1. Stop complaining! 别发牢骚!

  2. You make me sick! 你真让我恶心!

  3. What’s wrong with you? 你怎么回事?

  4. You shouldn’t have done that! 你真不应该那样做!

  5. You’re a jerk! 你是个废物/混球!

  6. Don’t talk to me like that! 别那样和我说话!

  7. Who do you think you are? 你以为你是谁?

  8. What’s your problem? 你怎么回事啊?

  9. I hate you! 我讨厌你!

  10. I don’t want to see your face! 我不愿再见到你!

  11. You’re crazy! 你疯了!

  12. Are you insane/crazy/out of your mind? 你疯了吗?(美国人绝对常用!)

  13. Don’t bother me. 别烦我。

  14. Knock it off. 少来这一套。

  15. Get out of my face. 从我面前消失!

  16. Leave me alone. 走开。

  17. Get lost.滚开!

  18. Take a hike! 哪儿凉快哪儿歇着去吧。

  19. You piss me off. 你气死我了。

  20. It’s none of your business. 关你屁事!

  21. What’s the meaning of this? 这是什么意思?

  22. How dare you! 你敢!

  23. Cut it out. 省省吧。

  24. You stupid jerk! 你这蠢猪!

  25. You have a lot of nerve. 脸皮真厚。

  26. I’m fed up. 我厌倦了。

  27. I can’t take it anymore. 我受不了了!(李阳老师常用)

  28. I’ve had enough of your garbage. 我听腻了你的废话。

  29. Shut up! 闭嘴!

  30. What do you want? 你想怎么样?

  31. Do you know what time it is? 你知道现在都几点吗?

  32. What were you thinking? 你脑子进水啊?

  33. How can you say that? 你怎么可以这样说?

  34. Who says? 谁说的?

  35. That’s what you think! 那才是你脑子里想的!

  36. Don’t look at me like that. 别那样看着我。

  37. What did you say? 你说什么?

  38. You are out of your mind. 你脑子有毛病!

  39. You make me so mad.你气死我了啦。

  40. Drop dead. 去死吧!

  41. Fuck off. 滚蛋。

  42. Don’t give me your shit. 别跟我胡扯。

  43. Don’t give me your excuses/ No more excuses. 别找借口。

  44. You’re a pain in the ass. 你这讨厌鬼。

  45. You’re an asshole. 你这缺德鬼。

  46. You bastard! 你这杂种!

  47. Get over yourself. 别自以为是。

  48. You’re nothing to me. 你对我什么都不是。

  49. It’s not my fault. 不是我的错。

  50. You look guilty. 你看上去心虚。

  51. I can’t help it. 我没办法。

  52. That’s your problem. 那是你的问题。

  53. I don’t want to hear it. 我不想听!

  54. Get off my back. 少跟我罗嗦。

  55. Give me a break. 饶了我吧。

  56. Who do you think you’re talking to? 你以为你在跟谁说话?

  57. Look at this mess! 看看这烂摊子!

  58. You’re so careless. 你真粗心。

  59. Why on earth didn’t you tell me the truth? 你到底为什么不跟我说实话?

  60. I’m about to explode! 我肺都快要气炸了!

  61. What a stupid idiot! 真是白痴一个!

  62. I’m not going to put up with this! 我再也受不了啦!

  63. I never want to see your face again! 我再也不要见到你!

  64. That’s terrible. 真糟糕!

  65. Just look at what you’ve done! 看看你都做了些什么!

  66. I wish I had never met you. 我真后悔这辈子遇到你!

  67. You’re a disgrace. 你真丢人!

  68. I’ll never forgive you! 我永远都不会饶恕你!

  69. Don’t nag me! 别在我面前唠叨!

  70. I’m sick of it. 我都腻了。

  71. You’re such a bitch! 你这个婊子!

  72. Stop screwing/ fooling/ messing around! 别鬼混了!

  73. Mind your own business! 管好你自己的事!

  74. You’re just a good for nothing bum! 你真是一个废物!/ 你一无是处!

  75. You’ve gone too far! 你太过分了!

  76. I loathe you! 我讨厌你!

  77. I detest you! 我恨你!

  78. Get the hell out of here! 滚开!

  79. Don’t be that way! 别那样!

  80. Can’t you do anything right? 成事不足,败事有余。

  81. You’re impossible. 你真不可救药。

  82. Don’t touch me! 别碰我!

  83. Get away from me! 离我远一点儿!

  84. Get out of my life. 我不愿再见到你。/ 从我的生活中消失吧。

  85. You’re a joke! 你真是一个小丑!

