for… 我对……表示歉意。I apologize for what I said about you.(我对我说过你的闲话向你表示歉意。)
  41. I can’t believe… 我不敢相信……I can’t believe what I’m hearing.(我简直不敢相信我的耳朵。)
  42. I can’t understand… 我搞不懂……I can’t understand why he’s so selfish.(我搞不懂他怎么会这么自私。)
  43. I come from… 我来自……I come from Beijing, China.(我来自中国北京。)
  44. I don’t think… 我认为……不……I don’t think that’s a good idea.(我认为那不是个好主意。)I don’t think we should wait for him.(我认为我们不应该等他。)
  45. I’d rather…than… 我宁可……而不……I’d rather stay at home tonight than go to the movies.(今晚我宁可呆在家里,也不愿去看电影。)
  46. I have a passion for… 我对……很痴迷。I have a passion for soccer.(我对足球特别感兴趣。)I have a passion for sweet food!(我特别喜欢甜食。)
  47. I have no experience in… 我没有……的经验。I have no experience in dating girls.(我没有和女孩子约会的经验。)
  48. I have nothing to do with… ……与我无关。I have nothing to do with the matter.(这件事与我无关。)I have nothing to do with my old classmates anymore.(我和我的老同学都不再有联系了。)
  49. I insist… 我坚持……I insist that you let me pay for the meal.(我坚持由我来买单。) [NoPage

  50. I must have been… 我肯定是……The phone rang but I didn’t hear it. I must have been asleep.(电话响了,但是我没听到。我肯定是睡着了。)I must have been crazy to fall in love with you!(我肯定是疯狂地爱上你了。)I am happiest when I am with students.The students in China have captured my heart.I feel very lucky to have the chance to teach English to such enthusiastic learners.每当我和学生在一起时,那是我最开心的时刻。中国的学生已经深深地震撼了我的心。我很幸运有这样一个机会给这么多热情的学习者教授英语。American Chief Editor:Kim
  51. I prefer…to… 我更喜欢……而不……I prefer driving to travelling by train.(我更喜欢自己开车而不愿坐火车旅行。)I prefer the weather in Guangzhou to the weather in Beijing.(和北京的天气比起来,我更喜欢广州的天气。)
  52. I promise… 我发誓……I promise that I won’t tell anybody what you said.(我发誓我决不会将你对我说的话告诉任何人。)
  53. I refuse to… 我拒绝……I refuse to answer such a silly question.(我拒绝回答这么愚蠢的问题。)
  54. I regret doing… 我后悔……I now regret saying what I said.(现在我为自己说过的话感到后悔。)
  55. I regret to…我很抱歉……I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you the job.(我很抱歉地通知你,我们无法向你提供这份工作。)
  56. I suggest… 我建议……It’s a nice day. I suggest that we go out for a walk.(今天天气真好,我建议大家出去散步。)I suggest you study more and fool around less.(我建议你多学习少到处游荡。)I suggest you apply for your visa as early as possible.(我建议你尽早去申请签证。)I suggest that you take better care of your health.(我建议你多加注意你的健康。)
  57. I used to… 我过去常常……I used to watch TV a lot.(我过去常看电视。)I used to smoke, but I quit two years ago.(我过去常吸烟,但是两年前戒掉了。)I



   Sincerely congratulates Beijing on its sucess in winning the bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games !China's time has come! Let's celebrate it!Let's remember the moment !Let's be prepared!Let's work hard!Let's speak good English! [NoPage] The Power of B ...


   I'm an English Genius! 我是英语天才! I'm an English Genius! 我是英语天才! I'm proud of myself ! 我为自己感到骄傲! I love myself ! 我热爱我自己 ! I can totally conquer English ! 我可以彻底征服英语! No excuses. ...

李阳疯狂英语脱口而出 a

   李阳疯狂英语 脱口而出MP3; 第一部:我的誓言; My Pledge/Oath 我的誓言; What's your story? You can't speak! You can't understand! You feel bad!; You feel hopeless! That's crazy! Cheer up!; It's not the end of the world. Speaking English is a piece of cake.; Don't look back. ...


   Chapter 1: My Pledge/Oath 第一部:我的誓言 What's your story? 你的情况如何? You can't speak! You can't understand! 你不会说!你听不懂! You feel bad! You feel hopeless! 你觉得很糟!你感到绝 望! That's crazy! Cheer up! 那就太傻了!振作起来 ! It's not the end of the world. 这不是世界末日! Speaking Eng ...


   我爱英语屋店主(QQ:18469114) 祝您英语学习顺利,生活称心如意! Where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者事竟成。 Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.心之所愿,无事不成。 李阳疯狂英语脱口而出第 5 辑 ☆★→本套英语资料为我爱英语屋店主( ☆★→本套英语资料为我爱英语屋店主(QQ:18469114)整理制作,愿能助您英语学习一臂之力←☆★ 本套英语资料为我爱英语屋店主 )整理制作,愿能助您 ...

李阳疯狂英语脱口而出第 4 辑

   李阳疯狂英语脱口而出第 李阳疯狂英语脱口而出第 4 辑 Language is the art of blurting out! 语言就是脱口而出的艺 术! Blurting out is the best way to learn a language! 学 习 语 言 就 是 苦 练 脱 口 而 出 的 ! It's not enough to just understand what you read. 看懂是骗人的 Nor is it enough to just understan ...


