2、通常模式为:解释谚语--举例论证--画龙点睛 套路: 首段解释谚语:It is universally acknowledged that , which means that . Even simple operations can easily be spoiled if we . Actually, is the key to success. Therefore, no one can neglect the great importance of . 举例论证:Taking a look around, we can find examples too numerous to list. The best illustration might be English study. It is practice that enables a learner to get a good command of pronunciation. Similarly, only by can we acquire a basic grasp of grammar. It is a fact that the process of other skills is no exception. In short, laying a solid foundation is essential if we want to make achievements in our studies or work, or indeed in any other aspect of our lives. At every step, review what has been achieved and assess the problems ahead before moving to the next step. And what we should bear in mind is that .

  3、通常模式为:现象概述--细节(原因、危害、方式等)--自我评论 写作套路:
  2. 2 段原因分析或提出建议;
  3. 末段解决问题或展望发表评论。 如: 首段引出话题:Nobody could have failed to notice the fact that has/ have become a grave problem with which modern citizens are confronted. As far as I know, there are some . Apparently enough, we can find numerous examples in our society/campus. However, what makes many people worried is that this issue has not aroused enough concern. 2 段分析原因:As far as I am concerned, there are numerous factors accounting for the phenomenon mentioned above, but the following might be the critical ones. First and foremost, Besides, . Last but not least, .
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2 段提出解决办法: From my point of view, there are a number of ways in which can tackle mentioned above, but the following might be the indispensible ones. First and foremost, Besides, . Last but not least, . 末段:Based on the above analysis, we can naturally come to a safe conclusion that As modern college students, it is our responsibility to shoulder the burden of inheriting and developing cultural heritage/ constructing our nation’s future. Therefore, it is essential that we should . Besides, in order to , we should try to . Only by doing so can we become qualified tal

  2、少数时候也会出现两点提纲的情况,此时可以补充成三点提纲来写作。 写作套路: 首段提出讨论问题; 二段写支持观点; 三段写反对观点; 末段表达自己的观点。 如: 首段引出话题:When it comes to, opinions differ from one to another. 二 段 写 支 持 观 点 There are a number of individuals who hold the positive view. They believe thatThey believe that is advantageous for. What makes them convinced is that In addition, they claim that . 三段写反对观点 Others, however, hold the opposite view. They maintain that it is unnecessary/not indispensible to . One reason they cite is that . Another significant cause is that 末段
  1:Personally/From my point of view, nothing is more important than On the one hand, it is a fact that On the other hand, no one can deny the fact that Therefore, Only by doing so can 末段
  2:Who's right? I think both of them have something right. But from my point of view, it is suggested that the advantages of outweigh the disadvantages. We need , but on no account can we become slaves of. 末段
  3:From my point of view, itself is neither good nor bad. For our human being, nothing is more important than making best use of it. We need in our daily life, but we should never be slaves of .
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套路: 首段:描述图表引出话题 It can be seen from the chart that there have been sharp/slight increases/decreases in the number of people travelling abroad in City X in the past decade. As the statistics shows/indicates, the year XX witnessed …. However, …. 中段解释现象分析原因:There are a number of factors accounting for/responsible for the change, but the following are the most critical ones. First of all, … In addition / What is more / Additionally, … Last but not least, … 末段总结提出建议:In a word / To conclude / In conclusion, this chart/pie-chart/form/table/graph/ the above statistics is a perfect indicator of … what makes me convinced is that … 近年考的较少,所以记一下开头结尾,足矣!

首段:Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! I am …from…. It is my great honor to stay with all of you for a whole …. Just as the old saying goes, “It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar”. Confucious 中段:The following is my detailed introduction to myself. First, …. Second, …. Last,…. 尾段:If you have any question (advice recommendation) /need any further information, please feel free to/do not hesitate to ask/inform/call/ contact me at any time. Thanks for your listening/ attention.