  86. Don’t give me your attitude. 别跟我摆架子。

  87. You’ll be sorry. 你会后悔的。

  88. We’re through. 我们完了!

  89. Look at the mess you’ve made! 你搞得一团糟!

  90. You’ve ruined everything. 全都让你搞砸了。

  91. I can’t believe your never. 你好大的胆子!

  92. You’re away too far. 你太过分了。

  93. I can’t take you any more! 我再也受不了你啦!

  94. I’m telling you for the last time! 我最后再告诉你一次!

  95. I could kill you! 我宰了你!

  96. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! 那是我听到的最愚蠢的事!(比尔?盖茨常用)

  97. I can’t believe a word you say. 我才不信你呢!

  98. You never tell the truth! 你从来就不说实话!

  99. Don’t push me ! 别逼我!
  00. Enough is enough! 够了够了!
  01. Don’t waste my time anymore. 别再浪费我的时间了!
  02. Don’t make so much noise. I’m working. 别吵,我在干活。
  03. It’s unfair. 太不公平了。
  04. I’m very disappointed. 真让我失望。
  05. Don’t panic! 别怕!
  06. What do you think you are doing? 你知道你在做什么吗?
  07. Don’t you dare come back again! 你敢再回来!
  08. You asked for it. 你自找的。
  09. Nonsense! 鬼话!

  1. It's up to you.(由你决定。)

  2. I envy [羡慕]you.(我羡慕你。)

  3. How can I get in touch with you?

  4. Where can I wash my hands? (请问洗手间在哪里?)

  5. What's the weather like today?(今天天气如何?)

  6. Where are you headed [朝…方向行进]? (你要到哪里去?)

  7. I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不是三岁小孩。)

  8. What do you do for relaxation[消遣、娱乐]?(你做什么消遣?)

  9. It’s a small world.(世界真小!)

  10. It’s my treat[请客、款待] this time.(这次我请客!)

  11. The sooner the better. (越快越好。)

  12. When is the most convenient [方便的;便利的] time for you?

  13. Take your time.(慢慢来/别着急。)

  14. I'm mad about Bruce Lee.(我迷死李小龙了。)
I'm crazy[着迷的;狂热爱好的] about rock music. (我对摇滚乐很着迷。)

  15. How do I address you?(我怎么称呼你?)

  16. What was your name again? (请再说一次名字好吗?)

  17. Would you care for[喜欢] a cop of coffee?(要被咖啡吗?)

  18. She turns me off.(她使我厌烦。)

  19. So far so good.(目前为止,一切都好。)

  20. It drives[逼迫;迫使] me crazy.(它把握逼疯了。)

  21. She never showed up[出席;露面].(她一直没有出现。)

  22. That's not like him.(那不象是他的风格。)

  23. I couldn't get through.(电话打不通。)

  24. I got sick and tired of hotels.(我讨厌旅馆。)

  25. Be my guest.(请便、别客气)

  26. Can you keep an eye on my bag?(帮我看一下包好吗?)

  27. Let's keep in touch.(让我们保持联系。)

  28. Let's call it a day[决定或同意暂时或永久停止(进行某事)].

  29. I couldn't help[避免;阻止] it.(我没办法。)

  30. Something's come up[发生/出现].(有点事/出事了)

  31. Let's get to the point[要点/核心问题].(让我们来谈要点。)

  32. Keep that in mind.(记住那件事。)

  33. That was a close call.(太危险了/千钧一发)

  34. I'll be looking forward to it.(我将期待这一天。)

  35. Chances are slim[渺茫的;微小的].(机会很小。)

  36. Far from it.(一点也不。)

  37. I’m behind in my work.(我工作进度落后了。)

  38. It's a pain in the neck[麻烦的事(人)].(那真是件麻烦事)

  39. We're in the same boat.(我们处境相同。)

  40. My mouth is watering.(我在流口水了。)

  41. What do you recommend?(你推荐什么?)

  42. I ache all over.(我浑身酸痛。)

  43. I have a runny nose.(我流鼻涕。)

  44. It's out of the question.(这是不可能的。)

  45. Do you have any openings?(你们有空缺吗?)

  46. It doesn't make any difference.(没什么差别/无所谓。)

  47. I'm fed up[极其厌烦] with him.(我受够他了。)

  48. You can count on[指望;依赖] us.(你可以信赖我们。)

  49. It doesn't work.(坏了;不动了。)

  50.It's better than nothing.(总比什么都没有好。)

