第二部分 笔试(共 100 分) Ⅲ.单项选择(共 10 分,每小题 1 分) ( )
  1.I Have homework to do than you. A.much ( )
  2.? I argued with my parents. A.How are you ( B.What’s wrong C.Can I help you D.What are you doing B.much less C.very little D.fewer
  3.You must lots of troubles if you want to be successful That’s true, I’ll work hard A.get over B.get off C.get down D.get out
  4.I think Cina is going to wear jeans to the party. A.is B.do C.does
If she, the teachers will not let her in D.will do
  5.a football game on the play ground next week? A.will there be B.will there have C.will there D.will be there
  6.Everyone except Tom and John here when the class began A.are B.is C.were D.was
  7.Her mother said she her daughter A.mad at B.maded at C.was mad at D.was mad to
  8.She said I was at reading than listening, and she told me I could do better listening. A. good;in B. well;at C. better;at D. better;in
  9.The children a PE. Class on the playground when it suddenly began to rain A.have B.are having C.had D.were having If I have time, I with you D.goes
  10.Would you like to go swimming with me tomorrow? A.went B.will go C.go
Ⅳ.补全对话(共 10 分,每空 1 分) 补全对话( (A)从方框内所给句子中选择恰当的句子完成下面对话,并将答案代表的字母写在相应横线上。 A:Hi, Tom, our headmaster asked us to hold a long jump competition. 1 B:Certainly. 2 A:Let’s have it today after class B:I think today is a little earlier. 3
A:4 B:But there is an English exam tomorrow A:All right. 5 B:It is a little later. Why not have it on Saturday morning? A:OK.
(B)在下面对话空白处填上适当的话语,使对话完整。 (话语可以是句子、短语或词) A:at this time yesterday ? B:I was playing computer games at home. 2 A:I was walking in the park with my family B:3 ? A:Yes, it is interesting. My fimily go to the park with my family. B:If I am free, 4 the park next week, too. A:I will call you by then. B:
  5. Ⅴ.句子翻译(共 15 分) 句子翻译( (A)将下列句子译成英语。 (共 11 分,局部翻译每小题 1 分,整句翻译每小题 2 分)
  1.如果你出名了,人们将一直观注你。 If you are famous, people will watch you
  2.明天他能来参加你的晚会吗? Will he to your party tomorrow?
  3.我认为你应该给他打个电话 I think
  4.昨天直到雨停了,他才回的家 He go home the rain stopped yesterday

  5.她说她会说三种语言 She said
  8.我们应该对他说什么? (B)将下列短文中画线部分的句子译成中文。 (共 4 分,每小题 2 分)
  1.I think that life in the future won’t be the same as it is today. First people won’t Have to live on land. Our cities will be under the sea, special machines will provid(提供) air and light, Second I think people’s everyday life will be different. They won’t have to work long hours because computers and robots will help them. Finally.
  2.I believe that everyone will be able to travel to the moon for a holiday.
  2. Ⅵ.完形填空(共 20 分,每空 1 分) 完形填空( (A)根据短文内容从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选择一个最佳答案填入题前括号内。 I finished my end-of-year exams last week. It is __1__today. I didn’t sleep well last night and I’m really __2__now. I am afraid that I__3__get good grades. My parents will get__4__at me if they see something bad on my report card. I had really__5__time this semester. I hope I did well in __6__of the subjects this time. Then I can take the card to my parents__7__being worried. I know that report cards are important, because my parents and I can __8__how I am doing with my schoolwork and some other things at school. If I do really__9__, we can find the problem and find a way to do better. I am worried about my report card, __10__I know that my parents really love me. What should I do? ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A.weekday )
  2.A.sorry )
  3.A.needn’t )
  4.A.mad )
  5.A.happy )
  6.A.some )
  7.A.with )
  8.A.read B.holiday B.glad B.might not B.happy B.great B.all B.without B.write C.report card day C.excited C.mustn’t C.surprised C.nice C.both C.about C.see D.school day D.nervous D.should not D.interested D.hard D.many D.for D.include
( (
  9.A.slowly )
B.badly B.and
C.casually C.however
D.loudly D.although
案写在短文下方相应题号处。(每词只能用一次) People need robots. Robots can go where people cannot go. This1robots do not need air to breathe(呼吸).They do not need to eat.They can go where it is very, very hot or very, very cold.Robots that go where people cannot go can2back important information. People can’t go to Mars(火星)yet, 3 robots can.A robot went to Mars in 19
  97. It4pictures of the rock and soil. It sent the pictures back to Earth. Scientists thought this was very
  5.They were able to learn many things about Mars-The things they learned helped them understand how our own planet(行星)
  6. People can’t walk inside volcanoes(火山).Volcanoes are too
  7. To make a map of a volcano,scientists used a robot。The robot8out what were inside the volcano.Scientists think this will help them learn more9volcanoes. Robots are amazing machines.They give people information.They help people understand the world
  10. Ⅶ。阅读理解(共 30 分) Passage
  1:At school many things happen to us. We may feel excited when we have success in a school play.We may : feel sorry if we lose an important game.We want to keep the memory(记忆力)for the rest of our lives。 How to keep the memory? Our English teacher, Miss Wang,taught US a good way of remembering things-to make our own yearbook. What is a yearbook? A yearbook is a kind of book to keep the memory of exciting moments. It's l usually made at the end of year. Last December we began to make our yearbook First we chose some people. They did something special, then some students interviewed(采访)them. Some wrote down their stories, others took photos of them.Everyone in our class had something to do.Finally our teacher helped us to put the things together. had our first yearbook.AII of us put a lot We of love into making the yearbook, not only the students but also our parents and teachers will remember the special time forever.
  1.When we have success in a school play, we may feel A.sorry B.angry C.excited D.intersted
  2.Miss Wang’s good way of remembering things is to A.buy a new book B.write down stories C.take a lot of photos D.make a yearbook
  3.A yearbook is made to A.take notes B.keep the memory C.do our homework D.remember English words
  4.Usually a yearbook is made in A.January B.February C.May D.December
  5.We made our first yearbook A.without any help C.with the help of our teacher B.without putting our love into it D.with the help of our parents
  2: A man was sitting in the doctor's office. He had a problem. He was telling the dotor about his problem, “ I like football,doctor,” he said.“Please help me.My life is not a good one because I become intersted in football and it is getting worse and worse.I can’t even sleep well at night.When I close my eyes,I'm out there in the football field running after a flying ball. When I wake up, I’m more tired than I was when I went to bed.What am I going go do?” The doctor sat back and said,“First of all,you have to do your best not to dream (做梦)about football.Before you are falling asleep,try to think about something else. Try to think that you a,re at a party and someone is going to give you several million dollars” “Are you crazy?” the man shouted,“I’ll catch the ball son!” 根据短文内容回答问题。
  1.Where was the man?
  2.What was the matter with the man?
  3.Does the mall like basketball or football?
  4. Can the man sleep well at night ?

  5.What was the mall doing when he was in the dream? Passage
  4: 左栏是 5 个中学生遇到的难题,右栏是某报专栏编辑给他们的建议。请将问题与建议 配对,并将答案的编号填在题前的横线上。



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