Dear Snooby, 首段:(熟人)The time flies, we haven't seen each other for a long time. I am writing to formally invite you to participate in Mr. Guo Jing and Huang Rong’s wedding ceremony, which will be held at Beijing Grand Hotel from 8 to 10 p.m. on December 1, 20
  08. (陌生人)I am Li Ming, one of Yang Guo’s best friends. I, on behalf of Yang Guo and Xiao Longnv, am writing this letter for the purpose of inviting you to participate in Mr Yang’s wedding ceremony with Xiao Longnv, which will be held at Shijiazhuang Railway Hotel from 8 to 10 p.m. on December 1, 20
  08. 中间段:主题句+扩展句+结论句(可省) As one of our best friends, it is my pleasure to introduce the process of the ceremony. Firstly, the occasion will start at … After that, at about …, …. At around ten, we will hold a small musical party, at which a band will perform some works by Xu Yuteng, one of the most popular singers. 尾段:My thanks/hopes to you for your generous help/kind consideration on my requests are beyond words. I am looking forward to your favorable reply at your earliest convenience.
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   一、常用句式 这部分针对一些在写作上实在有困难的考生,列出一些经常用于作文开头、结尾以及中间过渡的句式。需要指出的是,这些句式并不 仅仅可以用在命题作文中,部分句式也可以用在我们后面要介绍的漫画类作文、图表类作文以及段首句类作文中。因此,考生一定要根据 不同内容灵活运用。当然,在介绍后几种题型的作文中,我们还会列出一些专门适用于那几种题型的作文的句式。 ㈠ 常用于开头的句式 1.With the rapidly growing popularity of …, the quality of ...


   英语四级作文 王长喜十二句作文法写作模板 小知识 2010-04-03 13:15:18 阅读 1522 评论 0 字号:大中小 第三节:十二句作文法写作模板 一.现象解释型写作模板 1. 现象解释型模板一 Tojpic sentence ①??has become a common part of people’s life. ②And??has always aroused the greatest concern. ③what impresses us most is ??. ④The ...


   大学英语四六级写作模板??辩论式议论文 辩论式议论文 大学英语四六级写作模板 模版 1 Some people believe (argue, recognize, think) that 观点 1. But other people take an opposite side. They firmly believe that 观点 2. As for me, I agree to the former/latter idea. There are a dozen of reasons b ...


   2012 高考英语万能模板 第 一 讲 前言 (命题趋势与应试策略, 评分原则) 第 二 讲 第 三 讲 第 四 讲 第 五 讲 第 六 讲 第 七 讲 第 八 讲 第 九 讲 第 十 讲 第十一讲 第十二讲 第十三讲 高考作文写作实用技巧 五种基本句型 文章的结构:开头、主体和结尾 书面表达常见错误及扣分值 应用文:书信,发言稿、通知 记叙文:写人、叙事 说明文:介绍人物、事物的说明文 议论文 图表、图画作文 师生互动、发散性思维、 演练结合、当堂点评。 写作指导 ↓ 针对性练习 ↓ 满分 ...


   Along with the advance of the society more and more problems are brought to our attention, one of which is that.... 随着社会的不断发展,出现了越来越多的问题, 其中之一便是。 As to whether it is a blessing or a curse, however, people take different attitudes. 然而,对于此类问题,人们持不同的看 ...


   2010 年高考英语万能作文模板 作文是英语知识水平的综合素质体现,它要求同学们既要有扎实的语言基本功,又要具备一定的 审题能力,想象能力,表达能力,评价能力及书法排版能力.因为基本功不扎实,多数同学在作文时 总会出现这样或者那样的问题,例如,文体不符,词汇误用,句子单一等,造成作文的得分较低,影 响了总的英语成绩.因此,作文能力不强一直是同学们比较普遍的问题.其实归结起来,作文"缺钙" 一共有四类症状,深入地剖析这些症状,就能找到作文偏科的根本原因,同时写作时适当地套用 ...


