Presentation in English spoken class in HIT
Crazy English ?
Spirit & Method
NAME: Mr. West ID: cuntu work station
1 Brief intro. To LYCE 2 Method of LYCE 3 Gesture&Yell loudly__Why? 4 Definition of Craziness
Brief intro. to CE
? Li Yang and English
A. B. Poor English in University Ambition to conquer English
A. Physical exercise B. English learning C. Self-encouragement
? The Aim of LYCE
A. B. C. Conquer English to make China Stronger! Make the voice of China be widely heard through out the world! Help 300 million Chinese people speak English fluently!
? My experience
A. Test and language B. “My English is pour!!!” C. Crazy English Journey in my college
Methods of LYCE(1-2-3-
5:five tips 长元音拉长,双元音饱满 短元音急促收小腹 连音,略音,咬舌头
1:one breath training A:1B,1S, …times B:1B,1T,…sentences
3:”threely” method Loudly Clearly Quickly
2:two centrism A:sentence-centrism B:Spoken English-Centrism
? What are they doing?
The benefits
Gestures ? Interesting ? Suggestive Yell loudly! ? Confidence ? Pressure I enjoy losing face!
Definition of craziness
“Crazy” stands for the human spirit of transcending oneself. singleIt stands for the single-minded pursuit of dreams. It stands for the total devotion to your work. It stands for the passion of commitment to reach the goal. Once you have this craziness, you can achieve anything you want, let alone learning English!
Presentation in English spoken class in HIT
Thank You!
Cuntu in the School of Mechatronics Engineering in HIT
? Good morning, everybody. This is [] from the school of mechatronics engineering in HIT. You can also call me Justin. Today, it’s my great honor to be here to share something about Crazy English with you. ? In my mind, CE is not only a method to learn English, but also a spirit to encourage myself. ? Now, I want to introduce the four aspects of CE according to the slide.
? ?
First, I will give you a brief introduction to LYCE. Of course, LYCE is created by Li Yang. Li Yang graduated from Lanzhou University and majored in Mechanical Engineering. He was once a poor student of English, and it was his biggest headache and trouble maker. He got sick and tired of learning boring grammar rules and lifeless words. But through hard work in practicing speaking English and breaking away from the traditional grammar games, He found a totally different and exciting new world. Not only did he pass Band 4 and Band 6 College English exams very easily with high marks, but more importantly, he began to use English. Finally, he developed a new Language Cracking System. And that is LYCE, which combines English Learning with physical exercise and self-encouragement. At that time he also set goals for himself, which you can see from this slide: Conquer English to make China stronger! Make the voice of China be widely heard throughout the world! And help 300 million Chinese people to speak English fluently. While you may ask why I want to share LYCE with you, the answer is also the poor English. I’m from Shandong Province. Before I went to college, I nearly do not know that English is a language, I only knew learning English is for the test, for high marks in college entrance examination. After I stepped into the campus, I cannot and dare not to open my mouth to communicate with others. And if I have to speak to others, I just say,” Oh, sorry, my English is poor!” ( pause and laugh) So after that shame appearance, I decided to start my Crazy English Journey to conquer English. That is my experience.
? ?
? ?
Next, there are several methods of LYCE. This is a guide to practice more than a theory. As a proverb saying, ”Practice makes perfect.” 1 stands for “One Breath Training”. You may have the feelings that the foreigners always speak very quickly and very long sentences but with non-stop. If you practice in the following two ways, you can also make it. The first one is “One breath, to speak a sentence as many times as possible”. The second one is “One breath, and try to read as many sentences as possible”. (For example: You really did a good job!) 2 means that;We should learn English by the unit of sentence, but not words, or passages. And the spoken English is everything. 3 refers to the “3ly method”, “As loudly as possible, as clearly as possible and as quickly as possible”, which can get you more confidence, force you to speak in normal speed, enable you to follow the fast speed listening materials. The final, 5 stands for the 5 tips in pronunciation. I can’t translate it into English properly, I just write the Chinese down here, I hope it will be helpful to you. Now look at the two pictures, do you know what they are doing? Morning training or English learning. Yes! When you get to the scene of Crazy English Practicing for the first time, you must be surprised and perplexed. Very fiery! First, why do we need to do the gestures? It aims to let the English practicing process more interesting, and the most importantly, it helps you to remember the pronunciation. Second, why do we need to yell out loudly? Couldn’t we just practice normally? Yell loudly is helpful to vent our pressure and be more confidence. I am sure that you dare not to shout loudly in front of the audience, but we can hear some un-normal shouting in the playground after the light is turned off. Finally, I’ll show you the definition of Craziness. When it is translated into Chinese, it is also a very classical poem. If you like it, you can recite it. That’s all, thanks a lot.


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