   李阳疯狂英语脱口而出 900 句??问学堂信息港 李阳疯狂英语脱口而出 900 句 《李阳疯狂英语脱口而出 900 句》由问学堂信息港提供。 1. I see. 我明白了。 2. I quit! 我不干了! 3. Let go! 放手! 4. Me too. 我也是。 5. My god! 天哪! 6. No way! 不行! 7. Come on. 来吧(赶快) 8. Hold on. 等一等。 9. I agree。 我同意。 10. Not bad. 还不错。 11. Not yet. ...


   李阳疯狂英语脱口而出 900 句(二) 451. 452. 453. 454. 455. 456. 457. 458. 459. 460. 461. 462. 463. 464. 465. 466. 467. 468. 469. 470. 471. 472. 473. 474. 475. 476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482. 483. 484. 485. 486. 487. 488. 489. 490. 491. Go right back to the be ...


   今人不见古时月,今月曾经照古人。 天不老, 情难绝。 心似双丝网, 天不老, 情难绝。 心似双丝网, 中有千千结。 张先《千秋岁》 -张先 中有千千结。 张先《千秋岁》 - 28、一切因为寂寞,才开始了暧昧。 、一切因为寂寞,才开始了暧昧。 29、生活的真正意义是:生下来,活 、生活的真正意义是:生下来, 下去。 下去。 30、年龄不是差距,身高不是距离。 、年龄不是差距,身高不是距离。 似此星辰非昨夜, 似此星辰非昨夜,为谁风露立 中宵。-黄景仁《 中宵。-黄景仁《绮怀诗二首 。-黄景仁 ...


   MP3可以去电驴打包下载,很清晰的。以下是和MP3相对应的《疯狂英语》第一辑完整文本。 I’m an English Genius! 我是英语天才! I’m an English Genius! 我是英语天才! I’m proud of myself ! 我为自己感到骄傲! I love myself ! 我热爱我自己 ! I can totally conquer Engli ...



   试 说 明 全国硕士研究生入学统一考试是为高等学校和科研机构招收硕士研究生而设置的. 其中, 英 语实行全国统一考试. 它的评价标准是高等学校非英语专业优秀本科毕业生能达到的及格或 及格以上水平, 以保证被录取者具有一定的英语水平, 有利于各高等学校和科研机构在专业 上择优选拔. 一,评价目标 考生应掌握下列语言知识和技能: (一)语言知识 1. 语法知识 考生应能熟练地运用基本的语法知识. 本大纲没有专门列出对语法知识的具体要求,其目的是鼓励考生用听,说,读,写的 实践代替单纯的语法知识学 ...

人教版第二册英语教学设计 Recycle 2

   第一课时教学设计方案 【课题】Recycle Two 【教学重点】听懂、会说 Let’s act 部分的故事。 复习有关表述自己喜爱吃某种食品、询问某物或某人在哪里以及含有简单形容词的句子等会话。 【教学难点】Let’s act 部分的故事情节的理解。 【教具准备】 1 教材配套录音带。 2 几种动物的面具 giraffe, elephant, monkey, mouse, rabbit, tiger, Zoom 。 3 几种水果的实物或模型 apples, bananas, grapes, ...


   阳光家教网 家教学习资料 大学英语 B 练习题一 第一部分: 英语知识运用 (共 10 小题; 每小题 2 分, 满分 20 分) 此部分共有 10 个未完成的对话, 针对每个对话中未完成的部分有 4 个选项,请你 A,B,C,D 四个选项 中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并用铅笔将答题卡上的相应字母涂黑.示例[%?] [B] [C] [ D] 1. How are you, Bob? Ted. A. B. C. D. 2. How are you? I'm fi ...


   成为英语的主人还是奴隶? 成为英语的主人还是奴隶? 据专家说当背诵的熟练程度达到不经思索脱口而出时就产生了所谓的舌尖效应。 背诵一 篇新概念2的文章大概需要15~20遍左右 (本人需要20遍) 新3的文章长度和难度都有所增加, 可能需要重复更多的次数。当你能背下来一篇文章时,你会觉得虽然不用看书,能背下来但 并不是很熟练,背一句脑子总在想着下一句是什么。这样的背诵不能起到学好英语(论坛)的 目的。有些人能背下新2新3但总觉得收效甚微,就是因为他没达到脱口而出的地步。有些 人反对用背诵法来学英 ...


   高考英语专项复习 (七) 虚拟语气 1. 虚拟语气的考点 1、条件句中的虚拟语气的用法; 、条件句中的虚拟语气的用法; 2、条件句中虚拟语气的倒装; 、条件句中虚拟语气的倒装; 3、名词性从句中虚拟语气的用法; 、名词性从句中虚拟语气的用法; 4、几种特殊结构中虚拟语气的用法; 、几种特殊结构中虚拟语气的用法; 5、虚拟语气与陈述语气的判定。 、虚拟语气与陈述语气的判定。 1、陈述语气与虚拟语气 、 典型例题 1) The volleyball match will be put off i ...