   英语作文万能模板(不会英语也要得作文分)! ! 作文是英语知识水平的综合素质体现,它要求同学们既要有扎实的语言基本功,又要具备一定的审题能力、 想象能力、表达能力、评价能力及书法排版能力。因为基本功不扎实,多数同学在作文时总会出现这样或 者那样的问题,例如,文体不符、词汇误用、句子单一等,造成作文的得分较低,影响了总的英语成绩。 因此,作文能力不强一直是同学们比较普遍的问题。其实归结起来,作文“缺钙”一共有四类症状,深入 地剖析这些症状,就能找到作文偏科的根本原因,同时写作时适当地套用一些模 ...


   模板一:图画作文 This illustration depicts (图画中的人物)Ving, with(补充说明). Recently it has become common for people in many walks of life to(进一步阐释) It seems to me that the cartoonist is sending a message about (图画主题), which is (进一步的说明). He seems to be saying tha ...


   六级英语万能模板 1、谚语警句型 题型特点: 1、文章题目为一句格言或谚语 2、通常模式为:解释谚语--举例论证--画龙点睛 套路: 首段解释谚语:It is universally acknowledged that , which means that . Even simple operations can easily be spoiled if we . Actually, is the key to success. Therefore, no one can neglect t ...


   Nowadays, there are more and more [某种现象] in [某种场合]. It is estimated that [相关数据]. Why have there been so many [某种现象]? Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows. The first one is [原因一]. Besides, [原因二]. The third one is [原因三]. To sum up, the main caus ...



   《实用计算机英语》参考译文 Chapter 1 Section 1 个人计算机硬件 一台个人计算机是由多个物理部件构成的计算机硬件组成的,安装好一组软件后,就可 以执行计算机的操作了. 计算机硬件可以分成四大类:处理单元,存储设备,输入设备,输出设备. 处理器 处理器是计算机真正计算的部分,有时称它为 MPU(即主处理器)或 CPU(即中央处理 单元或中央处理器单元) ,处理器一般包括算术/逻辑运算单元(ALU) ,控制单元(包括处理 器标志,标志寄存器,状态寄存器) ,内部总线,特定功能单 ...


   四六级作文预测 1:志愿者活动 Part I Writing (30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled On Volunteering activities. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below: 1. 越来越多的人从事志愿者工作 2. ...


   『科技文献翻译中的汉语表达』 2002-3-30 7:12:00 出处:《上海科技翻译》 1998 年第 2 期 作者:杜云辉 阅读 111 次 一篇修辞正确、逻辑合理、语言简洁、文理通顺的译文,让读者感觉不到翻译腔的存在,这正是我们为之苦苦追求的目标。近日,笔者完成了一份篇幅较长的英文资料翻译,经导师李留保副译审校改后,发现自己存在的主要问题是中文的表达,有时候过于强调对原文的“忠实”,译出来的句子令人费解,从中更进一步意识到加强中文修养的重要性。同样的一句话,译者可根据自己的理解加以表 ...


   English name : 一般结构(frame /structure)为:教名(given name )+自取名(intitle)+姓(family name /surname)。如 William Jafferson Clinton。但在很多场合中间名往往略去(omit)不写, 如 George Bush,而且许多人更喜欢用昵称(nickname)取代正式(formal)教名,如 Bill Clinton。上述教名和 中 间 名 (middle) 又 称 个 人 (individual ...


   小学英语教育情趣教育初 探 苏州市东渚中心小学 张雅琴 根据小学生的生理和心理特点及其发展的需求, 建立以小学生发展为本的学 习评价体系。激发学生学习英语的兴趣,培养他们英语学习的积极性,是他们建 立初探的学习英语的自信心。 情趣包含性情,感情,兴趣,志趣等内容儿童的情趣既有天性的童趣,又有 后天习得性的社会情感和各种学习兴趣及理想,志趣。激发兴趣即教师激活,营 造课堂气氛; “情意共振”指师生情感共鸣,配合默契“尝试成功”是学生积极 投身语言实践,不断获得成功,增加兴趣持久性,使兴趣成为以 ...