  51. Think nothing of it.(别放在心上。)

  52. I'm not myself today.(我今天心神不宁。)

  53. I have a sweet tooth.(我喜欢吃甜食。)

  54. I can't express[表示;表达;表明] myself very well in English.

  55. For the time being.(暂时;暂且;目前)

  56. This milk has gone bad.(这牛奶变质了。)

  57. Don't beat around the bush. (别拐弯抹角了。)

  58. It's up in the air[悬而未决].(尚未确定。)

  59. Math is beyond[对某人而言难以想象/理解/估计] me.(我对数学无能为力。)

  60. It slipped my mind.(我忘了。)

  61. You can't please[使人感到满意和愉快] everyone.(你不可能讨好每一个人。)

  62. I'm working on[着手;从事] it.(我正在努力。)

  63. You bet!(当然!)

  64. Drop me a line[短信].(写封信给我)

  65. Are you pulling my leg[同某人开玩笑;取笑]?(你在开我玩笑吗?)

  66. Sooner or later.(迟早会的。)

  67. I'll keep my ears open.(我会留意的。)

  68. It isn't much.(那是微不足道的。)

  69. Neck and neck.(不分上下。)

  70. I'm feeling under the weather.(我觉得不舒服/精神不好/情绪低落。)

  71. Don't get me wrong[误解].(不要误会我。)

  72. I'm under a lot of pressure.(我压力很大。)

  73. You're the boss.(听你的。)

  74. It doesn't make any sense!(毫无意义!)

  75. If I were in your shoes[处在某人的位置].(如果我是你的话。)

  76. What's this regarding?(这是关于哪方面的?)

  77. Over my dead body!(休想!)

  78. Can you give me a hand[帮手;援助]?(你能帮个忙吗?)

  79. We have thirty minutes to kill[消磨;打发(时间)].(我们有三十分钟空闲时间。)

  80. Whatever you say.(随便你。)

  81. It'll come to me.(我会想起来的。)

  82. You name[具体地(说出来)] it!(你说出来。)

  83. Time will tell.(时间会证明的。)

  84. I will play it by ear[见机行事;临时现做].(我会见机行事的;到时候再说。)

  85. You should take advantage of[利用] it.(你应该好好利用这个机会。)

  86. Let's talk over coffee.(我们边喝边谈。)

  87. Take it easy.(轻松一点;别紧张;放松放松;再见。)

  88. I'm easy to please[使…高兴;讨…喜欢].(我很容易取悦/相处。)

  89. Let's give him a big hand.(让我们热烈鼓掌。)

  90. As far as I'm concerned.(就我而言。)

  91. I'm all mixed up.(我全搞混了。)

  92. Let's get together one of these days.(找一天聚聚。)

  93. He's behind the times.(他落伍了/跟不上时代了。)

  94. I'm pressed for time.(我时间紧迫。)

  95. I'm up to my ears[忙得不可开交;深陷于某事物中] in work.(我忙死了。)

  96. You can't do this to me.(你不能这么对我。)

  97. Just to be on the safe side. (为了安全起见。)

  98. I hope I didn't offend you.(希望没有冒犯你。)

  99. It won't take much time.(不会花很长时间的。)
  00. It's been a long time.(好久不见了。)
  01. It’s nothing.(小事情;不足挂齿。)
  02. It’s a long story.(说来话长。)
  03. It's about time.(时间差不多了。)
  04. It's incredible.(难以置信!)
  05. It's hard to say.(难说。)
  06. I can't imagine why.(我想不通为什么。)
  07. That can't be.(不可能。)
  08. That's really something.(真了不起。)
  09. Are you sure?(你确信吗?)
  10. Are you crazy?(你疯了吗?)
  11. Excuse me for a moment.(失陪一会儿。)
  12. I mean it. I'm serious. I'm no kidding!(我是认真的。)
  13. I'll consider this matter.(我会考虑这件事的。)
  14. I'll do something about it.(我会想办法的。)
  15. What are you talking about?(你在说些什么?)
  16. I'm afraid I can't.(恐怕我不行。)
  17. I'm dying[很想] to see you.(我真想见你。)
  18. I'm flattered.(过奖了。)
  19. I'm not in the mood.(我没心情。)
  20. I'm so scared.(我怕极了。)
  21. I can't make[赶上] it.(我去不了/我赶不上。)



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